Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fun With Republicans and Democrats!

I was watching the presidential candidates debate last night and I like this stuff, even though I cannot bring about change nor can I vote, but I learn so much just watching the debate and how each candidate stands his or her ground by making a spin on anything they are hit with. Here are few thoughts I should keep for myself, since only two people read the blog. I am still keeping it to myself.

The leftists do not want war and human casualties because they want to save lives. But they are still in favor of "choice" to destroy a human life. Republicans, on the other hand, are comfortable with wars and causalities; the death of civilians is not a big deal! They nevertheless are willing to go to war to save human lives by wanting to ban abortion! As long the Republications do not know the civilians or do not care for them, it is alright to kill them. For the leftists, as long as they do not know the baby or the human embryo, they are o.k. with the destruction of life. Both parties are indifferent to the death of those unknown to them (unborn babies and non-American civilians). In the same way in which the right-wing dehumanizes their enemies, the leftists dehumanize unborn babies! After all, we all have met individuals in our life that we wished would have been aborted. I am sure you can name a few! In the same token, other great leaders could have been missed!

The right-wing is against abortion in general. However, they are keener on aborting white babies. But if you want to abort minority babies who in some views are prone to be criminals, this is a lesser evil (The book Freakonomics raises similar points)). The right-wing is also against welfare, cutting those in need on one hand, and on the other, asking those such as poor families and teen pregnancies to have the baby anyway! While we are at it, Republicans do not mind sending young American men and women (whose income is supposed to pay for retirement of others) in harms way. Democrats are indifferent to aborning babies (those who will also contribute to the social security.)

Once you have the baby, the right wing will not assure that the baby will be healthy because they are against universal health care. The leftists do not want you to have the baby, but they will make sure that the unborn is healthy, but remains unborn! Corporations when hiring, will pay you minimum wage and restrict any health benefits, but hey, you can still have that baby! All courtesy of the nuts on both sides. So while The leftists do not want you to have the baby, but they want to make it easier to have one anyway, The right-wing want you to have the baby, but make it more difficult to have one and keep it healthy.

The leftists are against tax breaks for the rich. They want to tax them to death, but they are against outsourcing when companies take their business somewhere else. The right-wing focus on religion and freedom of religion, but such politicians are the first to denounce someone else for practicing a religion other than their own. The leftists are fine with any religion and even freedom from religion, because for the leftists as long as you believe in global warming!

The right-wing like big guns in every hand; they mind it when violate their privacy by doing a background check on them, but they do not mind you violating privacy on all Americans to catch the terrorist! The leftists are the other way around!
I think it is much easier for a Republican to get tangled in a scandal, than for a Democrat. The right-wing always claim to raise the moral bar (abortion, homosexuality, money laundering), but when they get caught in a scandal (which does happen), they ask you to lower the bar for them since they were the ones to ask for the moral bar to be high. The leftists will make a point and say that's why assuming the best of people is not the right idea.

The right-wing is against assisted suicide, the leftists are indifferent. The only difference is once you see the bill from your health care provider; you want to commit any kind of suicide. And the right-wing wants you to have any gun to do the job! But hey, if you do not want to commit suicide, the right-wing has made it harder for you to declare bankruptcy! Do not worry, you can still enlist in the Army; they are always hiring!

Freedom of speech with the leftists protects even those who solicit sex from minors and those who incite others for hatred. Even though the right-wing are the ones who are most likely to need that kind of Freedom of Speech protection as conservative radio hosts have shown in the past years!

The leftists do care what the world thinks of America, but they would come to the defense of individuals who do America's image great harm such as Hollywood stereotypes! America’s random military action rallies the everyone, but Hollywood insults to cultures and religions hurts America’s friends—the intellect. The right-wing is fine with Hollywood stereotypes as long at the Dixie Chicks are quiet!
The leftists are for labor unions, but ultimately they end up harming them because sooner or later the industries with greedy union will most likely to fail because they cannot compete!

The leftists are always for human rights, but they overlook any human rights violations by Israel towards the Palestinians and Lebanese! The right-wing wants all Jews to go back and establish Israel; they even fund such efforts to do so. But ultimately, they want them all dead in the Lake of Fire!

