Sunday, December 30, 2007

On the Road: South

Tampa Bay, lots of fun and enjoyed visiting and the Pier and most importantly , is the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg. It was and it is still fun since we are in Orlando today where we will celebrate the pagan new year! I hope you'all having a good time. The thing is that this is the South of the United States, muzzles me. The moment we passed Richmond, VA, I have come to realize that, this is really the South. Big tucks, people talk with a nice accent, smoke and cigarettes outlet all over the place, Waffle Houses in every corner, even the Arabs I came across, speak cool English. It is different and nice change of scenery. Perhaps, the coolest thing I saw so far is the mobile truck church, I guess for worship on the Goo!
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On the Road: GA

Checking out the fishes and make sure that they are well and taken care of...

Top of the Aquarium in Atlanta, GA, you can see the skyline

Cannot have a road trip without the great company of the Hayer, Jehad is my bud is featured on the picture...

Some suggest that if a person criticizes the States, this person should hit the road and leave America. But I truly think it is the other way around, if you truly wanted to love this country, you need to hit the road! To see the vast landscape, the people, the streets, the stores, the rest stops, and cultures of areas like Chicago, Dearborn, Denver, San Francisco, Atlanta, New York…etc. only then people will realize that America is much larger, much better than what they thought America was.

Some quick pictures for your viewing pleasure, I am currently in Orlando, FL, but on the way we drove by Georgia, we stayed there for two days, here are quick pictures to enjoy...or not!
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Eid Prayer and 2 Cents

So, had a great Eid and still count to go out and do some more fun things. For the Eid prayer (Eid is the grandest Muslim day of celebration)I went with my roommate Jehad my roommate to George Washington University, the Muslim Students Association had a Eid prayer there, I actually liked the sermon, the young, informed and energized young man (Now I sound old) gave a lesson about being a Muslim and how the last major speech by Prophet Mohammad during his last and only Hajj in which he said something that is also quoted in the Koran, to the meaning of how the prophet have perfected our religion and completed his favor upon us and accepted Islam as our religion! I was touched on so many levels by this message and it actually got to me and made me think about religions in general and keep in mind that I just watched the "Golden Compass" a movie supposed to be anti-religion. My thing with this movie is it assumes that all religions want to control people and know what is going on on their lives, which is true for most religions, but not all. The concept of free agency is available in most religions, but actually not practiced in the way most religions conduct business. It might be not the religion that is bad or controlling, but those who understand it or try to offer their take on specific things, like taking the general laws and applying them to the particulars. anyhow, this is just got me tot think, not a good idea, but if we do not think we are dead...The Eid Sermon also talked about the experience of prophet Ibrahim and how he was asked to sacrifice one of his sons. This was a tough situation, and when he asked his son, the son's response "Do as you are told!" Man, see his son, did not say "No", nor say "What do you think dad?" "you do the right!" leaving an area to bargain with. The son said "do as you are told" This got me to think that such faith is possible...but I thought I mean there are all sort of crazy people out there, how do know that God talks to them or is talking to them. I know Ibrahim was a prophet of God, but others might not know that. That's where faith comes in, not facts, just good old faith.

For my Eid Celebration, I joined some friends of mine to dine at a Malaysians restaurant, one of DC's finest...I never had Malaysian food, but I have heard good things about it from my good friend Hanna Shihab that it is good and that it's like Indonesian food. Anyhow, I was actually impressed with the way they cooked their chickens, in a way their chicken and rice is sort of a fusion of Hawaiian, Japanese and Thai cuisine, I like two of the above, so it was a pleasant experience. The rice selection I must admit. they offer, white rice, brown and coconut rice, you guessed right, I took the coconut rice. I highly recommend it.
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Native Deen

This is a band I have learned of more than two years ago, it is group of Muslim African-Americans who do songs about Islam, the great thing about them, that they are Americans and they are hip in the Middle East and Europe...this is their latest song, the band is called Native Deen
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Illegal Immigrants, Who?

