Friday, February 26, 2010

Hamas to Participate in “Let’s Move!”

Hamas to Participate in “Let’s Move!”

Early Thursday morning, Hamas spokesman Ayman Taha announced the establishment of a fat camp in the Gaza Strip. “We are reaching out to America,” Taha stated. “We’ve witnessed its First Lady’s quest against childhood obesity and want to help. What better place for fat American kids to lose weight than in Gaza?”

Citing a recent study conducted by Hamas Nutritionist Chaim Sugarman, in which American fat camps were found to be failing due to their inability to prevent kids from smuggling in snacks, Taha declared: “I challenge fat kids to try and smuggle candy into Gaza’s fat camps. We don’t even have candy!”

Reaction to Hamas’s announcement was mixed.

Ahmad Yousef, a Hamas supporter and the owner of Gaza’s only donut shop, rejoiced. “I hope these fat kids break free and visit my store,” said Yousef. “Every diet should allow for some cheating.”

Meanwhile, Morton Klein – President of the Zionist Organization of America – pleaded:
“America can’t agree to this! For security reasons, Israel prevents brands like Kashi, Smart Ones and Dannon’s Light n’ Fit from entering the Gaza Strip. Michelle please send America’s fat kids to Israel instead!”

Dr. Saleh Abu Laban, a Hamas-appointed camp counselor, seems optimistic about the project’s success – estimating that most participants will lose as much as 30 pounds in just two weeks:

“Just the thought of living in Gaza will help them shed five pounds. Actually trying to get in will help them drop another 10. Two weeks of no mayo, ice cream or pasta – all of which are banned by Israel for security purposes – will melt away 10 more. Then there’s the problem of actually leaving Gaza once inside… which will easily force them to lose an additional five pounds.”

Dr. Abu Laban believes that the benefits of Gazan healthy living may even affect fat kids’ families: “Just the thought of your child living in Gaza will probably cause you to sweat off a few pounds.”

Local medical professionals concur with Abu Laban’s scientific conclusions. However, First Lady Michelle Obama could not be reached for comment.

[Tarboush Tip: Programmer Buydatti, Adam Shapiro]

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

human Meets Chicken

I came across this and I thought it's actually refreshing and funny. This is not meant to scare you into becoming vegetarian.
To get some much overlooked facts about your favorite meat Know your Chicken, click here
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Monday, February 22, 2010

AT&T And People Like Me

So I have been a loyal customer of AT&T for more than 8 years now. Although I would have issues with my bill or service, I always get those resolved and get what I want. All I need to do is remind them I do not have a contract with them and explain the issue in a clam respectful manner.

I am sure you would understand my frustration when I got a bill in the mail for the outrageous amount of $497. Needless to say I flipped out and dialed their customer service number.

30 minutes later, I managed to lower my bill to under a $150 (this is for two phone lines now) and all my issues have been resolved. I think I did so by telling them that if I am not happy I can always walk away from them. I put the sales person in my shoes and they are often the best judge.

But there was the fun part on my conversation with their customer service:

Lanny: I cannot quite hear you well!
Hani: Well, Lanny this is my point, and out of all people in this universe you should never complain about my phone services provided by let's see...You!
Lanny: You' re right, Sir, I apologize.
then she tries to cover her track (it is being recorded) by saying I was walking outside.

Yes, I am still a customer.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Out of Favors in Finding Gaza Party Favors

A piece I wrote about the little sorties of Gaza that goes unnoticed under the blockade on the people of Gaza.

I sat to write about the things I had to go through to find party favors in Gaza for my engagement this summer. I was reluctant to put the story on the Huff post as I thought it might be too personal, but then I said what would be the problem if they had said no. Fortunately, I was glad to see many non-politcal websites and blogs pick up the story and re-post it. I must say thanks to my freind from college Clay for his edits on the draft I sent his way

Summer in Gaza is the season of wedding and engagement parties. Just like the rest of the world, Palestinians enjoy celebrating the happy occasions with flowers, music, dancing, food and gifts. During my summer in Gaza, while I was stuck there for more than four months, I noticed that wedding parties provide the only venue where Palestinians could celebrate free of politics and free of sorrow, allowing themselves to escape a dim reality of a life under siege. I know especially well because while there I planned my own engagement party -- booking a party hall on the sandy Gaza beach, hiring a DJ, a photographer and caterer as well as ordering a cake. In it all I had to deal with the reality of Gaza where many services have been affected by the siege and where limited goods are allowed into the narrow strip of land.

