Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taking Risks in a Safe Place

I was reading an article in Inc. Magazine and talked about all the entrepreneurs the States have. People are encouraged to start a business and take risks and venture into uncharted territories, exploring whatever business ideas they might have. Obviously some ideas fail others succeed. In other words, it is a risk, and America is known to have the best business schools (never mind the past couple of weeks) People from all around the globe come to the States to learn how to do business, how to navigate risks and exploit them.

But America is not a risk place, can you imagine an Israeli coming to the States to learn about risks? a risky state like Israel can the teach the world about risky business, but yet citizens of Israel and other hot spots still flock to the States to lean how not to risk big, or at least minimize the risk.

In other worlds, a stable country like the States teaches people about risk and volatility. Why take your risk business some place else?
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Updating Gaza

I just got of the phone with the family in Gaza and they are doing well, i made sure to ask about my countless nieces nephews. My younger sister is about to give birth, they think is a boy. School children now can submit a birth certificate for their under two year old siblings and the UNRWA will issue them stamps for milk and possibly other food supplies. I think it is the best way to do the food stamps through schools because it helps families tie school to food stamps, which means they will probably keep their children in school. I think this is a really good model that makes sure that the aid not only feed those who need it but also achieve other long-term goals.

My cousin Wisam who is doing a PhD in Malaysia has just managed to get his wife out of Gaza to join him with the kids. It took her 12 hours to get to Cairo; few days to finalize the travel arrangements; $1800 in airfares; 12 hours on a plane; and 7 hours on a bus to get to where her husband is. She is m hero for the day.

My younger sister is waiting to be allowed into Egypt. She is planning to get a visa and buy an airline ticket to Norway--where her husband has been for the past 2 years. Her little girl Dima would be joining her. I know the distance and time away from her husband has been harsh on her. So I am hoping she can get her papers in order and get to be reunited with her husband in Norway--as someone who has visited can say is very very different from Gaza.
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Networking With the Lord

Yesterday, a friend of mine asked me to keep me in his prayers as he has concerns with his health, I promised him I would.

I was wondering this morning about my own prayer habits. I do my five daily prayers on time, a ritual I have kept since I was 11 years old. I prayed in cars, restaurant, libraries, classrooms, workplace, offices, public transportation, trains airports and even airplanes. offices. when traveling, I do combine prayers as we are encouraged to do. I mean for one thing, it teaches me discipline, humility, restraint and respect.

But reflecting back on my prayer patterns, I can remember that I rarely ask God for something in specified. I mean I do all the tings I am supposed to do and try to keep a clear head, but it's hard for me to remember to ask for specific things. With the exceptions of times of crisis such as troubles back home or a hard exam, I often do not ask for a thing in specific. I may have asked for peace during an emotional meltdown, but this only happened once.

Also I feel weird being very forward and asking God to do me favors, like i only worship him because I want things from him. As when I pull my rug to pray I feel sort of like tit for tat; here I am, I am checking in with you, where are you God? I know he knows what I need and what I do not need; I also realize he fully understand how much trouble I can absorb, I do not need to tell him what he already know. I do not want to waste his time. I know some might find this wrong, because I know we are asked to be persistent and ask God more than once for the things we want in life. I cannot do this, I might be just too lazy, but prayer is not an occasion to network with the Lord

Awhile ago someone told me a quote that I highly treasure, "When I pray, I pray like everything depends on God; when I work I work like everything depends on me" also in Arabic we have a saying that goes like this "E'eqilha wa Tawakal" which means tie your camel first and then God will watch over it. This is in response to a man who left his camel (without securing the tie, thinking that God will keep it for him) it outside the mosque when he got in to pray. The man lost his camel.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nothing Like a Recession

Over the weekend, I met with few friends, I was surprised the rise of the number of friends of mine who are calling it a quit and heading home. A friend here who works in a local university, will be packing his bags and heading home, another in Utah who used to be a sales manager for got himself a job in Jerusalem and living la vida loca. The Nepalese Bank clerk where my work banks is leaving for few months to be with his family in Nepal. Those are only few of many others who are either going home or considering it seriously. I guess the economy helps bring people closer home, where they can get a job and wait this one out. I am glad to see my friends be united with their families at last, but soon enough all of my friends who come from abroad will be either returning or taking prolonged vacations. I am sure some are please to hear that some people are returning to their home countries which means less competition in the job market. I do not know, but with such talents going home might be a good thing for the local economy since those "know how" might actually do something that will help the local economy say start a business or offer a new service. So, a US recession is bad for most, but not everyone. I also think that since my friends who all are single will be heading home and most likely snatch some nice lady to wed to. So, otherwise, those women might have had to marry down the chain.

