Sunday, June 29, 2008

Some of those are true...

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Twenty-five Signs You Have Grown Up

By: Salma Rumman
1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can’t smoke any of them.

2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.

3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.

4. 6:00 AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed.

5. You hear your favorite song in an elevator.

6. You watch the Weather Channel.

7. Your friends marry and divorce instead of “hook up” and “breakup.”

8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.

9. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as “dressed up.”

10. You’re the one calling the police because those %&@# kids next door won’t turn down the stereo.

11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.

12. You don’t know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.

13. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up.

14. You feed your dog “Science Diet” instead of McDonald’s leftovers.

15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.

16. You take naps.

17. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the beginning of one.

18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at three in the morning would severely upset, rather than settle, your stomach.

19. You go to the drug store for ibuprofen and antacid, not condoms and pregnancy tests.

20. A four dollar bottle of wine is no longer “pretty good shit.”

21. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.

22. “I just can’t drink the way I used to” replaces “I’m never going to drink that much again.”

23. Ninety percent of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work.

24. You drink at home to save money before going to a bar.

25. When you find out your friend is pregnant you congratulate them instead of asking “Oh shit what the hell happened?”

Bonus:26: You read this entire list looking desperately for one sign that it doesn’t apply to you and can’t find one to save your sorry old ass.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Lesson To The Current and the Upcoming US President

In his recent speech to the Israeli Parliament, the French President (who is as popular with the Israelis as George W. Bush) gave a sppech in which he as a freind of the State of Israel told them what he thinks would is a comparison form the speech delivered by president Bush in May 2008, and the Speech delivered by President Sarkozy in June 2008; both speeches delivered on the same podium a month a part.

President Bush on the borders for a 2 state solution: ___________.

President Sarkozy: "It is not possible to have peace without a negotiated border based on the 1967 lines with an exchange of territories."

President Bush on settlements: ___________.

President Sarkozy: "Peace cannot be achieved without a total and immediate cessation of the settlements."

President Bush on Jerusalem's future status: ___________.

President Sarkozy: "Peace cannot be achieved without the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of two states and guaranteeing freedom of access to holy sites for all religions."

President Bush on the Palestinian refugee issue: ___________.

President Sarkozy: "Peace cannot be achieved without solving the problem of the Palestinian refugees, while respecting the identity and purpose of Israel."

President Bush on Israeli-Palestinian, Israeli-Syrian, or Israeli-Lebanese peace talks: _________.

President Sarkozy: "(France) is ready to organize on its soil all the talks that could lead to (peace), whether in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, the Syrian-Israeli dialogue, or the talks that will have to resume, one day soon I hope, between Israel and Lebanon."
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Two Cents

All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.
Ray Bradbury (1920 - ), advice to writers

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882), Self-Reliance

An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.
Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)

If I had to live my life again, I'd make the same mistakes, only sooner.
Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)

The only paradise is paradise lost.
Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)

Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.
Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)

Every increased possession loads us with new weariness.
John Ruskin (1819 - 1900)
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wacky Art...

those are few wacky pictures of art work and funny pictures....enjoy

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Cameras help Palestinians 'Shoot Back' at violent settlers

That's a good weapon....For the same reason, I thought that camera phones where God's gift to the Palestinians....

by Sarah Yeivin Fri Jun 20, 7:27 AM ET

HEBRON, West Bank (AFP) - As a deterrent against armed Jewish settlers it does not look much. But the video camera has become a frontline defence for ordinary Palestinians living between Hebron and the Jewish settlement of Kyriat Arba in the West Bank.

"I always keep the camera at my side; it's the only thing which prevents the settlers from hurling stones at us or coming into my shop," says Bassam al-Jaabari as he stitches a pair of shoes in his dusty and poorly stocked grocer's shop.

He jerks his head towards a three-storey house that can be seen about 100 metres (yards) away through the grill protecting his store windows.

More than a year ago, several families of Israeli settlers, who claim they had bought the property, moved into the building in the Palestinian district of Al-Ras.

The Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem, immediately provided the four Palestinian families living near to that house with video cameras, as part of its programme "Shooting Back".