Here is the link
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Friday, February 19, 2010

First Lady Buys Her Grocery from

She went grocery shoping with Secretary of Treasury and Secretary of Agriculture @ Shoppers at a Fresh Grocer in North Philadelphia...not DC....

Unlike DC, you do not get charged 5 cents per plastic bag in other states, that's why....Here is the entire photo album at the grocery store.

Thanks to my friend Kellee, I have a nice chic bag that folds and comes with a handy tiny goes with me everywhere now. It comes from India part of a program called Small Steps
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gaza Videos With the Bros

I have added some new videos from my time in Gaza about a trip taken this summer with few guys who are friends of my brother in law. We headed South in Gaza toward the evacuated settlments where they now have a new park and there we sat and had a BBQ and few good treats in an effort the explore the limits of the male bonding experience.

Here is the link to my Youtube channel, you can also hit the subscribe button.
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Meet Abood Getting To Work...You can never start too soon

This is one of the favorite little nephews, we had a lot of bonding time during my time in Gaza as I would visit their home often to check on them and use their fast internet. I would always bring teats for the know that can only make them fat and you popular...He visited his mom's office and she snapped some pictures. He likes glue a bit too much...
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Moon is Both Her Name and Her Profession

Moon is Both Her Name and Her Profession

While America’s teens revived a New Moon with the release of the latest Twilight flick, apparently we Arabs are still stuck with the same old one.

Amar, Arabic for “moon” is yet another Lebanese young singer that enjoys dazzling look has returned with a new music video to kick off the release of her album “حلوة Helwa”, pretty of beautiful. Amar is one eye candy the Arab man has God to thank for, for whatever reason you do not like Haifa Wahby, you have Amar to look at. Very few Arab female singers can pull it of (see Elissa, Carol Samaha) but looks do not necessary secure good music of good album.

The Album Helwa is not all bad, in fact some songs are fine with cute. Nothing specially new, there with couple of good tracks “Aho Inta” “That’s You”, “Helwa” “Pretty”, “Bita’a Banat” womanizer”. But before releasing the album Amar released a single “Al’ataba Qizaz العتبة قزاز”, a famous song from the Egyptian folklore. The remake of the song wasn’t bad, it was pleasant enough.

When time came to make the music video Amar hired Fabien Duflis, a French director who does not speak Arabic which means he will not fully capture the gist of the song. For some reason, this French talent chose Turkey as a location, only to give us a Turkey. Amar’s song is lost in translation. The final music video for this Egyptian song remade by Amar was a disaster, as the music video was loaded with random nudity, shirtless studs playing with water, goth models, women in cop uniforms, S&M…etc. All nice, but none of this has anything with the song. At some point of the music video, I thought Evanescence would have a cameo. I have a feeling that the director spent more time scanning the male fashion ads Esquire magazine than time to understand the song. Many Arabic websites called for taking down this music video for its lack of taste and heavy dose of male nudity. I am sure Amar would be surprised had they not call to boycott her music video. I am glad to see them call out male nudity for change, but a terrible music video goes a long way.

You may disagree with me, but I hope we can agree that the music video has nothing to do with the lyrics. Moon does indeed gives us a closer look at her (…) (Check minute 3:53)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where Do You Hide Your Arabs?! 13 Sneaky Places!

Where Do You Hide Your Arabs?! 13 Sneaky Places!

In a conversation with a highly educated friend of mine whose opinions I often respect, I learned he is not excited about the US Census. I thought I left that kind of thinking when I moved away from Las Vegas where conspiracy theories often thrive. My friend thinks the government will use the census data to round up Arabs as needed. I chose to be a bit more optimistic than my friend, but for entertainment value, here is a list of few places Arab Americans can use to hide if shit hits the fan:

1. Bowling Alleys — like you have ever spotted an Arab bowling? And no Arab would rent shoes, let alone ones worn by so many other people. No one would ever look for them there. Once you are there, do not curse the mother of the bowling alley in Arabic when you miss all the pins.

2. Local Synagogue
. One would think an Arab would be too afraid to hide there given the rampant anti-Arab hatred among many American Jews. Just dress like an orthodox Jew and nod your head and you’ll be set on the Sabbath. Warning: do not attend one of the peace-loving synagogues with truly kind and open-minded congregants; the census workers will look there for Arab guest speakers and inter-cultural events.

