Friday, February 25, 2011

A Stalker, A Saudi, A Nerd, and A Moron

Have you heard of the Saudi young dude who was arrested this week?

He might as well be a terrorist, but I am not sure I have enough information about this guy to condemn him other than of course him being an idiot. He did not realize that being an Arab nerd can come with a hefty cost. If it's true and he is a terrorist, then screw him, look at the millions of Arab youth in Egypt Tunis and Libya, those are the ones we are proud of not this idiot.

He studies chemical engineering, so those purchases do not scare me. Not quite sure what to make of him wanting to take a backpack with him to a nightclub. Maybe like I do at the movie theater, I sneak my favorite snacks....maybe he likes his booze chilled a certain way.

Here, what we know

Aldawsari bought a number of items from that could seemingly be used to develop a weapon. Separately, he allegedly ordered a professional chemistry laboratory equipment set, a soldering iron kit, a stun gun with built-in flashlight, a precision screwdriver set, a Pyrex flask and miniature Christmas lights -- which, according to the FBI, can be used for wiring in IEDs.

Not just yet, he also bid on, and lost, a protective gas mask on eBay but he was successful in bidding on a protective Hazmat suit.

Federal officials say they believe that Aldawsari planned to hide improvised explosive devices inside of realistic looking baby dolls -- researching baby accessories, including strollers, baby clothes and diapers. He also searched on Google for "can u take a backback to nightclub" and "dallas nightclub," which an FBI agent believes indicates that Aldawsari was considering attacking a nightclub.

A search of Aldawsari's e-mail address on Facebook turns up an account under his name, which says he is interested in the Zombie Outbreak Response Unit.

He also seems to have developed an obsession with his language partner in May of 2009 when he wrote that "she was nice and pretty, so I like her so much."

"I am falling in love of her..... She is goregeous that I cann't [sic] forget her just right away... I am asking Allah the great to covert her to Islam and marry me," Aldawsari wrote.

"I have experienced so many hard situations and I won in all of them because I believe there is no impossible in love. You are beautiful that I couldn't believe I lost you for seconds," he wrote in Feb. 2009.

"Every time I touch lovely breeze wind I wounder how I did that and how I could. Shall I have I must I or whatever you could imagined. You are still in my mind caged. I hope we will meet as soon as we will engaged," he continued.

He is a stalker, he is an idiot...about the clubs thing, those Saudi men love their nightclubs, they really do. They love the booze, the ladies and the dance floor and ask any bouncer, they will tell you Saudis give good tips and like to party. Why not, they cannot party in Saudi Arabia and many of them struggle with gay tendencies.

I do not really care for this guy either way, but I just want to make sure he is not a victim of American freaking out at anything out of the mainstream an Arab does. There is also the crazy hair the guy has, no one would take him seriously. Taking care of such messy hair can sure make you late to any commitment you have.
I took some of the langauge from Talking Points Memo website.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pest Control in Libya Qaddafi Style

Did you get a chance to watch the Qaddafi speech about Libya? It was a treat...more than an hour of rant and angry rhetoric that makes no sense at all. The Libyan lunatic man kept talking about those oppose him are rats...he used the term more than a dozen times, and yelling it too...those rats, those rats did this those rats did not do was a colorful rant.

He also asked his people to come out and cleanse the city from the rats, and he said the Libyan army will handle the rats.

I have one word for you, in the rest of the world when they have a rat problem, you send in the pest control services, not the army, the army cannot control this problem. So maybe instead of calling the army you ought to find some pest control service in Libya, they can help you out....

Or better yet hire grandpa, no one known how to entrap a rat like he does, I have seen it and it's gross, but it works. That way the army can have more time to dance for you.
Gaddafi's speech excerpts
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

BYU Book of Mormon

Dating at BYU for me was an interesting experience, it was hard, but I think the girl felt like doing their community service. Every time I hang out with a girl I went home with a copy of the Book of Mormon, you know these girls love me enough to want to perfect my life.

One of those girls, gave me a book of the book of Mormon in French, I guess she thought I am weird in a French way. I did take a shower every day, c’mon now.

