Friday, September 30, 2011

Thinking Outside The Box....

What if some Arab country did a peace gesture and offered to extend citizenship to the Israelis. That could be done in a way to say, we really love those Israelis and we do not want to harm them, we just want them to become like us.

Israels will accept or refuse, but the gesture would be some PR stunt about good wills. The Israelis would then look bad, they are the ones who refuse to be part of the region, not the other way around. Most Israelis hold a second citizenship at the moment, mostly European and American citizenship.

So say now an Israeli is killed--I do not want anyone to lose their lives, the news will report a Saudi has gotten killed today and no one would lift a finger. It's just another dead Arab, it won't make the news. We know that Israel does not want to give its citizenship to the Palestinian, you can be sure of that. So the Palestinian cannot get sympathy if his/her death was reported as an "Israeli dies" headline.

Arabs believe that the death of Arab means little to super powers of the world, they frankly don't care about a dead Arab. Israel can kill a million Arab and France, UK, and the US will look the other way. Of course there people get away with killing Arabs every chance they can--sure they try not to do it, it's bad for business.

I think we should try this approach, this has nothing to do with religion, it's about changing the rules of the game without anybody eliminating the other. If you are building walls, they can keep you in as well as keep folks out. I say give the Israelis a citizenship of some other Arab country--I am sure Oman would be happy to print extra passports in an effort to get people to know that they actually exist.

P.S. this is not a call or endorsement of violence, it only begets violence.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rich Lazy Men Hate Poor Lazy Men

As a news junkie and someone who lives in DC--yet along being a Palestinian, interest in politics comes naturally. As such, I have been following those GOP Republican debates for the nominates running in the primary hoping to be the next candidate who will unseat Obama and reclaim the White House.

I stopped at something Newt Gingrich said:
"It is fundamentally wrong to give people money for 99 weeks for doing nothing,"
This is something I find Republicans tend to agree with. They made it clear they don't like to give others welfare and they certainly hate handouts. I think most sane people agree with that. America gives you an opportunity to prosper, not an opportunity ti kick back and live of the hard work of others.

What I find that almost never get that kind of attention is the lazy rich people with a lot of money who don't have to step outside their front door to get a paycheck coming from interests and earning. I find a lot wrong with that:

  1. Most people should work for their money and be able to keep what they earn, no one is entitled to those money--they are yours to keep.
  2. No one makes it in this world alone, we are connected to one another in more ways that we like to admit. Your company used the roads that Joe's tax money paid for. Your workers are educated becasue Tom paid his property tax.
  3. Islam instructs us against living on interest and not doing a real job. As far as I know no other religion asks of you to dance around hard work.
  4. For these people to make money someone has to lose something. Think about a company that wants to improve their earning so Richie can have his income. They will skimp on products, shrink the product, fire people, cut corners, or game the system and if all fails there is creative accounting.
I do not know how those lazy people who are no different than the other lazy people. Sure one has money and the other has none. But in principle they are all doing the same thing, earning money when they don't put any real work in exchange. Spending your time at cocktail parties, galas, is no different than getting a 500 dollar check in rent subsidy. They are both morally wrong. my point is this: All people have to work for their money, no handouts.
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The America That Really Scares Me!

Had those images of police officers come from a different country, America will raise hell. Can some rational person tell me what makes those police officer any different than the Mubarak and the Qaddafi thugs?

Again, I love the police, they are doing a lot of work that no body wants to do, they keep law and order and make life easier for many of us. Sometimes, they put their lives in the line. but somehow this is all missing and this all becomes trivial when those armed officers take on the protesters in New York.

I do not really Understand it, this is a free country, why are they so harsh with those who dare to raise a different opinion? Sure some might be disorderly, but the action of the police is not quite ethical. Macing young women and beating up a camera man.

I do not know if there's a happy medium either, but reach in your heart and tell me, do you feel these people had freedom of speech? Do you think those police officers are right to do what they did against unarmed coffee sipping activists?