3. Waxing Salons. Arab men do not wax and they are not about to start anytime soon. If you see the census taker coming though, wax away because the screams of pain will frighten them away. Plus, removing all your hair will help when you deny your ARab heritage.

4. The library. Everyone knows Arabs don’t read. They can read, but they love the tube too much. Do not hide at Best Buy in the plasma TV section! That’s like an Arab trap.

5. Yoga Classes. Unless you are not a white female or urban chic, gay or metro man, you are not going to those classes. The danger is that everyone will be shocked by how inflexible your body is, especially when they assume you’re Indian. Tell them you ate some bad Daal Makhani so they better keep their distance. If they find you, tell the census-taker your people invented Yoga when you put Indian down on the form.

6. Hangout by a 7-11 or Home Depot with Latino day laborers. The Census takers will ignore your illegal-immigrant-looking ass. And if you are an illegal Arab immigrant, hide there permanently. You are less likely to get deported if your serving rich people or building shit for them.

7. The Cast of The Jersey Shore. As an Arab you got the looks, the greased up hair, and the shamelessness. Just get the Jersey, Staten Island, or Connecticut accent right and get used to spending a night in the drunk tank. Extra props to you if you can pose as a Blue Man Band member.

8. The American South, preferably in a cult leader’s compound or some state militia. There are plenty of Arabs there, but the amount of ammunition and fierce federal government resentment makes the cost of retrieving an Arab costly. Say stuff like “The South will rise again” and curse the new world order and Obama’s socialism and you’ll be good.

9. Local city council meetings. Arabs only care about Middle East politics. They could give a shit about the school board, zoning ordinances or garbage pick up. Do not bring up Israel at the meeting as tempting as it may be. It will blow your cover.

10. Wherever there is tons of snow. As this week in D.C. showed, the federal government shuts down in the face of flurries. I know you will be out of the Arab’s natural habitat here, but it is nothing Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy Shots from your uncle’s gas station can’t get you through.

11. The Holocaust Museum, everybody, this is where I will be hiding. Very few Arabs can stomach a visit to museum and they sure won’t be visiting a Holocaust museum—not while Palestinians die and Israel claims the Nazi genocide 60+ years ago is justification. The government knows this and this is why they would not expect you to be hiding there.

12. A tea party protest, only if you’re a light-complexion Arab. If they ask you about your accent, say it’s a speech impediment. Firm up your credibility by asking where the hell Obama’s birth certificate is and how all immigrants should go back to where they came from. (Google Joseph Farah)

13. Infiltrate the census bureau and make sure not to count yourself. You could be a double agent of sorts.

[Tarboush Tip: Will]

P.S. If you are reading this and happen happen to be “a person of interest” , please turn yourself in.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

To See A funny yet Touching Picture...

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Gaza Experience # 6 Gaza Needs a DSW Store

Getting stuck in Gaza was not my proudest moments, but getting stuck there without having brought my good shoes is a colossal mistake. I did take five pairs of shoes that I planned to leave back in Gaza as I thought I do not like those as much anymore. So in other words, I left my most comfortable shoes in the States and just took the ones that I wish not to see again. It turns out that besieged Gaza is not a place to find shoes any shoes for that matter. Israel does not allow these into Gaza anymore, the Egyptians shoes brought from the tunnels are either of inferior quality or really expensive markup as Egypt places heavy customs on foreign leather products as part of their effort to encourage local industries. This explains that shoe theft from the Gaza mosques where it is really had to tell your shoes from others as pretty much shoes in Gaza come from one source and they all look similar.

Also the West Bank has been providing Gaza with a lot of she shoes in the past as they have been making shoes in Hebron for generations. As a result of the Gaza siege, those shoes are not allowed in. I believe the only two items that Israeli allows the West Bank companies to sell in Gaza are dairy products and medications. As I was preparing for my engagement party, I needed a pair of dark dressy shows and since my in laws live closer to the city and are familiar with the big stores, they offered help.

We first went to downtown Gaza, Alrimal, Gaza’s nicest business district. We stopped by Alandlos fashion store, we did not find what we want, we went to couple of other stores and could not find what we were looking for as the shirts do not quite fit my long arms and my shoulder. I was shocked by how expensive Chinese made shirts are…I believe at Marshals you can find the same ones for $14.99, but since Gaza has few suppliers, these shirts where in the upward of 40 dollars. The store owners were insulted as they were taking pride in their products and I was telling them, do not be too proud. We went to Alnasir district, another nice area in Gaza that has shops and restaurants.

