Friday, May 28, 2010

When in Rome....

It was that time of the month that I had to watch a silly movie, the movie that will inspire me...not, the movie that will make me think...not.

At first, I thought this would be just another chick flick rom-com type of movie, but then it was just that...expect there was a good number of my favorite comedians/actors who play supporting roles. I mention Dax Shepard, and Jon Heder...yep, that's the guy from the Napoleon Dynamite movie.

The plot is pretty straightforward, buy professional hard working pleasant white girl...too busy to find love....goes to Italy for little sister's wedding. Meets a guy and then they laugh together, twist...and the rest is history.

Roa and I enjoyed the movie and I think it was really nice to see a movie that does not talk about least does not show us people sleeping around like most romantic comedies do.

If you like fairytale, or the cast of the movie you should give it a shot, otherwise, you do not have to worry about missing this one...
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Ray Hanania’s Assault on Arabic Food

Ray Hanania’s Assault on Arabic Food

Ray Hanania has added a new gig to his long and bizarre list of failed career attempts: Reality TV Show Host.

In a self-published press release, in which Ray Hanania talks about himself in third person, he writes: “The program will feature celebrity judges and chefs. The chefs will bring in their favorite recipes and serve them to the judges for review and commentary.”

Now that’s an original idea!

The show, titled “Star Chef Chicagoland,” will be filmed in the kitchen of 94 West Steak and Seafood – an otherwise reputable establishment. Sensing that something fishy might be going on, KABOBfest dispatched its resident taste tester, Chaim Sugarman, to the scene. What he discovered is, in true Ray Hanania fashion, awfully disturbing.

“This is just another attempt to help Zionists steal Arab recipes and dishes,” said Bandar Zalatimo, great grandson of world renowned Palestinian pastry chef Mohammed Zalatimo. “C’mon Ray, leave our food alone!”

Zalatimo is referring to the ongoing hummus war being waged between Israel and Lebanon. To date, Lebanon holds the record for the world’s largest dish of Hummus. Israel, however, has claimed the plate as its national dish and markets it throughout the United States as an Israeli delicacy.

Not everyone, however, is angry with Ray. “Cut the man some slack,” said J. Jonah Jameson – Ray Hanania’s boss at the Daily Bugle. “His career isn’t going too well right now and he needs the free meal.”

Still, not everyone pities Ray Hanania. Yousef Ayoub, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Michigan, says that “Star Chef Chicagoland” is a bizarre form of political maneuvering.

“This is unprecedented. Never in the history of civilization has a man gone from presidential candidate to hosting a cooking show!” Professor Ayoub is referring to Ray Hanania’s unsuccessful run for the position of president of Palestine.

Professor Ayoub continues: “Read between the lines folks. The first episode of the show will air May 28th – which is the same date in 1964 that the PLO was officially formed. Hanania is trying to send us a message!”

But what message is that?

A spokesperson for Ray Hanania told Chaim Sugarman: “Ray’s new show has a larger purpose than food. He wants to show the world that Arabs can use knives for peaceful purposes. He’s an Arab who married a Jewish woman. He knows civility. What he wants to do is transfer his acquired knowledge to the barbaric Arabs.”

How’s that for an explanation?

[Tarboush Tip: Programmer Buydatti, Fayyad]

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Downsizing Detriot City

I do not know if you heard, but the City of Detroit will be demolishing a large number of homes within its borders. In an effort to cut the costs of services associating with serving vacant homes.

Read more here

In their search for a demolition company, they contacted a number of Israeli companies to take on the demolishing of the City's vacant homes...

The Israelis made an offer and they offered to demolish Palestinians owned homes in Detroit for free. The one downside is that Israel has no experience demolishing vacant homes in a peaceful manner.

The City of Patterson, NJ where a large majority of Palestinians call it home is not downsizing so I am guessing the Israelis are out of luck.
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Leaving Islam? Pamela Can Help

In case you wanted to leave Islam, these guys want to help you, they have enought money to buy ad on buses to help you in your quest to leave Islam. Pamela seems like a nice lady who really want to question is this....once someone leave Islam will miss Pamela try to sell them another religion? Not sure what services she is offering, she might be offering a witness protection program like to save you....

It just happened that an Arabic major news outlet reported that one of the ladies they freed from Islam, the young teenager whom they assisted to run away from her Muslim family in Columbus Ohio has an advanced form of Cancer. Read they story here. The tragedy how this group made this young woman their mascot and now she really needs someone to care for her.

