Friday, January 30, 2009

Asleep in Gaza

I called Gaza today and briefly spoke to my older sister Hanna, she is doing much better especially that she has a son with disability who's kinds of heavy and not east to move him around (Perhaps he is my favorite person in the whole world) But he was asleep when I called, it was a relief to hear that they are now doing fine.
Mother was asleep when I called, I knew that, but ti is fun to catch people when they are half awake and half can get them to talk then.

She told me that now they started receiving food packages (mainly flour) she gave them to my brothers since they are doing a lot more baking now. She took one the littlest and newest addition to the family Mai (I named her) to the doctor because she wasn't feeling too well. The baby is much better now since actually doctors can see and offer non-emergency patients.

I really feel much better now that I know they are secure and not under constant shelling's such a relief.

I will be taking part of a panel discussion that will take place next week at the Law Center of Georgetown here in Washington, DC, that should be an experience.

I have also being taped for some Arabic TV entertainment show, I will be doing some jokes, my first since the end of the assault on Gaza. I will try to find things to laugh about.

All the best
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Sun Rises on Gaza

I received a call today from the director of Alshorok Association in Gaza, a group that works with children and operates a number of educational programs to serve children in Gaza. they are located in the mid part of the Gaza where there are a large number of refugee camps. The mainly serve the young ones with disabilities, a group that has just increased due to the Israeli assault on Gaza. One of the most touching things he said was perhaps the most simple thing I have heard about the situation in Gaza under the assault.
"Some days, we prayed for the night to come; other nights we prayed for the day to come"

The guy was referring to the bombing, whenever there is bombing in the day, they pray for the night hoping the bombing will end. But when the night was upon them, there was no change, but with each morning we hope for change. He also said that he survived those harsh days, his next door neighbors did as well, but he said,
"Not all of us are fine, it cannot be, I lucked out, I am in the minority"

I told him with his odds he should go to Vegas and be the next rain man...
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cannot Balance The Truth...This Man Can

I went to a lecture with an Israeli scholar because someone had asked me to take part of it and try to ask questions. I normally would not do this, especially given the recent Israeli assault on my family and countless others but since I had participated in a number of events in DC area with mostly supportive crowd, I wanted to see the others…the non supportive ones.

Michael Oren – ZIONUT and a spokesperson for the IDF, an university professor, a self claimed historian, a citizen of Israel, an self serving American patriot, a self-loathing victim of Palestinian terror, and small time terror apologist made his case. Weaing too many hats confused the living heck out of me, I did not know which side of his mouth he was using. Here are few of his treasures:

Muhammad ad-Dura does not exist, BBC I belie caught the footage of assassination of this child.

He is sorry for the death of my family members

I found a column from an ancient Roman temple in the garbage, so I told the guys to cover for me and I took it home. Hey forgot that Israel bombed the hell out of the Church of Nativity. Countless ancient mosques and cemeteries have systematically been bombed.

Israeli army never lies! If we’re investigating, we’re doing just that: WE’RE INVESTIGATING!!!

Palestinians don’t want to move out of the Refugee Camps – they don’t want to move into homes and apartments – they want to stay in the camps as a sign of the urgency of needing to solve this problem

Gave a brief overview of the Gaza and its history

Gaza has always been conquered – Egyptians, Romans, Middle Ages, Ottomans, British, Egyptians, Israelis

I can’t forgot the suicide bomber that killed my sister; I cannot forget the suicide bomber who blew himself up in the restaurant under my office in Jerusalem (Hilal Café in Jerusalem)

If we want to exist, we will have to pull out of the West Bank – the traumatic experience that people face when they are kicked out of their homes – I remember the trauma of people in Gaza, 8,000 settlers, in 2005 – what will it be like when we pull 200,000 settlers from the WB??? If it was a matter of survival, they would do it. He’s an existentialist

100% of the reservists reported to the duty – so it was Christmas and they told him to come to war, so he came to war

Journalists don’t do their job in journalism – they believe Palestinian or Lebanese stories as cold hard facts

Israel helped and supported Hamas in the late 1980’s to counter balance Fatah

Arafat hid terrorists in his car coming back to Gaza

Total Israeli talking points where he cherry picks historical events to justify their out or proportional military action. One example he used that in the Balkan war, the NATO forces killed tens of thousands to get to the few hundred bad armed men.

Few people on the audience gave him a standing ovation like 3 out of 200 people who are mostly Americans. I did not clap for the guy, because I disagree with a lot of what he said, I do admire his skill at looking people in the eye and saying untruths.

Once the mic was open, I ran to it, and in deed I got the first question. My question was of two parts. I lost three cousins in the past two years, two of them killed by Israel; one a paramedic and the other is a college girl. The third was an armed man who got killed by another Palestinian group. In other words, Israel killed my two civilian cousins. Also since you are from NJ, you have a choice, you chose to go back and live in Israel. I did not and neither the majority of people chose to be there…they are from there. So I asked how that fits into his narrative. The only answer I got is that fact that he is a Zionist and had to be responsible, and being responsible for Jewish people is to be in Israel. To his credit, he said sorry for the loss in my family (like that would bring them back)

Khalil my wing man got the fourth question and asked him about who broke the truce, since the reports of Israel breaking it not Hamas as he claims. He disputed that, but Carlos has the upper hand in terms of he knew his source all too well. It was clear to me that Oren has dug himself into a bedrock, but has he left himself any material to start rebuilding? As Obama said in his inauguration speech, "" we will judge by what you build, not what you tear down" What did Israel build? Not much other than a separation wall that is only three times as high as the Berlin wall.
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Shippment to Gaza

Currently, a personal contact of mine has made me aware of

I am working with a group that has collected medical supplies to be shipped to Gaza, here is what the had to tell me

"We are currently in the process of sending $945,661 worth of medical supplies to Gaza, for which we are looking for someone to help with the transportation and handling fees of $17,327.28."

The group that is sending the supplies is a contractor of the USAID and rather a large development NGO. In other word, it's a legitimate US NGO

So I have been calling all those folks I know they are involved with this kind of work, I hope we can get it to Gaza. It takes so many calls to make sure this gets on the way, but I am doing my best to get it out to Gaza. I am pitching this to organizations an individuals to get this load to Gaza. the selling point is that the list of supplies they are sending has many necessary items and few of them are available. This is such a little investment for a lot more return.

Leter today we will be calling Gaza to learn more about the humanitarian needs and what items they think should be sent. If you want to find our more about this, let me know. Anything helps....
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Gaza Has My People

My niece Dina in a car rocking the wife beaters

My younger brother resting on a stack of gigantic rice bags

Some random dude kicking it at my family's store, note the rather thick man stash

Homeboys in wife beaters enjoying a quite day on the Gaza Beach, they are friends of my brother in law Hasan.

My brother in law Hasan, not only he is the Jack of all trades (seriously he can fix anything) he also enjoys layred cakes in a chilly night in Beit Lahia.

More Cake...Cake for peace? I would recomend donuts next time I see him

BBQ in Gaza some chicken are getting prepped for CHICKEN TIME

My older brother Mazin smoking his Hookah or about to anyway. He loves this thing more than he loves anything else. (I am not worried, his wife cannot read English) He did managed to smoke it even as the Israelis where shelling his town block by block.

Those numbers from Gaza are not just numbers they are real people who like cake, eat rice, wear wife beaters, enjoy the beach and smoke hookah. Just a reminder that, there are no different that you.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Run Weirdo Run

In my morning run, as I was running into Mount Pleasant area, away from 18th Street...a tall American man waves his hand in the air, I thought he might be lost or needed some direction. Since this was early morning and sun has yet to rise and that man was pulling behind him some stock like he was making a delivery to the grocery store. I slowly stopped and removed my earphones and said "Yes,?" He looked me and said "Is someone chasing you?" I was like "what? No!" he then had the audacity to say "Will you look like you are running from someone!" I was not sure what to make our of this weirdo. Was he joking? he was not smiling or any of that...he was rather awkward. I said, "Just my morning run, have a good day" and I ran away from this strange fella.

