Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The World's Best Hummus Recipe "Hummuscide"

This is a killer Hummus or as I have come to know it Hummuscide

  1. One Can of Garbanzo Beans
  2. Boil it in hot water--get rid of the water it comes in.
  3. Add 3 to 4 spoons of lemon juice in a blender
  4. One third of Sesame puree (Tahini), add to the blender
  5. Two or three spoons of olive oil, add to the blender
  6. Half a spoon of cumin for taste, add to the blender
  7. Garlic, minimum one glove, no more than three--you can skip if you plan on kissing someone.
  8. A spoon of hot red chilli pepper--the one that has Asian writing on it, this is not spice, it's liquid. It' gives you Hummus a kick
  9. Add the warm Garbanzo beans and half a cup of the water it boiled in. Blend baby Blend
  10. Serve with garnish of Sumac, pine nuts, garbanzo beans, pepper...etc.
Enjoy your Hummucide!

P.S. Make it Ft'aa style by bringing a serving pan, put bread in the bottom, sprinkle water from the pan you used to boil the garbanzo beans in, then add the Hummus. Serve with spoons and lots of Jalapeno pepper crushed with lemon juice.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zade Dirani, Boy Wonder Of Jordan's Music Secne

There's an unwritten rule that Piano player have to be nothing short of perfect in timing, dress and most dazzling looks. Jordanian Zade Dirani is no different. I have cross paths with him in DC when he performed out here few years ago, but it seems that Zade is only meant to grow bigger in stardom.

Backed by a live orchestra of seasoned musician in Jarash--Jordan's biggest concert venue the magic happens, also known as the Roman Theater. The piece that Zade composed is Zaina and it epic. This is one talents that makes most Jordanians and Arabs proud.

Zade Dirani - Zaina - Music / زيد ديراني - زينه - موسيقى

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sober in the District: The Diary of a Buzzkill

Once a supervisor gave me a gift card to some wine and spirits store that was close to our office. I did not know what to do with it, and when I attempted to give it to a homeless guy, he thought I was asking for directions and pointed me to the store. It was meant to be so, because I walked in and saw they had some cheeses and I changed my mind. I was not going to use the gift card on their overpriced sodas and salty nuts. And then I started doing stand-up comedy in the D.C.'s clubs and open mic nights. They say the drunker the audience gets, the funnier you are. I thought President Bush had sworn off the spirits, but he was still the funniest-sounding guy in D.C. Plus, my "a Muslim walks into a bar" bit seemed to work so well. After the show they would give me a coupon for a free beer, and since none of my friends drink I would ask them to donate my beer to AA.

The rest of the article is here
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Friday, January 13, 2012

I Would Risk Getting Shot To Eat @ Checkers

I Would Risk Getting Shot To Eat A Checkers Hamburger, this is true. Just do not tell mom or she will get mad.

I am over the McDonald's hamburger phase of my life. Burger King and Wendy's are fine. But no other hamburger gourmet or just fast does the trick for as me does the fresh hamburgers from Checkers. Both their beef and chicken are something to savor. Their food does not taste like a food experiment, it just tastes good.

I am not sure if you know about this chain, I think it's mostly in place where people like NASCAR--Checkers is a sponsor. What I like is the spicy flavor most hamburgers lack. Checkers does not get intimidated by flavor and most people who seek their burgers realize this too.

However, there are only two checkers in the district. Neither of those neighborhoods would be considered safe for pedestrians and people who are not from there. They are both in NE DC, if you know DC, you would stay away from this area unless escorted--it's not that bad. So, most recently, I have teamed up with a friend who is a big fan of their burgers, she would drive Roa and I there. Luckily, my friend is pregnant so she has a super appetite now. Not to forgot their really thick shakes--I love the strawberry.

So last night, we both had a two of 4 burgers and they were still as good as they were years ago. There's no skimping. Fresh onions, pickles with a kick and cheddar cheese to top it.

So, I wish they would open more stores in the district, it's one of DC's best kept secrets. Sure, you still can find them up in Maryland too, but more stores might be in order. After all, this is just a drive through / Walk up to a window place, no dine in option. And by the way my friend is due in March! I am going to hit the checkers as long as she is not going to hit her labor.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

حسسني أني رخيصة A Toilet Grade Song Recorded In A Bathroom

Some Lebanese lady (lady is loosely defined here) recorded a song to the beat of Katy Perry ET. While the original song was a celebrated one, this one belongs to the shitter. Make Me Feel Cheap, is the title of choice for this song.

