Monday, September 28, 2009

Joe Smith

Funny in my aricle I spoke about Joe Smith, Well, I went to Rafah today to pick my bag up for my last attempt to leave Gaza as it gotten late I met at the borders Patricia, Patrick and Jose traveld today all american from DC...the Egyptians asked the Palestinians to send them in....while Ayman Alsayad an american man reminas trapped in Gaza!

The thing is I never thought this thing exisits, I thought in the job market they do chose and discrminate based on the name..but not the government service!

Not cool!
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Action Alert

Hani Almadhoun's op-ed and moving personal account about being trapped in the Gaza Strip appeared in Saturday's Salt Lake Tribune. Please write your letter to the editor Sunday or Monday to show your support for Hani.

Letters should be sent to E-mail letters lacking full name, postal address and daytime telephone number and those sent to other e-mail boxes will be deleted. E-mail with attachments will be deleted. The letter must be submitted as a plain text in the body of the message. Please note that letters should not be more than 200 words.


Salt Lake Tribune

Gazans unfairly trapped by Israel
By Hani Almadhoun

Israel's winter bombardment of Gaza is over, but the situation for Palestinians there remains grim.

I grew up in Gaza and recently returned on behalf of the Jerusalem Fund, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit providing humanitarian and educational assistance to Palestinians. As the organization's grants and accounting associate, I visited facilities helping the disabled, kindergarteners and those suffering from mental health issues. I also checked on medical supplies we deliver.

Due to my Gaza ID card, I had priority getting into the war-torn area in late June. Evidently, I do not have priority getting out despite possessing an American green card.

Confined to this narrow strip, essentially 25 miles long by 7 miles wide, I long to return to the life I have built for myself in Washington, D.C. I have joined 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza as foreign powers wrestle over the intricacies of how best to consign us to Gaza without starving us. As Dov Weisglass, an adviser to the Israeli prime minister in 2006, infamously put it, "The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger."

The Israeli restrictions and siege on Gaza devastate the local populace. Children are permanently harmed by malnutrition. After food, what people want most is freedom of movement. Confined to Gaza, they do not have it.

I have tried on several occasions to exit, always unsuccessfully. The Rafah crossing, the only outlet Gazans have to the world, used to process 3,000 travelers a day. Now it takes days or weeks.

The local government has its own priorities and has wait-listed me and countless others. The Egyptians have bigger regional concerns. Israeli officials will not allow me to use the Erez crossing because they discriminate against me as a Palestinian. Fifteen Palestinian Americans I know here face the same treatment.

My biggest disappointment during this ordeal comes from American officials. One official abrasively told me, "You are on your own." It's demoralizing. I have no doubt that if my name were Joe Smith, rather than Hani Almadhoun, I would already be back in my office in Washington. Allowing an ally to trap me and American citizens is not consistent with the principles of Obama's America.

The officials at the American Consulate in Jerusalem told me they would help evacuate me and other trapped Americans only if there was war. No sane person would hope for war in order to get back home.

I want to return to Washington and get back to work funding the humanitarian projects I visited. And I miss my burgers at Five Guys.

But there is a fundamental truth that weighs on me: Once my release is secured, 1.5 million Palestinians will still be effectively imprisoned. President Obama ought to use every meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, like the one earlier this week, to speak up for the rights of Palestinians and Palestinian Americans locked in Gaza.

Hani Almadhoun is the grants and accounting associate at the Washington, D.C.-based Jerusalem Fund. He received his bachelor and master's degrees from Brigham Young University.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Op-Ed In the Salt Lake Tribune


hope you are well...Please read the Salt Lake Tribune tomorrow, I should have an op-ed in about my current situation in Gaza.

Here is the website in case you cannot get a hard copy.
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Yes, I am still here

I started my six day fast today...part of the Muslim faith is to fast the month of Ramadan, and then one gets extra credit for following that with six days. They call them the white six, and they are meant to be good.