As I stopped I thought to myself, this guy looks like a BYU sorta of guy and I further thought he might have wanted to complement me on my BYU gear, since I like to flaunt my Y Seat Jersey. I honestly do not know what to make of the guy, he looked clean cut and had nice clothes on, he did not smell or anything. But I really do not think he was joking either, it would have been fine if I detected any sense of humor in the guy, but he wasn't all there. Keep in mind that was toward the end of my run, about 8 blocks from my home. The little random encounter took place a block in the opposite side of the place in the picture.
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Alive In Gaza

Grandpa says that people are so disoriented that they no longer recognize each other. "Three weeks of straight carnage, destruction, and horrors can only rob people of their innocence and sense of consciousness." Dad had worries of his own; his 33 grandchildren gathered around him hoping he would to keep them safe, something he promised them he would do. But I think he said it best when he told me: "If I can't even keep myself safe, how can I give them what I don't have???"

In Gaza now, the loss of a dear family member because of the recent invasion, does not automatically call for a funeral. "You only have one of those if your entire family is gone", said uncle Ahmad who lost his 22 year old daughter to an Israeli sniper as she stood in her kitchen. Now people "funeral pool", where every area has one large consolidated funeral to serve an entire block.
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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isreal Gives UN the Bird

Here is a series of pictures from the school right behind our store, it is the school where at least 7 of my nephews and nieces attend. When not being bombed, the school serves children of Palestinian refugees, the blue color clearly says UN property. Israel bombed it, off course there was no kids in the school, but a doze of families where taking refugee in the UN schools, but Israel could not let civilians feel safe anywhere. Next to the school there was an abandoned market where school bullies hangout.... Israel in an obvious F U gesture to the UN, I present those pictures.

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Israel Get Your Gun

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been recovering from a terrible case of sore throat, I am hoping it will leave me soon, if it does not then I am going to see the doc--to whom I spoke to on the phone.

but as I arrived at work early, I actually got to work at 7:20 instead of my regular 8:20. I did not realize it until I looked at two different clocks. This how disoriented I am these days.

As I was making copies this morning, I thought about how both the US and the EU are rushing to sing agreements with Israel that will make sure that Palestinians do not get weapons. Under those agreements, the Americans and the British will monitor the Gaza shores to make sure weapons do not get in. Great move for Israel by getting others to agree to do some extra work for them for free I am sure.

I said to myself that this is another missed opportunity. Instead of rushing to help the hungry in Gaza, the powers form new alliances that will further send the hungry into an extreme diet. But I am sure what would keep Israel safer is not starving the Palestinians in Gaza. It's clear that hungry people cause trouble and make easier recruits for those who want to fight. People who have jobs and food on the table do not go shopping for guns (maybe for hunting)But why Israel and its groupies fail to see the bigger picture? They always address the symptoms of the disease and not its root causes. Like my doc who fails to see that my cold might be a sign of a bigger thing.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Gazan Morning

A poem written by Palestinian poet Nashwa Jarar will be made into a song. Kathem El Saher, Iraqi musician hit-maker. Kathem Canceled his engagements since the attacks on Gaza and he has been working on this song, writing the music and recording the song. I am looking forward to listening to it, once it is made available. There are a number of songs made by both Arab and international artist in support of Gaza, but this is one song I am looking froward to seeing come to light. I am sorry, it is in Arabic, but translation might fail in communicating the emotions carried by the verses of the poem.

احبائي هذي القصيدة الرائعة
للشاعرة الفلسطينية نشوه إبراهيم جرار
سوف يغنيها العملاق كاظم الساهر

عن صباح صار بالأحزان يشرقُ فوق غزة ..
عن شُموخ ذلَّت الأحقادُ .. عِزة ...
عن جباه ساجدات حاصَرت صوت القنابل عن صِغار علموا صمتَ الحجارة أن يُقاتل عن بلاد ، جنة للهِ في الأرض و مهدُ الأنبياء جئت أحكي يا أشقائي .. و قد هَرمَ النداء نحنُ لا نحتاجُ شجبا ، يرتدي ثوبَ الرياء ساعِدونا .. لا يكُفُّ الشجْبُ شلالَ الدّماءْ
نحنُ أطفال ذبحنا عِند أبْواب المَدارسْ ،
نحن حتى إن لَهْونا ....
يرسُمُ الطبْشورُ خارطة عليها الموتُ حارسْ
نحن حتى إن تغنينا نقول ....
يا عَدُوّ الله .. يا عارَ الحضارة ... »
أيُّ عِلم من يداوي .. آلَّ مجروح بِغارة ؟ !
زادُكَ الطغيان .. و الإيمان زادِي ...
علموك الظلمَ لكن ، علموني في بلادي
أن سيْفَ الحق حتى _ إن ثناهُ الجُورُ _ قاتِلْ
علموني أن أرُدّ الخوفَ عن خوفي و أن أبقى أناضلْ
يا عَدُوّ الله حاصِرْ ، خذ طعامي .. خذ دَوائي
خذ .. فقد جفّتْ بعالمِنا الضمائرْ ....
خذ .. آما شائت حضارتُكَ النبيلة ...
هل رأيْتَ الشمسَ يوما ،
» !! ؟؟ خلفَ سُور الليل قد ظلّت ذليلة
آه يا إخوانَ جُرحي ، تلك أغنيتي و ذا رجْعُ الغِناءْ
نحنُ لا نحتاجُ شجبا ، يرتدي ثوبَ الرياء إرحَمونا .. لا يكُفُّ الشجْبُ شلالَ الدّماءْ
نحنُ منذ الفجر .. حتى الفجر تأآلنا الدموع نحن ذعْرٌ .. فوق برد .. فوق جوع ....
نشتهي يوما نغني فيه عن أحْلامِنا ....
نشتهي حتى سؤالا ثانيا عِندَ الصباح ...
هل ستهدينا الطباشير الجديدة وردة ؟؟
أم دموعا .. و احتراقا .. و جِراحْ .....
حرّرُوا أصواتكم .. قولوا لهذا الظلم ، لا ....
جفت على غصن الحياة حياتنا،قولوا لهذا الموتِ ، لا
و استروا عرض الطفولة ، والعدالة ، و النساءْ
يا وُلاة الأمْر .. يا أيْد إذا اتّحَدَتْ .. دواء ....
نحن شعب .. صبْرنا أضحى جريمة ...
إنما دوما نغني ..
آل شيء في زمان القهر هذا قد يطولْ »
» آل شيء ... ما عدا .. عمر الهزيمة
إلهي لماذا يئِن الحنانْ ؟ و تبْكي الجِنانْ ؟
و تَلقَى الطفولة هذا المصيرْ ؟ !!!
إلهي .. شبعنا من الموتِ حتى ...
غدونا من الموت لا نستجيرْ ......
و ما من رحيم سِواكَ .. فأبدل جحيمَا بغزة .. بردا .. و أمْنا إلهي أعِز الشموخ الكسيرْ

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Chatting Gaza

The Following is a quick chat I had with a female acquaintance of mine, (she is married with a boy and a girl) This is how the conversation went, no changes or edit (few minor grammatical changes)

Hanitizer says:
ok ???,.....let me ask you some questions, but I need you to answer them in English...I want to put them on my blog so people can read them, ok?

