I am writing about the situation of my friend Hani Almadhoun being trapped in Gaza ("Gazans unfairly trapped by Israel," Opinion, Sept. 26). When Hani and I attended school together at Brigham Young University, we talked extensively about what was going on in Palestine. It is a tragic and complex situation that he, his family and his people face. As he pursued his masters degree in public administration, Hani's hope was that with his education and training he could assist the suffering in his homeland.

That he went to Gaza shows his courage and commitment to help the situation there. I am confident he knew the risks, and that he might not "get out" again, but this testifies to his personal character and desire to help his people. Whether we agree with one side or the other in this complex situation, the fact remains that people are suffering greatly in Gaza, and Hani is trying to do what he can to alleviate that. He should not be punished or hindered from assisting in such a humanitarian and merciful cause. Surely some way can be found so that individuals like him can continue their work unfettered.

Nathan Miles