The leftists continue to favor Affirmative Action, even though it is a medicine that generates its own diese. The right-wing is not sure what Affirmative Action is, but their action does not indicate any affirmative fair hearing practices.
The right-wing does not like international agreements and seldom do they enforce them, but the only time they will recall such treaties is when they screw up. The leftists are for all for U.S. intervention in the world as long as this intervention is not a military one. But most of the bad reputation the U.S. gets is from such half measures.

The right-wing objects to aborting kids born into bad families or bad circumstances to be aborted, they would rather having them be born, grow up, struggle, commit a crime, go to jail, commit a bigger crime and then be sentenced to death. And they will hang you! The leftists on the other hand, want the baby not to be born, no chance of living, maybe this kid will grow up and be something else, but if it happens that this baby grows up and turns into a criminal, the leftists will not want this person executed!

So the leftists might not want you here in the first place, but if you make it to this world, they will hand you health care to make sure you stay with us, unless you wanted assisted suicide, they wouldn't mind. The right-wing on the other hand want you to be part of our world, but if you are here, and happen to be healthy, with them, it's much harder for you to go to school and if you mess up, they will send you back to where you come from. However, if you do not mess up, you may die in a war they think it is worth fighting1! So you are screwed either way
The leftists want to give illegal immigrants driving lenience, but the right-wing does it out of fear that illegal will be prone to be involved in a hit and run. But the right-wing does not mind people with guns not having a thorough background check! Guns do not kill people drivers do!

The right-wing wants a smaller government and they want this small government to crack on illegal immigrants and abortion clinks! The leftists want a larger government that does nothing other than take your gun, but they expect this huge government not to interfere in your privacy! The irony of the leftists is in having a smaller army to protect the bigger government they desire. The right-wing wants a bigger army to protect the smaller government they want. The leftists want to save the world by stopping pollutants that will eventually kill us. The right-wing wants to have more kids and humans to live in a planet in peril!

Democrats seem not to mind growth in spending, Republicans turn a deaf ear to growth in deficit. Republicans via tax cuts do not mind giving out money to people who might not deserve; Democrats want to hand out money with their entitlement programs.

Finally, Republicans will let you keep more of your income by taxing you less, but they will want you to send your kid to the a ware zone. Democrats, will do the exact opposite, take more of your money by asking for more in taxes, but they will let you keep your kids at home! So which one do you value your kids or money?
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Egypt and then Some

So my brother Mazin (the older one) he is now in Egypt, made it through the crack on the wall. Yesterday his buddies called him at 6 AM and told him that the borders with Egypt have been sort of opened according to Egyptians, they let the Palestinians in, but according to some Gazans, they say, it is them brining down the wall. Anyhow, thanks to Egypt for letting in Gazans to do their shopping. My brother went there to buy tobacco and Mi3asil (Fruity Mix you put in the hookah) and he wanted an adventure. Most people crossed the borders to buy food items such as Feta and Triangle cheese, canned meat, and other food items. They also went to buy mattresses, cement, and other essential materials that Israeli has banned. My brother Mahmoud, the younger tells me that people buy lambs and sheep for cheap on the Egyptian side like 20 bucks, and turn around and sell it for 150 bucks, literary cross the border, I am glad to see our people do that and take initiative a positive one. I say positive because no one had a gun and when the news report comes in, no one was hostile looking or looked like they were ready to shoot somebody. For one day, the Palestinians were just a group of hungry fellas. Mahmoud walked for seven hours with our next door neighbor who was hoping to buy gas from local Egyptian stations, but they ended going empty handed. Mazin made it and I am sure he will enjoy some fine meal of fresh fish from Al-Arish with his buddies, but Mahmoud may attempt to go back again, this time he might have more change to take a cab instead of walking for seven hours. He swears that literary half of the population of Gaza went to Egypt to smell the fresh air.

I mean i have been to this border area, and it is chaotic to start with, but I do not think people should fear that Palestinians will get into Egypt, they cannot cross Al-Arish, every couple of miles in Egypt there is a police station and security check, so no one can go unnoticed, and you must always have your passport and your permit to get further into Egypt. I know this because the Egyptians reasonably did not let me into Egypt in my first time, and had me sleep at their end of the border for a night.