Hanitizer says:
Where do you live, what part of Gaza do you live in?
??? says:
I live in Beit lahia project
Hanitizer says:
Tell us what happened in your area?
??? says:
Great destruction happened in some near buildings so we went to safe places we left home
Hanitizer says:
and if so where did you go?
??? says:
Yes all people in our area left their apartments and they still away until now most of our neighbors
??? says:
Now there is no safe place so I returned to my apartment all people went to their relatives but their is no safety
??? says:
Danger is every where
Hanitizer says:
What is it like being in Gaza nowadays?
??? says:
Being in the hell
Hanitizer says:
Why do you say that?
??? says:
Hanitizer says:
how r ur kids?
are they OK?
??? says:
my kids cant sleep at night because of the explosions
??? says:
kids in Gaza doesn’t have any dreams in Gaza all are nightmares so they cant even sleep or play
??? says:
They try to steel some hours at through day to sleep
Hanitizer says:
out of the 1100 people killed in Gaza, how many would you say are militants?
??? says:
Militants? I didn’t get it
Hanitizer says:
??? says:
??? says:
Less than 100 hundred
??? says:
Hanitizer says:
Israel says that Hamas hides among civilians? In other words, militants launch rockets at Israel from schools, do you agree?
??? says:
The men who were killed at the first day weren’t fighters were police men
??? says:
Ok when Israel killed 5 sisters while they were sleeping were Hamas hide in the girls bed
??? says:
Hanitizer says:
I see
??? says:
Israel try to find excuses to kill civilians it is war against Gaza not against Hamas
Hanitizer says:
tell me what f d do you eat now? and where do you get it from?
??? says:
ok at the first days there were no food especially vegetables because it was danger to go to the farms
??? says:
then we started to find some sorts of foods such as beans
??? says:
we don’t need food now we need safe we need to live good life
??? says:
Without wars and blood
Hanitizer says:
Where do you say the safest place in Gaza?
??? says:
We can eat bread only but we need to be safe
??? says:
at the beginning people thought that UNRWA buildings are the most safe places especially schools but as u know they destroyed the UNRWA building itself
??? says:
so there is no safe places at all Gaza means hell
??? says:
Most of Hamas leaders such as Nizar Ryan are doctors in it
??? says:
i want to tell u that I don’t like Hamas at all they r not good people as we were thinking and if Israel wants to destroy them its ok but Israel doesn’t distinguish between fighters and civilians
Hanitizer says:
I see

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
i see

The following message could not be delivered to all recipients:
tell me, do you have any personal experience in the attacks on Gaza?

The connection went dead....
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Gaza Speaks 2

New interview with Dad from Gaza...he updates us on Gaza and shares his opinions on what's going on.

to download or listen
click here
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How About You?

"How Are you?" asked my youngest brother Mahmoud when I spoke to him last time. Given that people I know have been asking me about my family How are they? So I did not brother to answer the question since Mahmoud and my entire family are under constant Israeli shelling. But then I reflected on Mahmoud's question:

I worry about how many calories the non fat salad dressing, I get when I order my salad at the local Pot Belly. But I know Mahmoud worries about not finding bread at his local bakery due to shortage of wheat and basic supplies in Gaza.

I worry about calling an ambulance if anything goes wrong with me out of fear that my insurance won't cover their costs. But I know the only thing Mahmoud heard when he called the ambulance, "Get a cab, we have more urgent uses for the ambulances."

I resent paying co-payment for my health insurance provided by my employer. And i know Mahmoud and thousands like him neither have health to insure nor an a employer to provide such benefit.

I fear a sore back from my pillow top queen mattress, but you Mahmoud fear the floor being too cold and you also fear that wherever you rest your head might be your final place on this earth.

I hate when I go home and my favorite episode of Family guy is not on. I am sure you neither have power nor TV in the house where you took refuge from random Israeli fire.

I get upset when how I miss the S2 bus by seconds, but I know you like it when you miss the F16 and the Ak47.

I am jealous of how skinny and fit you look because you do not eat well and run everywhere for your life.

I like how in the past 3 weeks, I think of you as an older brother since the things you saw can drive Grey.

I do not like it when the checkout cashiers have long lines, but I know that your grocery stores are empty of stock and people.

As a kid, I never liked going to school and I wanted to burn, I envy you since the Israeli already granted you that wish.

I get nervous when I do not have enough change to take the bus, but i know you do not have a clean change of clothes to wear.

I cannot make up my mind whether to shower in cold water or hot one, but that's something you would not relate to, since water does not run in the entire house.

I never enjoyed the worship time, but that's something you no longer worry about since Israel bombed most of our neighborhood mosques.

I freak out when I see the invoice for my rent, but Habibi, you won't worry about that since your landlord was killed last night.

I feel bad when the bank slaps me with an overdraft fee, but thanks to the siege on Gaza, banks over there got no currency so that won't be a problem anymore.

I struggle when I debate weather to buy organic or not organic foods, but I know your concept of organic food is the one grown with sewage water.

I get irritated when I see you hanging our with your 33 nephews and nieces who look up to you to keep them safe. While I am looking for better way to keep my little savings safe.

I know for me a Safeway and a Target are both places to hunt bargains,, but for you, finding a safe way is essential to avoid being hunted as a target for Israeli fire.

Taking the stairs is a a good exercise for my heart, but you always sleep under the staircase to feel safer from shelling.

In short, I say I am doing well, how about you brother?
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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Courtesy of Israel, the only Democracy in the region!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calling Gaza

I got few minutes of talk time with the family today, which was nice. The whole family was staying in one bedroom. My niece Roa'a (by far my favorite) is sleeping next to my mother, where she asked her to hide her in her dress. She told her that if a bomb comes, it will hit both of us. Mother added, I wish I could hide all these grandchildren in my heart--but we all know that is not a safe place either.

My nephews are spread around town to live with different families, that's their father's wishes. None of his three sons and one daughter is staying at the same place. A number of families now have moved more than twice in the recent thee weeks assault on Gaza. My family might be yet relocating soon since our neighbor home got hit.

My sister-in-law delivered a bay girl and she still has to be named, none of the offices or the clinics are open to take are of that, so she shall remain nameless for--like the majority of the Palestinians. I think mother said, they are thinking about calling her Siwar, Arabic for Corsage.
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Madhoun Watch

An interview with Israel Ynet news

Muhammad Madhoun, a resident of Beit Lahiya said he recently opened a computers' business in which he invested a great deal of his money. "In the morning I woke up and the store's neighbors called to let me know that the whole place was destroyed. There are no computers, no equipment, no furniture, it's all ruined," he said.

Despite the pain, Madhoun expressed relief at the fact that so far, he has only suffered property damage. "My brothers' homes were destroyed, but thank God, so far we haven't had any injures, we just sit and pray," he said.
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GZ Update

Another Madhoun, not sure who he would be....but I have an uncle with that name and a second cousin. Not sure if he is one of them...but I hoping to find out...the lines are still not giving me a connection. He is just shot he is with us

# The number of Palestinians killed has now exceeded 1,010
# Maher al-Madhoun, Ahmad Matar, journalists just wounded in an airstrike
# Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan refuse to attend the Arab summit in Doha.
# Saudi Arabia calls for its own summit in Riyadh
# Two Palestinians killed in the West Bank, one found bound and shot in the head by a settler
# Gaza City was totally covered in white smoke at around 7AM this morning
# Asdod port set ablaze by Palestinian rockets from Gaza
# Several katyushas fall on Kiryat Shmona from Lebanon
# Dr Mads Gilbert is amazing. Did anyone see him on AJE?
# Around 60 Arab doctors were allowed through Rafah over the past three days, but had to sign a release absolving Egypt of responsibility for their safety
# Yesterday a 15-story building in the center of Gaza was completely destroyed by F-16s. It was being used by Palestinian snipers.
# The level of destruction is seriously unimaginable. Beirut's southern suburb circa 2006, and worse
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Norwegian doctors return after 11 days in Gaza

you know the people of Gaza are on the right side of history when you see both God and the Godless coming to their aid...

Posted : Mon, 12 Jan 2009 15:21:17 GMT
Author : DPA
Category : Middle East (World)

Oslo - Two Norwegian doctors who spent an 11-day tour of duty at a hospital in Gaza returned home Monday, calling for an immediate halt to the violence and opening of the border posts to Gaza. Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert have treated scores of Palestinian patients injured during the Israeli offensive in Gaza that Monday entered day 17, and was estimated to have claimed over 900 lives.

"The situation in Gaza is much worse than we can describe," Gilbert told reporters, saying Gaza was a "huge humanitarian catastrophe." Supplies of food, medicine and other goods are severely stretched.

Gilbert, 61, said their presence in Gaza "helped give the Palestinians a sense that they were not alone, something they told us again and again."

The two doctors worked for the Norwegian Aid Committee, a humanitarian organization funded by the Norwegian government.

Fosse, 58, said Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Foreign Minister Jens Gahr Store had been in contact with them during their period at Gaza City's Shifa hospital.

"Our impression is that they are very concerned about the situation," Fosse said, adding that it was crucial to find "a long- term solution" to the conflict.