I cannot say, it's a proud moment for anybody. My trouble is this, now any dictator or some militant person cause this material to justify their actions. Sure you think you are right and they are wrong, but see it from their side...using that logic the Syrian might be right in their action.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

How Rage Will Save Your Marriage

When I first got married, I thought to myself, I will always be cool and be in control. In my mind that means to control my anger and emotion--be cool under pressure. That's how I lived most of my life and it seemed to work out well. Getting angry never solve much and in fact it could make things worse and aggravate the situation.

I am here to confess, I was wrong. I think sometimes your spouse sees your lack of anger and rage is negative--he doesn't care enough to get upset by whatever it's bothering me. Or worse, you might be accused of not being good at showing your emotion. So I now realize, that if the situation calls for anger, I do not shy away from it, I show my anger and that communicates something about me that puts my spouse at ease.

I found it helpful to me in many circumstances when I show my anger, I end the debate and take control of the matter being discused--whether it's the land lady not replacing the fridge or the wedding photographer who ruined out pictures. Being calm doesn't give the impression that you are serious. Rage seems to be taking more seriously that the other person's concerts really do matter to you enough to make you feel angry.

The rage I am referring to you is not where you hurt other people emotionally or physically. It's the kind of person that tackles the issue not the person. The rage that sent droves of people to give Obama the presidency, and the same rage that take it away form him.

It might be something particular to my household, but something tells me, I am not alone.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

My Thoughts On The Abbas' UN Speech

I am listening to the speech by President Abbas deliver this much promised speech and I am happy to report that I found a reasonable man. He sounds a lot wiser, but he also sounds like he has been disappointed in the Israel government.

He pretty much brought out all the skeletons from the closet and debunked all those Israeli arguments and talking points, one by one. He just made the case and highlighted the peaceful intentions. He sounded like a fighter whose going to change the course. Sure, his past actions might have questionable moments.

I liked the part when he asked the assembly if they think the people of Palestine are just an "extra" or "disposable" in the Middle East. It sort of bring it back to the human rights issue. I think the part where he talked about the settlers attacking people with their dogs--should have been left out. We do not want to alienate the dog lovers. I might have added a qualifier there to make the point. He stumbled few times on words, and there was a photo op when he held the UN bid in his hand for everyone to see.

Another moment that surprised me when he mentioned Yasir Arafat Coming to this assembly in 1974, there was a standing ovation for this legendary iconic leader. in General that was well written speech that touched on emotional and real issues like the prisoners in Israeli jails and the refuges scattered around the glob.

Still there might be some backroom deal where we will have to go back to business as usual. However, the UN General Assembly seemed to love, respect and approve the speech. Quoting a famous Palestinians poet about how the people of Palestine are "not going anywhere" was a high point. I think that was the moment when my eye felt watery.

I do not think Abbas is a gifted orator, he has never managed to connect in away that inspires, but his works did just that for him today. Sure, they are words, but words have meaning too.

We really now have to wait and see how this plays out. One thing for sure, Abbas goes home where he will be greeted like a champion, while I think this would be nice, I hope that was not the end goal.
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will Abbas Fool Palestinians Once More Time?

I was one of the millions of Palestinians who thought wrongful that President Abbas has finally found his voice and decided to say enough is enough. It might be early to say that, but My president has let me and the majority of the people at home down. He talked like he was going to take us into a trip to the moon and instead, he took us to Wendy's.

Reports are coming out that Abbas is now OK with delaying the Security Council vote on Palestine bid to become a state. So he is buying more time, again. But time has never been the problem. Israel has taken all the time in the world 20 years and have delivered nothing of substance that meat the aspiration of the people in Palestine.

For months, President Abbas and leaders of his government and party have been talking like if they were the reincarnation of Saladin, and they put on a good show. People in Palestine and outside bought ate it up. Needless to say I am disappointed, and the size of my disappointment is as big as the size of my expectations.

I have always liked Abbas and thought he has the interest of the people in his mind, but his sudden change of heart tells me he is just using the populist approach to build up his support and rally the troops. He milked the UN bid and gave me and many others that he is a fighter that will stop at nothing until the dream has been realized. I guess I drank the cool aid and now the pitcher is empty.

