Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Vs. Outdoors Crazy People

It's easy for people to say, hunker down at home during the storm  I think it makes sense not to put oneself in danger. Being selfish never helps make anyone better off especially if you have to be rescued. I tried to stay home but I get sick of the indoors, I do not know what it is, but I cannot lock myself in. If I was able to do that, I would move back to Gaza and live in such a confined space. Glad, no cop was in the street urging us to go home. This is America, you can be stupid if you want too--not on planes though.

But I also understand people who want to get out and be in the outdoors. While I did not do any crazy stunts, I tried to walk around the block and it was no walk in the park. The wind blew my umbrella way, my glasses had so much rain water on them and on top of that it was really cold. But the good news 7/11 was open, so hot chocolate it was. I did also watch a lot of movies and comedies, they came in handy. I did also work on my music blog which was something I am always up for.

So, do not lock me in, I had to take a walk, glad to have run into two other people who were walking their dogs. Luckily, we did not lose power, it did flicker once and the street lost power for a second. I could not see us going to work on Monday, but Tuesday was the end of it at least here in the District.  
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Thursday, October 25, 2012

DC's Dog Parks And The Easily Irritated People

Each morning like every morning  I walk to work. Thus, I pass by the famed 17 and S street dog park on the borders of the Dupont Circle and U Street area every day twice. Today was a little different, as I strolled down the street heading for work this morning, some guy who lives in a building across the street form the park was screaming from his bedroom---"Enough parking already!"

People in the park were giggling as few dogs gathered--one particular dog was being loud and obnoxious. There were attempted to stop the dog parking, 30 seconds later, the same voice comes, "Make It Stop Please!". I think it was funny to hear this kind of exchange in the early morning.

Seconds later the dog stops parking, and the same voice shouts "Thank You!" I wasn't the only one to notice, others including bystanders could not miss it. I consider myself as a dog friendly person which means, I do not pet them as they pass by, I only smile and stay out of their way.

I thought it was funny that people pay top dollars to live in that particular neighborhood, only to be awaken everyday by parking dogs. You might not hate dogs, but you may appreciate your sleep a little bit more than you appreciate those fuzzy creatures.  

I find it intersting that some people tolerate parking dogs, but when it comes to crying babies, they get easily worked up. Thus those people are often the first people to complain in a restaurant if a baby cries.    
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This Fiscally Conservative Farce

Republicans like to lecture Americans and the rest of the world about the need to stop the "dependency culture." They are often right to make that call, it also pleases some people. I too think government doe waste a lot of resources. But my issue with such mentality is it often comes form someone who has not lead by example.

Correct me if I am wrong:

  1. Do you know one Republican old Tea Party politician who has turned down the health insurance bought to them with taxpayers money  I do not know a single person to walk away form this perk.
  2. Do you know one Republican, who tells the government, I do not need my pension. Do what you like with it. I do not know anybody that has done something like that.
  3. I find it also funny that Republicans tend to have the largest offices and staff in their congressional offices. They are not paying for those, the taxpayers are. They even use taxpayers to buy cookies takeout lunches.
So it's OK for them to get a government handout, but it's not OK for that while single mother, Mexican family or black family to get food stamps? I never liked people getting stuff for free, it does not work. But people who get such handouts do feel bad about it. Isn't time for fiscally conservative members of Congress to give back to taxpayers. Most of these people are rich anyway, have other jobs, and have a spouse that works--where they can get health insurance.

I am writing this not because I like to pick on Republicans, I just like people to be consistent. I find peace in the fact that America and its politicians are still far less corrupt that other places in the world. 
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Monday, October 22, 2012

"I Will Sue" My Friends Favorite Phrase

OK, she is not good friend, she is an acquaintance. But I have noticed that my friend who is African-American like to yell, "I will sue" whenever anything goes wrong. At the Frozen Yogurt place, as she was serving herself some hot chocolate, she spilled some on her hand, she yelled, "I will sue" This was my first time hearing say that.

Then at the drive through, they mixed up her order, and she yelled at the person serving her that she will sue them. She seems to restore to this talk whenever anything and I mean anything goes a way she has not anticipated. Which makes me wonder, if African-Americans use such threat to even the filed that they may see as rigged against them. It might be the the collective society gives sub-bar services to African Americans promoting them to make such threats to make things right or let others take them seriously.