Gilbert said he hoped "we will see this as a turning point," and that the crisis can generate "political solutions."

On arrival at Oslo's Gardermoen airport the two expressed relief at not hearing the noise of jet fighters, and Gilbert said it was good to meet media that did not have to work under restrictions of the kind experienced by foreign media covering the Gaza conflict.

During their stint in Gaza, Gilbert and Fosse were interviewed by several media outlets that were prevented from accessing Gaza.

Gilbert, a member of the leftist Red party, previously the Workers Communist Party, has been criticized for remarks he made apparently defending the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

Gilbert on Monday was quoted as telling Oslo daily Dagbladet that he regretted those remarks.
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Whoever Said You Cannot Beat a Dead Horse

Is dead wrong.

Ala'a Almadhoun, a reporter for Alarabiya Network, reported a recent Israeli air strike on Palestinian Cemetery in the Northern Part of the Gaza Strip. Reports of bodies of the dead scattered around the cemetery are mortifying.

Evidently, it wasn't enough that Israel killed those people, they had to go and harass them in their final resting place. As the Arab prover says, "Once the goat is dead, it is does not bother her if you skin her"

Unlike many at home, we are upset with this incident, I am not surprised. I mean, Israelis got away with killing all these people, why would not they get away with harassing the already dead. Unless you are James Bond, then you only die once.

غارة إسرائيلية على مقبرة شمال غزة "تنثر" رفات الأموات

استهداف المقابر

رفات متناثرة

غزة- علا المدهون

أصيب الفلسطينيون بحالة من الذعر والهلع الممزوجة بالصدمة والسخط والغضب عندما استفاقوا صباح الأربعاء 14-1-2009 على هزة أرضية جديدة سببتها قذيفة صاروخية أطلقتها طائرة حربية إسرائيلية من نوع "اف 16" استهدفت فيها مقبرة حي الشيخ رضوان شمال غرب مدينة غزة ما أدى إلى تناثر جثث ورفات الأموات فيها، نقلا عن شهود عيان.

وتساءل الفلسطينيون عن سبب استهداف الطائرات الحربية الإسرائيلية لتلك المقبرة التي لا تحوى إلا جثث ورفات الأموات، معربين عن اعتقادهم بأنه لم يبق أمام إسرائيل وطائراتها، بعد أن ضربت كافة المساجد والمنازل والجامعات والمؤسسات، سوى المقابر والأموات لتستهدفهم لأنها -حسب اعتقادهم- "تحتضن جثث آباء وأجداد قادة المقاومة وأبطالها".
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Death, Hope and Wishes in Gaza

It was the first relatively quiet afternoon when my sister-in-law Amani (Arabic for Wishes) decided to go back to our house to pick up few items she left behind when she and my entire family fled the neighborhood. Longing for company, Amani took her son Omar (16 years old) with her. Arriving at our home, they noticed that our town in Northern Gaza Strip, Beit Lahia became a ghost town since the Israeli ground invasion sent everyone running for their lives—keep in mind that they are already refugees from 1948 and some from 1967.

At our home, three people remained: my grandparents (both 87 years old) and my 22 year old cousin Amal (Arabic for Hope) who stayed behind to take care of them, since the burden of old age has taken a toll on their ability to move around with relative ease. Most of the family was against her desires to stay behind, because the house was on the frontline of the war, its entrance directly faces the Israeli forces and their "weapons of mass destruction."

Amal and Amani are sisters and it was Amani's apartment that Amal was staying at. Just a few moments after Amani and Omar arrived at the apartment, Amani went to the bedroom to pack a few items. Omar joined Amal in the kitchen when suddenly, a bullet ripped through Amal's head.

She dropped on to Omar.

As Omar described it, "I heard a loud noise and then my aunt fell on me . . . there was lots of blood . . . like a blood fountain."

Traumatized, Omar called his mom and they carried Amal's body to the nearest car and rushed her to the hospital. No ambulances were allowed or available to collect the dead and wounded from the battlefield, which is where civilians like my family reside.

Amani finally arrived at the Kamal Edwan Hospital and they quickly took her in for immediate emergency treatment. It was there that she remained from Friday until late Sunday evening in intensive care. She died. An Israeli sniper fired at Amal through the kitchen window.

I have many fond memories of Amal and now this, recanted to me by family, will be my last.

I remember that she was the only girl in the neighborhood who would play soccer with us and when we were short on players, we would ask her to be the goalie. One time, the ball hit her hard in the stomach and she said she did not want to play anymore. She had blue eyes.

Her family seems to be at peace with the thought of her passing away. In the words of her father, as he told me over the phone when I managed to get through to Gaza: "As sad as I am for losing my beautiful daughter, my pain is child's play when compared to the pain of others." He told me about a few families that lost at least five members in one hit and also mentioned that an entire block of residential homes in Jabalia had been completely "wiped off the face of the earth" . . . they've just ceased to exit.

It is only proper that while Americans are celebrating the powerful message behind the concepts of "Change" and "Hope" with the election of Barack Obama, my family in Palestine is mourning the death of "Hope."
In the meantime, my sister-in-law just had a baby girl. Her miraculous timing proves to me and to that rest of the world that out of the ashes of death and destruction, new life and new hopes are reborn and restored to a land and its people. I was also told that the new baby has yet to be given a name. I would propose calling her Palestine. Is there a better name for a baby born in the midst of hardship and tribulation. Palestine will eventually get up, rise to her feet and proudly stand as the beautiful woman she replaces.
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Chronicles of My Gaza Family

Being from Gaza these days is a burden. Everyone who knows me is asking about my family. And all I can answer is how they were 4 days ago, when I could reach them last. They have no electricity now, and I can only hope they are alright.

I can tell you how they were when I last checked on them.

My cousin Rabah's house was hit directly by an Israeli strike. This is tragic irony. Rabah opposes Hamas deeply. But missiles do not care about such things.

His brother Yehia, also a critic of Hamas, is a local journalist. His office was hit.

My sister Niveen and my Uncles Ahmad, Ala'a, Kamal have all relocated to my parents' house.

My uncle Ala'a is especially worried. He is wheelchair-bound and walking up and down the rubble is simply not an option for him.

My family's neighborhood includes a mosque. It was one of the 70 hit by Israel. My family's five-story home suffered substantial damage, but even worse, seventeen worshipers lost their lives as they were praying.

Until three days ago, Beit Lahia, our town, had been relatively safe. Abu Mazin, my father, is probably not surprised by the worsening situation. He often said, "the past is the good part. At least we know how painful it was. The future is the scary because it always gets worse for us Palestinians."

My mother asked me two things. The first is to pray for them, and the second is to forgive them if they have done me wrong, a routine gesture for Muslims facing death. She told me that going to sleep without knowing if she is going to wake up or not is not something she wishes upon anyone, even the pilot of the plane who may launch the fatal missile.

She uttered an Arabic proverb that basically says, "dying along with the people you love eases the suffering." It was not comforting to say the least.

Mazin was in a bad mood, an unusual state for my eldest brother. As he sat in the street watching Israeli bombs shower the area, he pondered how they really have no place to go. Mazin smoked his hookah like it would be his last.

Not everyone was gloomy. Mahmoud, my younger brother and the prankster in the family teases his newlywed friend. Their honeymoon will be short-lived, he told me, interrupted by Barak, Livni and Olmert.

Last time I visited Gaza was in 2005. Things were bad then, and they are only worse now. I cannot recall a scarier time than this for my home. I read this morning that Israel killed over 46 Palestinians seeking refuge at a school in my town. My father is a teacher there. Until I find out who was among the casualties, I will hold on to what I heard 4 days ago.
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People I Know...Not Numbers I Count

The following highlighted names of individuals who I either know or know their fathers....all died Today...

