Monday, July 14, 2008

Penn and Teller Give the Act a Pat

If this is not informative, it is still Funny, plus Penn and Teller are funny comedians are enjoying what they are doing....this is an R rated video

P & T; BS! - B1G BR0THER
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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Korean Connection

In Annapolis, MD, what seems like a Korean family asked me to take a picture of them on the beach, I offered my skills and they accepted my offer. I was not aware that Eric was taking pictures of me taking pictures of the Koreans....
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Some Awsome Exchange!

One of the writers for the Times Magazine sticks it to the ADL...

Klein fights ADL over anti-Semitism claim

A few days back, Joe Klein used the term "Jewish neoconservative" to describe Joe Lieberman and mentioned that his Middle East policies could raise the question of "divided loyalties."

Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League chided Klein, writing, "The notion that Jews with 'divided loyalties' were behind the decision to go to war is reminiscent of age-old anti-Semitic canards about a Jewish conspiracy to control and manipulate government."

Klein was not happy. He responded:

I am disappointed, but not surprised, by your claim of anti-Semitism. But that's what you do for a living, isn't it? I find your "outrage" particularly galling because the people you defend are constantly spewing canards against those who favor talking to the Palestinians, or who don't favor witless bellicosity when it comes to Iran.

Foxman responded that neoconservatives "have the right to make their case without having their religion brought up" and didn't like the characterization of his job:

Contrary to your assertion, ADL is extremely careful in making accusations about anti-Semitism, and we spend every day in our work all over the country assessing the validity — or lack thereof — of such accusations. The notion you posited that ADL is looking to find anti-Semites everywhere in no way reflects the reality.
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Lease On my Teeth

I visited with my dentist the other day, and when I called in, the person who answered the phone had the audacity to ask me "What is the purpose of your visit, sir?" I had to stop myself from laughing so I told her "I just missed you guys and feel like giving you some money, and getting pain in return"

No seriously, dentists go to medical school less than other doctors; there are more dental programs than other medical fields; dentists costs (since insurance does not cover much) are much higher than other doctors; and one experiences more pain at at dentist practice than with any other doctors. Gosh, dentists might have a low self esteem or something, since they make so much money, but yet have a higher suicide rate than other medial professionals. Maybe it is patient like me who drive dentists to commit suicide. On a serious note, my doctors was so impressed with my gum that he offered to give me a free cleaning; she said "on the house!"

She put a plan that would cost me $6,000 for root canals and crowns, I laughed and let her know that I do not take her seriously. We agreed that I will come and see her next Friday to do some filling. I told her that I will give her a one day offer to do all she wants to do with me;,she accepted the challenge.

P.S. It turn out that the mouth wash she has given me does help improve the gum , but it does creates stains on the teeth.
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My Hanitizer

My Assault on Proper English Must Go On


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