Friday, July 20, 2007

Bring Crazy Back

In the last two weeks, I have done two stand Up gigs at Soho House of tea and coffee, I am getting to know the comedians and the audience in the area, it is a lot of fun to be part of such a diverse group of people and all have something in common, a sense of humor; some are funny some are offensive, but most get laughs. I hosted the show on July 9th, my first time being an MC at comedy. It was fun and I liked it, but I think I have a lot to learn. Sometimes the comedians were so offensive to me to my friends, but I had to suck it in and say give it up to Lisa, the vocal lesbian who gave us intimate details about her lifestyle! But I did learn some new tricks in the business; such as when you are hosting, never steal the show. I did have about seven friends and coworkers attending that night, I felt sorry for some of them (Few Mormons were in the crowd) However on July 16, I did some stand Up in the same venue, they gave me some stage time and the audience waste much better, the jokes were funnier and I had a great response. Other comedians were not too offensive and I had coworkers of mine show us as Tony, Abed and Sara. On that show, I mustered some gut to share and test some of my new material or older material with alterations to meet the local preference. I felt it went well. I think I will have few more shows with this venue, I am getting to become friends with the guy who run it who also did some tours earlier in his life and boy we are clicking.

Do Homeless people date? I mean I really do not know, but I give it to them, they must have it down to a thing they do not have to worry about is the weird question of my place or yours? I mean they all are going to the same place…or are they not living in the same street? No need to restate the obvious or is there? I mean, he might live by a Burger King, home of the Whopper! Yes, Burger King is the place where you can HAVE IT YOUR WAY....

So, I grew up left handed in the Middle East, eating with your left hand is a really bad thing to do back home. So my mom trained to eat with my right hand because as she puts it, the devil will eat with me if I ate in my left hand, and the more I eat with my left hand the more food the devil gets. But I thought this such a bad idea, I mean the only thing the devil will get from the kind of goof I am eating is fat and sugar which will make him HUGE and overweight. On other hand, if I do not feed him, the devil will be lean and slim and much more tough to take out. C’mon I can take out an obese devil, but a lean one would be much harder. That is another reason why I like big people, they are taking one for the team, and they are beating the devil making him larger and lazier for all of us. I must admit that I do eat in my right hand now, but right using my left hand.
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