كان ثلاثة عشر مقاوما استشهدوا في مواجهات تلت تقدم قوات الاحتلال باتجاه منطقة الكرامة ومشروع عامر، جنوب غرب جباليا، وهم:حسن محمد أبو زمر 22 عاماً ومحمد خليل إبراهيم أبو ليلة 20 عاماً ونائل محمود علي 25 عاماً وإبراهيم إسماعيل دبابش 22 عاماً وأسامة أحمد العبسي 24 عاماً وحمد حسن البراوي 25 عاماً كامل جميل السرحي 22 عاماً يوسف محمد الشرباصي 27 عاماً ويوسف عمر لبد 23 عاماً وخالد سعدي العابد 22 عاماً وأسعد سعدي احمد 24 عاماً وعلي الطناني 26 عاماً وأحمد كمال الدلو 27 عاماً.

وعثرت طواقم الاسعاف في مستشفى كمال عدوان على جثة المسن مقبل عيد الجرابيع 92 عاماً وكانت متحللة، حيث تبين أنه كان قد أصيب في أول يوم للاجتياح الإسرائيلي لمنطقة سكناه ولم تتمكن الطواقم الطبية من الوصول إليه طوال الفترة الماضية، وعثر على جثته في منطقة المغسلة في عزبة عبد ربه، شمال قطاع غزة، وكان في يده راية بيضاء وقصفت طائرات الاحتلال صاروخاً على المقاوم هشام السقا، 21 عاماً، في منطقة السودانية شمال غزة مما أدى إلى استشهاده.

وفي مدينة غزة اندلعت اشتباكات عنيفة بين قوات الاحتلال التي تقدمت في توغلها إلى حي تل الهوي ما ادي الى استشهاد ثمانية مقومين هم محمد نادر أبو شعبان 17 عاماً فتحي يوسف المزيني 18 عاما وحاتم ديب أبو دف 23 عاماً وبلال محمد ديبة 19 عاما وعلاء منذر عبد الشافعي 37 عاماً ومحمود أحمد جحا 19 عاما وسعد محمد حسان 21 عاماً ومحمد حازم أبو لباد 20 عاماً.
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Hajj Yaseen

My grandpa Hajj Yaseen as we call him is the the one in our family that decided our family's destiny. While Hajj Yaseen is still holding out in Beit Lahia where the place has turned into a ghost town. He still Refuses to relocate to another place, at first instinct, I do not think he wants to live anymore. Since he is 87, I do not think you care much if you live or die. But if I look at this and say this is the guy who fled our native city of Majdal Asqalan in 1948 when the Israelis where terrorizing and slaughtering a dozen of villages. Hajj Yaseen and Hajja Rifqa (my grandmother) had an argument as he told me as of where to head. She wanted him to settle in the Gaza Strip as a refugee...Gaza is close to the City of Asqalan. He wanted to go up north to toward the borders with Lebanon. Had he decided to do that, we would not have been refugees, but rather members of a discriminated against minority group in Israel. I guess since my Grandma was pregnant, Hajj Yaseen did not want to upset a hormonal mother.

Needless to say Hajj Yaseen still have the old key and deeds to his property in Almajdal, like countless others. I hope I get a chance to see him again and catch up with those old stories he used to tell us.

P.S. Hajj Yaseen thought me many lessons in life, one I remember the most is how he used to bury leftovers and peels of fruits and veggies in the nearby farms.

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GZ Ground Update

Few updates out of Gaza...collected by calling Gaza

Amal did not want to leave the house, she wanted to stay and take care of my grandparents who have limited movement. She would not go to stay in another house, her sisters are either living in Jabaliya camp of at our uncle Nafiz in Al Rimal neighborhood. in Gaza City. Apparently, she was in comma for two days because her heart had some activities. She memorizes the Koran and was on her fourth year in the Islamic University of Gaza.

The funeral for Amal is kept on a low profile, since no one dares to leave their homes. People die in the streets because few would gamble their own life to risk someone else's.

Amal means hope in Arabic, it's only proper that the guys who assassinated hope, the Palestinian girl. While the US enjoys it's recent leap of Hope with the elction of Obama; Israel was too busy assassinated hope on the other side.

The only person staying in an entire 6 blocks is one person, my grandpa...he is too old to leave and he actually wants some peace away from people. He is 87, I hope he is well.

Another story of a woman who has just delivered a baby in the local school where she is taking refuge. It was her time to deliver the new born and her family came to our safe (?) house to ask for clothes for the new baby. My sister in law gave her whatever she can find.

Om ElSaid Baba, a homemaker in Beit Lahia was cooking for her kids, and as the smoke from the fire went out, she was cooking Malfoof as gas shortage in Gaza is severe. She was cooking on fire, the Israeli plane saw the fire and that was a good enough reason to take her out. She is survived by a husband and 7 children. One of her boys is in Egypt in a comma due to an Israeli shrapnel.

Kids nowadays go around asking people for fresh tomatoes, bread and whatever they can find to keep them alive. So much for humanitarian aid. On that note, my dad as a teacher for the UNRWA was issued a two 50 Kilos bags of wheat...he has no way of picking them up.

"Medical sources reported that two residents, including a child, were killed in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Their bodies were moved to Kamal Adwan Hospital.

The sources added that a child of Dalloul family died of his wounds in al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The child was wounded in overnight Israeli military shelling that targeted al-Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City; one woman was also killed in the shelling.

Also, Amal Mohammad Al Madhoun and another resident, who remained unidentified, were killed in another Israeli strike. Resident, Shaiboub Shambaly died at a hospital in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, after he was seriously wounded by the Israelis."
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House Mate

Amal Ahmad Almadhoun is 22 years old, we grew up together in the same house. Her father Ahmad is my uncle, as of my father's brother. when I read the name they got it wrong in the news, but when I called Mohammad, my younger brother told me that it was her. I was speechless.

Amal was shot in the head Friday and this morning she passed away. She stopped by our old house to pick up few things on her way back to the relatively safer house. She was in the kitchen with my nephew Omar and my sister in law Amany...a sniper got to her and from what Omar said, her body dropped to the floor, hitting Omar who was next to her. She was in the ICU for two days, but nothing can save her.

As sad as this seems, and I am sad and hurt, when I spoke to my uncle and her brother Yosef they were at ease and said "Whole families lost their lives" "Many homes vanished" "We only give one person" Still I am mad. I did not know these familes, I do not care for building when always rebuild...that's what we do. But Amal is my cousin and she won't be back.

What did the Israeli solider think in the second prior to sniping her? Did he think he got an operative who was hiding in the kitchen?
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A Song for Gaza....

Calling it as it takes an artist

a Song by Michael Heart, an LA based musician.
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GZ Update

Still no word from back home, I was able to get a 30 second connection yesterday to my younger brother's cell, but learned nothing in those precious 30 seconds. more death in Gaza....901 fallen so far close to 300 children. Israel still refuses to stop their was in defiance of the UN Security Council resolution. Israeli troops are moving in closer to the center of the Strip...where everyone has relocated in search for safety. Another member of my family just lost their life...a female named Amal Mohammad Almadhoun who lives in our town...not sure of her age yet or how she relates to me.

وفي وقت سابق أعلنت المصادر الطبية أن طفلاً من عائلة دلول استشهد بعد نقله من مستشفى القدس الى مستشفى الشفاء لخطورة حالته، اثر اصابته في القصف الليلي على حي الزيتون، كما أسفر القصف على ذات الحي عن استشهاد سيدة نُقل جثمانها صباح اليوم الى المستشفى.

كما أكدت المصادر الطبية استشهاد المواطنة أمل محمد المدهون ومواطن آخر لم تعرف هويته من جباليا، وكذلك استشهاد المواطن شيبوب شمباري من بيت حانون متأثراً بجراحه.

وتفيد مصادرنا أن الجيش الاسرائيلي يكثف من هجومه على الاطراف الشرقية لمدينة غزة وشمال القطاع، في محاولة لتوسيع تقدمه، فيما يتصدى مقاومون لتلك القوات ويشتبكون معها، ويعيقون تقدمها.
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Friday, January 09, 2009


How come there are voices find it in their heard to justify this carnage? Watch this graphic video of a Palestinian father speaking to the Israelis in Hebrew and showing them his family. Watch the anchor choke after the video.

Click Here
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Best Seat in the House!

This picture indicates that either Israeli TV sucks and out of good ideas that can get these good Israeli Hasidic Jews entrained or that the view of the Israeli bombing is too exciting to miss; we are in trouble in both cases.