Sometimes I wish that girl worked at the TSA, so when she sees me she does not give me the enhanced security pat down. No we do not need to give him that, he is French....let’s give him a a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Like we are not gonna touch him, we will let the book of Mormon do that.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

The West Bank

Welcome to the West Bank Palestine where we do not have any strip clubs, but not to worry, you can still get the strip club experience just head to the nearest Israeli checkpoint.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Politics and Sweets

Arab guys are like kenafeh, they are white in the inside, brown in the outside, hairy too, and all sweet all around. Of course there are some nuts in here and there too.

But, the US congress is like a tray of Beklava, it’s full of nuts and no one tells you what kind.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Arab Valetine

Valentine in capitalism sucks because you have to work at getting your own Valentine, it’s a lot more fun in communist countries, where every one guaranteed a Valentine, party members however can have as many as they want.

If you are single on Valentine day keep on mind, having a Valentine is like having a dog, you always have to clean their mess.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

The Day a 5 Years Old Led a Protest

Watch this little Egyptian five year old boy who led a protest in chat against the now former dictator Mubarak. The little boy was brave and had more political background than many everyday Egyptians.

He does a good job in leading the chant against the regime and its leaders, and symbols. I am sure his parents must be proud of this little rascal who rallied the protesters around his little voice, and was heard around the globe.

5 Year Old Child Leads Revolution in Egypt!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

OK, Tamer Hosny We Get It! You Cried For It

Some picture of what once the biggest pop star in Egypt who totaly missed the boat on the protest, and has tried to stop the change form happing. Since then he cried and people laughed at his attempt to become thbe bbigest fame whore....But he really got in the news...and the Tahrir protesters have since forgave him and asked him to come back to march with them.

He did something actually to try to save his career, he somehow managed to make nice with the majority of his young other missed the boat, but he might be able to come out of this looking good. I am waiting on the next move of Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny' arch rival and biggest pop icon who has been out of touch on the whole thing, he did not comment on anything, some argue he left Egypt--his office denies those rumors. But no one denies that Amr Diab is a big fan of the former dictator. As of now Tamer Hosny has won this round.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

And There He goes....

Mubarak is out, finally someone had shown him the door! President Mubarak finally walked out and the people are celebrating now! This is History and he is somewhere now, no one knows his location or destination.

But El President is no more. Mubarak took a hike, kudos to the protesters in the Tahrir Square. Big party now! In Cairo. Finally, we can all be free to organize Egyptians First streaking rally to celebrate the new freedom.

Now the day after, well done Aljazeera, they really stuck to their guns and helped support the protesters when people were piling on them.
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Nevermind, Mubarak

So he does not want to resign, instead he is asking the countrymen to quit. He would rather fire 80 million Egyptians than walk away. Speaking of being influenced by demons, look no further that Papa Mubarak.

His regime is like one of those really long Oum Kalthoum songs, you can never see the end coming, and more often than not the end comes out of the blue.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breaking News: Mubarak To Resign Tonight?

Everything I am reading from Arabic media and the Egyptian ones confirm that something major will be announced tonight. Right before the fifth million man march that is meant to take place Friday the 11th of February.

The indicators that the old man will be stepping down are very clear, for the first time the Armed Forces committee met under a new leader, not Hosny Mubarak who is technical the commander of the armed forces. It's not sure but we are reading singles that he might be just ready to at least give up his powers.

  1. The head of the ruling party said that Mubarak might be finally listening to the demand of the people.
  2. The speech has been recorded and it seems the president is his way away from Cairo.
  3. The Army tells protesters they will be hearing some god news tonight.
  4. Going to Tahrir square became the cool and trendy thing to do, so people make picnics there.
  5. The director of the CIA just announced that there is a strong indication that President Mubarak might be stepping down tonight.
  6. A minister in the newly formed government resigns his posts
  7. The protester in Tahrir are not letting up, they installed mobile bathrooms yesterday.