But as much as I want to go home, I do not think I will be going home anytime soon, I wish it would be the case for me. Here is why I won't be returning home anytime soon. I have a good job that I really like, that's one. Second, from the States I am doing things that I like for people I care about. Such things are both good for my career and for my country men. Third, Gaza is not a safe place right now. And if it was it is still depressing. I will be going to Gaza at some point, but the stories I hear are far more depressing when you get to see them in real time. Thus, unless something major happens (good or bad) I am not returning home to stay, I may visit, but that's just about it.

I guess In that sense, I am like the line from the Robert De Nero movie about the creation of the CIA "The Good Shepard", something to the affect,

The blacks have their heritage, the Hispanics have their music, the Italians have their food, what do you sir have? "When you guys all are gone, we still will have the United States" answered the young man.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Israelis Must Realy Hate Lettuce

I am sure the Israeli army has good reasons canned and ready to share with us about them shooting farmers. Israelis must have hard feelings toward the greens, the seem to shot ant anyone helping Palestinians eat fresh. I wonder if they would shot at anyone who is transporting Twinkies in Gaza.

Israeli Military Shoot Gaza Farmer - 18th February 2009

Israeli forces shot a twenty year-old Palestinian farmer as he worked his land in the village of Al-Faraheen, east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip.

International Human Rights Activists were accompanying the group of farmers at the time as they worked approximately 500m from the Green Line.

Mohammad al - Breem, 20, was shot in the right leg as the farmers, together with the international Human Rights Activists, attempted to leave the area having worked on their land for 2 hours in full view of the Israeli forces situated along the Green Line.

As the farmers were loading up the parsley and spinach from the agricultural lands shots were fired from Israeli forces on the border. Mohammad was shot in the right leg and evacuated, while still under fire, to hospital.

International Human Rights Activists have repeatedly witnessed Palestinian farmers being shot at by Israeli forces as they attempt to work on agricultural land situated within 700m of the Green Line.

On Tuesday 27th January 2009, in Al Faraheen, Israeli forces shot at several farmers, killing a 27 year old farmer.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Slam Dunk

Yousef, my bud, does a good interview on a local TV, I was amazed by how eloquent and how informed Yousef was on each issue that came up during the interview turned into debate segment. One thing for sure, Levin (the host) gets kicked around like a soccer ball in the World is the link to the post and the video.
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Bank of America SNAFU

So, here is a little story that took a bizarre turn...

Two weeks ago, I went to the nearest ATM for the Bank of America-my bank to withdraw 40 bucks. The ATM did not give me 40 bucks, but they rather gave me 70 bucks. I was surprised to see the amount, but I was like this is not what I asked for. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt and said maybe I asked for 70 bucks. the Next day, I checked online and the bank told me that they have given my 40 bucks. I was like, this is interesting! I am not used to ATM giving me more money, they barely give me what I ask for, not over pay me. There are like Vegas that way, you cannot cheat your way. I said to myself as much as I hate the bank and hate all there fees, I must keep the money. This would make me feel good that I got some money from the bank than rips me off every time I overdraft.

I ended up deciding to give the money back because I would feel much better, it is not about doing the right thing or an altruistic act. I called the bank and told them about it, granted they were confused and informed me that this is the first call of such the operator took in a long time. So, what they actually have to do, is not nearly as simple as you would think. They open an investigation on the incident that will take 42 days to determine what went wrong with their ATM. they will take the 30 dollars withing 10 days however, and I should hear form them again. While this is not the sort of investigation I wanted to be part of, but it looks it is going to be a hassle since they might think that the ATM might have given me more money that I am telling them.