I thought by his promise to go all the way to Security Council he was showing some leadership, but his mixed messages now once he met With the American and the French Presidents Wednesday night, tells me his is a politician. I do not think he has any more tricks in his bag, this new deadline the French worked where in a year there will be a state is yet another ploy.

Now is the chance to act or no one will take you seriously the next time you are asking for the same thing. Today, the Palestinians have the eyes and the ears of the world, let that be clear. It seems that the world is ushering a new era that will be ruled by the extremists. The Israelis have them running their government now and the Palestinians in the post Abbas era will have their turn and then no one wins.

President Abbas, if your change of heart is true and if you budge on this matter, then you are not a leader. All you need to do is to look behind you and see that no one is following, now you can go back to being a payroll service for cops who protest Israel and teachers who cannot teach their own history.

"When the wicked rules the righteous mourns," put that in your political pipe and smoke on it for a bit.
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Jesus Won't Veto The Palestine UN Bid

The Palestine bid for statehood in the UN is really about justice. For at least 7 years, the leadership of Palestine has done every single thing they have been asked to do. President Abbas went above and beyond--even imprisoning his own people at times to make the Israelis feel safe. Abbas has been there on day one since the negotiation started and he was the guy who singed Oslo.

Abbas risked everything by following orders fro the US and Israel, despite what the Israelis are saying now, they know they know they have a friend in him. However, the American and Israelis have ridden Abbas like a donkey. Now he just had enough and as promised by President Obama who said last year, he wants to see a Palestine join the UN in this time of this year.

chasing the elusive peace with Israel is like chasing the cool side of the pillow, it seems out of reach. Abbas got nothing, Bibi refused to talk to him, and worse the right wing Israeli government has been grabbing more land and yet killing more Palestinians. Violence by Palestinians toward Israelis is at all time low--even in hostile Gaza. Bibi never committed to a Palestinian state--so he is the one that took unilateral moves not the Palestinians.

And those asking the Palestinians for compromise must have just landed on planet earth from outer-space or have just woken up form a coma. Because asking the Palestinians to compromise is like asking a naked guy to reveal more.

It's sickening really. By talking for the same of talking while what you hope to score in those negotiations is shrinking by the day doesn't make for a sound future. Leaders of the world are backing Palestine with the exception for half a dozen--Germany for one. The US will veto if they have to, why because they are looking for their best interest. That's reasonable! But why are they trying to stop the Palestinians from pursing theirs?

We all know that Jesus doesn't have to get reelected. Otherwise, the mighty Jewish lobby would have to crucify him for that offense.

On second thought, I am beginning to think this, the Palestinians are seeking independence form Israel. Yet, something tells me the US is not free from Israel. If the US if free from Israel's pressure, then they would support the Palestine bid at the UN. In other words, the Americans want the Palestinians to be just like them--under the mercy of the governments of Israel.
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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Lupe Fiasco Takes a Bullet For Palestine

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco doesn't play it safe, he speaks up his mind. For rappers that means talking about their "Hood", "Benjamins" and "Bi*ches". Lupe wants none to do with that, his thing is Palestine.

Lupe is a very well informed rapper who knows a thing or two about world affairs. While he knows his managers might not appreciate his tough line on Israel, the fans seem to love his stands on Justice and Palestine.

I have written before about Lupe's activism on Palestine before (here and here), but this time, a brother of my freind was attending his concert with a Palestinian flag. The rapper saw that and asked Sami to come up on the stage with to wave the flag.

Toward the end of the song Lupe took up the flag, and its only right for him to do so as the Palestinians go to the UN asking for a state. Lupe seems to be well versed on the topic and he is talking about the issue. Lupe is the man. I salute him for giving a voice for those who have none.

