Monday, January 31, 2011

My Favorite Song For Egypt by Shadya

The finest and the best song about what's great about Egypt, for the past four decades this song has been the rallying cry for Egyptians. When we think of people loving their home, this song comes to mind and the pictures of the people of Egypt standing to salute their county and their flag.

The slideshow that accompanies the iconic song reminds us of the great sights in Egypt, a tour in its history and thought its streets. And now we see the people on the streets marching to bring about change in their home country. Most of the citizens of the world stand united behind the people of Egypt who are doing their best to bring an end of the rule of the pharaoh.

Delivered by the daughter of Egypt and princess of her time Shadya, the Egyptian diva that retired years ago. However, Shadya songs never get old and this song of hers will be forever the most popular song ever written about the motherland. The lyrics, the music and the vocals are unmatched and likely will remain so.

Ya Habibti Ya Masr Shadya
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Santa the Arabian One

So Santa might not be big in Arabia, so that got me to think...what is the Arab equivalent of Santa Clause?

Well, I just got from a dinner at a Moroccan place and I am ready to declare that belly dancers are the closest thing to Santa Clause Arabs got. Think about it, they only appear in festive times, those belly dancers know how to lift up your spirit and spreed cheers around and they can always tell who is nice and who is naughty.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Odd Stuff Arabs Like to Take Pictures of

As someone who has witnessed the arrival of many Arab tourists and visitors to the US, I have came to see them take pictures as evidence of their visit to America. As a rule of thump, Arabs prefer not pictures of food, it only says we are hungry and we come from poor families.
  1. Cars, nice cars any cars really—a Honda might be classified as a nice car.
  2. The McDonald’s golden arches and the KFC Bucket Logo—Taco is too weird.
  3. Any one in uniform—a policeman, a firefighter, a plumber. (Oh Sweet Democracy).
  4. Blondes—real of fake it does not matter.
  5. Servers @ Hooters—only to be shared with the dudes back at home.
  6. Hookahs, nothing screams I am keeping it real as blowing smoke.
  7. Anything that comes on time is worth taking its picture.
  8. Homeless folks with their coin jar to tell wise crack jokes about poor Americans.
  9. Mosques and Arabic churches—they are like the Arab McDonald’s.
  10. Government offices—Oh sweet Democracy.
  11. Airplanes, we really cannot help by take pictures of those flying beasts.
  12. Bridges, dams and those damn FBI undercover agents.
  13. Segways, those silly mobility devices--Because the roads back home are not ready yet.
  14. Extremely obese people moving on scooters.
  15. Anybody that looks like a rapper. It says I got culture.
  16. People in exercise outfit--Sorry we do not exercises and if we do, we are not wearing anything.

A safe rule is, if rednecks like something, chances Arabs will be taking pictures of. Big Cars, guns, animals, fireworks...etc.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Small Time Weapon Dealers

So here is some news from Miami,

A Cuban and a Palestinian immigrants were busted and will be sentenced for five years in prisons! Why because they were trying to purchase weapons and send them to the West Bank. "Read here"

Hamayel and Aguila met several times with the undercover cop and a second police officer posing as a weapons broker between May and June 2009 to discuss logistics. The meetings were secretly recorded.

Read more:

It's so bizarre this story, I am not sure what to make of it. Was this dude buying weapons for the PA? it's unlikely becasue the PA get all their weapons for free from Uncle Same. How does this guy plan to send it to the West Bank? It's not like they have underground tunnels in the West Bank. He is clearly a moron and amateur at best. But the Libertarian in me wonders if there is a better way to deal with this guy that would be cheaper to tax payers. Why should an American citizen pay the costs of incarcerating these two clowns? Are they a threat to the US? Granted, they are a threat to a US alley.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My President is a Cheapskate

So the State Department gave a list of gifts President Obama and Michelle received from world leader... the best gifts they have received came from Dictators, the Saudi King wins the gold as he gave the gift of gold as well as a number of books and DVDs to the Daughters of the President. But the Palestinian president who has so little needed to get coverage and he got it.

Per Gawker

But what about the other end of the spectrum: Who was the cheapest gift-giver? That would be His Excellence Dr. Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, whose gift, a "bottle of olive oil," is valued at $75. Olive oil! Any schmuck can buy that stuff at the supermarket.

