Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Love You Movies

I have seen a number of good movies in the past few weeks, here is an update
I love You Philip Morris (4.5 Stars out of 5), a con movie about gay man in Texas who never give up in trying to con his way. Jim Carrey is a great cast in this role, running around scamming people and making it look good in the process. Entertaining flick with great cast and mostly convincing plot.


Stolen (4 Starts out of 5), a movie about a father in search of his abducted child takes him to a journey back in time in a small town where a father has to deal with a similar story. Interesting movie with some good acting and cinematography. Josh Lucas' best role in a long time


From Paris With Love (4 out of 5), you cannot say no to a great action movie, this was no different, if you miss Wacky John Travolta who can kick you in the chin, please look this movie up, you can never predict what he will do or what twist this movie will take. On another note the director of this movie also directed Taken, but in both movies you can either have the Arab or the Muslim to blame for the problems. The only good Arab in in this directors' work is serving mint tea.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Arabs Do Read out of a Vending Machine

A school in the UAE has an idea to make young Arabs to read, put the books in a vending machine was their idea.

Alarabiya News, reports that school changes the book selection very 3 weeks, they choose titles carefully that girls will like and from what the teachers are saying this has been a popular thing. Thanks tot his vending machine, you do not have to search for hours in your local library, just like the new releases DVDs and red box, it is a lot easier to navigate and a lot more hip. The good thing this vending machine doe not have to worry about calorie count. Thar's story that I wish more people see...

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Tango Boys Are BACK

If Argentina does not win the World Cup 2010, I do not know who else will. Diego Maradona is the golden man of this tournament.

2 to 0 Argentina is ahead and Mexico is not looking too good right now....Yes, that was an offside goal that counted, but the second goal reminds you that Argentina is not a one hit wonder. The Referee of this game is another story, he seems to lose control and unable to be in charge of the game that might go down as one of the greats games in the Latin American world. I will be surprised if this ref gets another gig with Fifa. I am glad to have lived to see this game where a man looking for redemption takes charge and leads his country toward greatness.

I think we will have at least 2 more goals, I can see Mexico scoring one, but their goalkeeper seems to be shaken, their players are tailing Messi and other play makers, Mexico has to improve their defense, and their center needs to have more power. I am more than happy with the Argentina goal keeper

Mexico is trying to do what Algeria attempted to do, a shot out, shot at site...meaning once you have a shot or what looks like one, take it.

And the third goal for Argentina was a really cannot stop balls like that. Awesome shot for Argentina....that's what you get when you really admire and respect your coach. True soccer is when you have a team spirit Argentina....if they do not win this darn cup, I do not know who should....

I love Mexican soccer, but this time it's Tango time and the world will have to agree...I know for me Diego is a legend, I was five years old when he win the world cup, guess what? it's the best and first sport event I remember.

And Mexico scores! Good 3 to 1 will that energize them? Sure they will look better now...if they score one more they might feel good as that would make it look like a tie after the offside goal has been eliminated....but Argentina has a great defense, their goalie seems to let them down, he did not even flinch.

You can count on it Germany will meet Argentina in the next round...but I hope Mexico gets another goal. I did see the Mexican goal coming.

speed is what helps Argentina the time between deflecting an attack and taking to their home is short, they got the pace and the craft to win any game, it reminds me of the speed machine Germany has in 2006.
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Killing People is Romantic, NYT Finds

If this is not fishy journalism, I do not know what is....when an Israeli kill Palestinians and British nationals in the 30s and 40s, a NYT editor finds it romantic.

A little-noticed comment in a New York Times interview with Israeli opposition leader Tzipi Livni has critics arguing that it shows the media has a "double standard" when it comes to terrorism.

In an interview published Tuesday, Livni, the leader of Israel's centrist Kadima party, boasted that her parents, both members of the Zionist militant group Irgun in the 1940s, were the first couple to be married in the newly-formed state of Israel.

"Both of them were in the Irgun," Livni said. "They were freedom fighters, and they met while boarding a British train. When the British Mandate was here, they robbed a train to get the money in order to buy weapons."

To which New York Times reporter Deborah Solomon responded: "It was a more romantic era."

"I've met interviewer Deborah Solomon -- smart lady," writes Philip Weiss, who brought attention to the comment on his blog. "I wonder whether she was inoculated, as I was, by Zionism, and to what degree. This is typically one-sided."

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German Chocolate Cake

Germany took on England their historical rival and gave them a good run for their's 4 one right now and Germany seems to be at peace....their players seem a lot more relaxed yet a lot more aggressive than the English team.

This has been a fun game, England should have an extra goal but the referee did not see it come, it was in and it was clear to have entered the German goal, but it did not count.

UK has had been looking too well ever since the tournament started, Germany on the other hand looked good, had a setback in the Serbia game, UK did not lose a game, but they seem to be headed this way shortly in about 5 minutes.

I feel bad for the English team, Rooney feels alone and I do not see any other awesome goalkeepers, James is not as good as Green who had a flop and then was sent home....

Player number 8 in the German team has just shown us that he is well paid and for a god reason, he is a true play maker whose priority to get his German team ahead in the tournament. I like that about him, it reminds me of Zidan in a way.

I think I am ready to say both Germany and Argentina will advance and we are up to what will be a great World Cup. Cannot wait to read the headlines of the English newspapers tomorrow.
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The US Ghana Game

US Ghana game was fun game to watch, it's the only time when an Arab and Muslims can root against the United States and not have to worry about being sent to Gitmo prison. I personally have not been to Gitmo, but I have been to Idaho, where else you have a bunch of armed white men surround a brown guy?

Right after the game the President of Ghana called the White House and asked not to have US foreign aid altered due to the US loss at the hands of the Ghana Soccer team. "I was cheering for the US secretly," he said.