The protesters really did this one, they made it hard for him and his supports to defend him staying in power. They were loud and they were proud all the way for 17 days in Tahrir square, Mubarak needs to leave.

It seems that the army finally moved to settle this one once and for all. The people talk and Mubarak finally gets to walk.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tea Party and Muslim Brotherhood--More in Common

  1. Both have extreme views and both are on the right.
  2. Both pack heat
  3. Both referred to as “Crazies” by the media
  4. The political elites want to keep them out of government
  5. They are very loud, obnoxious and stubborn.
  6. Both think they are subject of some conspiracy
  7. They love to lament the good old days and the glory days
  8. Both hate taxation and love charities.
  9. Both call for an originalist interpretation of old texts.
  10. No central leadership in sight
  11. Tea party choose the yellow Gadsden "Don't Tread On Me" flag, where there is a snake, what most critics call Muslim brotherhoods.
  12. They scare the heck out of minorities
  13. Supporters tend to be male, married and older than 45
  14. Global warming skeptics.
  15. They think their native tongue is the center of the world
  16. They both hate foreign presence.
  17. Some accuse them of mischaractrizing historical figures. Some accuse them of reinventing history.
  18. Their offshoots have been linked to violence and violent rhetoric.
  19. Both direct their anger at the government.
  20. Both restore to the populist tone.
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Tamer Hosny Loses in an Epic Fail

Tamer Hosny is the number one selling artist in Egypt and many parts of the Arab world, he is a charismatic and resourceful singer that has been dubbed Nigim Al geel "The Star of the Generation" There was a time when I thought Tamer Hosny’s songs come straight from the heart, deep down from the gut, but now I know for fact that Tamer is full of shit and lots of hot air. Tamer Hosny never believed a word of this song. About growing up in Egypt and taking reading classes, building the Aswan dam, waging the 73 war, and so on. He also sings for the armed forces--the same army he dodged and went to jail for forging armed services documents.He is still upbeat and he the the go to guy if you want to party....but when it comes to taking a stand, do not bother for he is a fool.

Throughout his career sang for the revolution and liberating the land of Sinai, but somehow he was against the ongoing revolution in Egypt. Instead he opted to be a mouthpiece for the rotten regime and its corrupt men. I have news for Tamer, the young men in Tahrir square are true Egyptians who do not want to see Egypt who do not want to see their country become the quick to be dismissed nation-which what this current regime has turned it into. Tamer Hosny did not have to speak out on this if he was too afraid, but he has no right as a citizen to tell other citizens what to do. He made a famous phone call urging the protesters to go home and chill.

Something tells me Tamer does not even care about Egypt; all he cares about is his pocket and how much money in his bank account. He tries too hard and succeeds most of the time to get on the news and act like a big pan Arab leader that’s of course when there isn’t a risk to take. But the moment comes and he has to take a stand, he shies away and goes into hiding. But he is often the first person to release a song about current events. But not this time around. He will go down in history as one of the people who tried to slow down the momentum and spoke ill of it. He sang for Palestine, Tunisia, and Fayrouz (during her most recent legal battle) and he also sang for Alexandria Churches.

Realizing his stupidity and that he missed the boat, Tamer tried to play nice and blame the media for his misinformed ill opinions. The young singer made a 360 degree change and came in support of the protesters in Tahrir square. He says, he was misled by the State media. Like we are stupid enough to believe him Tamer also released a song fallen Egyptian men...he is still for Mubarak though for now. He loves his Hosny, maybe because they share a name. No one mislead you Tamer, your demons have mislead you. You could have watched any news network, you would have known the truth, you lazy fool.

But Tamer is smart, he refuses to be buried by his stupid decisions to suck up to the powers, he circulated a press release in which he claims to have paid one million dollar in penalties for canceling his upcoming first ever US and Canada tour. So that says he wants us to know he is also making sacrifices for Egypt. But this is the oldest trick in the book. Tamer lost the youth and there is song, album or a press release that will manage to bring him back. So he is telling poor people that he gave away a million dollar to be poor just like them.