Lupe Fiasco - Beautiful Lasers Live (Palestine)
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Myths About Palestine's UN Bid For Recognition

  1. This is not a unilateral move, a unilateral move would be if the Palestinians declared the state on their own. There are about 124 countries that support that bid. It takes 2/3 of the UN General Assembly to make this bid a reality. So to call is a unilateral move is bizarre. There are enough votes to secure that bid. Even those holding out are either small islands or countries that would support if their support would make a difference. The UN Secretary General even declared his support tot his bid.
  2. This bid poses a threat to peace. Not sure if you have not noticed, there's no peace and there is no peace process. So the bid cannot be a threat to something that is dead. You really cannot beat that dead horse. No violence, arrogance, and getting away with violations is the true danger to peace. The Palestinian largely have denounced violence. And going to the UN is not like going to Iran asking for weapons. They are wearing suits and asking to join a country club not a terrorist training camp.
  3. Negotiation is the best route for the state. 20 years of negotiations beg to differ with that conclusion. The Palestinians have submitted to the peace process and have seen their land shrink and their condition deteriorate. More talks for the sake of talks and photo opt is not an option. That would be insanity where you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
  4. The Israelis wants to negotiate. that's a farce. You cannot negotiate on a thing that is as we speak being made smaller by the minute. Think about it like if it's a pizza. The Israelis and the Palestinians are negotiation over the cheese pizza who gets to keep what. As the talk goes on, the Israelis are throwing in pepperoni as a topping and the peperoni free portion of the pizza shrinks. Keep on mind Palestinians do not eat that pepperoni. Would you negotiate?
  5. The road to The State of Palestine goes through Jerusalem and Ramallah--as said by Hillary Clinton. The very statement is an insult to the struggle of the Palestinians. One of the outcomes of the negotiation is to resolve the status of Jerusalem--Here Sec. Hillary gives it flat out to Israel.
  6. The Israelis want peace! Neither Bibi nor Lieberman want peace, and they refuse to recognize a Palestinian State. If you think those tow lunatics would grant the people of Palestine a state, then the moon is defiantly made out of cheese. Add to that, Egypt and Turkey have seen their relations with Israel head south due to this childish and selfish policies the current right wing Israeli government subscribes to.
  7. The US will veto, this is not a surprise for anyone. the US will always choose Israel and I am afraid they will realize their mistake when it's too late. I would like to the see the footage of Ambassador Rice saying in the Security Council NO! that video will make millions of views and it will do wonders if used. there's not enough money in the world to erase that picture.
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American Coach To Lead Egyptain National Soccer

Robert "Bob" Bradley, the famed American soccer coach who did wonders with the US soccer team last year is headed toward taking charge of Egypt's National Soccer team. This is the best of two worlds, Bob is a fine coach with a lot of games and tricks in his playbook. I like him and I think he is the right man for the job.

Bob beat Egypt in 2010 in one soccer game, it was a humiliating defeat for the Number 1 soccer team in Africa and Arabia. So you can tell Bob knows a thing or two about Egyptian soccer. Other coaches were considered, some local and some Serbian and a Colombian soccer legend. All are fine names, but I think the money and the set of ideas helped Bob get the job.

Bob was a finalist and his contracts is being reviewed right now. He will be getting 35 K a month for his services. In the world of soccer that's not a lot of money, and the Egyptian national soccer league said they can afford that salary. In addition to bringing his superior coaching skills, Bob will also bring the attention of US sport media to Egypt and its national soccer team.

Bob is a big name in soccer--sure soccer is not a big game itself, but meet me in 10 years form now. I think both Bob and Egypt will benefit form this contract. I am sure if Bob does well, he will be happy. But I hope the people of Egypt are patient enough with this fine coach. It takes time, and according to the Egypt Soccer League, Bob has a lot of fine ideas to bring back this embattled team. In 2009-2010 Egypt was the number 9 soccer team in the world, now they are doing much worse.

Bob can also build up his name again with Egyptian soccer, he no longer coaches the US soccer team, but in Egypt there's so much potential and an amazing area to build a global fame.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 At Brigham Young University

When the planes hit the two towers in NY, and hit the Pentagon in Virginia and crashed the airplane in a Pennsylvania filed, like billions around the world I was shocked and saddened by what I saw before my eyes. I read the story in my dorm room early morning on Aljazeera Arabic news website right before the second airplane hits the second tower. It was horrifying news, but at that point news reports were saying it might be an accident. I have made a habit of reading the news every morning to check up on my family in Gaza as the second intifada was in full affect .Little did I know, I was relieved that that day Gaza didn’t make the news.