I do not know, but my friend might be this way because of some experiences she have had. But then the guy, we bought the car from is also African American, as he was driving us back to our place, in a Narrow New York Avenue street, a truck almost hit him. When I told him this was "close", he looked at my with pride and said,  "Had he actually hit me, I would have owned the company he works for by the time I am done suing them"

This is not African American thing, people like to make things right, I know my friend June from Alpine Utah, once sued in small claims court a business for messing with her, she won her case. While,  luckily, I have never had to sue anybody. I find communication is the best appraoch to solving conflicts, mediations can also be used if needed.

I have also heard that other minorities like the legal system here--which is good. It's a tool to make things right for them. I say, stay out of trouble, be careful and give people the benefit of the doubt. If that fails and you are still wronged, then go for it--the lawsuit.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

On Selective Faith, Muslim Rage And Spitting

I find is interesting that most people of faith are so quick to have faith when it comes to their our religion yet they are so quick to dismiss it when it comes to other people’s religion. I am talking about the mainstream, and not the vocal extreme that always makes it to the news editing room.

The Koran is filled with stories and examples of miracles and issues pertaining to faith, we as Muslims are thought many stories form the Jewish, the Christian  faith as well as other religions too. We are asked to believe them. Noah, Moses, Abraham  Joseph, Mary and many more. In my observations, Muslims tend not to be as selective about other faiths.

Sure many Jewish and Christians may think that Prophet Mohammed is fraud, but in his teachings they are both revered in Islam and so are the books they came with. Muslims take all the stories of the prophets--the ones we know of and the ones we are unaware of to be true. Most choose to believe miracles and blessings God has passed on to certain individuals even if they had to suspend the rules of physics.All Muslims believe in the Virgin birth, even though a lot of Christians question it.    

So, next time you see an angry Muslims projecting intolerance  know he does not understand his religion very well. A gloried movie trailer, an ad on the subway or Metro, a guy burning a copy of the Koran are nothing to be alarmed about. They should know that any insults and disrespect for Islam, its teachings and its main prophet is nothing more than a spit in the sea. It does nothing and changes next to zero!

Sami Yusuf - It's a Game
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Monday, October 08, 2012

Sorry Subway, But I Hate Your Sandwiches

Subway is one American chain I can care less for. I have tried few times and each time. I try to really like it, but I fail to fall in love with America's biggest sandwich chain. The food tastes bland, it lacks flavors and it almost always comes with an after taste in one's mouth. I did get sick once at college after eating Subway, but I do not hold that against them. Yet, I am still not too pleased with their subs. I am certain, they have a huge budget for adverting and they are everywhere, but nothing makeup for a sub-par taste.

At best it tastes like chewable cardboard. The bread lacks that distinct bread taste, and has a strange texture. The meat is anything but fresh--now we know they do not slice their meat in the back of the store but in some factory in Iowa. And the fresh produce are really fresh, but fresh does not always mean good tasting. It's if Subway has pledged to purchase only the freshest produce in exchange for a good taste. Mass production sacrifices the flavor of the food.

Then all those  lackluster combinations they make--the best thing about the sub is its creative marketing name, but the end product often disappoints. This is not an issue of healthy food--even the fattening versions of Subway creations disappoint in the taste test. I think they have also made it a lot more confusing with their different charts and prices for foot long, it's like gambling, you never know what to order.

I do not have any of those experiences at their rival stores--Quiznos and Arby's offer plenty of taste and freshness too without that after taste I only seem to get at the Subway. I am hardly the only one to write about this, just to be sure about it, I asked Roa to join me for a lunch in two different occasions, and every time she gets upset by the food we order from the Subway.  And the sad part is, neither of us are food snobs.     
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Thursday, October 04, 2012

50 Percent Republican 50 Percent Democrat

As I speak to many Arab-Americans in Washington, DC and beyond, I realized as a people we tend to agree with 50 percent of what the Republicans are saying and 50 percent with what the Democrats are saying. Yet, the majority of Arab-Americans tend to favor voting for the Democrats. For one reason, they feel there's space for them in the big tent. Whereas the Republicans do not let Arab-Americans, Hispanics and other groups welcome in their party.

In fact, many of the base of the Replication party can be hostile to members of those groups, which leads to many tense moments. The GOP does not do retail politics, they can only preach, I will lover your taxes, join me, but I ain't going to talk to you or pander to you.

Arabs are socially conservative and they hate to see anything go to waste, but in issues of foreign policy, Democrats get their votes. Even though Republicans tend to deliver better than Democrats on issues of importance to the community. I think the reason for this, GOP talks on issues like Lebanon/Palestine and Israel in terms of the Bible--for many of them it's a real estate guide. While Democrats tend to be more pragmatic.

The GOP really needs to try to pander to other communities, Arab-American also like their guns too, don't let that scare you, looking at you GOP.    
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