We stopped by the ‘Marshal” stores, we did find the tie, I had agreed with my father in law I would let him pay for the tie, but I pay for the shirt. We did not find the shirt we wanted, so we ended having to go back to Alrimal and bought a shirt that we thought would be good. I haggled with the guy and got it for a bit more than 30 dollars. For the shoe, we ended up going to Alsheikh Ridwan market, a business district that has similar goods sold at the nice districts for less. The biggest shoe store “Basal” that once was too busy to talk to you and used to have so many inventories that you could not put your feet on the ground. Needless to say, the store now looks abandoned, lots of dusty shelves and not too many choices nor customers.

I did finally find a dark pair that would do the job, but they are so uncomfortable that I had to literary crushed my feet in to fit. The store owner claimed that this shoe is made in Hebron and shipped to Egypt then smuggled to Gaza from the tunnels as opposed to being shipped straight to Gaza. I think he wanted 50 dollars for that pair, I think my father in law and I ganged up on the guy and got it for a bit under 40 dollars. When I got home, my family said, this is a bargain you do not find many of these shoes anymore in Gaza. I wore the shoe for my engagement and I did wear it twice after that and I was so happy to leave it back in Gaza, something I did to all my shoes.

A number of NGOs in Gaza has recognized the lack of shoes in Gaza and launched shoes for Gaza campaigns, I know ANERA and the UNRWA have both giving out shoes for school children.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Totally Random

I want to know the correlation between the amount of snow a region gets and the amount of contraceptives consumed by that region for the same time.

On another note, most stores in my area ran out of toilet paper and frozen pizza! This something I noticed as I toured a number of stores in my area.
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One Arab Singer to Give You the Middle Finger

One Arab Singer to Give You the Middle Finger

Diab, up and coming Egyptian hip singer has managed to do in less than two months what took MTV 10 years to do. Diab releases two music videos that assault the common decency in the Arab airwaves and shoved much greasy scum down the throats of his Arab viewers. Last Week Diab released his first album العو “Alaw”, which could be translated as the bogeyman, or a really mean looking dog, often used scares little kids. That’s for the title of the song, however his music video resurrects the feel of “Who Let the Dogs Out!” Models in the music video can be seen parking and acting like dogs. However, to ensure his unquestionable love to his home, the Egyptian flag is thrown into the mix. The ridiculous thing, after watching the music video, I feel this is how a Christian music producer would direct a rap music video.

Models with little to wear surrounded by fully clothes men, makes you wonder if the director of this cheap music video has any clue about the concept of art. Look, I like the song, I think it’s cool and catchy, but the music video does nothing to break stereotypes about women in the Arab land. I am not sure how women in Arab countries feel watching this music video when the focus of the camera seems to be the model’s backsides more than their looks or dance moves. I enjoy good and stylish dance moves and love the sight of beautiful women, but not in such trashy manner that Diab has opted to use in order to make a name form himself. Good job Diab, your music videos proves that Arab men can be as slimy and sleazy as those wannabe rapers on Myspace. And thanks to you, I can now safely call Haifa Wahby (and her clones) Angels.

Here is the video that pulls a doggie style on the Arab viewer

And here is Diab’s first music video that started the assault on common decency and good taste. This song was releases early January this year.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Kind of Blizzard

Stuck in DC with nothing to do, I went out for a joy walk with Roa in the blizzard, she loved it...who did you see?

Lots of cops....white people looking for an adventure, Young Black men seeking a meal at the Chinese Restaurant and few confused lations.
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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Glued to My Fridge

Dude, this snow blizzard is dangerous...locked at home with lots of food in the fridge is not a smary decision. Nothing else to do but eat! I gained some weight in those five's been so long, I might have to remember where my office is located. Glued to my fridge!

Roa can get used to this, she has taking this time well, doing her homework! She lucked out! Mother nature's gift to us, giving us a honeymoon to remember...!
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Monday, February 08, 2010

18 Travel Guidelines for Airborne Arabs

1. Smile! Just a simple smile takes you a long way and puts everyone else at ease. Please do not break up with your girlfriend then board a plane. But don't overdo it and go for a smirk, it might be misunderstood.