Do you see now how he made the news? He got his name listed and he gave away the massage that the Palestinians are dirt poor so the next thing that will happen the White House may cough up some money to Palestine. I think the First Lady may appreciate the gift more than the President becasue she is all about eating healthy and olive oil is good for you. I hope they gave President Obama some Za'atar for dips.
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The Candid Guide to Arab Dictators

2011 is shaping up to be a rough year for Arab dictators, everyone is freaking out as they watch one of their own fall and the people whom they have screwed over for a long time, are finally fed up and gearing up for a fight. Well, being a dictator is not as easy as it looks. For starter, you have this thing called the internet you have to worry about it. So I gathered few tips for those up and coming dictators can use:

  1. Un-invent the Internet, if possible.
  2. Give the unemployment free Internet and cable TV with as many music video channels as you can find. Let them talk Haifa Wahbe all day.
  3. Do not censor their Internet, let them watch pron all day. Those who watch porn all day won’t have the energy to protest in the streets, they have their hands full.
  4. Don’t ever mess with the prices of flour, sugar, rice, and tea. It is very important to keep prices on tea as low as possible since it is the drink of choice to keep the unemployed at home. Tinker with the prices of flour and rice and you will have droves of angry homemakers who will aggravate their spouses, and their spouses will aggravate you.
  5. Do not ever fire someone close to the army, just don’t. more often than not this is the the first nail in your regime’s coffin.
  6. Build mosques and offer free food as those places, you will keep the religious folks there all day, a lot easier to keep an eye on them then.
  7. Never listen to your spouse or let her/him outshine you. Keep the spouse on a short leash as every first grade dictator knows, you are doing this dictator thingy 24/7.
  8. Do not touch white people’s money or investments, this will bring the end of you and your Regine. Never get caught uttering the word, “nationalize”
  9. Have one of your kids serve in the army, it humanizes you with the foot soldiers and protects your regime and ensures the safety of your family.
  10. Let them wear the Hijab if they chose to! This is natural since thanks to you, everyone in the country is working undercover for you.
  11. Have the best soccer team money can buy, this is the one single tool that can keep the eyes of the people off you.
  12. Delegate monopoly, if you 34or a family member want wants to monopolize a commodity or a service, us front groups. If you must have monopoly on anything, go after the boats, smart phones, and leather products. Leave Tobacco and sugar alone.
  13. Avoid any confrontation with street vendors, because these guys can outshout anyone and they got nothing to lose and everything to gain, let them sell their produce in peace.
  14. Ask popular musicians to sing for you and remind people that you are the “gifted one” and that on occasion god speaks to you as you are both on first name bases.
  15. be coy and discreet about using the entire country and its resources as a giant ATM for your fantasies.
  16. Keep your friends close, but keep your in laws even closer.
  17. Go to the meat market, find the meanest butcher, make this guy your minister of interior. Then marry his sister only then you can have a good night sleep.

Good Luck and may the force be with you.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Plot to Bring Burqa Into the West

Do you guys thinks they will Ban this in France? finally it would be cool to run into someone who wears this on an airplane, people will freak out...and some will be irked enough to report this thing.

It does look like a burqa (burkha, burka or burqua Arabic: برقع ‎ burqu‘ or burqa )

Snazzy Napper Review: Looks Silly, But they say it Works, this is a real product and you can buy it.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Day I Knew My Doctor Sucks!

I went to see my physician today and i was in for a complete surprise.

My doctor asks me, "Are You Trying to Have Another baby?" I was like in my mind, "what is this doctor talking about?"

Then I tell him about a medication I used to take (a medication in heart of his specialty) He did not know went to Google and looked it up it in front of me! But first he misspelled it "the name is six letters long", I had to correct him. He found it and was like, Wow, I did not know about this medication!

If you are tempting to think my doctor comes form a third world country, you are mistaken, He is Texan all around, as white as they come.

I really do not like this doctor, he seems to always wants you out of his office, like he does not really care to hear what you have to say....this time it was even worse. But, I guess now I know for sure that doctors are people too.
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

MLK Dream & Mattress Sale

Can someone please tell me why is it proper for mattress warehouses to have giant mattress sales on MLK Day? For real, cannot they save it for another holiday for that? Sure they want the most money, but how about some sensitivity here? I thought we are over that racism already....the number one reason racists tell you they hate blacks is because they are lazy "not the ones I see on the bus or driving it every morning" and now these guys want the nation to celebrate this holiday of MLK with mattresses. Do you see anything wrong with that?

Sure he had a dream and mattresses are where most dreams happen, but I do not know if that sells the discount on this holiday.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Guys With Trucks in the City

Living in the city, my first roommate is a guy from Arizona who drove his tuck out here. I came to learn the following facts:
  1. The most popular guy in the city is the one that owns a truck.
  2. The guy who gets a load of first dates and not many seconds (at no fault of his own) is the guy with the truck.
  3. The guy that seems to be always buy on the weekend doing favors for people is the guy with a truck.
  4. The guy who hates finding a parking spot in the city, wait for it, the guy with a truck.
  5. The guy who has the most miserable life, you guessed, the guy with a truck. So go ahead and ask him for a favor now.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Quality vs. Health Care Quality

Have you ever wondered if there is a correlation between a country national cuisine and the quality of that country's health care?