These are funny cartoons about illegal immigration, I am not making a statement, but I am out for a laugh and actually those are knee slapper Funny!
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

My borther Majid

Here is a photo of my brother Majid, he is one year younger than I am. He has quite the resume, his the darker one in the picture. Majid has 3 beautiful little girls that I adore, he is a stud and actually in the hood people fear him because he can give people mean looks. He might not ever resemble me, but he is good brother, he used to beat me up growing up as kids and he actually always kicked it with me, if he (wasn't kicking me) He works for the Palestinian National Security. The reason I posted his picture to show how fashion is different, when I saw his shirt form far, I was like this is so lame...but I guess these body shirts are popular at home! not just for women, in fact women in Gaza might not wear them unless they put something more modest on top. But they can wear anything if they were in all female company!
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Friends & Meat

This is a picture of two friends of mine, they come form my neighborhood, we grew up together, the one with the knife and the one in the corner of the picture, both were killed more than two years ago. They both got killed together, I guess it is sad since I know these guys really well when i left home back in 2000. I do not know what they got into but it looks like with the second intifada, Faris and Romal got involved with some of these groups and both were shelled in the same hut, I do not know, but I heard that they had a roadside bomb and were waiting on the Israeli jeep to pass by it, but it looks like the Israelis spotted them and killed them both with another guy that I have known but not my a close friend. my point of posting these today is to reflect back on my life and what i could have done with my life if I did not come here to the States. But the real question if these guys had better opportunities would they be with us now? I leave you on that note!
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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Grads Rock and So Does Holiday Dieting


So, i will be going to Richmond, VA tomorrow Friday, Dec 7th for a friend's graduation, taking the Amtrak train for two hours which is not too bad. I was not familiar that other colleges would have ceremonies for December graduation, BYU did not! So, I will be staying at my friends home and just having a good time and wasting their time as hey are going through finals....graduation at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)takes place even before finals are done! So I hope I can take some good pictures, and video with this nice family. I guess I have to dress up to the occasion and look groovy!...but I admit I have a worry though. I have been starch free for two weeks now, no bread, no rice and minimum potato (some comes in the soup though). and yesterday I was at a nice reception in Washington DC, with lots of great holiday foods and sweets, and they even served wine...but i rose above all that and managed only to eat vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese! So Outsourcing my diet to others might be risky...and I am not a freak or anything, this diet is only temporarily to help me eat less during the Christmas and New Year season. So far I have three more receptions to attend and I am certain that great food will be served ! I hope I can still maintain my diet! My friend did promise to make me breakfast burritos on the day i head back that would be Sunday!

Speaking of diets, couple of weeks ago, I was visiting with a wealthy family friend who has his own contracting business and lives in Virginia, he is LDS, but also Palestinian...I think there are like 4 other people who fit in this category in the entire world! Anyhow we were talking about career and plans for the future and he took personal interest in my career...Due to losing 30 pounds, my friend asked me to go with him to his giant closet (it was not like that) and actually gave me two designer suits, four freaking awesome designer shirts, two blazers and a nice pair of pants...boy that make my Thanksgiving. I think the items total to about $1800...the George Armani suite alone is above a thousand. so I will looking good this winter, accept I am a bit cold and I do not have a nice dress coat, I may just go back and say "Say, Omar I love the clothes you have given me, but a coat would be nice!" I am only joking here, he is such a nice guy...and I hope you maintains his health and still lose more weight and give more rags!

Good luck in the finals everyone and Happy Eid, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Hanuka!
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Virgin Airlines

Take 1: So, you guys heard of Virgin Airline? I really did not know what to make of them name when I first heard about it few years ago. Anyhow, so I do not know anything, but I think Virgin Airlines is the terrorist favorite airline and no one telling us this best kept secret till now. I mean these terrorists are so eager to get to their virgins that they would want to get a head start on it by flying with the Virgins!

Take 2: I love airplanes and I love virgins, but who really, really loves both virgins and airplanes? Terrorists can’t wait to get up into your airplanes and your virgins. And you combine the two?

Take 3: I don’t know, maybe the whole airline is a scam. A giant flying roach motel. Terrorists come in, but they don’t come out.

Take 4: Truth is, I do not know this, but if Virgin has a flight number 72 I would stay away because this would means 72 virgins and this is too confusing and too tempting for a terrorist to pass on!

Which take you liked more if any? I appreciate the feedback!

Good day...
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