Do you ever think about this, the World Cup is the only time your custodial knows about something more than you do.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Go Yankee Go


I am guessing everyone in the world might want the US to lose this game....I made up my mind, go US, I am looking forward for a great game.

Ghana is cool, but US is my home now.....Tim Howard is the man to watch....

I do not hope to see plenty kicks....I hope to see a clean game with American upper hand as they truly never give up and never sit idle.

The game has not started yet, but I just saw a Lebanese flag..weird

America is down by one...not a big deal....but the team seems to be overwhelmed and Ghana seems to have the upper hand, America has two yellow cards already. Ghana's goal was too easy to make it, but that's why Tim Howard probably thought...

The second half of the game is like watching a new game....the US is back for blood...Ghana is counting on great defense and stunning goalkeeper. But the US might score, the US will score....the US have to score and they got the players to deliver it.

Ghana is playing a bit more aggressive now, might be a bit dirty, but so far the referee has not called them out on it.

And there was a goal! US is back in the game! nothing like a penalty kick where the player tricks the goalkeeper!

Nice block by the Ghana goal keeper minute 66, he did the right thing and stopped Altidore before he comes near his post.

Ghana scores bringing the score to US has to play catchup

Too bad, America lost the game, but I think there was something was missing, not sure yet, but I thought they played hard, but not clear what they lacked this time around?
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Debate The New York Mosque

I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way.

Remember the mosque initiative in New York City where they will build a mosque close to ground zero?

Here is an article on a major Saudi site talking about those Muslims and others who appose the mosque initiative.

Yes, I think if the people of NY want a mosque they should have one, but if few want to make a statement, mosques are for prayers not for statements....and yes I do go to mosques and like to see more of them, but for a reason not because few in the community want to make a statement! Now they are telling us they will have a pool in there! I think this is also just asking for trouble....if this center will be open to all, then they would have to let those bikini wearing girls that really what a mosque is for?

I also hate the racists who are trying to shut down this debate about religious freedom politics and government. I really do not want to hear them anymore than I want to hear a radical boast about "the new mosque in heart of New York!" I too heart the City
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Sweet and Sour Game

American was the luckier team....they put a great game, the Algerian goalie deserves most of the credit for the game, the post of the American goal deserves some credit for saving a sure ball, the Referee gave an offside call that took back an American goal, this was a great match.

Many Americans for long have claimed that soccer is a boring game, but whenever the Americans play, there is so much drama and stories that it's unfair to say soccer is such. I thought it was a great game and the US deserved to win it, congratulation and hope to see more last minutes plays from the US. Their fans are expecting more from them and rightfully so.

As for Algeria, I do not think they will ever win a game again if they do not do something about their offense, seriously, their players cannot score in the other team and have not done so in the past six months, only scoring once. They need to keep the current goalie (the replacement) and recruit new non diva like players like number 13, 18 and 9....good game though. If the Egyptians open their mouth remind them they have lost to the US 3 nothing and have lost to the UK 2 to one. Algeria did better.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Rolling General Must've been Stoned

General McChrystal seems like the right guy for the job, after the silly and insulting remarks he made in a Rolling Stone interview, people have been calling for his head. I dot not think he should get fired. It's bizarre what he said, but firing the General will say one thing, President Obama is no different that President Bush who canned one of his generals for an interview with esquire magazine few years ago (read here).

I do not know what General McChrystal was thinking when he gave this interview, but I think it has to be with the General being a big fan of music and the magazine itself where he thought it would be cool to be mentioned in the hip magazine of its time. Personality got him into trouble with his work as he felt too comfortable and dropped his guards when he gave those outlandish comments.

It's a tough position to be at if you are President Obama; on one hand you do not want to intimidate your subordinates and deny them redemption on the other you want to be respected when you are running a country.

also firing the guy who has been in charge of Afghanistan mess for few years now it bad business as that front is not going too well and if you change the leader and things get worse, "Obama should never have let McChrystal go" will be heard in every corner.

Will the president fire him? I do not know, but I will be surprised if he did.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

US Takes on Algeria, Whos is it gonna be?

Tomorrow, Algeria and the United States will be facing off in a soccer match that has the potential determine who gets to advance to the next round.

See, if Algeria has been a weak team lately and if it was not for their fair performance against the UK last week, I would have said they are dead in water, but somehow thy have the momentum and have a lot more reasons to defeat the US.

The US is also got reasons to win as they thought they won against Slovenia, only to have the ref call the goal offside, ( it wasn't)

I think it's all in the hands of Tim Howard, the US goalkeeper, and Bradley, the US golden striker, those will make the game.

The Algerian goalie will be key, not sure which goalkeeper will show up, as they have played with two different ones so far. I hope the Algerians get their team together and not play like divas.

I am hoping Algeria will win this game, it will mean a lot more to them since they do not play basketball, baseball or American football, it is their moment.

I know many Egyptians wants Algeria to lose, they do not care if they lose to the States, and i know a lot more Arabs want Algeria to defeat the States (soccer is an extension of politics via other means) I am only hoping for a clean game
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Unlucky Number 7

Portugal, the poorest country in Europe smokes out North Korea, the poorest country in Asia by rocking their goal 7 times during a 90 minutes game in the World Cup 2010

Wow, has there been any player in the Portuguese team wanting to score than has not done so?

The North Koreans suffered a stunning defeat in the wake of their good showing against Brazil last week. I did not think such defeats are still possible, but I guess they are and I hope the North Korean players do not lose their lives or seek asylum to avoid returning home after such a defeat.