“Steve, this is going to be big”, I woke up my very socially conservative roommate and told him to check on it. I wear a t-shirt I have bought a week earlier in NY City with the two towers in the center of it. I headed to my Spanish class which was meeting at 8 AM. As I entered the building, all of a sudden my savvy and unassuming American classmates were tuning in to the news and watching the development as it unfolds.

There were all sorts of rumors going on, I overheard people talking about different groups responsible. I realized how my t-shirt would be offensive to people so I wear it inside out. There was an elephant in the room as the events were on everyone mind and there I was sitting in the front row. Once my class finished, I headed to the Near East Studies Department as I had to meet with students learning Arabic. Ten days prior to 9/11, I was hired to assist in teaching Arabic. I think the class used to have 10 to 15 students. Needless to say the following semester classes would grow to 50and 80 students per class.

There’s a tradition at Brigham Young University to hold a university wide devotion for an hour and 15 minutes where the entire university shuts down and everyone tunes in to a religious speech and sometimes non-religious speeches. 9/11 was on a Tuesday and I was one of the student body a=on that day, I joined my friends to attend the university devotion. The University’s President was to address the student body and the faculty. I was filled with shame that day, confused and have no idea what is happening in the name of religion and in the name of my culture. At some point I wanted the earth to open and swallow me as I had no word to describe this anger I had.

In his speech the President offered condolences to the nations and to those who have lost a loved one. post. He went on to detail actions regarding the Church missionaries in lower Manhattan. Then in a very clear language, he asked the university body not to rush to judgment and not to target specific people (wink, wink) on campus. Upon hearing his words, I felt comfort and peace. Most of the Muslims students (about a 100 ) had feared for their safety, as it became clear, it was violent Muslim extremists behind those attacks. While less than an hour away, a Sikh man was killed in Salt Lake City for being mistaken for a Muslim. Nothing that dramatic happened on campus.

The university even went a step further, they called for a meeting with Arab and Muslim students on campus and assured us they will take measures to protect us and handle any threats against any of us. Even being a Christan Arab doesn't shield one form attacks and prejudice. All around the country Muslims students feared from their lives and left the states--mostly from the Rich Gulf states. But from most of us at BYU from places like Gaza, Hebron, Karachi, and Bangladeshis, we were much safer in the states so going home was not an option. I remember, a good friend of us, a member of the LDS Church and a native of South Carolina, called some of us and asked us if we felt safe at BYU. “we have enough guns in the house to keep you guys safe”, trust me in his friendly southern accent that was very assuring.

At that meeting, I was very disappointed in my faith as the media slandered just in every possible way. I was disgusted too. I told professor Donna Lee Bowen, a professor of Islam and political science “They want me to hate my own faith.” She looked at me, and told me “Don’t Let Them”, she assured me that everything will be ok. a year later Bowen went on and argued against the war in Iraq. The conservative student body dismissed her arguments. I now can say, she was right twice.

I think many Church members were encouraged to reach out to Muslims and Arabs in their communities. I remember I was invited to so many Sunday dinners from super sweet people who wanted us to feel welcome. I have also been given opportunities to speak in many Churches about my faith. These things you would imagine seeing in liberal havens, not the most Republican safe spot in the land. Many people I met in DC are always curious to hear about my story out in Utah. I often tell them it won;t be as saucy as you might imagine.

The lack of backlashes could be a result of the the teaching and guidelines of the church that members take very seriously. Or perhaps that I was living on a University campus where the educated and enlightened all over the place.

It wasn’t all fine and dandy of course, there were some low moments. The only incident I’ve hear came from an Egyptian student at BYU who was working on her graduate degree in Chemistry, she had to put up with a bigoted professor who would direct negative comments toward her. there are those closet bigots too, but throughout the human history those have never mattered.