I fasted the day with Roa'a and we broke the fast together at her home, we had a potluck and it went well. I just told her that something a her place makes me sleepy, as I always wants to fall sleep. I think it's the lighting.

We are still waiting to hear the news about the Crossing news. I feel terrible for not being able to do a lot more work for my job form here, and work is piling up! The Board has been kind enough not to be on my case about it.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Gaza Teeth

Just got back from the dentist...yes Gaza dentist...he was really good and had all the right gadegets. He went to school in the Ukrine and his chair was top-notch. I went earlier to the local hospital to do an X-ray to make his work and my pain less intense as he can see and not just guess. The Xrays were about 4 bucks. The Xray machine is top of the line and donated by OXFAM.

The filling cost about 9 bucks and the cleaning cost about the same. But the best part was the chat with the dentist, he really wants to leave Gaza and come to we spoke as he stoped working and kept asking me questions like if I was the American Consulate!

I am still nummed, but I figured I got the time and it is cheap in Gaza to take care of those things that always need to be taken care of.

I might do a crown...I think he asked for 100 dollar for top of the line crown...not sure if I will do it, as the insurance might cover most of the cortst if I did it in the States....but a good deal is a good deal.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet Ahmad…The Qassam Foot Solider
By Hanitizer
When you reside the Gaza Strip, with its high population density, your neighbors come from all political views from they crazy Palestinian conspiracy theorist, the religious zealot, the obnoxious progressive and they guy who wants to be left alone. One of my the guys that lives in my area is Ahmad and Ahmad as a 23 years old Palestinian man who’s a member of Hamas’ militant wing, Al Qassam Brigade, and he is also an employee of the Hamas government where he drives around one of their political figures. I often see him rushing to the local mosque and when I speak to him, it is often a short exchange.
We spoke about how pissed of he was when President Abbas renewed his own term, while insisting that Hamas should abide by the election deadline. Upon learning of my struggle to leave Gaza, he asked me to speak to his boss—a big Hamas wig. I let him know that for a smart guy, he says stupid things. On a hot summer night, I returned home late around 2 AM only to spot him carrying an assault rifle and heading to his Murabt’een unit. Murabt’een are individuals who belong to various Palestinians militant wings who stay up all night long at strategic locations as well as border lines to wait for a sudden Israeli incursions.
I had an outlandish conversation with Ahmad few days ago. Ahmad was sitting at his cousin hole in the wall grocery shop and out of the blue he asked me, “Is it true in America is fornication wide spread?” regardless of how random the question is as I thought to myself “What the Hell?” feeling like an unofficial spokesperson for Uncle Sam in my little town, I told him sure, people do have sex over there and it is not considered as bad as we view it here. I felt obligated to also tell him about that not all groups in the States approve of. I spoke of the Mormons, Baptists as well as others who tend to hold out. Ahmad was surprised that America was not what he saw in movies in his words, “Is it true like in America in bars and parties guys ‘ride’ any chick they meet” I do not why he insisted on pushing this subject and labeling America as a whore house, America got other things going for it. I said sure some people have some luck with that and they rarely return home from the bar empty handed—pun?
Then our uncomfortable conversation took another turn, Ahmed wanted to to know that according to him women are responsible for initiating promiscuity. I happened to disagree with Ahmad and believe that men are responsible for initiating sexual behavior. Ahmad was surprised when I told him from my personal experience women tend to be more conservative and are the ones who say “No!” while the guy wants to do what Marvin Gay sings about. I know that once started men are harder to stop, and thus less inclined to harbor self control.Although I am willing to be wrong on this one, I am not all comfortable with the subject. I felt the need to share this little story to show where people’s priorities are laid—pun intended. Now Ahmad is not a spokesperson for an entire brigade, but his views are common among the zealot crowd and the common man. My problem with such mentality is their mixed signals; many of them have no problem killing a person who disagrees with them, but all seem to raise hell when someone sticks his dip stick in the cookie jar. At least in the second act there seems a mutual agreement and no one loses his/her life.
Two weeks after my conversation with Ahmad, his GED results came in and our friend, the great religious figure of our neighborhood here, actually failed in the religious studies, thus he had to repeat taking the exam…oh the irony. I then felt GOOD
But Ahmad few days ago and all of a sudden actually decided to move out of our area. I noticed that few of the folks living nearby were discreetly happy by his decision to move out of the neighborhood. Evidently, if Israel to take him out: as they did in the past will not stop till they find him dead even if it took demolishing the entire neighborhood or killing few innocent souls.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eid in Gaza: Brought to You by…the Tunnels