"We know from experience what happens as soon as settler move into the heart of Palestinian areas," explains Issa Amro, the B'Tselem official responsible for the volatile Hebron sector in the southern West Bank

"They (the settlers) make the life of the Palestinians impossible. But if their neighbours film them, they think twice before harrassing them," he adds.

Since the start of 2007, B'Tselem has distributed about 100 cameras to Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, especially in the Hebron area where tension with the Jewish settlers is particularly intense.

Some of the videotapes have been broadcast by Israeli and international media, including one in March last year that showed an Israeli woman hurling a stream of insults for several minutes at a Palestinian neighbour in the old town of Hebron.

"The pictures of this woman have been broadcast throughout the world and provoked at lot of reaction. It was then we realised the potential of 'Shooting Back' which was then in a testing phase," recalled Oren Yacokovobish, in charge of the B'Tselem programme.

"The cameras have above all a deterrent effect; they protect Palestinians. They also enable the public to see incidents which otherwise are invisible and whose veracity can always be challenged," he added.

Last Tuesday, two settlers were arrested after being filmed beating up two Palestinian shepherds, an elderly man and his wife, near Hebron. The incident was made public the previous week when the British BBC broadcast video showing young masked settlers apparently attacking the couple with clubs.

"The settlers gave us a 10-minute warning to clear off from the land," Thamam al-Nawaja, 58, told the BBC after spending three days in hospital following the attack.

She said she and her 70-year-old husband stood their ground and that her arm was broken and her left cheek fractured in an ensuing attack.

The spokesman for the Jewish community in Hebron insists the images provided by B'Tselem don't prove anything.

"Today it's very easy to manipulate pictures," claims David Wilber. "The videos don't show what happened a few minutes earlier. Perhaps what was filmed was in response to provocation."

According to him, even if security in Hebron is "very good," many Israelis fear Palestinians who he claimed are often armed.

B'Tselem said it investigated 47 cases of physical assault, gunfire, beating, kicking, or stone-throwing by settlers against Palestinians last year and reported them all to police.

"Based on B'Tselem's experience, the reported incidents are likely a small portion of the cases of settler violence against Palestinians," the group said in its 2007 annual report.

"All law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities demonstrate little interest in uncovering the substantial violence that Israeli civilians commit against Palestinians in the occupied territories," the group said.

Under an agreement with the Palestinian Authority, Israel pulled out of 80 percent of Hebron in 1997, retaining for several hundred settlers an enclave around the Tomb of the Patriarchs. The group lives amid 150,000 Palestinians and is protected by the Israeli army.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rocking The UniBrows

Here is another picture of a woman celebrity in the Middle East...Yet I fail to see a women present at the event where this celebrity was features. Norhan, the talents name was in a Sony Erickson store in Amman...Yes, I put the picture of the dude with a Unibrows...
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Pay Up People!

On Friday, Israeli Transport Minister Shaul Mofaz told an Israeli newspaper an attack on Iran looked "unavoidable" given the apparent failure of United Nations sanctions to deny Tehran technology with bomb-making potential.

"Our armed forces are at the height of their readiness and if anyone should want to undertake such a foolish job the response would be very painful," the state Iran daily quoted Iranian Defence Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar as saying.

Some Israeli political commentators have accused Mofaz, whose comments helped drive up oil prices to a record $139 a barrel on Friday, of making them to advance his personal political ambitions.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert asked ministers at the weekly cabinet meeting on Tuesday to refrain from discussing sensitive matters publicly, officials said.

Israel, widely believed to have the Middle East's only atomic arsenal, has described Iran's nuclear program as a threat to its existence. Olmert last week said it must be stopped by "all possible means."
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More Babies In Gaza

It is safe to say that families in Gaza have no problem having fact, they have so many of them that two things are now happening:

-Families in Gaza are making less money and 70 percent of the people live under the poverty line.
-People are running out of creative names to give to their kids.