2. It is not profiling, it's celebrity watch! An Arab in an airport is like a celebrity walking down the street. Everyone wants to know us and gives us extra attention. Try to enjoy the curious and inquisitive looks you have grown accustomed to.

Read the Rest here

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & Me

I have just been told by a friend of mine (who is not in any medical profession) that the pain I have in my hand could be as a result of Carpal tunnel. Two Months ago, I have started to feel pain in my wrist area whenever I type or work on a computer. Since I am very close to computers, enjoy blogging and have a desk job I had to resolve the pain. I went to Amazon and bought these awesome gloves designed by a specialist doctor to relive the pain...and boy they are like magic...they work. Now I can spend as much time on the computer as I like to or as much time as Roa approves me to.

but this pain in my hand and the carpal tunnel, makes me wonder what are the odds a Gazan walking around with a tunnel in his hand. Do not we have plenty of those in Gaza already?
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Wic Program and Gatorade

I got stuck on the grocery line with not one but two ladies making large purchases of milk and baby milk formula (they might has other items too) and they were paying for them with WIC checks issued from the government of the District of Columbia. Other than having to wait for eternity on those ladies, they confused cashier and the long line during the peak shopping hour made me upset. With not much to do, but wait, I've noticed that one of the ladies had a large stack of Gatorade sport drink, at least 24 bottles or orange flavor Gatorade.

She was paying for those with cash...but something is not quite right. This sport drink is usually marketed toward active men. One of that woman's husband was active and working hard, she might not need the WIC checks, that's one. Two, if that husband was into sports, maybe he should be spending more time working and earning few dollars to pay for his babies formula.

But again, she might be addicted to Gatorade, I am still trying to make sense of it, but as of now it does not add up. Maybe next time she should avoid peak shopping hour and avoid being called out by impatient shoppers such as myself.
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hamas Got Somethings Right

Ten Things Hamas Got Right in Gaza

Like many organizations Hamas is not a one unified group and it seldom speaks with one voice. In Gaza, there are few reasonable men and women who are in leadership positions in Hamas Gaza government. Those Hamas leaders, many educated in the West have no military background and that’s why many in the international community do not mind working with them. However, since those leaders have no militant connection, they are often weak in the ranks of Hamas and its decisions making. The bands of tugs and militant groups that is commissioned with protecting the establishment of Hamas and its leaders are the dangerous one. Most Hamas militants do not mind breaking into people’s homes and even kill individuals of interest. As long as you are away from the Radar of those Hamas militants, you are safe.

The reasonable and educated Hamas leaders often has no leverage with those groups, as the militants only answer to the Hamas leader in Damascus. I have seen countless graphic images of Hamas brutality against individuals in Gaza. Having spoken of Hamas’ brutality does not take away the few dozen of accomplishments that Hamas government has put in place. Anyone visiting Gaza will feel that with the entire negative image Hamas has, they remain defiant and strive to govern and to improve life in Gaza. Here are ten accomplishments Hamas working against many odds, has delivered to the people of Gaza.

1. Traffic in Gaza is better managed since the Hamas police force gives people the appearance of toughness and willingness to do anything to enforce the law. Drivers and cabbies now respect the traffic laws. They complain too much, but the city is a lot easier to navigate for pedestrians and drivers under the control of the bearded officers. It’s true they have few random control checkpoints here and there and guns on every corner, but the fruits of their labor are enjoyed by all Palestinians in Gaza. This often the reason Hamas supporters share to credit the Hamas government.

2. Markets are better organized. Trying to go to the market before was at your own risk–too many vendors, crowded and narrow streets, constant fights between street vendors…chaos. Hamas police forces took control of the markets and anyone who does not obey the law, they beat them up on the spot. They made examples of a few vendors and since then everybody does what they are told. Under the previous administration, if a policeman roughed up a guy for violating the law, then the guy could get his family to beat up the officer and no one would care. Try beating up a Hamas officer and see if anyone will ever find you.

3. In Gaza large families who intimidate others have been broken and subdued. In the past, and during Fatah control of Gaza, large clans in Gaza bragged about how many weapons and ammo they could get ready if a fight broke out with a member of their clan. In other words, those few families even intimidated the government. Hamas said, “We are not going to take this!” In the first faceoff with those clans, Hamas threw whatever guns and man power they had to break the will of those clans and they did just that. Since most leaders in Hamas come from small families, the assault on large clans makes sense. Now size no longer matters in Gaza. Said Syyam, the former Hamas Minister of Interior successfully spearheaded this front.