Aside from the siege, and the unique political situation in the Strip, Gaza is just like the rest of the Muslim world. Gazans celebrate the holidays just like the rest of the Muslim and Arab word. Ten days prior to the Eid, the Muslim holiday following Ramadan one starts to see more activity in the markets. The first items that indicate the arrival of the Eid is the appearance of pickled and sun dried salty fish (fiseekh). This type of fish makes you so thirsty that it’s all banned in Ramadan. Clothing vendors start exhibiting all sorts of new garments as people tend to buy new outfits to welcome the holiday. Thanks to the tunnels Gazans can find many goods including clothes as Israelis do not include clothes as humanitarian good. For their mediocre quality, clothes are a lot more expensive in Gaza than the rest of Palestine.

A week prior to the Eid, Gaza’s vendors start brining out the good stuff: candy, dates cookies, Turkish delight and nuts. Part of the Eid is visiting families and friends who compete in hospitality—the competition really is on your waste line. Most of those produces are made locally, still more expensive however than prior the siege. Many homes start baking their own date cookies, ladies of Gaza start forming baking teams. Banks start getting crowded where people start getting paid or taking out cash to meet the needs of the holiday because part of the Eid in some Muslim countries is to make money gifts to kids and women. As a result, change becomes hard to come by as people start holding on to it, something I despise. Kitchen ware stores start getting busier, as demand on cups, classes and plates skyrockets as homemakers work hard to impress expected guests with their flashy ware. Demand for cleaning supplies also surges, as most homes make sure that every corner of their home sparking clean.
Part of the Muslim holiday, well off people discreetly donate to the poor they know, some give to a social group that has better knowledge on who is in need. Some needy people kindly start reminding people of their need. I did notice this year a public announcement telling people tom make sure their donations do not fall in the wrong hands like terrorists.

Because the Muslim calendar is a lunar one, one finds out the day of the actual holiday the night before. Mosques start making announcement via their microphones congratulating the people in Gaza and wishing them a happy Eid. Since this is Gaza, political groups rent vans place gigantic speakers on top and wander the streets of towns and villages wishing them a great holiday season. Others political factions use graffiti to communicate messages of best wishes. In Gaza, the Islamic groups are better at this game as they control the mosque and are better organized than the secular ones. Barbershops get really busy where men and boys head there to shave, trim and cut their hair. If you can get a barber to take a day of on that eve of the Eid, you can do anything.
On the actual day of the Eid—it is three day holiday. People start visiting with each other and kissing in public, they even kiss total strangers. This is a holiday for the children and women. The kids receive a lot of cash gifts and they use it to buy whatever items on their wish list. Since cash is King, Santa Clause got nothing on those kids. They buy all sorts of toys and treats. Perhaps the most popular toy this season is a plastic gun made in China; this gun has a laser pointer on its front and shorts tiny plastic balls. This is a proof that Palestinians are buying weapons form the Chinese. Other winners of this holiday are cab drivers, restaurants, sellers of toys, and anyone that runs a business geared toward women. Women make plans all year long for what they will do with their cash gifts. They usually use it to pay off debits on goods they already have bought or save up to buy a piece of jewelry. At the end of the day, you have eaten tons of treats and drank even more, making it perfect for stomach trouble. That’s why pharmacies open on the day of the Eid and stock up on stomach trouble medicine.