Things however got interesting on Tuesday night when the singer attempted to go to Tahrir square and was kicked out by the protestors, reports confirm that some even wanted to confront him. He did not get to give his speech, and he failed to connect with the protesters. Watch the video of Tamer crying and pretending to be shaken. While people have the right to change their minds, Tamer was out of line to try to hijack the movement from those who bled for it.

Tamer Hosny shohada2 تامر حسني شهداء 25

Tamer Hosny crying after he got kicked out of Tahrir Square because of his earlier live conference at some TV channel declaring his loyalty to Mubarak "Papa Mubarak" as he called him while crying as well. Love him or hate him, Tamer knows how to inject himself into any story.

تامر حسنى يبكي بعد ما الناس طردته من ميدان التحرير

تامر حسنى فى التحرير 2011 Tamer Hosni kicked out from Tahrir Square, cries like a little girl
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Please Get Mad: Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman

Yes, this is rap at its finest, a rap that truly fires you up and makes you want to attend a rally and shout to bring an end of the injustice you see. A number of A list Arab American rappers and musicians came together to bring this beautiful collaboration. The people of Egypt need no attention right now, they've earned the attention of the world and its leaders. What they need is to keep the momentum going, keep the fire within.

That's where I think "#Jan25″ comes to the rescue, reminding us of the date it all started with little attention at first. While most causalities happened on January 28th, "#Jan25" bring it all together with a wonderful video montage of the protests in and around Egypt and the brutality of the very group that is meant to keep the Egyptians safe. This is the day that will be marked in history where the government and its agents have officially lost it and thus lost the war. It's the day that gave value to saying, "I am Egyptian", you can say it now and roar!

What draws me about this song, is more than its high energy, and testosterone charged lyrics, but rather the poetry in both Arabic and English. I have not this done before where Arabic lyrics and English ones complement each other. And both languages deliver a high dose of a well placed rage. This what comes out when you have something bothering you that allows you to channel a limitless warehouse of an emotions.

Two thumps up to Sami Matar, the Palestinian-American composer from Southern California, and The Narcicyst, Omar Offendum, Amir Sulaiman, and vocalist Ayah. While their song is about Egypt, it resonates with the great majority of the Arab world, as the plight is too familiar. Had enough? Are you angry yet?

Omar Offendum, The Narcicyst, Freeway, Ayah, Amir Sulaiman - #Jan25 (Produced by Sami Matar)

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Why America Has Less Use for Arab Dictators Now

Arab dictators are a dime a dozen but I am beginning to think now they are becoming rare collectible novelty. they seem to be falling one after another by the common man in the street. The US cannot ignore people on the streets and they cannot instigate such demonstrations. But I think now they realize they do not really need dictators as they used to.
  1. Oil is not going to be here forever, and US is trying to do without it, so those brutal dictators cannot now think they are safe, as the world needs this resources less. As we move toward alternative energy, more Arabs will live in democracy.
  2. The world is more connected now and American cannot just ignore the plight of people longing for democracy. Social media brings this plight to your pocket. America needs to walk the walk and practice what they preach. Dictators cannot just dismiss accusations since everything now can be recorded and broadcasted to the masses around the censorship. We are all connected to each other by more than just wires.
  3. Information is power, America is now a giant in this field and the more access to information people have, the wealthier American companies become. Dictators censor and block those services making it bad for American business.
  4. Radicals around the world call on American for supporting dictators is a cause for their radicalism toward America. So the less support those dictators have form the US, the less likely this cause will be used by violent extremists.
  5. Israel does not need protection anymore, they feel that most their neighbors are on the moon now. So countries like Syria and Iran do not really matter. They have built walls, state of the art army and they got the nuclear heads. On another note, the country of Israel has a right wing government that does not even know how to talk to allies let alone enemies. So in a way, no one really cares about the government in Israel, becasue they are so extreme and out of the mainstream.
  6. The US just fought wars and marketed them as bringing democracy, many American have lost their lives becasue of this cause, I think no one should let them die in vein, if we really do not believe in democracy, why would we send them to some foreign land like Iraq. (cheap oil is good too)
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