Israel is back to its old tricks now, they want Egypt to take charge of the welfare of Gaza Strip, this might sound great. The catch is Israel loves to do is transfer responsibilities to others, but they give none of the real authority. For example, Israel will always control the water, energy, and supplies going into Gaza. So in really life, they are just trying to make the Egyptians look bad, hoping the US will garnish some of Egypt Allowance.

My dad told me that the people in Gaza are like a mouse in a trap, the moment you open the trap, the mouse will flee, even if you are putting him in a fire or in water where he might not survive, but the important thing for the mouse and Gazans in this case is to go somewhere.

Long Live Egypt…
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today is an Important Day

Today is a very important day in American History, without this day Thanksgiving would not be the same, without this day, American culture will lost so much of its meaning, so many phrases in the language would have to be is

National Pie Day....As American as Apple Pie! January 23, is the Day, so indulge. I went to the nearest Safeway and bough me a "no sugar added" apple pie...not sure how it tastes, but is seems like a good balance. I Think so many of those individuals will forgo their hatred to America they moment they stop worrying and learn to love the Pumpkin Pie!
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Long Lives A donkey

Few asked me about things back in Gaza, I guess the news been really bad. here is a true stroy:

I called my family the other day to check in, they do now have power, very few water and some loaves of bread left since, power shortage closes bakeries as well as pumps no longer get water to the tank. My family is in a better shape than many other family back in Gaza, but things are generally bad for everyone. Babies in Gaza are born without the necessary equipments, in Gaza, sick people with heart the kidney diseases only have God looking after them nowadays.

A family from our area (ElRAH'EEL) that we know well and their kids are friends with my brother Majid where on their donkey pulled cart, the mother and her two children (her husband is married to another woman) they were in going to run an earned three minutes from where my family lives, anyhow an Israeli guided missile hits them, killing the mother and her two children on the spot, my dad tells me that their body parts where all over the sidewalk and blood and gore was everywhere. He reminded me of how large the mother was and that leads to more gore, but although the family was killed the donkey was unharmed. My dad was describing to me how shocked the donkey looked and how surprised the donkey was "what the heck just happened here" sort of look.

It is true that the family is death is a tragedy, since none of her sons who were killed nor herself have anything to do with the conflict (rumor has it that her other son is an active member or some group and that's who the Israelis were unsuccessfully targeting) But the fact that people back home try to find the humor in this or the survival stories out of death still amazes me. I honestly think that groups like PETA would make a scene if the donkey was harmed, but civilian Palestinians do not have the same value to others. I am sure more Palestinians will get killed today and tomorrow and they continue to lose lives, but until when.....

Liz Adair, I do not have your email ...thanks for checking in, mine is
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In the Meantime

It sucks to know that in January, the gyms get busier and lots of random people start showing up and using the machines in the small gym we have in out building. But January is almost over and these people should be back to their old habits of watching TV while enjoying Dorito's Chips and a sweet Dr Pepper!

I was shocked to know that about the only time that Krispy Kream offers a coupon for buy a dozen of donuts and get another free is the month of January, I believe it is they only time they make such coupon available. I take it that people out there trying to stick to their diets and make their new year resolution a reality, but on the other hand you have the mega sweet and wonderful delight donut shop offer such a bargain, I guess their sales are usually lower during this month so they want to give us an extra incentive and after all a deal is a deal.

I like to send flowers to people in the same manner I make donations anonymously. I do not make many donations nor do i sent anyone flowers but it is the principle that matters. It is true, people who buy or send flowers to others expect a trophy or something back for getting someone flowers, but that makes you a bigger of a Jerk, feelings should not be business transaction types. I gave flowers and money because it makes me feel good doing it.
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Airports, Airplanes, and Arabs

Today, I went to the Dulles Airport Air and Space Museum (the Smithsonian), I went there with Jehad and his dad Eric Hyer aka Abu Jehad. I have been to this museum before with my friend Kellee, Cori, David, and John Wayne about four years ago. I must say that not much changed since then, but finally they got the space part fixed up and all displayed. In my first visit it was under renovation or something like that. Here are few shots and video of what I saw. I actually was surprised to learn that most of the airplanes and the technologies were made available by entities that are in Northern part of the United States, but I also know that the South in this county provides the majority of the personnel.