I bet it won't be long tell an Israeli entrepreneur to take advantage of the crowd and set up a hot dogs stand and a popcorn machine to cater to fellow spectaculars who have an appetite for munching on some popcorn and big long as they are kosher off course...while Palestinians are getting slaughtered by the hundreds. In other words, the Israelis are pleasuring themselves on the Palestinians expense.
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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Interview With Dad

After five days of not being able to talk to Gaza...we finally broke through (cannot call now) and recorded an interview with Abu Mazin. Please forgive the poor quality and the occasional Arabic that creeps in every now and then. Will from kabobfest helped conduct the interview.

Click here

Let me know what you think.
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My Dad's School Massacre

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights LTD (non profit)

Date: 08 January 2009

"I Am Still Alive"

Testimonies from the Gaza Strip

Testimony 1: Carnage at Al-Fakhoura School, Jabalia.

"I was working at the [Kamal Edwan] Hospital here in Jabalia, when the ambulances arrived with the dead and injured from Al-Fakhoura school. Most of the dead were women and children, and most of the survivors had terrible shrapnel wounds. We had to turn the maternity ward into a surgical theatre so that we could try to save more lives."

Ayman Al-Majdalawi is a nurse from Jabalia in the Northern Gaza Strip. Yesterday, January 6, he was on duty at Kamal Edwan hospital when the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) fired four artillery shells towards nearby Al-Fakhoura school. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) had just transformed the school into a temporary shelter for dozens of local families, who, like thousands of other local residents, had been driven out of their homes by the IOF's continuing military onslaught. One of the four artillery shells struck the house of Samir Deeb, instantly killing him, his wife, three of his children, five of his brother's children and two female relatives. The other three artillery shells exploded next to Al-Fakhoura school, causing carnage in and around the crowded school. Twenty seven civilians were killed instantly, and more than fifty injured. Women, men and children had limbs torn from their bodies by the force of the explosions.

"The ambulance drivers told me the Israelis were shooting at them as they were trying to evacuate the dead and injured" says Ayman Al-Majdalawi. "When the ambulances arrived at Kamal Edwan, there was chaos. This is a small hospital, and we were trying to save as many people as we could - but a lot of them had already lost arms or legs, and they were bleeding heavily. It was horrific."

Under customary international law, it is illegal to target civilian objects, including schools, hospitals and United Nations facilities. IOF claimed Al-Fakhoura school was targeted because Hamas militants had fired [at IOF] from the school. However, under customary international law, an attacking force is obliged to take the necessary precautions to protect the civilian population against the dangers resulting from military operations. Given the densely-populated, residential nature of the area surrounding the school, an artillery attack in the vicinity could reasonably be expected to cause excessive civilian casualties. As John Ging, UNRWA Director of Operations in the Gaza Strip noted "it was entirely inevitable if artillery shells landed in that area there would be a high number of casualties."

John Ging also stated that his agency had provided the Israelis with exact geographical coordinates of all UN facilities in Gaza, including Al-Fakhoura school. He refuted IOF claims that Hamas gunmen had fired at them from the school. "I can tell you categorically that there was no military activity in that school at the time of the tragedy" he said. "They were innocent people."

Since the Israeli Occupation Forces unleashed 'Operation Cast Lead' on December 27, 2008, at least 682 Palestinians have been killed inside the Gaza Strip, including at least 158 children and 41 women. Another 2,950 adults and children have been maimed and injured, leaving Gaza hospitals at the brink of total collapse. Israeli war planes and tanks are indiscriminately bombing and shelling civilian houses and facilities across the entire Gaza Strip, whilst heavily armed IOF troops shoot to kill on the streets.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazan families are trapped inside their homes, without electricity water or adequate food, terrified of being killed, or buried alive. Meanwhile medical staff like Ayman Al-Majdalawi are risking their lives to reach, and rescue, the dead and injured. "No-where in Gaza safe" he says. "Our ambulances are in danger, and some of the injured people have bled to death because we couldn't reach them. I try to go to other hospitals if I am needed, but it is very dangerous, and like everyone else, we are very frightened."
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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gaza Live Update

It's very thoughtful of you to think of my family, thanks for all your emails and notes! I just gotten through, the service was shaky...but we spoke with the is really sad.

My dad is no alarmist, but he was in a bad shape. My family moved into the center to stick around with other people, a friend of mine got killed as I was talking to them on the phone. Hassan ElkaHloot, about 20 years old, used to hang out at our store since we were renting a property owned by his dad. He used to make me tea, if i needed it. He is gone!

My mom I could not understand a world of her, her voice was overwhelmed with emotion since she survived an attack that killed 40 other people. "Inkatably 'Omor Jadeed" I asked her if she was talking about the school massacre, my dad said no, the other one. So Israel in one day kill more than 40 people a pop and get away with it. My mom was heading home since the sister in law was not kicking the baby out of her yet, and on her way the hit took place.

My sister in law is having a baby, at the worst time, where your survival is not a priority, but rather told "your baby, should stay in there as much as he/she can" because they are trying to bring some infant to life he has already have

My family lives in a basement now, where all my sisters also moved out there way since the Israelis are at the corners of Beit Lahia and Beit Hanooun. Dad was worried as he spoke to me on the phone that the Israeli plane will strike him since he looked like he was in a serious conversation. Before he hand up he said "This is a mad war, and no one care about us," "We have Allah"

Happens is meant to be shared, so not being able to enjoy life with the ones you love is cold like Hassan's little body in the hospital fridge.

If you want to talk to them....

011 972 599 012 916
011 972 599 012 917
011 972 599 882 884
011 972 599 544 596

Maybe you will have a better luck getting a connection...and please let me know what you hear...
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Quick Update

Day 12 of attacks, more than 600 now reported dead...many children and if the children are not dead...they are physiologically challenges...I am not keeding if the adults are scared like no time since 1967...imagine the children.

Still not able to get a hold mf my family for the fifth straigh day. i even had people with Israeli numbers try to call, but nothing to report...if you are a Palestinians like calling the rest of the world, no one picks up the phone and come to your aid. Allah Yistor.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Gaza wounded dying because ambulances can't reach them: Red Cross

GENEVA (AFP) — People wounded in fighting in the Gaza Strip are dying because ambulances cannot reach them, the International Committee of the Red Cross said Monday.

"The situation is extremely dangerous and the coordination of ambulance services is very complex because of the incessant attacks and military operations," ICRC spokeswoman Dorothea Krimitsas said in Geneva.

"Wounded people have died while waiting for Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances," she added.

The International Committee of the Red Cross was also concerned about water supplies in the densely populated coastal strip.

Krimitsas said two out of the 45 wells in the Gaza Strip were out of action after having been hit during Israeli air raids, while the pumps on eight others were no longer working because of power cuts.

"Half a million people, that's about one third of the population of the territory, are threatened with being completely deprived of water," she said.

Krimitsas said technicians needed to gain access to the electrical installations damaged during the fighting.

A team of four ICRC medical staff, including a surgeon, were allowed into the Gaza Strip from Israel on Monday after three days' delay, the relief agency said.

They are due to help staff at the territory's Shifa hospital carry out complex operations on the wounded. The medical team also brought in tetanus vaccines for children and blood supplies, Krimitsas said.
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Medical Doctor in Gaza

This is a Norwegian Doctor who volunteers with the Gaza Medical Services. They might be Godless and socialists up in Norway, but they really care for others.
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Monday, January 05, 2009

True Liars

First rule of reading and watching the news coming formal news channels, or state run propaganda, the Middle East is not new to the game. Whenever, the main stream American media quotes Israeli officials saying things like, "there are no humanitarian crisis in Gaza" I step back and say "Really?" if Gaza is not experiencing humanitarian crisis, I do not know who is. Let's go through a list, to see if we have crisis or not. no power for 70% of the residence of the Strip (the 30% who have power get it from Egypt, Israel will have to bomb Egypt to reach the 100%). Because, there is no power in Gaza, water does not get pumped to most home tanks. UNRWA reports of increasing food and fuel shortage. Human Rights Watch reports, lack of basic medical supplies and power to run medical devices that keeps people alive. Phone lines do not work, for the past three days, neither have I or any of my friends been able to get a line to Gaza. People are not free to move from point A to point B, it is an open air prison. Add to that constant Israeli shelling and air strikes that kills people in hospitals, places of learning and mosques...I am sure there are more to add to the list such as sanitation and sewage treatments do not function...Granted Palestinian militant groups use propaganda against Israel, but these guys are irrelevant since they never get any airtime and no one quote a single positive thing (if any) they say.