I wish this young women well and I hope she recovers soon, I do not really know much about her parents, but I doubt they are the monsters they are made to be.

Pamela Geller, who leads an organization called Stop Islamization of America, said the ads were meant to help provide resources for Muslims who are fearful of leaving the faith.

"It's not offensive to Muslims, it's religious freedom," she said. "It's not targeted at practicing Muslims. It doesn't say 'leave,' it says 'leaving' with a question mark."

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Ghiradelli Chocolate

America has found its zen. There is only one place that makes chocolate treats worthy to be called chocolate. That's right Ghiradelli Chocolate are those!

They make America's best chocolate produced for the masses without losing what makes them unique. I am in love with their Dark Chocolate Carmel center just does not get any better. While I try to consume less milk chocolate, I have tried a great deal of their chocolate products and I am afraid many Europeans are upset by America's finest chocolate producer.

In Thanksgiving of 2001, I actually went to their store in San Francisco and fresh in the United States, I liked them, but I did not celebrate them until few years ago that I rediscovered them.

I know there might be some smaller vendors who make fine chocolate here in the States, but I do not think anyhow can rival Ghiradellie Chocolate in making their chocolate avialable pretty much anywhere Target, Safeway, Giant, Amazon and making them stand out in terms of taste, quality and importantly packaging.

I know the Speaker of the House keeps in her office boxes of those delicacies which she shares with those who visit her office. that would be a good enough reason to visit with the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

Soon, I will be testing out their Brownie Mix, as brownie lover since my dorm days in Utah where brownies are everybody's choice, I will accept nothing by perfection from this American icon.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The One Phone Call

For some reason people on any airplane I board, start dialing their parents and declare their love to them. And they call grandpa to tell him they love them and ask them this, "Grandpa am I gonna live as long as you did?"

"Yes,"I answer them with a smile.

They even start calling their credit card companies and ordering some insane stuff and make all those purchase they have always wanted to one care really...I mean it's not like their credit card company will come after them.

The tragedy then is if the plane lands safely. "Oh Shi*!" I actually have to pay for these things now.
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The Mosque I Am Not Too Keen On Gets Approved

29 council members said YES, 1 said NO 10 abstained, they really want to give extremists the finger and welcome the moderates. Well, I am always for a mosque if you want to pray in it...not just to make a statement by it. That's not why mosques were built. I can see some people might be offended by the location, some might even be confused...but I am still not embracing the idea, look at the mosque here in Washington DC, every Friday they have 2 separate prayers. One anti-Saudi politically active imam leads the prayer outside in protest. And the Pro establishment imam gets the cozy mosque inside and delivers less than fiery sermons.

I am worried that the radical elements will try to overtake the mosque...this happened in Gaza in Post Hamas takeover. I do not think this will happen, but it is a possibility where zealots mosque goers who frequent the mosque try to claim it as they are the ones who attend to it. But I do not know much about the proposed NYC mosque and the people behind it to make a conclusion.

Ground Zero Mosque Overwhelmingly Approved By NYC Community Board: 'It's A Seed Of Peace'

P.S. The picture is for the imam in charge of the mosque initiative.
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Poor Taste Politics

Few days ago President of Mexico was visiting the White House where made a comment critical of Arizona's new immigration law. Very few media outlets called President Obama on his lack of adequate response. I do not think President Obama was tough enough when the remarks where made. Jack Cafferty had a good reaction here

This is America, Arizona is part of America, when some foreign dignitary criticizes your country, you do not play politics, and try to brush it off. I think the President should have come to the defense of Arizona...never mind very few people like the law anyways. BUT I think the American President should have been more forceful in his response to the foreign leader. You cannot be diplomatic with someone who is breaking the cordial rule or not interfering in domestic policies.

I have nothing agasint the president of Mexico, I think he is a great leader...but he should not be too blunt about his reaction to an American law designed to keep American cities.

One day I'd like to visit Mexico and hope that do not ask me to come in from the front door, I also hope to travel there without the necessary "documents"
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are You Bored in Iraq? When American Soldier Is

There is clearly not much to do an Iraq for an American soldier but to go around and ask little boys about sexual acts. Look at the bright side, these little boys do not speak English and they might learn it on day. I take pity on this one soldier... and I thank him for sharing his video with the world.
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Sketchy Arabic Music Videos, Oh Boy!

Sketchy Arabic Music Videos, Oh Boy!