To win the game against N.Korea was not a surprise for the Portuguese, but to win by a margin of 7 is insane. I like though how the Portugal players tried to be humble and not show too much pleasure in defeating this tiny county with crazy leaders. Seriously, what was their coach thinking? What was the goalkeeper doing? It does not seem he was doing anything to stop those balls.

good game for Europe as the French team seems to be dead in water as the players revolt against their coach.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Italy Gets The Blues in South Africa

New Zealand scores at minutes 6 Italy's team is just like its traffic.

It's too early but, I like how New Zealand is starting the game....I really want Italy to lose....

This is shaping up to be such a great game....Italy is working hard to equalize this game as soon as they can.

Minute 17, there has already been a yellow card and I see some roughness among the players, the Italian have already missed two great balls.

Minute 24, the Kiwis know how to keep their goal protected and Italian free, I wonder how long that will last, I think Italy will have scored before the end of the first half.

As I said minute 26 and the Italians had the best shot so far, the goal post stopped it and the Kiwi goalie just wanted to watch....

Penalty kick for Italy.....and now it's a tie!

Minute 83 What a great game so far, the Kiwi goalkeeper is the the man of the game....he did a great job keeping his post clear....

New Zealand is pressuring Italy now, the Italians might be up to something, I can see them score, they have to score, if they do not win this game....they are not that special....Argentina seems to be the only team in the World Cup that has been consistently great.

Stoppage time and the Italians are trying to score, not giving up and trying to give their fans something to cheer....the Kiwi fans seem to be celebrating the tie and their countrymen performance

That's it, Italy might not even qualify to the next round...hats off to the Kiwis, they came from no where and held the Italians at bay.

France, Germany, Italy and Spain are not in the best shape....Europe needs to find its seems like a South America Cup, but it's too soon to celebrate...
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Algeria Catches Fire Within, UK Loses Steam

It looks like there are two teams playing for the country of Algeria, I sure like the one I am seeing today, they are determined to save the day and rock England like no one ever has done before.... Catches

They got a new goalkeeper that has done all the right things, they got their inner fire going again!

Speed, resilience, and fighting spirit is all present in the Game against the UK, Algeria not only is keeping the English strikers at bay before they can get in the danger zone, they are deflecting the ball and taking it to the English court all the way...I think they have the upper hand so far....but England might have a number of tricks in their bag....

I love a good game when both teams are after a win, it brings the best in them.

Even though the coach has said about facing England, "We got nothing to lose",it seems that his players are playing like their life is on the line.

Only 60 minutes to know who will dominate the other, but I am beginning to think the trip to see the South African crocodiles, the Algerian coach made his players take right before the game was a great move...

Game over,

A my take on it, Algeria had the most to gain from this tie (a in would have been sweet) but England came out looking disoriented and clueless. Tough road ahead for both England and Algeria....Algeria has to win against US....and US has to beat Slovenia....then they would tie for the points....and that makes it really hard....

let's watch how this unfolds....
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Man of the Match

On the irony

Budweiser is taking on this World Cup 2010 by doing what they do with American football, choose the Man of the match

Their choice of the Algeria and UK game will be a Muslim who does not drink! You say sloppy advertisement!
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Today, I Raise a Black Flag

The Referee for the German Serbia game is an idiot...Germany loses an easy game because of a moron who felt yellow card happy....

The referee for the US Slovenia game is runner up, he gave a yellow card that should not have been used, the ball never touched the hand of the player to whom the yellow flag was issued!

dude, what the heck happened to Tim Howard, the American goalkeeper? I hardly recognize him anymore...the first goal was really hard to stop, I give him that....

First half and the US is down by 2 now...they still can make it, they were really doing well up to the point Slovenia team scored the second goal...they seemed to be intimidated. They keep to moving the ball backward not forward....and I can see the frustrations on the face of their coach and their cheering fans.

I hope the US does not will have a harder time being an American game if America loses...It's a sad game when one of the smallest nations brings down the world's super power, it is kind of democratic.

Of course Algeria playing today most likely will lose and this would be the worse day in this tournament so here is my black flag

The US is back in the field....awesome goal that shows the higher mental skills number 10 had...he did not lose his mojo....he kept it together and got it in pass the goalie (Europe's finest) was was outsmarted...keep going...only one more to go...

they are picking up the slack, I think they really WANT to win....
It's a draw now...the son has atoned for the sins of his father....the son of America's coach has scored to bring America to a tie with the tiny nation of Slovenia

Dangerous last five minutes! Hold your breath!
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The Sins of Social Media

OK, a close friend of mine was upset about something, I think we were talking about South Africa of the way the rich countries exploited the riches of Africa, the way Europe treats Turkey joing their boys friend said, "F##king White People" I was not surprised my friend would say that as this person spends a lot of time analyzing political things.

I often disagree with race baiting, becasue it does not really help's not enlightenment, but rather a realist approach to moving the debate forward....

But then I started to think, most of the crimes, atrocities and massacres committed by powerful people (Whites, Chinese, Romans, Germans...etc. ) have been committed prior to the existence of social media, there are no High resolution footage or links on youtube video about those killings. In a way social media is changing things....look no further than the Gaza and Lebanon war, while Israel largely won those conflicts, the images of the killing of civilians and demolished homes, make their win look like a they lost the image war. While those Israeli attacked are not new to the region, this time around every second, every bit of those attacks were documented and broadcast by the same people on the editor room guy telling what images can make them or not...

Social media is making things a lot more real... we felt as we are all being attacked, we connected with the civilians, and no IDF video is good enough to tell us simply cannot escape it....

Just imagine if people had footage of the Indian massacres, of the African slaves on life feed, the Jewish victims of the Nazi aggression....etc. I think things would be different. That's why I think social media and user generated content is changing the game...and remember that Iranian Lady Neda Soltan, she became the face of the Iranian revolution brought to you by Youtube.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thanks to Mexico, France is DOWN

After their embarrassing loss to Mexico 2 nothing, the French coach, team players, and management were spotted looking for burqas to cover their faces! What a shame, they must have felt the shame. They definitely needed to cover their faces and hide their identities secret. But of course they are not allowed to wear those burqa's where these players come from!