Truly, there are lies, damn lies and Israeli official statements. It's a shame because if this guy worked for the Sudanese government, we will never know there are Humanitarian crisis in Darfur...
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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Last Gaza Quote

"It sucks if you die, but dying with others as a blessing" that's an Arabic proverb that is too familiar for too many Palestinians right now. They all gather together in one place hoping to minimize loss of life since their exposure to risk will be not as spread. Keep in mind, the purpose of the saying is to tell that you should never be alone not in death. I can see Fox News taking this to say "Kill more Arabs!, not just one!"

To me, this says, you should never be alone, not even in, it does not mean rake others with you, but rather stick together and whatever happens happens. That's why fmailies in the Gaza Strip are coming all together now and moving in with each other to feel like one again...for 18 months Palestinians have been pulling hard times brings them's sad that only tragedies do that to us...kind of like 9/11 Americans stood United (eventually the sat down)
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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Subs vs. Supers

I was wondering about the two different ways, two different people view the Palestinian people. The Arab people who are mostly in support of the Palestinian cause, look at the Palestinians inside the occupied territories and see the people living in there as super-humans. Although this is flattering and true in many cases, but what the Arabs living abroad don't fully comprehend that those people are human too. They have fears and worries that occur to all of us when it comes to our personal safety and our own well being. While, it is true that the Palestinians living under constant Israeli harassment are resilient and though people, but they are no supermen. When I call home and friends, I am often reminded that we fear the same things. Maybe because the Arabs do not really understand the full extent of the Israeli aggression or maybe it is because they know that they themselves cannot live under those conditions to they project on the Palestinians to be super humans. As the Chinese rightfully say, "Weak waves do not make strong boats."

The other group is way the common man in America view the same population. While there are many Americans who understand the complexity of the Palestine-Israel situation, you wouldn't know that from watching the news networks. The way Palestinian viewed is mainly negative, they are one of three terrorist, sympathizer of terrorism or vote for terrorists. While some of those are true if you look at them from the American political frame, but this view is unfortunately divorced from reality. "They probably deserve it" in way that perspective puts Palestinians as subhumans.

Those two groups also have apposing views on the way they look at the Israelis as people, and the differences are stark.
Between the super humans and the subhumans Palestinians are caught in Israeli fire and no one knows when this carnage will end.
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Friday, January 02, 2009

Cousin's Home

My maternal cousin Rabah (how many cousins do I have?) Rabah is a successful 40 something businessman who runs a number of clothing stores in the Northern part of Gaza. Making a comfortable living and employing tens of unemployed youngsters who would be otherwise causing trouble. The picture here is for his home. His house was bombed three days ago, and he had to flee to a safer neighborhood, after all once a refugee always one. Rabah is from, my branch of the family, he happens to be pragmatic, but not too hot on Hamas (his brother Sameeh and Yahia) so there goes the Israeli claim of targeting Hamas. Hamas or no Hamas, the Israelis will shoot you down and take you to town! those are scary days for my family. Even more scary than the second and the first intifada, the killing seems to be random and almost in all sittings of life, Palestinians have been targeted. Places of learning, worship, residence, health care, work,...etc. have all been targeted by Israelis. As a good pathological lair, Israel believes that lies it manufactures to sell their insane actions to people who do not really care that much.
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The 500 Jesus

Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins. He was selfless in that act so that people be forgiven if they repent. so in Christina, Christ died to make our life easier...and this took place in Palestine. But now in Palestine, the only time Palestinians get attention, support and relief from the world when dozens die. Now millions march in the streets to support us, others are opening their wallets, and some are now listening to our plight. Such spike in donations to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians would not have happened if it was not for those who died. In other words 419 people had to die so the living ones can have an easier living.

P.S. Unlike Christ those killed in Palestine, did not chose to live or die in Palestine, he did (according to Christianity)
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New Year Fireworks

You know it's not a New Year celebration until you party in the presence of intoxicated people. that's what Israel gave the residence of Gaza, a new year party with the intoxicated Israeli leaders. Only a moron or an intoxicated individual would allow massacres and destruction go unchecked for such a long time. Unfortunately, both the Israeli left and the American left and right were too busy drinking their eggnog mix and over indulging in their Champagne. And it cannot be a new year without the fireworks, Israeli has put large display of firework that lasted for straight six days now. Thanks to loads of highly explosive material, those fireworks can also be seen during the light of the day courtesy of the IDF. I am not being insensitive here, but I am too hurt of what is taking place in Gaza and since I am selfish, the safety of my family and loved ones is on my mind. But, like Gazans, I could not miss the fireworks this year.

Maybe 2009 will be the year when Palestinians will have less fire and more work.
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إصابة عدد من المواطنين في سلسلة غارات إسرائيلية على قطاع غزة

التاريخ : 2/1/2009 الوقت : 11:56
ح+ . ح- . الإفتراضي

غزة 2-1-2009 وفا- شن الطيران الحربي الإسرائيلي اليوم، عدة غارات جوية من أقصى الشمال إلى أقصى الجنوب في قطاع غزة.

وأوضح مراسلنا أن ستة مواطنين أصيبوا بجروح في قصف إسرائيلي على مخيم البريج وسط قطاع غزة، ونقلوا لتلقي العلاج في مستشفى شهداء الأقصى.

وأضاف المراسل أن قوات الاحتلال أغارت بطائرات (اف 16) على الشريط الحدودي بين الأراضي الفلسطينية المصرية في رفح، وكذلك على منطقة الجرادات الحدودية شرق مطار غزة الدولي.

وأشار إلى أن الطيران الحربي الإسرائيلي قصف منطقة غير مأهولة قرب مركز شرطة بيت لاهيا شمال قطاع غزة، دون أن يبلغ عن إصابات، فيما قصفت طائرة استطلاع منزل القيادي في حماس عاطف عدوان في بلدة بيت حانون شمال قطاع غزة.

وفي بيت لاهيا، قال مراسلنا إن طائرات (اف 16) قصفت منل المواطن محمد المدهون بصاروخين، مشيرا إلى أن احدهما لم ينفجر.

وأضاف أن طائرات استطلاع قصفت منطقة غير مأهولة في جبل الكاشف شرق جباليا، دون أن يبلغ عن إصابات.
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All Is Under Israeli Fire

My cousin, he is my cousin on both side, he is also the younger brother to Sameeh, my other cousin who was killed back in June 2007. His computer center was attacked today by Israeli airplanes. Yehia is a journalist and has no affiliation with any political parties. This goes to tell you that he is probably not too hot on Hamas because of history with them. But this shows the Israelis are just targeting anyone in Gaza.
غزة 4 محرم 1430هـ الموافق 01 يناير 2009م واس
قصفت طائرات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي اليوم مركزاً للكمبيوتر وخدمات الانترنت في منطقة مسجد القسام بمشروع بيت لاهيا.
وأشارت مصادر فلسطينية إلى أن مركزاً للكمبيوتر يديره الصحفي يحيى المدهون تعرض لأضرار كبيرة جراء القصف .
ونقلت المصادر عن المدهون قوله // إن العدوان الإسرائيلي يستهدف كل شيء وجميع الأهداف بخلاف الأكاذيب التي يروجها بأنه يستهدف حركة حماس //.. وأضاف أن المركز يقدم خدمات الكمبيوتر للمواطنين والطباعة والنشر.
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إسرائيل تكرر سيناريو اغتيال شحادة مع "أسد فلسطين" في مخيم جباليا

جباليا(غزة)- أ ف ب

أعاد اغتيال القيادي البارز في حركة حماس نزار ريان إلى الأذهان سيناريو استهداف القائد العام السابق لكتائب عز الدين القسّام صلاح شحادة الذي استهدفته في نهاية تموز (يوليو) 2002 بقنبلة تزن طنا ألقتها طائرة إسرائيلية من نوع (إف 16)على بناية في حي مزدحم بمدينة غزة، مما أودى آنذاك بحياة 18 فلسطيني بينهم 8 أطفال.