Like billions of people I enjoy a good song and love a good beat. A music video for a song that I happen to like is always a treat. In the past week, a number of new Arabic music videos have been released to be seen by all either on the small screen in an Arabic home or a computer monitor somewhere on Youtube. I give you a the latest troublesome music videos coming to us from Arabia, feel free to disagree with me, but for a reason or two I feel compelled to share those music videos with you.

Jad Choueiri – Ghaly / جاد شويري – غالي

The Lebanese music producer, singer, weirdo takes a page of Perez Hilton and drives in the back of a truck in the streets of Lebanon attempting to make wiping imaginary air windows cool again. I thought they guy will disappear after his most famous flop of a song Funky Arab went nowhere. To his credit Jad makes very cool logos, I doubt however that those shades will be popular anywhere anytime soon.

Khaled Selim – Ad’y Aleik / خالد سليم – أدعي عليك

Khaled Selim, the hard working and hard partying Arab singer made a great comeback album that was a hit with his fans and even his loudest critics. Singing a number of awesome Arabic song, a pleasant song in Spanish another hit song in English “Desert Queen”. When it came to making a music video, Khaled did well by not hiring a number of naked ladies to make him look like a turd. He wanted to make a song where he is in the center. When I first reviewed the music video, I was not sure what o make of it, but then I saw it again and seeing Khaled touching himself and acting like he is about to enter the ring to punch Mr. T in the face confused me. I really like the song, it is one of my favorite summer songs so far, I and a number of female bloggers for Kabobfest feel uneasy about it.

Sandy – Ebn Garetna / ساندي – إبن جارتنا

So you know those dirty old men who have something for little girls? Here is a song that was made to make them feel better. The dazzling Egyptians beauty Sandy is not stranger to making music videos with skimpy outfits. What is sup with that Three scope Ice cream skewers Sandy? The director seems to have Sandy’s permission to flaunt her body to the horny Middle Eastern man with an internet connection. Maybe Sandy is trying to get people to get a faster internet speed so that can have a better viewing experience. Also if you have a minute read the viewers comments. Sandy’s look and colors reminds me of those crazy Japaneses cartoons, I hope she makes it big there.

MoHammED IsKanDaR – JeMhourYet AlbY محمد اسكندر جمهورية قلبي

Lebanon has seen relatively four peaceful years now, but this singer wanted to change that.A song that many Lebanese feminists felt was degrading to women. The song is really cool and it seems to be on its way to be this Summer’s hottest song. The singer’s son Faris, a popular lyricist wrote this song in which his dad sings to his wife urging her to quit her job and allow him to pamper her at home. He also says your job is my heart, my feelings and my love…it’s enough you are the President of the Republic of My Heart. I can see some women getting worked up about this song, because talk is cheap. To his credit the singer states his respect for women rights and he acknowledges their college degrees. Below is a video of the rallies in Lebanon asking to ban this song.

Here is a protest in Lebanon by feminists and dudes enraged by this song…not all women hate the song…some say it’s catchy and they have enjoyed it.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Ray Hanania Hates Miss USA

Why Ray Hanania Hates Miss USA

By now, everyone’s heard that Rima Fakih, a Muslim Lebanese-American girl, has won the prestigious title of Miss USA. While the victory has put conservative pundits’ panties in a twist, Arab- and Muslim-Americans are rejoicing.

Well… except for one.

Ray Hanania — the “award winning” columnist, standup comedian and self-nominated Palestinian presidential candidate — has been non-stop hating on America’s new Shiite sweetheart since her highly-publicized request for a slice of halal pizza.

Both of Ray Hanania’s Twitter followers will recall that Ray Hanania recently attempted (and failed) to urge the U.S. Census Bureau to include “Arab” as a race on its 2010 census forms. He’s also fresh off the heels of launching an offensive campaign to urge Palestinians to stop referring to the ethnic cleansing of their land in 1948 as “Al-Nakba” (the catastrophe) because it hurts the feelings of Israelis.

Now Ray Hanania is taking aim at Rima Fakih.

“Rima is lovely”, Ray Hanania said, “but I’m not so sure that choosing a Shiite Muslim to represent America in the Miss Universe pageant sends the right message to our allies.”

Ray Hanania continued, “At this time, our politicians and army generals are flirting with the idea of attacking Iran, the only Middle Eastern country with a Shiite majority. How can our propaganda machine succeed in convincing people that Shiites are evil, while drawing attention to how beautiful they could be?” It wasn’t clear whether the politicians and army generals Hanania mentioned are American or Israeli.