Think about it,
India, great food, not so great hospitals.
China, I would not go to a hospital there.
Arabic food is tasty and awesome, not many people come here form health care.
Mexico, colorful food, only those who are risk averse go for surgery there.

Germany, lame food world class health care.
The Scandinavian countries, not popular food, best overall health care.

The US is somehow the exception, they have the best food (from all over the world) and second to none health care. Which creates a problem in my cannot have both great food and good health just does not work out this way.

You cannot let people indulge in great food and do damage to their health and then have them knock on your hos;ital "Please help me live longer" Look at Mississippi for crying out loud, amazing deep fried food world famous, and fattest people in the nation. Do you know any great hospitals down there? I do not. It now makes sense why so many people upset with this health care. In America people have choices to eat their lettuce and eat their deep fried cheese sticks.....they also have access to premier health care.

So here it goes, you can have one but not the other.

P.S. not sure what to make of Italy, good food, but I do not think they are good at running anything right, hospitals are no different. of Course, I would love to add France to the list, but they are always on strike.
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A Very Gutsy Tunisian Rapper

Tunisia seems like a nice quite country with not much action of any type, but that is not accurate. In the past three days more than 21 people have lost their lives protesting the high unemployment in their country. That was brutal of the police, the army and their intelligence.

But before that, there was a popular and a courageous rapper from Tunisia known as the General ’الجنرال‘ to his fans who has an awesome rap, angry it's painful to hear yes...but the rapper summed it up really well, all what's wrong with his country was the topic of his rap. He addressed the president and was bold in his song. That's why it came as no a surprise when his song went viral all over the Arabic speaking world as they share a lot with the words and the struggle the rapper has expressed in his all too real song.

Never have I seen a rapper so charged, some animated and yes so touching as in this rap, it seems coming from the gut with all the firepower there is from someone who seems to have nothing to lose. they put him in jail for days, and if it was not for the international outcry on his arrest and the tragic deaths in that county, the young rapper would never have seen the light of day...but he was bold when he released his song and now he is very lucky to be walking on Gods' earth again as he was released just hours ago.

اعتقال مغني الراب حمادة بن عون صاحب أغنية رئيس لبلاد Tunisian Rapper Hamada Bin 'Aoun
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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Hanitizer Man Falls Skating Accident Funny

Have a laugh at my expense. I dropped like a rock.

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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Mascots From the Middle East

You know mascots are fun, and they are supposed to be mean and scary figures you know to get the team ready to intimidate the opponent team. for this, I give the Middle East some serious props...they have provided us with some mean mascots, I mean look you should have the IDF solider, scary right? then you have the car bomber and his cousin the suicide bomber.

There are out of animals and scary figures right now, so let's get creative and find us some mean looking mascots, enough with the same old tigers and cougars

Maybe some Colonel Mouamar Qaddafi would add some color to your team.
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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This is Funny Captcha About Israel

One of my follow blogger friends received this Captcha (the thing that tells a computer you are a real person and not just spammer) from a friend of hers, this friend was trying to checkout with Staples. It's Captcha of biblical proportions. I loved how hilarious it's. I have seen dozens of Captcha, but this one crack me up.
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Pharmacy Coupons, Anyone?

Whenever a local pharmacy sends me a coupon for savings, I do not know weather to get excited or get sad. I do not exactly look forward to using this savings, if you have to use them the discount then you must really be sick. I do not know about you, it’s not the same feeling like when a get a coupon for a free dozen of donuts. The pharmacy coupon, just like the one I received yesterday is bittersweet.

P.s. the picture taken from some online website.
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Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011 It's Here Already...R U Ready

If your new year resolution includes lose some weight, then you are not a fit person and most likely you will never be. Unless of course you take some drastic measures toward accomplishing this goal. Every year I see the gym get crowded in January, it's often the first two weeks and then those people are back on their couch eating Dorito's and their TV dinner. Instead your next year resolution should be, NOT Going to the gym. At least when you fail showing up to the gym, you have something to celebrate and not feel bad for not meeting your own goals.

Unlike many years, this year I won't work out as much as I have in the past because I made a mistake of historical proportions. I asked the ER doctor that saw me for exercise advise. If you are one of those people who think that exercise is great, then you have never spoke to an ER doctor...they have seen it all.
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