وفي السيناريو الجديد القديم حولت الصواريخ التي ألقتها طائرات حربية إسرائيلية على منزل نزار ريان محيطه السكني في وسط مخيم جباليا للاجئين إلى كومة من الحجارة اختلطت بدماء القتلى وأشلائهم. وانتشل شبان اندفعوا إلى المنزل المدمر وهم من جيران نزار ريان (52 عاما) جثته من بين أنقاض المنزل المكون من خمس طبقات.

وعمل الجيران والمسعفون وسط النيران والدخان المتصاعد من المنزل المدمر على انتشال جثث القتلى وهم بشكل خاص إضافة إلى ريان زوجاته الأربع وعدد من أطفاله.

وبدت بقع دم على جدران المنزل المدمر، بينما انشغل مسعفون بلملمة أشلاء القتلى التي تناثرت في الطريق الضيق المؤدي إلى منزله.

ودمر صاروخان ألقتهما طائرة حربية منزل ريان تدميرا كاملا، إضافة إلى خمسة منازل ملاصقة به, فيما لحقت أضرار جسيمة في نحو عشرين منزلا آخر في محيطه.

وبينما كانت سيارات الإطفاء تحاول إخماد حريق شب في المنزل ومنزلين مجاورين، كانت الطائرات الإسرائيلية تنفذ مزيدا من الغارات الجوية مستهدفة مدرسة تابعة لحماس ومنزلا آخر في جباليا.

ورفض الحاج محمد المدهون (70 عاما) الخروج من بقايا منزله الملاصق لمنزل ريان، وقال: "طلبوا من الشيخ نزار المغادرة لكنه رفض (...) الضربة انتهت, وما أرادوه حققوه فقتل الشيخ رحمه الله". ولم يعرف العجوز بعد أن ابنته التي كانت في الطابق الأرضي من منزله قد قتلت أيضا في الغارة.

وأمام باب منزل مدمر جزئيًّا مقابل منزل ريان وقفت الطفلة الهام أبو حمد (12 عاما) تبكي وتقول "يريدون أن يقتلونا".

وهرع إلى المكان المستهدف على الفور مئات الفلسطينيين، بينما كان رجال الدفاع المدني يعملون على إبعادهم كي يتسنى البحث عن ثلاثة أطفال كانوا لا يزالون تحت الأنقاض. وقال نعيم وهو ضابط في جهاز الإطفاء "لا أحد يريد أن يسمعنا, نحاول إزالة الركام قبل أن يحل الليل لعلنا نعثر على الأطفال أحياء".

فجأة يصرخ شاب في العشرينات من عمره بعد أن عثر على جثة طفلة "شهيدة" لا تتجاوز الأعوام الثلاثة انتشلها من تحت الحجارة المدمرة. وقال "الله ينتقم منك يا (وزير الدفاع الإسرائيلي إيهود) باراك, ما ذنب هذه الطفلة؟".

واستذكر المسعف عبد الحافظ المنظر المماثل الذي عاشه قبل سنوات عندما قصفت إسرائيل منزل القائد العام لكتائب القسّام صلاح شحادة وقتلته، وقال عبد الحافظ "المأساة تتكرر والمذبحة تتكرر لكن القاتل هو نفسه".

وعلق صديق لنزار ريان الذي يحلو للكثير من أنصاره إطلاق لقب أسد فلسطين عليه "رحل الشيخ ريان وهذا ما كان يتمناه أن تمزق صواريخ العدو جسده الطاهر" وتابع بلهجة غضب "على إسرائيل أن تستعد للرد على مجازرها.. حضروا أكفانكم (كتائب) القسّام ستلاحقكم في كل مكان من فلسطين ودم ريان لن يذهب هدرا".

وعلى الفور أطلقت كتائب القسّام عدة صواريخ "غراد" على البلدات الإسرائيلية المجاورة لقطاع غزة، وقالت: إن هجماتها هذه تأتي "ردّا على مجازر" شمال قطاع غزة.

وفي مستشفى كمال عدوان؛ حيث نقل المصابون تجمع مئات الفلسطينيين الغاضبين حول ثلاجة الموتى وبعضهم يردد هتافات "بالروح بالدم نفديك يا شيخ نزار" ويتوعدون بالثأر لمقتله، أما الجيش الإسرائيلي فاكتفى أحد مصادره بالقول: إن منزل ريان استهدف بغارة شنتها طائرة حربية إسرائيلية.
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419 is Not Just a Odd Number

I know I did not want to post graphic pictures, but since all major news report that Israel is killing Hamas people...I wanted to see how do Hamas people look like...I found one.

Israel now allowed residence of Gaza who hold a foreign passport to leave the burning strip! And that's only after the EU pressured them to let their citizens flee. By the way, the weapons they are using are either European or American. Because many Palestinian doctors went to school in Russia and Eastern Europe, most of the ones fleeing now are Russian and East European citizens.

Qassam missiles were lunched for the first time at a major Israeli air base in Nagev. Many people seem to forget that more Palestinians have died from those missiles than Israelis. Last those home made rockets have gone off their path and killed two Palestinian girls.

the latest number of causality among the Palestinians is now at 419 and I think the Israelis at one or two. But Fox news and CNN call is a fighting and they both plea with the Palestinians to stop. I am sorry what? you want to Palestinians to stop what? The only thing that Palestinians can do now is to stop dying when Israelis fire at them to kill them! I am really upset by how much the media attempt to portray this image as a fair fight. as the number of casualty tell us, It's not, not even close.

This war also gives Palestinians another reason to resent democracy. since the Israelis are few weeks away from an tough election, all major candidates have stakes in the death of Palestinians, the more Palestinians dies, the better the chances office. Yes, democracy! Needless to say, the West has been punishing the Palestinians for practicing their free will and choosing a democratic government that happens to disagree with the interest of the powers.

Here is another thought, the more Palestinians die, the higher the prices of oil get. the higher the prices of oil get, the better off oil producing countries. Since, we do not have any oil deposits in the Palestinian territories, others reap the benefits. Iran, a friend of Hamas; Saudi Arabia, a friend of Fateh also collects some change.
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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ihab left Rehab

I had just gotten a word that a cousins of mine was killed yesterday from the wounds he suffered a day earlier. Ihab Almadhoun is a paramedic who works for the ambulance service , a branch of the Red Crescent. His assistant died was killed at the spot, and he suffered serious wounds, he passed away a day later. This is sad...but this is far form over, the tally keeps on rising up. He actually was a dentist that volunteered to save lives. He could not save his own.

وجاء اعتصام الممرضين الأردنيين بعد استشهاد ثلاثة من أفراد طاقم إسعاف فلسطيني من بينهم الدكتور إيهاب المدهون، كما استهدف القصف الإسرائيلي أمس فريقا جديدا من فرق الإسعاف الفلسطينية.
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SSSS Strikes Again

Some of you out there may know that code SSSS, this is a special code the TSA airport security that works under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security took me aside today and put me in the special track, where they chose at random who they scrutinize. I have not been given that code since 2005, but I only flew three time since then. I was really glad that the TSA approves my Arab status by taking me aside, but the joke was on them. The TSA agent refused to take an ID that his department-the DHS has issued to me. So in other words, the lady does not recognize the DHS-its employer as a proper government entity that issues IDs instead she asked me to show her my passport-the government that issues the passport is illegitimate now. Luckily, I had my Palestinian passport with me. Upon escorting me to the special lane, I could not help but laugh at the irony of the situation and here are few observations I had

There were way too many Arab females standing in the SSSS line that I think I counted 72, which lead me to think that I was in heaven. But then I saw a tall American fella with a military bag standing in line ahead of me to be cleared from the SSSS stigma. But what really gave it was that where I was standing was not heaven and that the lady in a uniform is not an angel greeting me was the absence of pies—pumpkin pies to be specific. What kind of heaven would it be had we not have Pumpkin pie.
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