Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Money vs. Politics

For some reason I began to think about two unrelated matters...the first is political conditions and the second is economical ones.

Back in Gaza and throughout the Middle East we really monitor political conditions and we feel life is influenced by those conditions...on day to day basis politics touches our lives and one can trace most things to the political conditions in the ground. As far as people in affluent countries that can care less about how things are going in North Korea or the Middle East. As far as the majority of the west is concerned those people where they have conflicts are on the moon.

But in most affluent countries like America, people care about economical conditions, they watch it carefully and understand its lingo and its impact on their lives. So this is pretty much the news followed by everyone because they have the resources and have plenty at stake. To the opposite people in the Middle east could care less about those economical conditions and the financial crisis because as far as they can tell it does not affect their livelihood. In other words you cannot really beat a dead horse...people in unstable countries can get by.
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Crowded Gym This Morning

At the gym in my building today, I was surprised to see droves of people working out, exercising hard, I have never seen this large number before....something tell me this has soemthing to do with Thanksgiving day....

Not sure, but this has a lot to do with eating habits and over indulging on this holiday's spirit! People figures wow....I can now go to the gym and redeem oneself....

for me this si sort of the confessional session where those only;y happen after the fact. Post Thanksgiving day exercise works...and I am sure I will be seeing these folks again on January 1, 2011 once they have made a new year resolution that will stick with them for 13 days.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Touched by History...and You Can Too

So I have been recently thinking that a 100 year is not distant history.....I began to reflect on this as I watched some interviews I did with my grandpa while in Gaza.

Grandpa was born in the early 1920 and he grew up in Palestine. I was born in the 80s and have lived the stories grandpa told me of our history. Now My grandpa has also known people who lived in the 1800s and he was told his stories and his history as well. Those people who lived in the 1800 have known people who lived in the 1700 and have heard their stories....and there is goes....so notice there is a chain....we pass history to each other...so every and each one of us has been touched by history. In other word I am just realizing that we all are living history and that's why history never dies.

Weird to me, might be insane to you, but to think about history in those terms, it gives me goose bumps....I am sure you know think about the Founding Fathers and if your grandma dated one of them....she might not know it, but she might have known some people who have known them.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

On Thanksgiving

  1. Black Friday is the only day where being sleeping in the streets near stores fronts just like homeless folks 365 days of the year is regarded trendy and cool
  2. The actual day of Thanksgiving is the day average Americans can feel the same way most of the third world feel 365 days of the year, being loved, feel lazy and watch football all day.
  3. Thanksgiving day is they day when we pretend to each other that we have people who care about us.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

TSA Lovers Ready to Pleasure You!

What is up with those TSA agents?

I know these people are hard working and mean well...but to be frank they have lousy results and they have missed many cues. And now in order to save face, they ask people to give away more rights to make us feel secure.

Well, the TSA is withing their right to ask you to walk through fully body scanners, and they are withing their rights to ask to touch your junk....but for me, I am also not going to fly....I am also not going to give my travel business to the airline industry....

I know Craigslist ride share is one of the best features on this site....I have also taken the AMTRAK and I know it's great...but for real as long as the TSA too much from travelers and as long as we cave in....they won't stop....they just strip searched a little boy in Salt Lake City airport (look up the video)

I know the TSA is not the enemy here, terrorists are. But the reaction of the TSA tells me that those cold blooded killers might just have won this round.

It's a shame this is happening in America.... images of asking to touch people junk and paranoia remind me of some militant dictatorships not flourishing living democracies.

Again I salute those who want to keep us safe, but I resent those overreact.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Vegetarian Muslim Can Also Have the Eid Spirit

I finally figured it out....Vegetarian Muslims now can rejoice, I have figured out the best thing they can kill for the Eid. Muslims kill various animals to remember the story of our father Abraham with his son and the sheep.

Observant vegetarian Muslims won't kill animals of course, but here is something they can do...

Kill a piñata...an animal shaped piñata will do just fine. and instead of the blood and gore, you get candy...kids love it and there is no emotional trauma either. See everyone wins, an animal shaped thing gets sacrificed, we can give out the candy to kids, and the vegetarians get to celebrate the Eid just like us all. A piñata is for sure a much better choice than sacrificing a pumpkin or a batch of Tofu.