I propose that we start a program in Gaza, name a kid in Gaza after yourself or after someone you like. Let's be honest, you are tired of naming buildings and streets after loves ones, you want something New! Maybe you you are unable to have kids (you are too unhandsome or too weird and no one will marry you for example)

We introduce our program that is both new and full of heart. Preserve your legacy by getting your name to Gaza for a low price. For a low fee, you will ensure a baby in Gaza carries a name of your choosing. Here is what this nominal fee will get you, you will get a birth certificate with the name you chose and a picture of the baby. A new picture will be sent to you every 6 months. All this, for the low price of 10 payment of 50 dollars.

Preserves Your Legacy_For Less
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Babies on US

The way many natives of the land look at foreigners in their land, is the same way we look at babies. First we are all excited, and interested; as time passes, the baby looks less its appeal and we lose interest!

When a foreigner comes to your land, you are interested in them, you want to learn about them and help them. The process of seeing the change is exciting, the longer they stay, the more they absorb of your habits. It even gets less exciting, in the same way that the second baby is not as exciting as they first one. The more of one group of guests, the less attention member of that group receive.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008


“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

Needless to say Abraham Lincoln is my all time favorite US President. Sorry Jeffersonian, we do not study much about him in Gaza.

This got me to think about that so many people I met in my career in the United States, in Blue, purple, and red states. A great deal of individuals who are loyal Republicans tend to have insecurities about the United States position as Super Power in the World. I think it would be safe to say that such insecurities hold such voters from trusting the Democrats- viewed soft or less aggressive. So such insecurities are based on fear that this great power, the United States might not maintain its power if it was not aggressive. In away the risk is obvious when you vote a Democrat, but not so when you vote Republican, and that's the problem.

This trend migrates to other countries. No one wants to see their country weak (whatever that may be) Israel is the same way, when they are not at war, they want a peaceful break; when they have a break, then it is the guys that are up for war. It is a cycle. No, I think it is more like a medicine that generates its own disease. for example, the moment a party has power, the moment that everyone expects them to do good things, disappointed, people turn around for the other party.
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Stick It!

A Press Release About words uttered by Senator Obama....

ADC is extremely disappointed in Senator Obama’s remarks about Jerusalem and U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East made last week in Washington DC before the lobbying group AIPAC. ADC calls on its members and supporters to express their dismay by using the following talking points:

1. We believed Senator Obama when he said lobbying groups will NOT dominate his foreign or domestic policy, yet the Washington Post wrote last week that Obama was already pandering to powerful interest groups.

2. We believed Senator Obama when he said he believed in diplomacy and negotiation; yet, last week he stated that Jerusalem will be the undivided capital of Israel. U.S. policy has always held that the issue of Jerusalem should be negotiated between Palestinians and Israelis.

While we believed Senator Obama when he spoke of dialogue and diplomacy with Iraq’s neighbors in order to end the Iraqi war, he has already recanted that commitment.

3. Senator Obama should not wear the flag of a foreign country. He should wear the flag of the United State of America only!

4. Arab Americans are patriotic Americans and voters. They have been Diplomats, Cabinet members, Generals in the Armed Forces, Public servants, Doctors, Journalists, Lawyers, Researchers, and active in every walk of life. They are voters in every state, especially the most battleground states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.
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You Make Them Sick!

I do not think Muslims made the list, but Mormons have, but my favorite is "people who talk to their pets more than they talk to God"

I think more people back home need to see this poster to better understand that people here find it more important to speak up your mind than worry about offending others.
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Thursday, June 05, 2008

AIPAC Kicks Out Aljazeera Report!

This would not have happend in Israel, but it would happen here,

Here is what a prominent Jewish Blogger has to say about it
By M.J. Rosenberg - June 5, 2008, 8:17AM

This is the kind of scene that would not happen in Israel. Clayton Swisher from Al Jazeera English asks as impertinent question about the upcoming AIPAC trial and gets thrown out.

In Israel, the question would have produced a debate -- screaming, hollering and God knows what else. Here, the reporter is banned. Good journalism though. I wish Swisher was asking this kind of provocative question at the White House press room. We need less politeness by reporters (again, see Israel).

Meanwhile the lawyer representing the AIPAC guys asks in an op-ed in the Forward. Why haven't these guys received their constitutional due of a speedy trial. The case looks very flimsy. Try them or free them. Just letting them dangle in the wind seems indefensible.
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