Again as the 10 anniversary is upon us I mourn the death of innocents people here on 9/11 before and after. There are countless who lose their lives everyday and we hear little about them. I am grateful my life brought me here to those shores, a land with stark laws and citizens tenacious to abide by them at times like these. Those who abide by the law of the land domestically and those who do not abuse the human rights international do far more to proof the hateful bunch are wrong than any other response.

As we remember this tragic Day take a moment to send my heartfelt sincere condolences to those who scarified and continue to sacrifice till this day so that America can be the beacon of hope.
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Sunday, September 04, 2011

16 Tired Movie Cliches

Watching movies in the United States have taught me a lot about the culture and the language. When I first arrived to this land 11 years ago, movies were the single most useful tool in learning about America. Not only was watching movies educational it was also fun.

In college it was the best escape I had no trouble locking myself in my dorm room and playing movies back to back. Some days, I recall watching as many as three movies a day. Sad I know, but to be frank, I think my communication skills have gotten better as result of this addiction.

However, a Gazillion movie later, I have begun to figure out the Hollywood formula for making movies, there are so many templates, and characters most movies makers incorporate in their movies. Movies are about stereotypes, and such personalities make a point. Sometimes marketing is to blame for such cookie cutter roles.

If movie goers can relate to a role, then they are most likely to go see the movie. Film makers use such characters because they know they work and that audience have loved such clich├ęs in the past. So next time when watch a movie, chances are you will find one or two of those props. When it comes to Hollywood, creativity is not dead, but it comes with a lot of risks. Movie investors want to make money with little risk. Thus comes reincarnation of movies

Here's my list of movie characters that feel tired.

  1. The hooker with a heart of gold

  2. The funny minority guy/gal

  3. The writer who hates people and loves dogs

  4. The quiet but strong ethnic mother

  5. The beat-up white homemaker married to an army officer

  6. The nerd/South-westerner who spills the beans on those conspiracy and secret government programs

  7. The rude, yet charming, New Yorker in search of romance

  8. The gun-touting Southerner

  9. The thick-accented, history-aware militant Arab

  10. The easily-drunk, mace-carrying white chick

  11. The fictional "noble savage" who apologizes to the animals and trees

  12. The Club-owning sleazy Eastern European, Greek, or Persian

  13. The passionate, educated white person who wants to spare the life of a minority person

  14. The sperm-spreading, starving and good looking artist

  15. The jerk who interrupts the dude/gal when they are about to confess something of significance

  16. The young man who has to choose between a gang lifestyle and getting an education
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Friday, September 02, 2011

What Is the Difference Between Sunni and Shiite


Number 3 is Othman Bin Affan
Number 4 is Ali Bin Abi Talib
Number 4's older son is Hassan
Number 4's younger son is Hussein
Number 5 is Mo'awya Bin Aby Sofian
Number 6 is Yazid Bin Aby Sofian

Khalif number 3 was assassinated by a group of mostly Iraqis, the children of the 4th Khalif defended his house along with other fighters. 3 is out of the picture, number 4 gets nominated. The 4th Khalif gets endorsement from most Muslims districts. Tow districts refuse to endorse the 4th Khalif until he avenges the murder of number 3. Egypt and Syria were those two districts.

Number 4 says, he will not avenge the murder of 3 until everyone has endorsed him. A battle breaks between number 4 and the leaders of Egypt and Syria. Number 4 accepts mediation as proposed by his opponents who said "The Holy Book Will be The judge". Those who killed number 3 wanted number 4 to keep on fighting the Syrians and the Egyptians. He refuses. The group that killed number 3 goes on and kills number 4 as he prays in the mosque who was in war with them as they were constantly plotting to break his word. He defeated them every time.

Number 4 refuses to nominate anybody and says, the Muslims will pick the next Khalif. Most people nominate and endorse number 4's son. Egypt and Syria refuses to endorse number 4's son. A battle is about to break between supporter's of Number 4's son and the leaders of Egypt and Syria. But luckily number 4's son who could have fought and defeated the other guys, gave the Khalif away to the leader of Syria.