Anyhow, at the end of the call, you would imagine that I will get a thank you...but little did I know no good deed goes unpunished.
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Gaza Aid--The Bragging Edition

I just received a phone call from one of the directors of International Relief Development group in Arlington, Virgina. He wanted to thank me for helping putting him in touch with the United Palestinian Appeal, an American Charity that does work in Palestine. I worked with both charities to get them to feel comfortable with each other so that they can do business together. In short, UPA will help IRD deliver a shipment of a million dollar worth of medical supplies to Gaza. I am excited that I was able to take part of this important transaction. Working with the director of UPA was wonderful because the moment he heard about it, he went into action. I really did not do much, other than verify that IRD is a legitimate group with rather large budget, something I shared with UPA. IRD provided me the list with the medical supplies they will be delivering, and that helped UPA be comfortable since most of the medical supplies are in fact needed.

This all happened when an intern at IRD whose a BYU graduate called in some of my friends in Utah, who put him in touch with me and then I took his email and shared it with few organizations, UPA picked it. My organization will be sending a medical team to Gaza in March as well as delivered medical supplies to Gaza earlier this month. Go go Cougars!
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Bang For Their Lettuce

Gaza Farmers, Israeli soldiers, and some European activist...messy. This might be strange to few of you, but to be honest this is something that Palestinians pass to their children through their genes to learn how not to freak out under random shelling. My hat goes off to those activits who have to see this in the first person.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The economy is so bad that when immigrants receiving their Green Card in the mail, I sent it back of the government and asked for my $3000 in fees back.

You know the economy is bad when people around DC, talk highly of how much they love their jobs. "I love my job" is music to my ear. I wish to hear more grace when the economy is up...

The economy is so bad that immigrants are now asking to be deported...a free return home ticket.

You know we are in a recession when homeless man offers to share his food with you, but it's actually a depression if you take him up on his/her offer.

You know the economy is awful when you can j walk anywhere in the city and no one cares even the cops.

The economy is so bad that you need to make a reservation to eat at your local McDonald's.

You know the economy is in the toilet when the manager special has been replaced with the Janitor special.

You know the economy is in in the toilet when you see planned parenthood and save the children foundations sharing an office space.
Speaking of cops, they no longer run on donuts, but rather on girl scout cookies.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Running In Gaza

I hope I will be able to visit Gaza sometimes in the near future; one of the activities that I am looking forward to is to run on the beach. Yes, there is sewage water in the beach, but I want to run from the North Tip to the Southern tip of the Mediterranean. It's not the physical part I am looking forward to, but rather the social exercise. I want to see how people react when they see me running on the beach with my mp3 player and headphones. I know my people and I know they can be obvious; their looks will reveal what they are thinking. Obviously, I am looking forward for some great cooking and schmoozing with my God knows how many nephews and nieces by the time I get a chance to visit.

On a lighter note, when my sister learned that I took up running for "health" reasons not "diet" reasons, she made fun of me and how here in America people like to be healthy by staying active. Her husband is a soccer player who is in good shape. Her take on running outdoors was different. She said healthily or not healthy in Gaza the odds of dying of non health related causes are higher than other places. Thus for her the odds of getting killed are higher for healthier ones since they will be doing more outdoors than the lazy ones who hang low... my response was have you seen a fat person trying to run from danger? How effective were they? Go figure (not to pick on obese people or anything)
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Friday, February 13, 2009

There Comes That Day Knocking....

I love Valentine day, not for the obvious reasons but rather because of all the great chocolate sale that follows that day of doom. Really good chocolate go on sale on the post Valentine day days.

I was also thinking how shocking it's to see a man with flowers, not that I mind, but rather how uncomfortable they look when they are transporting. Women with flowers always look glamorous and confident, the guy looks funny and awkward. His eyes are screaming "Those are not for me!" Walking around with those flowers trying to hide them and make sure not to be seen. Women on the other hand, walk around carrying the flowers as if someone recognized their inner beauty and gave them a trophy!