The story behind this song is as bizarre as the song itself. Moe, some guy in Lebanon wrote the lyrics for this song and Shonda, is the girl you hear her voice on the track. She is asking for S and M sex with this guy, she is asking to be humiliated. Now, this is even weird for America's standards.

This is a bizarre song that allegedly was recorded in some college's bathroom. Puritan Muslims are inflamed, it only takes one distrusted individuals to get these guys up in arms. Now singer is asking to be abused, tortured and beat. In some minds, this is freedom. But when she receives those things, then human rights groups would have something to report on.
حسسني اني رخيصة

P.S. The pictures is for a Lebanese singer called Haya, Haya did a song titled "Ya Allah Shu Sexy", a crass way to say someone looks sexy.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why I Think The Romneys Will Be A Dynasty

I hold a Masters Degree From The Romney Institute of Public Management, and I have nothing but love and respect toward the Mormon community. I think that Romneys are on their way to becoming the nexst great American political family.

Now, America had had already a number of powerful families in politics (The Kennedy's, The Bushes, and The Clintons) Mitt Romney is no stranger he saw his own father run for office and even compete for the Presidency, and now comes the song following in the steps of his father. Romney, the father was the governor of Michigan, the son was the governor of Massachusetts. It's easy for me to see one or more of his boys pursing higher office. Why not? They are well educated and good looking!

Mitt has five boys of his own, you can bet if he won office, one of these kids will be tempted to run and gain office somewhere and sometimes. It can start small, but the name recognition is key to winning a race.

Now in full disclosure, I might be making a big deal of this becasue I came from a land where the son does everything a father did. Looking around some Arab countries (The Mubaraks, The Assads, the Hashemite and House of Saud and so on) I never liked dynasties.

I do not know much about Mitt and his boys, I believe they are decent people. America is still a democracy, and people are free to run for office. Voters are also capable of sending candidates home too.

P.S. There was a study done few years ago that counted the gender of offspring of US Presidents. They found that histrionically speaking US presidents tended to have more boys than girls. Which the study concluded to a sense of competitiveness.
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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Free WiFi At Hooters And Other Stupid Ideas.

I was walking by downtown St. Louis and there was a hooters with their world famous wing and wing sauces and then at the door of that restaurant is little sticker that reads "Free WiFi". Not joke, the first thought in my head was Really? Who goes to Hooters for their WiFi?

I can imagine some guy telling his better half, "Honey, I am chatting with you via G chat using the internet at Hooters" Maybe this is all just another excuse for guys to take a trip to Hooters and not having to deal with the frowning faces. I mean, they all say they good for the wings. What they do not say is that the moon is also made out of cheese.

Can you imagine some guy going to Hooters after work with his laptop working on his TBS report with a side order of zesty wings? C'mon, I suppose you will tell me next that people go to hooters for their big screens.

Needless to say this particular restaurant is about 5 blocks away from the Budweiser stadium. Where there is also a Starbucks in proximity with free WiFi.

Do I sound like a grumpy old man now? I don't hate hooters or people who work there, it's just a company trying to make money and servers who are trying to make a living. But I think WiFi ruins the whole hooters experience.
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Monday, January 02, 2012

Indulge! You Are In The Washington Hospital Center

I was at the Washington Hospital the other day, here in Washington DC, and I have been going there often lately to visit a friend who is recovering from a stroke. Hospital is a place where people go to get better, a place where people who offer us health advise also work. A place where health should be put before profit. Here's something that confused me...

  1. In many corners of this campus, there are many vending machines selling water and pop soda. None that offers fresh fruits or anything of nutritional value.
  2. They have a full functioning cafeteria, selling deep fried chicken and other fatty foods and sugary beverages, I kid you not
  3. As you enter the main Rehab building, you are greeted by a full functioning cafe where fresh cookies are baked every morning along with tall coffees. The aroma from the cookies are hard to resist
  4. When you enter the hospital from bus depot, you can pick a dozen of flyers from various pizzeria who will deliver pizzas right to the hospital door--do not forget the extra cheese.
Sure, you can tell me the staff gets hungry and would like to grab some food. Again, people are grownups, they can make up their own choices about what to consume and what to abstain from. Maybe it,s that no fruit stand or healthy food vendor is interested in setting up shop in the hospital. Maybe the hospital wants you to get sick sooner and come back for a visit for which they would gladly bill your insurance or some government program.

I just think we are all a bunch of hypocrites who do not practice what they preach. I know that America is about choice and about creating value, but I still think it's outlandish to make such foods available in a hospital.
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