What a shame, the French team was a joke, they played like if they were intimidated, they played like they are from the Congo...not France....I was disappointed, the entire French nation probably shares the same feeling with me. Want irony? The Refer for the French/Mexico game was a Saudi! And I am not kidding either!
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Your Greek Salad is BACK!

Greece, the country where modern Western history starts made history of its own today at the world Cup, where they for the first time scored in a world was a good day for them because not only did they score they scored twice...and the beat Nigeria's best goalkeeper, the one everyone has been racing about.

I think the second goal was GREAT (at minute 71) and sneaky at the time time...the goalkeeper to blame for that one as it seems he had the ball in his hand, but his grip was not tight...

Nigeria's sole goal (at minute 17) was one of the best goals a striker can dream for...a tricky ball that seems to go one way and end up going another, the Greek goalie is helpless against it...

It was a game to remember not only in Greece, the county riddles with grim financial news, this world cup win makes it look like they have a big chance to qualify for the round 16...

Nigeria got too cocky I think when they only lost to Argentina by one goal..the goalie even was bragging about how he stopped Messi from rocking his net (which he did) the Nigerien goalkeeper will shorty be back to Israel where he plays in a club in Tel Aviv.
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Running in Your Sleep

You might know that I enjoy running and I do as much I can, I try to go our on a good run twice a week, just me and my Mp3's now the best time for running as I spot more and more outdoors runners as the weather gets warmer which got me to reflect on how running happens?

Good runners think of running like falling sleep, you do not know when or how it will happen, you just do the same thing every night and it happens. Running is like that, you put your gear on and then hit the road....a great run happens do not remember much of it of the mental games you the end of the day you know it will happen, so have some faith and put on your sneakers....

On another note when I was in Gaza, I did run on the beach and that was a different experience, it turns out running on the sand is one of the harder forms of running. since sand is not stable, it challenges your leg muscles, making them stronger in the process (We got shot at at some point). When I could not go to the beach, I found a stadium five minutes way from my home, I started going there.
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Argentina Opens a Can of South Korean Kick A##

Anytime one player is able to score three goals in any team, you know you have a problem....That's what the Argentinian did today beat the South Korean by 4 goals to one lone South Korean goal. In essence Argentina is now safe and will qualify....

why did the South Koreans not defend their goal keeper who was really good, but any good goalie cannot take on more than one player coming from different sides at a time...the South Korean defense is bad if not lame.

Diego Maradona is a winner here, all his critics now can go safely to a dark room and regret what they said about our favorite fat coach. Awsome game, 3 goals for one player--the hieghtest goal count so far in this World Cup.

BTW, Messi was magical he is the man to set up these goals and allow his teammate to deliver. He reminds me so much of Zidan!

Be very afraid if you are facing Argentina..
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain is in Pain

I just saw the world's Cup most beautiful goal in Spain....Hats to you Switzerland! So much for the European champsions and tash talking Eruope. Spain is the hub for the best of the European soccer school and the South American one! and all that did not stop the Swiss player from outsmarting the Spain team and goalie to score! Boy, he made them dance for it and got it pass all of them....

Swiss chocolate milk might no longer be the best Swiss!

the Swiss goalkeeper is earning his paycheck so far....It's all Spain time now

Minute 53 and I can tell Spain will get back and win....but good job Switzerland!

History has been made today....Swizerland gave Spain the game they never saw coming, defeating them early on cannot wait to read the Spanish newspapers. this is what upset look like...

Here is how they held on their win, their goalie is one firewall that lets nothing get pass him and he was dynamic. the Swiss defenders has unmatched skills for clearing and deflecting dangerous balls...blocking most of their shots and standing between the Spanish forward and the Swiss goal...awesome
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Honor the Dead and NOT Run

In this country and countless others, it became fashionable to honor dead friends and relatives by running in their honor. I like this idea, but somehow I think it might not be ideal for the people back at the old country

  1. We only run when something pointing a gun at us (No, the gun they use to start a race does not count)
  2. There is not much space to run in Gaza, and even the beach is dangerous to run on
  3. due to political and military instability, there are a lot more dead relatives than one can count, we will have to run twice a week to honor those dead ones
  4. Israel bans shoes and shoe laces so people do not have much choice when they choose a pair of sneakers.
  5. The road are not meant to be run on bare foot.
  6. If anything we honor our dead with serving a meal and giving out smoke, when do we have time for running?
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North Korea Makes Brazil Dance Less

I love Brazil, but who knew that a little crazy Asian country can scare them off and keep them at bay....politics aside, I might want to shop around for a North Korea Jersey right now...but I won't because I do not need any trouble with the authorities. For the same reasons I won't be getting a Persian cat either. The score 2 to 1 Brazil is a surprise to many of us...North Korea played like they have nothing to fear, maybe because they do not get free media about how awesome Brazil is...

We saw less of Brazil, their tactics, and their moves...North Korea gave them the game they have never expected and even rocked their net once....Yes North Korea lost, but they came looking strong and like a team to beat.....I wish them well in their next game and i know I still like a bit of Samba....

I think the first Brazilian goal was entirely the fault of the goalie who left a gab between him and the goal allowing Brazil to score. The second goal, you have the North Korean defense to blame for that.....but the Korean goal was nothing short of is how forward player day dream to outsmart an enitre line of players and make their mark. You cannot help but like a little guy who keeps on trying...
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Blackwater & Conversion

Blackwater, the world's largest mercenary firm is considering to move its CEO to the United Arab Emirates, making my point about them being America's Al Qaeda. Not amused, read this, BP hires Blackwater to keep the beaches clear! Blackwater is what they will get.