I love how everyone loves to celebrate the 14th of February, but how do you think February 13th or even February the 15th feel? They must have a really low self-esteem when they look at their brother the 14th...they probably feel like Joseph Brothers felt.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Arabic Tunes 2009 So Far

My new music post, perhaps one of my favorite subject to blog about is Arabic music and the best part is when I really have to think about an album or an artist where I have to be honest and entertaining. Hope you like it. Here is the link at kabobfest

P.S. I try to add links for the songs I am talking about so you kind of get a feel for the songs I am praising or dissing.
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If Life Throws Sesame Your Way......You Make.....

Calling my older sister Samah I learned that they are a number of tents that have been set up by some NGOs to house a number of families who lost their homes during the Israeli assault. She told me there are about 10 large tents to house the families, I think the UNDP is looking to compensate them for the damage to their property, but nothing happened so far. This is interesting because that part of town does not have any Palestinian refugees in it...the people who reside there are mostly land owners who hail from that town. Unlike my family and the majority of Gazans, we are refugees. I thought this is interesting because Israel did a service to the Palestinian people by making a new patch of refugees. In case those good folks wondered what the life of refugee like, now they know it in the first person account.
The reason I called her was to ask her if there are actual tents and second if the people in those tents need blankets. Some groups have asked an NGO for a grant of 10K to buy blankets. It turn out that there are plenty of blankets at those tents. So I informed my contact not to fund the blankets, but rather fund a better project. The tricky part is that most of the reconstruction material, the most needed items on the list, Israel wouldn’t let in because they think it will be used to build rockets. This is like banning matches because it can start a fire.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Anonymous Falafel & Toys

I stopped by an Arabic food restaurant by one of my favorite places to eat and then the family that owns the restaurant tell me about a little dilemma they have been experiencing. The place is relatively new and it seems that they have been getting a good word of mouth from people who try their food. I really like their food and they go out of your way to serve you a better item each time you go. Here is their problem, someone went online and posted a bad review for them on Yelp They actually were worked up about this little anonymous feedback. They confessed they have changed their fries since then. I never ordered fries there, but everything I tries was exceptionally good. I promised them to get on the site and write them me a fair review.

But this goes to a larger part of something that we take seriously what people who hide behind the mask of "anonymous" to make us feel bad about ourselves. I admit that I do not read the comments people put on my different posting on the other websites, because they while there are good things come out of critical feedback. The reason I do not read such feedback is because of it is good or bad it will get to your head and will make it harder to move on...granted some might call this a thin skin approach, but I do not see it that way. I am not sure of the title of the book I read when I came to the States (If you do share it with me) about the toymaker who made a special toy that had so many dots on it because the dots represent the labels people put at the toy like "skinny" and such. the toymaker asked his creation "the toy" not to let these things bug you and let other people label you with such things. In other words, people have as much power over you as you let.
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I have a friend who has just gotten married to the love of his life...and I was pleasantly surprised that they actually met on eharmony. The popular website know for its ads that flaunt compatibility and such. I saw a commercial for them on TV the other day and got me to think how do these guys make money?

I mean if there ads are accurate and their compatibility is accurate, then it seems the more successful they are the less are the odds for a repeat customer. In other words, if they find you the right gal or pal as they have done with my friend, then you are done with them. Sort of like having to buy a coffin, you only need that once.

Further, the lousier the people they set you up with, the better their business will do since you are inclined to coming back for more matches. That got me thinking that for eharmony, they would love to have to sort of clients; cheaters and polygamists who both bring good business to them! Obviously, they are not going to advertise that because both type of clients are shunned. In the past roach motels used to get most of their business from cheaters, now cheaters keep more business running.
"Cheaters, keeping eharmony in business"

The founder of eharmony is an observant Christin who refused to match gay couples at the beginning. I think gay groups pressured him to do just that, but that's even more lame...why would you want someone who does not approve of your relationship to begin with to match you with another whom he equally denounces. If you are gay, why grant this entity such power.