The great deal of the items on display are parts of American military, air force or NASA...but they also had on display items captured from the Russians, the Chinese, the Nazis, the Fascists and also a Concord donated by the French. It was a good display of powers, but I did notice that the Israelis were somehow absent, there was no Israeli airplanes, but I did see a Russian missile bought by the Egyptians and was used to destroy an Israeli warship...they have plenty! (See Photo)

The observatory they have is nice, where people can go on the 7th floor tower and watch airplane take off in nearby airport Dulles, it was good, accept that with the snow and fog, it is hard to see any jets!

It is sad that here I can see these airplanes and jets and cheer knowing that none of them will harm me, but seeing any flying object back home is never a good sign, and it always strikes fear...that's why this place if wonderful! And hope it stays this way.
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just 60 Second Madness

Israel liked to embarrass the US and its president, while he was touring the Middle East, Israel was killing Palestinians left and right, more than 30 people have lost their lives in the past two days. The one good thing that came from this was that both Hamas and Fateh now are talking to each other since Israel has killed the son of the prominent Hamas leader Al-Zahar. Abbas and top Fateh leaders called him and offered condolences. This is really awful for people living under these circumstances, and it is really worrisome for me because whenever I hear the news, the first thing I do is check the names of those who were killed. I think Israel now is giving President Bush the Middle finger; it is his turn since for us it is America's Middle Finger to the Middle East. In the same day that Secretary Rice was saying “Arabs should do more to reach out to Israel” Israel was doing its part in reaching out to the Arabs by eliminating them….Now the Arabs who matter have embraced peace, when will peace embrace them?

I have heard so many people in the states people left and right up and down high and low always state this "I am for preserving Israel Jewish Identity" How is that any different from saying I support the Serb claim that Bosnia is for Serbian identity should be preserved, preserving Darfur's Arab identity, or yet preserving the Aryan identity of Germany. Bull crap aside, how is that any different than saying I support ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian. These individuals would be the first to tell you,"

Many Israel advocates come and tell you, "I just do not like people who want to destroy Israel" guess what; I do not like them either. But let's talk actually about Israel destroying Nablus, Jenin, and Gaza and did I say Lebanon? It is inconsistent to say that you are appose to the destruction of a state, but in favor of destroying another, where are your principles? Arabs are put in a trail for saying the word "destroy" but those who actually destroy Arab capitals are celebrated and given meddles.

While we are on the subject matter, just because you have a just cause that does not by any mean make you worthy.
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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Hit The Road....but do come back

I hope you enjoy the photos from North Carolina and Savannah, both great places with more than 50 things to do in each. I want to go back again and visit more in North Carolina and South Carlina, because they have good peaches, oranges and pecans. People are charming, a bit religious, but cool.

I think it is inconsiderate to go to the Aquarium and when you go tom eat in the aquarium cafe, you see a some fish sandwich featured on the menu. It is like going to the Holocaust museum and then going to see a Mel Gibson movie afterward.

While in Georgia, I saw a booklet titled 50 fun things to do in Atlanta. I was like just 50 fun things an entire city. There are 100 fun thing I can do in my apartment I can think of. so 50 things in a large city is just to little.

Man, the food we were served in the trip form the hosting families, we great and we had to eat and eat tons of food because they were watching us and if you do not eat their food, they think you are either a hatter or an unhealthy fella! I think it is great that Arabs do not drink much (Muslims are not supposed to) because if they drank and only drank socially they will be the most drunk people, they will claim the title even form the Irish.

We were in a southern town, I think it was the whitest town out there, this town is so unfamiliar with diversity that even the ATM in that town when I put my card to get cash, rejected me. Yes, I did not have money, but I was rejected because of my name! I think, maybe, possibly.

What do mosques and aquarium have in common? Both are perceived to be fishy!
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Busiest Night of the Year at Disney World

Visiting Disney World with friends was quite an experience, it was like hey, there is a cool game we should try, oops there is a giant ride...three hours in line I hated this place, but once I got to the ride, I was like that was worth it! So many parties and things to do and that's not even all the parks, just one park, takes a visitor couple of days to go through...other than the long lines and the waits, there is a bit for everyone.
One thing though the overprices food and the overpriced merchandised kind of not so hot, but the nice weather made up for all that. I now have to hit the road heading back to VA...See you soon!

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