Why do pious religious people seem to enjoy converting videos more than anyone else? Are they getting extra deeds for that? says Will
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Gaza and DC Connected

If you wanted to know how, here it is:

DC is kinda of like Gaza, the majority of the population is confined to a small area (NW) and they dare not to venture outside those limits...going South in both Gaza and DC is dangerous!
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Lord of the Last Minute Goals

New Zealand saves the day and scores a goal in the stoppage time to live so they can fight another day. I am sure Slovakia must really be pissed just when they thought they have secruing a win (3 points), comes player number 4 who smashes their dream and gives his team a header inside the goal. New Zealand not big in soccer, but this win will surely make them pay more attention to this game, they were never great, they played OK and they seemed to be out of energy most of them game. Slovakia almost won, New Zealand almost lost, but almost does not cut it..... The latest goal in the world Cup 2010 must be this goal....The land that gave us Lord of the Ring, and Kiwis gave itself an upset win....

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dutch Oven In South Africa

Netherlands just won against Denmark 2:0

This game was a lot more fun than many world cup games, the second goal scroed by Netherlands is so fun to watch and many forward players dream about scoring in such a is for sure the fault of the keeper and the defenders who made the mistake of following the ball and taking their eye on the other team players where you see the Netherlands player snuk on them and got the ball is just too bad

The Denmark defense a minute later 86 saved a ball from getting in in a magical way. I mean the ball already passed the goalie and the all players, you see the player was determined to stop it at all costs, and he did save it with his leg deflecting it out side the line by a fraction of a second...wrecking the Netherlands from ending the game at 3 nothing.

It's good to see Europe got the best players and diversity shows, diversity make them relevant. in 2006 I did not see much diversity in European teams, now it is lot more than 2006. Italy however seems to care less about getting players with non Italian names. Maybe immigrations do not like there so much....I was amazing by how many fans the Dutch had in the stadium, with their orange color, it must give them some awesome support.

BTW, Holland has 4 players of Moroccan origins.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Three of The World Stage

The African Nation Ghana wins a game against Serbia, by a free Ghana is the first African nation to win a game...they put a good show.... (1:0)

Germany is playing Australia now and so far the Germans have the upper hand they scored 1 and it is only minute 20 into the first half.

Australia is pressuring the Germans and keeping their goalie busy....It will be an upset if Australia wins as Germany has been consistent in being good.

Still being myself over the silly Algerian loss to Slovenia...

Back to the game, almost a goal on minute 22 for the Germans, barely missed it....

23 the Germans try again and it looked like a a sure thing.

Fun fact, both of Australia and German had their passports forged by the Israeli Mossad during the Dubai assassination.

I see this game ending at a total of three goals....not sure who will score them, but the energy is high and the Australians are making a run for it.

26:00 German just scored an AMAZING goal.

Germany will win this game...hand down....they are bringing back all their artillery and their skills, they have been quietly gearing up for this tournament for a long time.

Minute 72, and the Germans are already up by this is getting good....I do not envy whoever has to face Germany next....they just do not joke a round. Hard to win when you are playing with only 10 the Australian lost a player at minute 56....

I know my friend Kellee was complaining about how the most handsome German player won't be playing...that might be true, but as it seems the best players are playing for Germany today.

German wins.....4 nothing....proofing that Germany is a place where soccer stars are naturalized...I have much respect for the Australian soccer team as they never gave up even in the last second.
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Algeria vs. Slovenia

When Algeria plays Egypt, I am for Egypt, but now I am rooting for Algeria since I know little about the nation of Slovenia.

They must win, they have to win, I woke up at 6:50 AM on Sunday not to see them lose.

It's minute 23, and the Algerian goalie is making it known that he is HERE! He is doing his job and keeping his territoriy clear from any Slovenia.

I think Algeria needs to secure a win if they want to advance and I think that's possible. I think a win for Algeria against England (same group) might be hard, but against Slovenia is possible.

The Algerian team is no short of talent, almost all their players play for European clubs and have the chops to stand up to any player. The question is, will they play at a team? So far, they seem to have their act together. They also happen to have the only African coach in the entire African World Cup, he also in the World Cup for the second time where in 1986 he lead Algeria to the world cup finals.

Minute 34, Algeria just missed a beautiful free kick, followed by a corner and another corner and almost a goal at 35:51.

It's a shame of Algeria cannot score before the end of the first half, they are in control of the ball, and Slovenia has no idea how to win....

39:35 Algeria miss another chance to score...

42:29, Algeria's goalie just earned his paycheck, saving a dangerous ball that could have ruined the game for the fans.

50:00 this remains a boring game.

60:00 Algeria's goalie shines again and saves a dangerous ball

Slovenia is beginning to rattle the Algerians and pressuring them.

Minute 73 Algeria loses a player for touching the ball with his hand intentionally or stupidly if I may say. But Algeria must be ok with that, last time they played Egypt, they lost not one player, not two, but three players....needless to say they were also losing bad.

76, Algeria has a nice attack on Slovenia, two chances to score in less than one minute, the Slovenia goalie saves them both.

78 Slovenia deliver a goal, the Algerian goalie lets one pass him, a one that should never have made it to his net.

90 Algeria looks like they are losing this game....and that';s what everybody expected them to do...I am sure many Egyptians are happy for the Algerian loss.

91 Algeria missed a great chance to tie the I am MAD Algeria is Gone

Hats go to the Algerian coach, he is the man, he gave it his best
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

US Takes on England (1;1)

The second day of 2010 World Cup action heats up as Team USA takes on England today, Saturday, June 12th, at 8:30 p.m. local time at the Royal Bafoking Stadium in Rustenburg. In the U.S., ABC will begin its coverage of the game at 1:30 p.m. EST and kickoff's at 2:30 p.m. EST.