4. Dubious financial transactions and frauds are kept to a minimum. As my dad and siblings own several businesses in Gaza, I can tell you that in the past people can write you a check with no credit and once the check bounced, you weren’t able to collect your money because they legal system did not enforce the law it made. Hamas now says if anyone of those guys does not pay you the money, come to us and we will make sure you get your money. My dad tells me that if he takes a returned check to the proper authorities, the first thing they will do is put the person who issued the check in jail for 21 days. It gets worse after that.

5. Debt collection
is easier under the new government. Dad tells me that if a member of the Hamas government does not pay when he says he will pay and dad files a complaint against him/her then the government will garnish the debtor’s paycheck and pay the debt collector right away. If the person is not affiliated with the government, the Hamas guys will call him and ask him to pay. If he does not pay, they ask him to come in. By then most people pay up. Dad brags about how he uses this service regularly. He says most people who like to be seen with Hamas guys are afraid of being punished by Ramallah government who fires and cuts the salaries of any employee of theirs who has contact or has been perceived as such dad does not mind it as he is retired and frequently disses Hamas.

6. Taxi services function 24/7 due to the increased security. This is the one service I enjoy the most in Gaza. Taxi offices are spread all over the narrow Strip. Now we can spend all day and night on the beach or visiting family and know that we can get a ride anytime. This service would not flourish if the sense of security and safety did not exist. Under the previous government, this taxi service late at night was not an option. Random gunmen were seen throughout the night and fear was all around.

7. Random killing is kept to minimum because any unauthorized use of firearms is investigated and punished. In the late years of the previous government, Gaza was a replica of the Wild Wild West. People get killed for no reason and no one knows who fired. People used to lose their lives for being in the wrong places the wrong time or for just being themselves. Nowadays, every time one uses a gun, it gets reported to the police who take it seriously (I suppose Hamas does not want Fatah guys carrying firearms). If you shoot a gun you better be a policeman or have a compelling reason for doing so. The only people who have arms other than the police are the Palestinian resistance groups–mainly Islamic Jihad.

8. The Gaza beach is now a place where families can actually enjoy themselves, as opposed to the past where a few jerks harassed any female that went into the water. It used to bother me to see young men changing their clothes in public in front of kids and women. This is no longer a major problem. For example, I swam last summer with my fiancé and no one harassed us–maybe because it was dark. In the past we would have more personal freedom, but that also means others would have had more personal freedom to harass us–mainly her. Now, anytime you complain of the improper conduct of the youngsters, they take it seriously. To be honest, we had to take our IDs and rings in case an extremist element of Hamas wanted to make sure we are Halal.

9. Hamas has done a better job in embracing technology in governing. In Gaza, many government services can be done online. No need to stand in a long line, eliminating the uncertainty and promoting transparency. There are few government services that can be delivered to cellphones to save people the commute where limited gas is a problem. It seems that smaller groups are quicker to embrace new technologies. That perhaps explains why Hamas has a superior and an extensive media arm than Fatah.
10. Favoritism is kept to minimum, or so it seams… Gaza is like the rest of Palestine and like the rest of the third world. An area where people count on friends and relatives to push their case on their behalf. Hamas has managed to stay above the fray by simply ignoring requests to play favorites. Obviously not all Hamas officials are saints, there is abuse, but anytime an abuse is reported people lose their jobs. I think this is largely due to religious convictions and to a lesser extent Hamas’ intentions to be different than Fatah. I had a young Fatah activist tell me about Fatah “In the past, they used hire women who do not have many work related experiences”, “they only need to show some cleavage and legs and they are hired Manager C level”, “Now, this does not fly with them” This is true to a certain degree, but I think now a mosque connection can help get you a job with Hamas.

To be fair, those accomplishments do much to make life better in Gaza, however, they do little to ease the brutal siege placed on Gaza. Hamas remains unable to govern effectively because they fail to secure food supplies for their population, and worse they feel to secure freedom of movement for an entire people. Weather Hamas agrees to form a unity government or not, this has to be seen in the next few weeks For now, I am hoping the people of Gaza will finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, pun intended.

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A box of Baklava

Life is a Box of Baklava, you always know what you are getting.
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My Hanitizer

My Assault on Proper English Must Go On


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