I am going to try top get a Fatwa on this subject. Happy Eid

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Six Types of Imams I know

Six Types of Imams I know

1. The Brown Noser
This preacher is everywhere, but most likely exists in Muslim countries run by a dictatorship. He loves to pray for the “wise” leader, and ask Allah to grant him good health, while the local populace struggle. The brown noser has a cool title and usually wears colorful customs and head gear because sucking up never goes out of style, and it keeps that paycheck coming. The sermons tend to focus on marginal issues like using your right side, not smoking and not watching too much TV. They dare not talk about prices of goods, corruption, lack of good health care for the citizens, etc.

Invite them to: feasts and wedding parties.

2. The Jihad Dude
This guy worries me a great deal. He is all over the place, but he is scariest when he lives in the West and calls for Jihad, using code words to incite young men to feel victimized. Granted the Jihad dude is a minority, and whatever he says will come to haunt him as he applies for a residency in the host country. They are known for sporting colorful outfits and short garbs to give homage to the old ways. There is a chance this dude is just a bait to help identify the militants in the community where he will be a magnet, a snitch of a sort. But I found people who fall into this category. Resurrecting the Islamic Empire seems to be their theme. The Jihad dude likes to talk in detail about how they like their meat slaughtered and investigating Halal food sources. Don’t ever make the mistake to ask this guy for a fatwa on Yoga. He will laugh at you.

Invite them to: circumcision parties, or if you want to have the FBI over

3. The It’s All Good Pro
My favorite kind of preacher. He is cool, hyp, and down with the lingo. He’s got a Facebook account and his sermons make you feel good about yourself. The problem is that as you walk out of the prayer service, you completely forget what was said in the sermon. He is usually a second-generation Muslim with a good education and a happy life. This imam has what seems to be a model Muslim family with his wife and perfect looking kids. You will find him talking about how blessed we are to live in peace. He loves to lament his interfaith efforts and often invites members of other faiths to break bread together. This guy is quick to give you a fatwa on any subject and he tends to be on the easy-going side.

Invite them to: Interfaith functions, college debates

4. The Arabic Translator
This dude is an Arab, and he has a thick accent and bores you with his frequent and often terrible translation from Arabic verses and Early Muslim legacy. He is often apolitical, but occasionally when shit hits the fan in some Muslim country, and he does not disappoint to get involved. He is either a first generation immigrant or a Muslim that happens to be living abroad. The Arabic Translator has a PhD in some scientific field and a likable personality except no one told him, the majority of the people praying do not speak Arabic. The Arabic translator likes to work with new converts and you can spot him enunciating Arabic words to them. Note to self: It’s not Brazar, it’s brother.

Invite them to: Ramadan potlucks, baby showers

5. The Animated African
This preacher is the most animated and energized preacher you will find; master at making you feel like a turd. He often preaches about discrimination and injustice and how we do not care about others. “smile to your brother and sisters”, he tends to find conspiracies in anything, like the time when I was told the penny has the face of Abe Lincoln because it’s the only colored coin. He delivers good funeral sermons as he has a way with words, but not a good idea for any Eid sermon. He does mumble a lot, which makes it hard to make out what he is saying. But do not worry, you will make enough to feel terrible. This imam is an authority on oil based fragrances such as musk, nothing they love more than sharing it with you. Perfect choice to lead the prayer as his voice can be heard without a mic, which he shouldn’t use anyway.

Invite them to: political rallies, and demonstrations in front of the embassy

6. The Political Pundit
You go to your Friday prayer and then comes this guy swinging at you so many political theories to make you think you are on the set on some Aljazeera talk show. You went to become a better person, but this preacher has a knack for talking about politicians, the great Satan, and corrupted Muslim leadership. On the upside, this preacher will be either deported to his home country or jailed/banned by the local regime. This guy does not really call for anything, he just happens to be a news junkie with a microphone, making the Friday sermon a soap box for untested political theories and outlandish accusations. You really learn nothing new at those sermons, and your faith becomes a bit shaky once you leave the prayer service.

Invite them to: The O’Reilly Factor, MSA elections

[Taarboush Tip: Sarakenos]

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Somewhere in Delaware

For the Eid, I headed with Roa to Delaware, the Nation's first state. What a better idea to spend the Eid shopping tax free?

Roa and I did not disappoint as we checked out two malls and it has been a long time since I paid what the price tag said I should buy, no government asking me to subsides their local mostly failing schools.

We got few things as the Macy's, they can look up your membership with your ID, no need to carry around the Macy's credit card. We also spent time at Rainbow, Roa's new favorite store where she picked half a dozen of things she needed. I thought she only liked them, but they really looked good on her.

