Saturday, March 30, 2013

On Jewish Christmas And Jet Lag

  1. Jet lag is not too complicated to explain, it is exactly feels like when you watch a midday manatee movie, and once you step out of the theater, you realize "ops, there is still more to this day than you remember."
  2. Why would a Jew wish a Muslim Merry Christmas?! Neither celebrate this day religiously  but both agree on one things--it's always great to have a good time. I wish people happy Easter, and Merry Christmas, because things do not always have to be about me.   
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Monday, March 25, 2013

American Visa, Green Card, And Citizenship!

America liked immigrants and have always liked food. Now think of the two at the same time. there are different stages to the American dream and I like to think of them in terms of food.

  1. Having an American visa is like eating at a cafe! You can get many things, but there are limits
  2. Having a Green card is like eating at an all you can eat buffet, dig in
  3. Having an American citizenship is like owning the restaurant. You can eat, but at the end of the day it's you who has to pay the bill
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Monday, March 04, 2013

Living And Working In The District of Columbia

I am enjoying this time of the year in Washington, DC. It's kinda of lame to be living in a nice city where smart people supposedly live--those people shape the how the United States runs the country and the rest of the world. Do they always make good decisions? I doubt anyone would dispute the many decisions made by the elected officials working in Washington, DC.

New York, thinks they run the world--maybe the world of entertainment and fashion. Alright, they also got Wall Street. But no need to be snobby about it. But the truth, folks around the country cannot stand this city and all the laws they make--and the ones they don't. For a city, the District of Columbia has very thick skin. According to one Hollywood producer, "DC is Hollywood for ugly people" and he cracked a joke about C-Span. The officials here, get to levy taxes, take that taxes and do whatever the hell they want with it. Sometimes  they put back that money into the State through various programs. Do you ever hear about the good work that goes on this city? Almost never, and you have politics to credit for that.

I am willing to think that DC itself was not that popular at the time it was chosen to be the center of American governance. For the longest time, no one likes bureaucrats they learn tolerate them. This is way, may founding fathers wanted nothing to do with DC and chose to live away form it.

I have learned that during the war of 1812, the city and its leaders ran out of town when they heard the British were coming. And sure enough, the rag tag militia that was commissioned to protect the city were no match for the British forces, and the city fell in their hands. The troops burned down the first White House.

Compare that to the city of Baltimore when the city fought off the British invasion and held its ground--inspiring one man to write the American anthem as he witnessed the shelling of an America fortress. I think DC is rich in its unique history- it may not have been a historic place itself but because so many important people lived here and ruled over America--it has become a place with historic significance.

Come see the place, not the government. This is a great place to visit, so many awesome things to do and see here. It really embodies so many things about the American experience. So many school buses come to DC from around the country to learn about history and about their government. There's a certain pride in living in DC--even though resident of the city get so little perks in return.        
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Smell This! Dead Bodies, Feces, Raw Sewage

I am reading an interview with a smell guru working with a company with the name Scent Air, a company that develops smells for big companies  Not the kind you sell, but rather the kind the company pumps through their system to communicate their message to your nose. Some retailers even use the trick to get potential buyers to feel happy. This is about branding and making the customer feel something. I have heard about this before, but when he spoke about one of his clients, I had special interest: He was asked about his clients whom have also included entertainment and the military. What are some examples?
For training our troops, the government would ask for smells of things like dead bodies, burnt bodies, feces, raw sewage, gunpowder, cordite. They’d use these to in a way desensitize the troops, so if they walk into a war zone and they see these things, the training helped them to be better soldiers. We've also developed scents for flight simulators. Depending on the smell, the pilot knows it’s burning wires, or fuel. “Oh, I smell fuel: I have to do these things to keep myself alive.”
I think this is an interesting take on scents, using them to train people for combat, and unpleasant surrounding  Surprises suck and no one likes them, I am glad someone had the foresight to develop such stench. I think the use for pilots and the burning wires is something no one wants to live through.    
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