Keep in mind, the day number 4's son gave away his office was 30 years after the prophet has died. Number 5 was a smart leader, and was a good politician who never alienates anybody. Some took on him his love of life and living in a palace. As number 5 was in his final days, he wanted to nominate his soon to be number 6 Khalif. Some thought his son was unworthy, others thought this is an invention that strays from Islamic tradition. Most endorsed number 5's son, but not in Arab peninsula., they refused to endorse him.

One of the heads of those objectors was number 4's son who was nominated by people in Iraq. Some even believe number 4's son (not the one that gave away his office, but his brother) was promised the Khalif position. Number 4's son was of high regards with all Muslims--he is the grandson of the prophet. Number 4's son heads to Iraq to meet up with his supporters. Now number 6 was a power hungry and he was no politician, he was a thug who installed other thugs.

On his way to Iraq, number 4's song gets intercepted and camps out in the desert. His supports the ones that pledged to support him, changed their mind. The change of heart happened as they were bribed, intimidated and promised great revenge of they stick with number 4's son. Number 4's son has a number of 80 people with him and the army the thugs had was 5000. One of the army leaders commissioned to stop number 4's son changes his mind and fights with him instead of fighting against him. Number 4's son and all his supporters (many of his family) have been all brutally murdered and the women and children been taken hostages.

Who killed number 4's son? Was it the man who commissioned his death or his supporters who pledged to support him and then turned against him, ending up killing the same many they wanted to instal as the Khalif. That's when the split official starts. Some stuck with the murder leader--they had no love for him and his term was only 4 years. Others wanted to avenged the death of number 4's son and cry over the death, not moving on and installing anyone form that household is a person of high religious significance.

From my understanding the whole split could have been averted if there were decisive actions that stopped those ill minority that had political and tribal ambitions. Giving bad people the benefit of the doubt does little to bring unity. Bottom line, Muslims are not supposed to judge other Muslims. For example, we are not allowed to say "He/she is not a Muslim", because we don't know what's in their hearts and we certainly don't know their motives.

As far as I can tell, politics in today's world plays a large role in inflaming this split. Take fro example, Iran uses the Shiite card to say that Sunni Saudi Arabia has always been corrupt. The Saudi's don't disappoint either. There's so much passion among those two countries and throw Iraq in the mix and things get weird. It has little to do with the faith, it's about nationality, tribal mentality and history. I know that no Muslim was happy with the murder of either Muslim figure, it's a sad day for all of us.

Another thing that makes no sense, number 4 and his children are all from what's now Saudi Arabia and they all have been murdered by Iraqis. I find it bizarre, that people blame modern day Saudi Arabic for their murder. There are plenty of reasons to resent that country, but enough with the faux outrage.

P.S. Those are my personal understandings, as far as I know, they are in the center of the road, as there are many accounts of similar stories.
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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Asian Business Owners and Customer Service

One of the downsides of not living in a place like California where a significant Asian population lives is not really knowing much about this accomplished and highly educated community.

As I lived here in the States particularity in DC, I found myself dealing with all sorts of people who come from all corners of the earth. The one group of people that I am having trouble dealing with is the Asian community business owners. I do not mean this to be a cheap shot, it's a real dilemma for me.

For most cases, I have found the business owners who have Asian background (Chinese and Koreans namely) have a different mindset about customers. While most business owners cater to your need and treat you like you will be coming again, I have concluded that Asian business owners treat you as a one time deal. They sort of write you off as a returning customer.

At times, I have been yelled at for no reason, those business owners make me feel like a deaf person. I have been treated like I do not speak English--they think I am Hispanic. Arabs and Hispanics might be hard to tell party for many Asian in America. Not sure if this is some Eastern culture where the business owner is God's designated person on his earth.

Business should not be some mold, and business owners should improvise. So next me if you are at the mall, think twice before going into one of those oriental gifts stores, news stands, dry cleaners, nails saloons, you better use some earplugs. In conclusion, I find it ironic that many American customer service centers are relocating to Asian countries.

I hope I am alone in this...
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