This is the first official match up between the "cousins" since the 1-0 U.S. defeat of Team England during the 1950 World Cup in Brazil; a game many consider the greatest upset in World Cup history and possibly the U.S. team's greatest victory. Sixty years ago, when the U.S. and British media finally got around to reporting the game, many considered the news of the 1-0 U.S. win to be a typo.

From National Geographic

This is the first game I am excited to watch... truly!

I am hoping to see a solid performance from the US as we have been hearing waves and waves of news about how good they have become.

I think this game will decide how invested Americans are in the World Cup, with this BP fiasco, I hope Americans can get a win, this would be tough if no impossible against the UK which has been leading the world in soccer for generations.
  1. 1950 In one of the biggest upsets in soccer history, USA beat England 1-0 in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil.
  2. 1953 In a friendly match in New York, England got revenge from the 1950 upset bybeating USA 6-3 in Yankee Stadium.
  3. 1959 England demolished USA 8-1 in Los Angeles in 1959. Bobby Charlton scored a hat trick.
  4. 1964 England pounded on USA once again in New York in Downing Stadium, winning 10-0. Roger Hunt scored four goals.
  5. 1985 England routed USA 5-0 in Los Angeles, California.
  6. 1993 USA upset England in the 1993 U.S Cup in Foxborough by a score of 2-0. Thomas Dooley and Alexi Lalas scored.
  7. 2005 USA lost 2-1 to England in a friendly match in Chicago's Soldier Field, America's first loss on home soil in more than two years.
  8. 2008 England beat USA 2-0 in a friendly at England's Wembley Stadium. Goals were scored by John Terry and Steven Gerrard.
So, this game might change some of those stats...

US just rocked the UK with one of the easiest goal you will see....At minute 40! The UK keeper must feel bad that looked easy...but again it is all in the head....I am sure Green will redeem himself.

The US players know there is so much at stake....they want revenge and they want to become mainstream, a win and strong showing in the World Cup won't hurt....
Bringing the score to 1:1

Game still going, 3 minutes from original time....England is pressuring the States, but the Americans are up to the challenge, stellar finish for the US. Dude, soccer is officially an American Game Now

Last Word, Tim Howard (The American goalkeeper) should be the Secretary of Homeland Security...he is definitely keeping America SAFE!
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Argentina Is Up To a Good Start

Argentina shows up and Maradona steals the show,

I know most people in Latin America hate the Argentinians and some of this hatred is justified, but if you truly love soccer then you would say the Argentina Nigeria game was a great one....I am so glad Nigeria did not end up hiring the coach of the Egypt National team as they wanted him to come for an interview after has has won the Africa Cup, he said "no, that's not how it works, you come to me" Captain Hassan would have an uphill battle to climb, he might even have done damage to his brand if they took the job.

I know they have been talking about having the world's best soccer player, but it takes more than that to lead a team of stars who have not won a world cup in more than 20 years. But I really want to see a great World Cup, that's why I like to see Argentina advance.

So Far Argentina is ahead...but it seems like an easy game so far!

From the second half, the Nigerians are really fit and they are not letting up....they are keeping pressure on the Argentina goalkeeper. Messi from Argentina is showing us all that he is a master of his game...but I think he needs some fine tunning as he is not a great play maker....he is a great forward, but so far not being able to connect the dots.

I am beginning to see the tango dancers trying to catch a minute 81, Messi came close to scoring again, but too bad the Nigerian goalkeeper was on alert. The Nigerians missed another chance at minute 82! man....this is why soccer is awesome.

No surprise there, Argentina wins, but they need a lot more action to keep it going.

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South Korea Tosses the Greek Salad

South Korea kick Greece Butt...

I feel for the Greek, they cannot catch a break!

Their economy is in the tank, they are becoming the joke of Europe, and now the South Koreans stuck two goals in their team.

It was a great team, but Greese does not have the best soccer team, not sure how they qualified....South Korea has been getting better ever since they hosted the World Cup. I hope to see them play against the North Koreans in some game.

Yes, the Koreans were given a bad foul by the referee which came in handy.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Number 3 Guy is Dead

The US just got the number 3 guy in Afghanistan...but this is not the first number 3 guy they got...every time someone takes over this position they get has been rumored that there are 17 in line to get the number 3 position. Whoever takes number three might ask for a hefty salary.

I am sure some guy somewhere is hoping to climb the corporate latter,

and they say there is no mobility....I wonder if number 2 and number 1 guys are feeling safe

Here is what these guys in line should a life insurance for the guy ahead of you, and hope he bites the built....You make a proift for you and for his oyu know it is a matter of time that your relatives will bve cashing in....but they might not sell them the insurance as they might have insider trading information.

I would not worry about the benefits for that position....I am sure number 15 guy is excited for to take on the number 3 post
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Uruguay Wins By Not Losing

Uruguay Vs. France

here is what worked for the Uruguayan team,

the played defense and just defense, that's worked out for them fro two reasons.
  1. Your players have to be fit, I mean really fit as they have to have their guards up.
  2. Your goalie must be mature and able to function under pressure and contact attacks from France.
  3. Your team has to be a team, not just few good players.
Uruguay owned the game, France naturally is my team of choice, but Uruguay played it right and were alert to what the French are up to. Hope to see more of Uruguay, and I am hoping France will show up with new tricks next time.