I read a study, I think it was in Time Magazine, more people meeting on such websites will get married than the ones who meet at churches which has been the tradition. Which brings one voice to mind, arranged marriage has creeped in.
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Monday, February 09, 2009

Blogger in that country

My quote of the day by an American Jewish Blogger who has recently visited Israel. Titled My? Isreal

More than in decades past, the Israel I recently visited is a mixture of despair and arrogance. There is a great deal of pride over the Gaza campaign. When I pointed out that was nothing to be proud of since it was like the Pittsburgh Steelers playing against a High School team. Most Israelis felt that while true, "those people" deserved it. The despair comes from a terrible realization that there is no real "just" solution to this conflict. It's a zero sum problem, us or them, and there is a groundswell of support for a "move'em on out" permanent solution for the Palestinians. With respect to Gaza the solution I heard most frequently was to lock the gates and let them wither away from starvation or bust the gates at Rafah and move to Egypt if they want to eat.
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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Overworked Angels

Growing up in the Middle East, as Muslims we are rarely taught how Angels look, instead we are taught what is their functions and the different role they play. But here in America I came to learn that Angels have another function; wiping pampered people's butts.

Here is how not to run an ad

"Angels; We wipe Our Butts with Them"

Angels will defintly protest, and say "That's not on my job description, dude"
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Topaz Gig

This is a rush video from my gig at Topaz Hotel last week, I am still getting back into stand up comedy since it has been a while. I did have a good show on the weekend at an Arab American church, it was my first ever all Arab crowd, roughly there were 200 people in the room and I was told to watch my language since they will be some families and young people. Maybe when I get the video, (if they have it) I will be posting it.

Honestly, I did enjoy the audience, they were warm and they wanted to listen, I had good interaction with people in the room; both young and old. I think they fact that they were drinking might have to do with the awesome relaxed surrounding. It took my few hours to rehearse for the gig, but it was worth it. My joke about delivering pizza in Gaza and working as a security guard and checking blonds since according to me they are a security threat since I let the gangbangers off the hook and only chose to scrutinize the blonds went well. I had a good time!
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Friday, February 06, 2009

Smoking Gaza; one Hookah at a Time

Here is a Picture taken for my older brother who is hooked on his hookah. One was snapped before the Israeli assault in front of our store in Beit Lahia Project; the second was taken after the attacks....he does change his clothes, but those are his work clothes....
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Not Much To Say

In the past couple of days I have been battling DC's coldest days ever, and auditors. I have been working with an audit team as part of my job to make sure all documents they need are in order....I think they are through with me and everything looks in order.

I have also been leaving my laptop at work so I do not get to blog from my apartment at night.

I had a stand up gig last night at topaz hotel, it went well, I enjoyed the crowd who kept the room warm as it was freezing outside. I noticed very few Obama jokes even African Americans still have not figured out a way to puke fund of the new president. The closest they got is making fun of his security guards, and Michele Obama's height and her distinct middle Name LeVon (I think)

There was an interesting comedian, he was actually one of the funniest that night, although he has only one leg, but he was good sport about it. He talked about how he smuggles 2 litter bottle of cokes in his pants and no one dares to say anything to him. And how Americans come and tell him "Thank you for your services to our country" but he lost his leg to cancer as he said. But he would not stop he looks them in the eye and say "It was an honor"

On a serious note, I took part of a panel few days ago that was organized by the Muslim Law Student Association, it went well and the crowd was mainly friendly. My part was to talk more about the humanitarian situation and the struggle of my own fmaily in the midst of the Israeli assault.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hitchhikers Guide to Arabic Music 2008

My Latest post on a topic other than Gaza and politics, is this one It took me weeks to get in the shape you see, but it was a year in the making. I had enlisted the help of my pal Carlos with the proofread and Will who helped with the layout and few codes. I am kind of proud to have took this challenge and manage to write this post about Arabic music during the year of 2008. Without further is the post
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Monday, February 02, 2009

Clothes and Mattresses on Fire

My older brother Mazin is in the hospital for medical attention, I think it is blood transfusion and IV, that only made worse by the recent Israeli attacks. He is getting better though...Mazin is one of thousands who need medical attention who had to wait till the hospitals treat their most urgent cases. Now, they send people home with their IV and tell them to put it on at home.