On a serious note, many Muslim homes in Gaza open a small funeral in the early morning for those who have passed away since the last Eid. Gaza had many of those this time due to the rather large number of victims of the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

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From Rafah…With a Rapper

On my last failed attempt to leave Gaza through Rafah, I met a lot of interesting travelers. When all you have is time waiting to leave Gaza, I usually start conversing with others to make new bonds. One of those travelers was a young man who looked like a Chicago bound hip-hop star. I was not sure what to make of him until a fellow traveler told me this guy is a rapper. The traveler was making a notice of the rapper’s funky hair and how it does not agree with him. I laughed but since I am interested in Arabic rap and Palestinian rap in particular I went to talk to the rapper.

I approach the young man and ask him about his destination he tells me to Egypt to attend school there. I tell him I am headed to the States and then ask him if he was a singer, he says yes. And I learn his a member of a Palestinian rap group called BL@cK Un!T BAnD, we start talking about his band and their songs. We spoke of DAM, the infamous Palestinian rap group as well as PR and the movie “Sling Shot Hip-Hop” He has a great background on Arab rappers—most of them he has already collaborate with.

The rapper complains of the hardship they face not being able to travel to perform and do publicity. He has just performed for an event in Gaza with the anti-war group Code Pink. Mohammed Wafy is his name and I got to listen to some of their tracks and I was pleasantly surprised with what I heard.

When Mohammed learned of my interest and since we had plenty of time to kill he brought out his laptop and I asked him to give me some of his songs and his contact information, he was kind enough to do that.
The one song that captured my attention and me heart is also their latest collaboration with other Palestinian rappers to bring attention to the misery of life in
Gaza, the song is simply titled “GAZA Menha E7na” From Gaza we are, Look for it among other songs on their myspace page.

Mohammed is hoping to do more work and collaborate with other rappers which he will be able to do as now he is on his way to Egypt where his freedom of movement would be better. To listen or contact BL@cK Un!T BAnD, here is their information

Their official myspace site ..

and facebook page :

P.S. Mohammed was able to leave Gaza because of his Egyptian passport, I was among 150 travelers asked to return home

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Put A Seige On You: Part 1

On day of my travel, one heads to the Stadium of Palestine, hoping to board the bus. Since the Egyptians do not share much information about who gets to travel on the designated days and since Hamas has a large list of people wanting to travel out of Gaza. No one quite knows what they get to board the bus. Thus on the three days the crossing opens, people go to the stadium everyday so they won’t miss their bus. The last day the crossing opened was last week and the Egyptian press release made it sound like they will allow Gazans wanting to travel will be able to do so. Unfortunately the reality was much different. Instead of processing fifteen Palestinian buses a day as this became the standard, the Egyptian side on the Rafah border processed seven a day. This is a grave tragedy since the Palestinians have fifty buses ready to go once the Egyptians ask for them; the total of buses processed this time was fifteen. My bus number is 36 thus it’s unlikely; I would have been able to leave on this opening.

The good news came as the Egyptians decided to extend the work of their side for one more day and many in Gaza celebrated this news as again the Egyptians made it sound via their media cheerleaders that they will let many people to travel. Upon hearing the news I headed to the Stadium where the buses headed to Rafah take off. I wasn’t alone, there were easily a thousand people hoping to return to their jobs, universities and some to their families. We arrived at five in the morning; the Palestinian officials arrived at nine and announced the bad news as communicated to them by the Egyptians, they will only load three buses and maybe three more later on during the day. Chaos broke and officials had to heard to too many pleas and too many women telling heart breaking stories about how they need to get back to their kids who are waiting fro them in Egypt or the story of the man whose wife has been waiting for him to return to Libya for two years now. Too many stories and too little to dot help them, the Palestinians officials had to be harsh in enforcing the law and making sure they only ones who board the bus are the ones whose names are on the bus list.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rafah Sucks

The Egyptians have only let in 7 buses yesterday....they were supposed to let in 13 buses...they only allowed 7.....

I am on bus 36 which means that I will most likely not get out this time....

I have been following up with the local government office and they have no news, as the Egyptians want those who they want to cross the bordersd and no one else....

