Friday, December 28, 2012

Come To Nashville, Music City

I took a trip to Nashville TN, the birthplace of country music and the place where rock star and other musicians go to get inspired. Country music is a lifestyle in this city and most of their bars feature country music live bands every night. Tennessee is an interesting state--a very long state to drive in. But through it all, the trip is worth taking. The music is something you do not see or hear in places like New York. Country music still tried to find better stories to tell about us.  

You walk down Broadway in downtown Nashville, and you will feel it right away. People dig this music thing, the Western life and the hat and boots. Stores in that area also can sell you an awesome guitar and cross the street you can pick up a pair of boots. The city has a great feel and tourists from around the world visit. I have indulged in some awesome meals and sweets the city celebrates life with.

To be candid, I felt place gets a bad name from the civil war era and various stereotypes about people down there. I was astonishing how graceful the people are and how mixed and diverse the cities are. The North preaches getting along, but in reality they do not practice it--maybe they do not have too. In the American South, I felt people people get along just fine and it looks beautiful. There people out there who believe in America and cherish it. I know, I was always pleased to see sings made in the USA next to a product I want or love. Roa was able to tell the difference and point to how charming people are down there.    

The best thing about the trip is the people of the South, they are nice courteous and fun loving. Big portion is the way to go. Big trucks, big parking spaces, big dinner briskets. Elvis is King of that land, people know his history and his must by heart. I did also mange to go to Memphis, I felt Nashville did a better job claiming the music scene. Memphis is where Graceland is and great BBQ. I do not think, we have a city like Nashville in the Middle East. I feel Iraq in its glory days (1920s to 1950s) had that kind of vibe. Beirut may come close.

good music, good people and great food, take me to Nashville place.  
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Would Never Buy A Gun, But The Right Is Sacred

After the news broke of the mass shooting in a school in Connecticut, it seems it has become in style to attack gun owners and advocate of American's right to carry firearms. Adam Lanza did a horrible thing and he had clear mental issues, those close to him should have seen it coming. The innocent who have been murdered are not the first and I hope they would be the last. Many Americans do not ask for much, they know however, that the second amendment is on of the rights they cherish the most.

I tend to find myself a purist when it comes to the US constitution, it's a sacred document for many and has worked and been working for a long time. My concern is if you start getting into intentions behind the law and what the founders had on mind, you start getting into muddy water.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. 

Freedom of speech could be on the line. Those who want guns will get them--the Oregon Mall shooter stole his, the guy in Norway bough his online from America. I think the issue is mental state of Americans. I understand the fear of guns, but people living in the cities do not understand the value in rural America where hunters live and making a living. They have the right to feel protected, and by owning a firearm, they are saving tax payers money.  There is a reason why America works, too many laws that mock the US constitution are no needed.

Look no further, than Israel. People there have so many guns, but you do not see many of them engaging in mass shooting--the do that in Gaza and the West Bank. But in their cities, they do not have many incidents like the ones we do in America. I also think that most Americans are not violent by nature, many American homes where loving families dwell own firearms. I know those people are not heartless, and they feel for the victims of mass shootings. The solution is not in arming everyone and certainly not in disarming everyone.

I hope they would not make any dumb laws that would infringe on the American right to bear arms, and I see eye to eye with justice Scalia "I take that to be any weapon you can carry." I hope American politicians won't instate knee jerk solutions for a problem that would only cure the symptoms but not the real disease--mental illness.

And for conservatives, do not cut any more funding for metal illness programs--otherwise, you would have to deal with people like Adam, Holmes, and Virginia Tech massacre guy.    
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Monday, December 10, 2012

On A Scale Of 1 to 10 Middle Fingers

Ever since I started driving the quality of my day has been affected by the sheer number of middle fingers I bring upon myself from those impatient drivers. So, if you drove in the DC area for the past four months, and have given someone the middle finger more than once--chances are I have ran into you on the road.

When you do not give me a middle finger, how else can I tell if I did something wrong? Your middle finger is like a tip, on how not to do things. So when you are nice to me, I might make the same mistake again. So the quality of my day would be nice if the I keep the middle fingers per day ratio to under two.

Anything more than four middle fingers and my day is not going so well. However, as time passes by, I get better at this driving thing and naturally the middle fingers start coming from me--not yet though. 
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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Drinking Beer In Mecca!

On my trip to Raleigh, I visited the downtown area and spotted a neon sign for a restaurant called Mecca. I was cool, this looks like an interesting establishment to visit. My first thought this is some Arabic food place, that serves Halal meat or something of that nature.

We walked around and then looked for a place to grab some food, we were back close to the restaurant and there we go, their menu is at the door. I looked and then came the surprise. This was no Halal place, not even close. This is a 1930 establishment that is still standing till now.

It's a diner where they actually serve tons of wines and beers. I was confused and not sure how the name came about  It might not be an insult for Islam's holy city, but I do not know why Mecca came to be a place for a drinking. I am aware that in the pre-Islam era, alcohol was the cool thing to do in that Mecca. But Mecca is neither known for its food nor for its drinks. This is like having an accounting/auditing firm with the name Washington, DC in the title. It does not really add up.     
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