Mexico Vs. South Africa

I also think South Africa could have easily won the game, but a tie with Mexico did not have to happen, but since they are in South Africa ranked 35, I guess it is a good start....hope to see Mexico make some heads, as the American companies are gambling big money on their viewership. South Africa made a good comeback, not to hard to do if you are playing at home with thousands of screaming fans. Uruguay showed up and held their ground, France tried and kept on trying, and Mexico lives to fight another day.
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The top 10 things I hate about summers in the Middle East

1.Hot summers with a blazing sun every day and only a handful of places with air conditioning is a one-way ticket to Stinkville. Yes, summer makes pretty much everyone stink. Men sweat in places they didn't even know they had, turning clothes into knock-off ShamWows and foreheads into leaky faucets. Those who do not kill you outright with their body odor will take you out with their overpowering perfumes and fragrances. Let's hope you are not allergic.

2. School is out, and seemingly millions of little kids running wildly in the streets is like the Middle Eastern version of Pamplona's running of the bulls. Only the bulls are really cars. Cars not going anywhere fast on the narrow Arab streets. Not a good idea to try and talk these rowdy little creatures out of being kids. It's a problem that many have to live with, but since Arabs and Orthodox Jews have the most kids, they suffer equally in their summer. Glad that ice cream trucks in the Middle East do not play that noisy song they play in the States.

3. Wedding seasons. Yes, I know at least 10 of your cousins are getting married; meaning you will be kissing tons of people and eating a lot of food at those parties. You can expect to spend a fortune on clothing and shoes to make yourself look presentable at those happy occasions, but you still go home alone. Sweating.

4. It's all-toes-all-the-time season, and you can expect to thousands of them poking out of sandals, flip flops, open toe shoes and all those funky crocs. Straight toes, crooked toes, toes with nails so thick it takes two husky men with hacksaws to trim them. And it's hard to maintain eye contact with someone when they have a bunion the size of a falafel poking out of their sandal. No, pigeon toes can't fly away, but you'll wish they could. Yes, its summer so you can expect to see a lot more toes. Makes you wish they made a burqa for those ugly toes because some things really need to be covered.

5. Arab men showing their scary chest hair. The summer is a showcase for loose shirts, and many Arab men don't miss an opportunity to let their chest hair fly free. Thanks to the Arab male mentality (and a few pop stars) open top shirts are making a comeback. Brace for impact.

6. Wearing sunglasses indoors. You have seen the creeps who wear their sunglasses indoors. Yes, the kind that when not selling gray market iPods are working for some nameless spook agency. This is a big phenomenon in Egypt and few other Arab countries, where you are not a high roller until you sport some shades 24/7. I know I can never hang onto a pair of sunglasses more than one week, as I tend to misplace them or leave them in a car. Maybe that's why these guys wear them 24/7.

7. Karaoke Arabic music everywhere! Summer is the time when singers have the most concerts and release the most albums. With the rush to get new music out, many crappy songs become hits and you start hearing them on every corner. It's even worse if you have to take a taxi, where you are at the mercy of the driver whose musical taste have not changed since your father had hair on his head.

8. Too many concerts, movies, conventions, parties. The majority of great movies come out in the summer, making it hard to enjoy them all, as there is always a new flick. The same goes for concerts. With great movies and concerts comes a great deal of popcorn and cold beverage. BBQs are happening all the time with the very same people and the very same food, and you start to feel like you're in an Arab version of "Groundhog Day." And do not forget that as soon as you leave the BBQ you need to go and camp out to get early bird tickets to the latest convention in your town.

9. Weight Loss in Arabia. Most Arabs do not need to worry about their beach bodies, so why the bombardment of weight loss products? Fad diets and that mysterious weight loss tea are HUGE on the Arabic airwaves. Why obsess with losing weight? It's not like bikinis sales are taking off in the Middle East. Go ahead and try that special summer drink mix your buddy just gave you. But men, please hide those awful Speedos. Save them for your trip to France.

10. Arab emigrants use the summer to visit their home countries and hang out with their cousins. But instead of catching up, you find out that they already know everything that's going on thanks to Facebook and YouTube. Reunions are not as much fun as they used to be. C'mon, your life looks lot more exciting on Facebook.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Special Video for Gaza

As much I do not like Hamas and their way of doing business, I think the siege is doing them a favor, it's their cause they are milking and using to blame everything bad they do on it. I think Israel will be better off lifting the siege to improve life in Gaza because they only casualties of the siege are the very people that have nothing to do with anything.

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

"I am Fat" Say Someone

"I am Fat" is just about the most awkward sentence people will utter....It's a classic lose lost situation. How do you response to some grown up rational that feels the urge to tell you about themselves that they are "fat"

If you tell them they are right, you are just a jerk....

Try and tell them, "you are not fat" and you know you are going to star a whole argument with them, "No, I am fat"

Then who am I to tell a person that their own assessment of their body is wrong? It's just hard to escape this situation....and do not try to be creative because it only makes matters worse!

What do you usually say?
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Weird...Weird....a guy with a clearly Arabic sounding name causes death of a Frat brother by Hazing! I am ashamed and I hope more people read the story that illustrate the fine line between gangsters and frat people, worse an Arab who drinks and bullies people...

Two former fraternity members at California Polytechnic State University will serve jail terms for the fatal hazing of an 18-year-old pledge whose blood-alcohol content was equivalent to surgical anesthesia.

The San Luis Obispo County district attorney's office said Zacary Ellis, 23, and Haithem Ibrahim, 21, pleaded no contest to misdemeanor hazing on Tuesday.
Story Here
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Marriage During This Stinker Economy

With the way the economy is going, many people in efforts to slash the costs of their living and cut their costs are opting to get married! No late partying no nights are the local bar and cupcake bakery....welcome married life! Home cooked meals are a plus and you always have a date that enjoys the things you like, and there is no room for games and "Does he/she like me?"