Just got off the phone with Gaza, apparently my older sister who lives in the outskirts of Beit Lahia, Al'ATatra area, not only had her bedroom burn to ashes and her home decorated with an assortment of various Israeli shells. My mom told me that her clothes also caught fire and she has nothing to wear. Her 'Abayat the dress women back in Gaza out on on top of whatever they are wearing now are also gone. those usually cost about 50-100 bucks a pop. My older sister Fatin came to her aid and loaned her some of her clothes to keep her warm in the cold winter. Until she fully asses the damages to her home, she will not be able to live her normal life for a bit.

On that subject, the mattress in our second home--where my family took shelter, has also burned due to Israeli fireworks. The scene of a number of people of my family rushing to put out the fire is both sad and funny. and that is the duality of the Palestinian story.
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Kabob No Mas

Timesonline has a story about a movement in Europe to bar ethnic food in order to allow Italians to eat Italian food and not foreign. This could only happen in Europe, What's next ban American burgers and Starbucks? I really think the story is funny and reveals fear of foreigners, I found it entertaining to say the least.

Luca Zaia, the Minister of Agriculture and a member of the Northern League from the Veneto region, applauded the authorities in Lucca and Milan for cracking down on nonItalian food. “We stand for tradition and the safeguarding of our culture,” he said.
Vittorio Castellani, a celebrity chef, said: “There is no dish on Earth that does not come from mixing techniques, products and tastes from cultures that have met and mingled over time.”

He said that many dishes thought of as Italian were, in fact, imported. The San Marzano tomato, a staple ingredient of Italian pasta sauces, was a gift from Peru to the Kingdom of Naples in the 18th century. Even spaghetti, it is thought, was brought back from China by Marco Polo, and oranges and lemons came from the Arab world.

Mr Castellani said that the ban reflected growing intolerance and xenophobia in Italy. It was also a blow to immigrants who make a living by selling ethnic food, which is popular because of its low cost. There are 668 ethnic restaurants in Milan, a rise of nearly 30 per cent in one year.
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Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Media and Technologies

I was the ART studio over the weekend and I met a number of people being interviewed for "What's Happening" the show about young Arab Americans and issues that concern them. I was glad to see the different things people are doing in their feild, I met blogger, journalists, humanitarians, photographers, directors, hosts and yes good looking people too.

Now, the news read about possible war crimes trial for Israeli generals for atrocities committed in the Gaza Strip during the latest Israeli adventure into the Strip. I pray those ones go through; stories of children bleeding to death and not being able to get an ambulance to move them are many. Thanks to the internet, few courageous journalists and few good men, such abuses will not go unnoticed.

I think the best allies of the Palestinian people is two things new technologies that allows for phones to have cameras on them to better document Israeli abuses. Also the democratization of the media through blogs and various new media. No longer do people have to wait for editors to tell us the news, anyone now can find stories about whatever part of the world they want to learn about. As someone said, "If the Israelis say it is sunny outside, and the Palestinians say it is rainy, you need to just look outside" That's exactly what the new media does. Israel can no longer hide behind the veil of ignorance and control rooms.

That's why the reports I read about the Israeli government's efforts to hire blogger who speak foreign languages to get their message out. Indeed, hours after they announced the positions, they have received a number of applicants who want to be part of yet another government agency to spread misinformation. But the harder the push the more alienated we and others will longer do people like to be spoon fed or have a big brother telling them what to do.
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Picking Up The Pieces

Three out of four homes in our immediate neighborhood have lost a loved one; the fourth now stands without a roof. My mother's girlfriends confess to her (in the most confidential terms) that although they are grown women, they have wet their pants out of a fear of death on numerous occasions these past three weeks.

The rise of amputees throughout Gaza has sky-rocketed at such an alarming rate that my mother has altered her daily prayers and supplications to include simple things like: "Thank you for my arms and legs, and for my children who still have their arms and legs."

Grandpa says that people are so disoriented that they no longer recognize each other. "Three weeks of straight carnage, destruction, and horrors can only rob people of their innocence and sense of consciousness." Dad had worries of his own: his 33 grandchildren gathered around him hoping he would to keep them safe, something he promised them he would do. But I think he said it best when he told me: "If I can't even keep myself safe, how can I give them what I don't have??"
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