Today, they said we will only let those who are on our lists and no one else will leave Gaza until those guys make it.

The best way to get on the Egyptian list is to let some Palestinina in Ramallah do some contacts for you....

See if the information was told to me by the government here were correct I would not need any help there as I am good to go right to the airport!

I really feel like taking a long nap or real down time....
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quick News

Still in Gaza, finishing up the last days of Ramadan...

Mosques are crowded the last days of Ramadan....

The poor in Gaza are now more active than ever asking for donations.

No solid word yet about the Crossing, news says it will open...

I know for sure when the publish the list of those who will board the buses...this means it will most likely happen.

I did buy another airplane ticket, it will be my third...and this is why I am hoping this will work out..

Monday we will have better news, I am just ready to head back to Amreeka...
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

43 Reasons Why This is My Gaza!

43 Reasons Why This is My Gaza!
By Hanitizer
Since I wrote the 22 O Snap I am in Gaza Moments, I have experienced more of the things that make Gaza unique. I am sure many of those things mentioned are not so unique to Gaza. Here are more Gaza special observations, I mostly wrote those in taxi cabs, boring religious sermons, and while sitting with obnoxious family members.
1. Gaza now is a nation of law; the popular lawyers’ jokes give it away.
2. When you are lean and fit, they tell you “Eat” when you do and get fat, they say “Oh, you are disgusting” Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t.
3. Field Research confirm: if Palestinians can fly, Israelis would be covered in bird shit.4. Poor folks are more popular in Ramadan than Saint Nicolas in Christmas season.
5. When guys boogie, they dance better than those cheap Vegas hookers, when they fight they fight like those Casino Mafia lords.
6. Friday is still the day they all observe call weekend, yet it is not like anyone has a job.
7. When a business tells you it will be done in a day, that’s just the beginning of a long-term commitment.
8. Everything you’ve ever owned can be packed and evacuated in under 3 minutes, we have random Israeli shelling to thank.9. If armed men stop your car in the middle of the night, most likely they want you to give them a ride to the local hookah bar. Remember, pimpin’ ain’t easy.
10. Everyone and their mother wear a hijab, yet hairdressers are the richest snobs in town.
11. It’s so much easier ordering ice cream, there is only three kinds and none of those hard to pronounce names they got at Cold Stone. PhD in phonetics is not required nor encouraged.
12. Car mechanics are still schmucks, blood sucking parasites, and greedy bastards. Just like everywhere else, they are hated by everybody.
13. Not paying your water and power bills is still the patriotic thing to do.
14. Public display of affection (PDA) is encouraged as you are engaged, but all but banned when you are married.15. Lasik technology is the hottest thing in Gaza, hotter those Israeli phosphorus bombs. Not to say that Palestinian leaders have a good sight.
16. Contrary to the nature of things, technologies get better as time passes by, in Gaza they get more backward, 2005 internet was faster than 2009
17. No one has a steady job, but everyone acts as if they are busy all the time.
18. Nader might have introduced Seatbelt to America, but Gaza did not get the memo.
19. Gaza is a great way to get over your addiction to anything powered by electricity. Power goes off as often as Dick Cheney opens his mouth and says something creepy.
20. When you take a cab on an errand, the driver expects to be invited to do whatever it’s you are doing.
21. Fishing, one of America’s favorite pastime is a classic Gazan act of resistance.
22. If neither your house nor your car features common prayer for people to see, you are a card carrying member of the Palestinian communist party.
23. You might have all the education in the world, but that does not stop your mom from telling you how to probably cut your hair and tuck your shirt.
24. No matter how clean your shoes are when you leave the home, they won’t be when you get to your destination.
25. When someone introduces himself beginning with “Your Brother in Allah…” you know what to do.
26. Even if you do not smoke, by the end of the day, you would have inhaled tons to toxins—against your will.
27. Napkins, paper towels, and plastic food wraps have yet to make it mainstream in the various Gaza restaurants.
28. Zoos are all over the strip, every town has its own zoo, all you need is a lion, a duck, a chimpanzee, and a chicken: 10 shekels a pop.
29. So many men grow long beards in Gaza in anticipation of being hired in America as a Mall Santa in time for Christmas.
30. People talk politics, politics and more politics all the time, just like in DC. Not sure if the Palestinians might not talk to each other once everything is solved (yeah right!).
31. if you wash your own dishes, that makes you a Gaza womanizer, since all the women chill in the kitchen.
32. One in ten admits to having mental problems, the jury is out on the 9 others.
33. Leaving your relatives house after paying them a visit, is like pulling teeth, you are never done until it is over.
34. Organic food (Baladi) is everywhere, except people are not into the whole fad.35. DC might have too much change right now, Gaza has too few coins.
36. Mecca Cola is everywhere in the Strip, Al-Aqsa cola is jealous.
37. Cabbie drivers refuse to be tipped and think you are paying them an insult.
38. Bromance is alive and well in Gaza, guys still hold hands, kiss and dance together.
39. Gazans dress like Europeans, work and eat like Americans, get by like Cubans, and smoke like British trains.
40. The Streets in Gaza is the world’s largest junk yard. Don’t bail out Detroit car companies; allow them to sell their cars in Gaza. Hell, Gaza can use few armored cars.
41. Gazans love Barack Obama more than Chicagoan love their home boy.
42. Gazans still cannot comprehend the fact that George Bush was disliked in the States.
43. Israel might not allow fresh meat into the Strip, the beach in Gaza is a true sausage fest.
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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Happy B-da To Yousef