This is just common sense to save up on your botches dates and finally what better time to take advantage of Buy one get second 1/2 off deals?

You are welcome, I just saved you a bunch of money right there! What are you waiting for, go...go find your heartthrob!
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Do not Fly to Atlanta

Not sure what I really think, guns do not freak me out as much as they used to, I am guessing back in Gaza I have seen many of them and never not once have I wanted to touch one...I respect people who want to own guns....but it gives me the creeps to imagine one on my plane up in the air. It truly scares me, but that might be because I do not like flying.
A 39-year-old Delta Airlines flight attendant was arrested today when a loaded semi-automatic handgun was found in her carry-on bag at a security checkpoint.Amber Robillard, Atlanta, was preliminarily charged with entering a controlled area of an airport with a weapon and possession of a handgun without a permit, both misdemeanors, according to an Indianapolis International Airport police report.

Read Story here
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Brown Fat is Awesome!

It turn out that there are two kinds of fat in mammals,

there is the brown fat per Wikipedia

It is especially abundant in newborns and in hibernating mammals.[1] Its primary function is to generate body heat in animals or newborns that do not shiver. In contrast to white adipocytes (fat cells), which contain a single lipid droplet, brown adipocytes contain numerous smaller droplets and a much higher number of mitochondria, which contain iron and make it brown.[2] Brown fat also contains more capillaries than white fat, since it has a greater need for oxygen than most tissues.

and the White Fat also per Wikipedia

In humans, white adipose tissue composes as much as 20% of the body weight in men and 25% of the body weight in women. Its cells contain a single large fat droplet, which forces the nucleus to be squeezed into a thin rim at the periphery. They have receptors for insulin, growth hormones, norepinephrine and glucocorticoids. White adipose tissue is used as a store of energy.

It tuns out that brown fat is the better kind of fat as it is easy to access it and it burns outside your body. I think when I was in Gaza and I did not get a chance to work out as much as I wanted. My mom and sisters was cooking all sorts of food that I ate....I felt my body will get warm for no reasons....I am guessing that was the brown fat escaping my body to compensate for not being able to escape by intense working out...

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Hamas and the DC Snow

So Roa comes to the States from besieged Gaza, a week later we are hit with the blizzard and all DC covered in snow, power goes off, streets are closed, it's unsafe to move around town, you cannot find groceries in stores, and restaurants do not deliver....She asks me when she sees the sad situation here in DC,

"Did Hamas win the elections here too?"
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BP Goes After All Shores

Thanks to the BP Gulf coast oil spill, Jersey Shore is no longer the only shore that threatens our existence and survival.

Jersey Shore is now the least of our endangered shores.
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ADC Delivers

ADC's convention just too place in the Nation's Capital here in Washington DC, it was my sixth convention with ADC, but my first as a married man.

I got a chance to hear a number of wonderful speakers, including Secretary of Justice, Eric Holder, former Presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, Amy Goodman and a number of Congressmen.

Yes, there were dances, comedy, exhibitors, activism and fun for all, I and Roa enjoyed the event a great deal.

The Panel on Palestine was hot as speakers had a clash of thoughts and policies, it was fun to have this discussion in this community.

I did open up for Said Dura, a popular Palestine Stand up comic who had the crowd laughing to his jokes and set. He is funny as he is gracious. He was part of the Arabs Gone Wild Tour

I will surely be attending the next year's!
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Thursday, June 03, 2010

With Friends Like These

A U.S. citizen who lived in Turkey is among the nine people killed when Israeli commandos stormed a Turkish aid ship heading for the Gaza Strip, officials said today. The victim was identified as Furkan Dogan, 19, a Turkish-American. A forensic report said he was shot at close range, with four bullets in his head and one in his chest, according to the Anatolian news agency.

Read Here

I am sure some will call him a collaborator, some will even question how American he is...only to feel great about their wrongful decisions. I am ready to see some bashing of this young man who cared about others...
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Someone Had to Say it

Indeed, journalist Paul McGeough, a Hamas expert and the author of the critically acclaimed Kill Khalid: The Failed Mossad Assassination of Khalid Missal and the Rise of Hamas, has noted that there has only been one P.L.O.-sanctioned suicide-bombing in the past six years, which, in part, has allowed the Palestinians, not the Israelis, to “control the narrative.”

Read the story here
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Hooker Guy Defendes Israel

The hooker guy gets owned on live TV for sucking up to Israel....his religion is not important but his logic is a fair game. Glenn Greenwald is a master of his craft, watch this

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Mai Sliem - Saktalo / مى سليم - ساكتالوا

Mai Sliem - Saktalo / مى سليم - ساكتالوا

Here is a confession, I never cared for Mai Sliem, I thought she was a faker who lacks her own style. That's not true anymore, she has one me over about three months ago with new songs that makes you want to listen to them over and over without making you sick of them. Mai is back and she just released a single from her upcoming single with the Arab music powerhouse Rotana....I cannot wait to get my hand on this album, I am sure it will be a treat.

Mai did not stop there, she is also staring in an Egyptian blockbuster movie "The Dealer" along side Ahmad Saqa, Egypt's most popular respectable young actor turned into hit maker.

Back to the song Saktalo is an awesome song with a beautiful music video that delivers first rate entertainment while showcasing Mai's acting chops. I must say that I bless the marriage of Mai Sleim and Rotana where the first brings her own style and voice...and the second brings all possible resources production and marketing.

See Mai tease her loved one and share his jealousy and thoughts about his past relationships without coming across as a whiner. she does it in grace, elegance and confidence of a spiky girl.

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

For All It's Worth

What does not kill you....joins the Tea Party

The higher the pixels on your digital camera, the bigger your zits.
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My Hanitizer

My Assault on Proper English Must Go On


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