We also discovered a local J Penny like store where I picked me a pair of slacks and a nice winter coat that was on SALE (no, this one was on real sale)

And that took us about 3 hours....but before we shopped we had a decent meal at this nice Senegalese family's home. How about a whole roasted lamb killed this morning for the Eid? and to complement it some warm Italian bread!

On our way back, we stopped by Big Lots and picked up few things that I needed (roa doe snot ind this store, but I am in love with it since Provo)

I thought Delaware has rather a strange feel to it, as it's neither small town nor it's a huge metropolitan area. The people of Delaware seem to either be looking toward Philadelphia or Maryland....I got this conclusion by checking out the sport wear stores at the Mall.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Jerusalem Calendar

I want to make a new year calender for the Holy City of Jerusalem...every month of the 12 months features a picture of Jerusalem, but unlike the countless ones like that...this calender will be different!

With the current Israeli government stealing land from Palestinian sections of the city and turning them into condos, the calender will be a map of Jerusalem....the erasure of the City. Just like my face in the picture.

Every month the city's Palestinian identity shrinks a bit, every month e lose a neighbored, every month the city loses its original native residents.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegetarian Delimma

The Muslim Eid Holiday Season begins on Tuesday...this is Eid Al Adha when Muslims celebrate with good food, prayer, sweets, visitations and sacrifice. In that sense they slaughter animals in the fashion of Ibrahim and the story with his son. Cows, sheep, goats are popular. sometimes they also kill camels, but not very common.

I have always wondered about vegetarian on this day. observant Muslim vegetarians what would they sacrifice?

A pumpkin, I propose? See if love pumpkins and I do not mind of my observant vegetarians Muslims if they are willing to share with me. Not so much on squash...

I guess that would be a problem if Muslim vegetarians exited in real life.
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Postage Terrorists and Chinese Merchants

What do Chinese merchants and wannabe terrorists in Yemen have in common?

They are both sending you stuff that you do not need. And if you count the tainted Chinese milk and the toxic paint, they are both trying to kill you.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am always surprised by how good Neo Nazis and racists are at telling pure from impure....one look at you and they can tell how "pure" you really are. I know most of us think of these guys as unemployed people with little to do.

But I think those Nazis should start a drinking water business. After all we are all after some pure drinking water and you never know who to trust.

I would trust them to keep my water pure...of course when I place an order of pure with these guys, I would change my name to Hal Madden
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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Packs of Straight Dudes

I saw 4 guys getting out of a cab tonight in the 18 street, they are all dudes trying to get some chicks from those upscale bars and eateries on 18th st. I mean these guys were well dressed, and ready to party and roll to impress the intoxicated ladies.

This made me wonder, why is it that heterosexual men tend to hang out in packs when they are about to mate?

I mean, you never never see a bunch of gay men walking down the street trying to hunt some dudes for a date? I live not too far from DC's Dupont Circle area and never see packs of gay men walking around.

You really not going to see that...gay men tend to be lone wolves smooth and slick in their dating rituals....they do not need packs. Or could it be that if they could assemble a pack, that would also serve as their dating pool. But it does not make any sense because the straight dudes form packs even though they have competing interests.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Red Bull And Those Darn Wings

Red Bull Gives You Wings Pictures, Images and Photos
Remember Red Bull?

the world's first a major and most famous energy drink that gives you a jolt of energy?

how come we have yet to hear a politician asking to ban Muslims from consuming this beverage?

the drink that is marketed as "Redbull: gives You Wing" Those who consume this energy drink tend to be younger.

Why would a young Muslim man do with wings? Wings make you fly....what Business do Muslims have in flying in our nation skies? At least you can ask Muslims to show their IDs when they purchase a can.
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Monday, November 01, 2010

No Package List

I used to only get intimidated at airports around the world....it looks like now, I have to also be intimated at post officer and other parcel shipping companies.

Today it hit me as I was in the post office sending a package to Florida, that I can no longer smirk when the clerk asks me if I had packed hazardous material in it. It really happened and I cannot take it lightly. Otherwise, I might get banned from sending packages...something to replicate the no fly list----but no package list. Yes, that's becasue the UPS plane plot....

The Arabs now will be geting back to the days of the Carvan mules and camels to transport goods!

An Arab Muslim sitting around flightless and package-less is terrible. You can take my flight away, but please leave me with my package.

UPS used to use the line, "What Can the Brown Do for You" brown is also the color of those who sent the packages. Irony So "what Can this brown do for you, UPS?"

BTW, I hate Yemen
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