Just ant to give a shoutout for is his birthday and me and Roa'a wish him a happy maybe 24 years? Yalla go make some Kenafa now!

I would add a picture, but Gaza's internet is so slow!
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New Blog Post

New Post about my struggle in making smoohies in Gaza...the huffington post picked up the story!

I am just trying to put some light humor to a really bad sitation, if you read the comment people missed that...I have to be postive and I must have fun, otherwise life is too tough! Thanks Kelle for Your edits!
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The good news and the Better News!

today, I am invited to have an iftar meal with the organization where Roa'a work. they will hold the group iftar at a popular Gaza restaurant on the beach...named well, "The beach"

i have been givening spcific insturctions to look my best...So i will do just that. since about 80 people work in the office where Roa'a works, you know it will be big and the food better be great!

Yeterday, we visited with her grandmother, I was impressed by her grandmothers youthful look...and I told her that.

but the good news is here

The Rafah Crossing will open next week for two is still early and it still unclear who will get to travel...but we will know for sure soon! This must be some great news!

Here is the story
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Monday, September 07, 2009

Traveling Man

Yesterday, I’ve received two phone calls from friend of mine telling me they’ve heard an announcement on the local radio. The announcement came form the Ministry of Interior, asking those who have travel plans and hold a residence card or a visa that is about to expire to go to the government office and sign up to be given priority on the travel on the days the Rafah Crossing opens. Thus, I went to the government office today in downtown Gaza and presented my papers to the person in the office—I became acquaintance with the guy due to the frequency of my visits to their office. When he saw my documents and saw that I have singed up on July 21, 2009, he said “Oh, you comfortably will be given in priority” Those signed in August might not be allowed to use the Crossing once it opens, but July and prior to that are assured to travel upon opening of the Crossing.

My dad gave my travel documents to the Chief of Staff of the Palestinian Prime Minister—he is a distant cousin, just to make sure that they do not lose my papers or put me on the latter buses that usually do not get to travel. They met at a family break the fast meal for family members how are fifty and over.

I now have a number that I have yet to verify, it is supposed to be the phone number for an Egyptian officer who will help me get to Egypt once I leave the Palestinian side. The number was given to me by a relative of my fiancé who is aware of my travel snafu. The number will connect me to a guy will put my name on the Egyptian good list: the list they ask the Palestinian government to send all those whose names are on. Thus if the number is correct, if what I hear is true and if I end up doing it this will guarantee my admittance to Egypt. If I do not do that, then I need to make sure to have a flight ticket with me in the events I am deported to the airport, I can find a flight to take me back to the states.

