Thursday, October 11, 2007


Jehad and His Parents for his B-Day

BYU May, 2004 Trip to Green River

So, Ramadan will be over in 19 hours from now, excited to have the Eid coming up and the prayer in Virginia that will be on Saturday morning. It is going to be fun, but the thins is, Eid for me and for many others about spending time with others and those who you like. While, I do miss my family and spending time with them, I believe I am in better conditions than they are in the Gaza Strip. I hope things will settle down and i will be able to go to visit sometimes, however, that is not looking too good right now. So I will be trying to get to spend time with friends, I am planning to have me a nice Afghani kabob meal from this place few minutes away form where I live. It is great food and reasonably priced. I will be meeting up with few LDS friends and maybe my roommate Jehad.

This Ramadan was actually good since I got to spend a lot of time with roommate Jehad and almost always prayed together and broke our fast together and even ate Sohour (Early meal before sunrise) together, I felt some of the blessings of Ramadan. He is a great guy.

I live now in McLean which is an upscale area in Virginia, few miles away from DC, it is a very rich area full of corporate offices. You may ask how I can afford it? I cannot, I have been living with a family friends of mine from Provo and they are kind enough to take me in. This helps save me on my rent and I should be able to feel better since I am in a family environment
Maybe once Ramdan is over I can get back to doing some Stand Up, I need to get back in the mode, I have some new material like the Energy drink called Gee-Had, a ware in a bottle! But I miss doing some stand up gigs and meeting new folks form all walks of life. and I mean all sort of random people from the area.

Today, October the 11, 2007, I ran into an old BYU friend in the DC Metro, we have graduated together form the same major in 2004, it was good and we chatted on many things going on in our lives, the thing is, I remember this guy, but I can never remember his first name! I think we talked so much that people on the metro were sick of us! I did manage to ask him for his last name!

Work is going well, I got a new title at my job, I work on grants these days, I got a small raise, but I do work with my boss more than any other one in the office. I help her with her correspondence, grants and I do assist her when she need any help. It is tough because when you work with your boss on daily basis, things tend to get complicated since the closer your working relationship, the more difficult to handle each other. She is a former Congresswoman used to having staffers do all her things for her. But I learn a lot of things from her.

As you all know that my work permit expires in May 2008, and after that I am not sure what will happen with me, since I cannot go home even if I wanted to, the borders are closed and Gaza is an "enemy state" now according to the United States and Israel. I am working to figure out a way, but nothing substantial has happened yet.
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