How about that?
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Friday, September 04, 2009

Ups and Downs

We had a feast in our home tonight, all my siblings and their kids showed up for dinner, break the fast meal....the onle missing few where 4 brother in law who is in jail here (it is the right reason to be in jail) my sister and her little girl in Egypt wating to join her husband in Norway! We had about 50 people at our home, yes many screaming kids.

Dad catred the food, rice trays with chicken and some cheese dessret that the people loved. This is an annual thing my fmaily dad hates the scremaing kids, but he plays along anyway. Food is now expensive in Gaza...I think chicken is alot cheaper in the States than in Gaza.

The night before, my future in laws and finace spent the night at our home till 1 AM, we had a great time chatting and mingling and do not forget the good treats hwe shared that night. I think my dad and my future father in law are becoming new BFFs, they really seem to enjoy each other's company...

No words yet on the crossing, but it should be opening soon, it is due next has been more than a month since it opned last.
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I Did Also Have a Dream

Two nights ago, I had a bizarre dream and since the dream was of an absurd political nature I thought KABOBfest would be a proper outlet for it. This is a further proof that everything in the Middle East is political, even dreams. Feel free to read into my dream and what it means.

asad The dream starts with me hanging out at the Syrian-Israeli borders and there were few Israeli tourists—the way they leered at me gave it away. We were looking at a huge mountain made out of mud; it looked more like a wall than a mountain. All of a sudden Bashar Al-Asad, the president of Syria shows up on a motorcycle coming from the Israeli side and heading toward the Syrian side. Attached to his motorcycle was a giant robot following him and looking more like a bodyguard to the president. The tourists started to checkout this futuristic scene not knowing what to make of it. There were a few other motorcycle ridding men who looked like they were parading in a show of force. The moment Bashar got into the mountain, through one of the giant holes it had, an Israeli unit showed up chasing him and his men. At that moment some random people showed up in fighting mode as if they were anticipating the Israelis. The dream gets even weirder as a group of men show up with lions, think Aslan from Narnia. The lions were angry and had chains to their necks. The men commanded the lions to take the chains and go into the mountain via a hole in the mountain—a different one—and secure the gate behind Bashar. The lions headed toward the mountain with their chains and struggled to get through the hole; the hole seemed not big enough. Eventually they made it and the Israelis were held back; they could not go after the president of Syria or any of the parading men.

I started thinking that the Syrians are trying to make a statement to show that they can do anything they want and they do not fear the Israelis; and how cool is Bashar showing up on a motorcycle protected by a robot? “Hey, I am Bashar, I am cool and so technologically advanced;” and how about those angry lions that were working for the Syrians? Yes, the lions were working for the Syrians! And the Israelis not able to know who was in their country! Also I now connect that his last name is Asad, which in Arabic translates to Lion. To my surprise, I remember my last thought in the dream was trying to convince myself that the Syrian security cabals would use a fake Bashar, just in case their operation was foiled.

P.S. I do not know why but it seems that my dream featured only males.

[Tarboush Tip: Don]

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time Poorly Spent

My older sister, she is 2 years older than me, just passed her GED exam, c'mon she is a mother of 5, pregenant, and has not studied in 15 years...we are happy for her. She applied to a local couminty college. I went to her place last night and took some sweets...dang...she wasn't there!

Mom and I left the sweets and went for another visit, my cousin, we took a taxi and it drove us to her house....I met a guy there who actually knows his stuff about aid coming to gaza...I leanred so many great things form him about the logistics...

Then went home and spend some time with dad, mom and my little was a typical night.

I really miss DC, every now and sucks that I feel limited to things I can do here...It is hard to workout. My time is about this way..sleep, pray, eat, hang out, Write--the most fun event here in Gaza. Not really my time with my fiance is the best!

I made food for my family last night...and let's say I am not going to do it again and if so, I am going to stick to conventional things and not try to introduce new things...
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