According to Ray Hanania, “It is an issue of national security that Rima Fakih be stripped of her title.” In fact, he claims to have photographic evidence that she once walked through a Lebanese village where a Hezbollah sympathizer runs a local cupcake bakery. “That alone,” he says, “proves that she’s with them and against us.”

Ayman Bazi, a moderator for the Arab Dearborn group on Facebook, dismissed Hanania’s allegations. “Basically, Ray is like a she-male prostitute,” he said. “The difference is that the more the prostitute shows you, the sexier she seems. But the more Ray shows you, the more you want to puke.” Ayman concluded with, “Eat your heart out Ray Hanania, Dearborn has Shatila Sweets and America’s sweetheart, what does Chicago have? Corrupt politicians??”

When asked about his own religious beliefs, Ray Hanania gave this answer, “The Miss USA pageant could do with a more consistent policy on Iran.” In other words, he’s a money worshiping clown with Uncle Tom syndrome.

Ray Hanania, Debbie does Dallas and Daniel Crack Pipes will be holding a press conference to argue that what happens in Vegas –where the Beauty pageant was held — must indeed stay in Vegas.

For more on Ray Hanania, join the Facebook group: RAy HAnaNia is so NOT funNy! OKAY??!!?

[Tarboush Tip: Programmer Buydatti]

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Bad Weather and Great Music Go Hand in Hand

Here is a random thought about music....

I think it would be really really hard to write an angry song if you like in a place that enjoys a nice weather. I am thinking the reason London, Seattle and New York have better rock music scene is among other thing is the brutal weather where the sun is not always there. Imagine that if you live in a rainbow blessed city say California, you are not going to right an angry that a depressed soul can only produce.

It makes sense now to see pop songs come from areas with happy climate....clearly Country music comes from places with lots of open spaces....the South, and South West are blessed with those open spaces and folksy lifestyle. It takes a freezing weather to make music hot.

clearly, there are exceptions to every rule. But I wonder with would the beach boys sing about if they existed say in Wisconsin?
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

This movie was worth it....I really enjoyed this flick a great deal. I made sure to avoid reading what the critics and the vocal movie viewers had to say. I simply wanted to have my own movie experience, pure and simple.

The movie hit the right notes, and it thought me a lot about the way British people see themselves and how proud they are of their history and their hero.

Ridley Scott does not make movies in a calculation, he just makes what he thinks would be a good story to tell. Ever since the Gladiator and he made few dozen movies, some did not go as well. But Robin Hood is a masterpiece. A fresh lock at the legend that we all learned to adore. This is not your typical Robbin Hood just stealing stuff away.

This is about the history of England in the 12th Century, the king and the whole 9 years. The movie also touches on the crusades and the rivalry with the French. Politics, fatherhood, motherhood and knighthood are consistent themes throughout the movie.

I think the casting direcots is worth his paycheck, the cinematography and the landscape are captivating. The customs reminds of Kingdom of Heaven, another Ridley Scott movie. Russell Crowe is back to do the part we have always known he is capable of doing. Cate Blanchett, William Hurt bring their talent and energy that transform the movie into a true epic.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

No, Peel Your Banana This Way

I must say, I have never thought about that, but it seems like a good idea that I will put to the test really soon! It makes sense now

most people, including me, grew up peeling a banana from the stem down. However, the stem makes a better handle, and the other end is actually easier to peel, so peeling the banana from the other end is strategically dominant. Indeed, this is what banana-experts (monkeys) do. The implication is that some traditions we take for granted are suboptimal.

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Bad Rock Music & Beer

A confession, I have a subscription to Spin Magazine, yes the magazine that specializes in Indie Music. (BTW, magazine is an Arabic word driven from the Makhazan for Storage)

Here is what I learned, Rock musicians love drunk fans, but it seems that mediocre musicians love them even more as it seems that beer makes even average song sound hot...obviously people mellow down and according to a number of interviews with musicians, they do not like a noon concert because people are sober...they love however an early evening concert when fans have had few beers.

Beer....God's gift to bad musicians. It now all makes sense few Muslims not appreciate Rock music because they do not drink...they do however like rap. Maybe that's why a lot More Mormons appreciate country a lot more.
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A Question To A US Air Marshall

A Question To ponder....

Do you know if there are an US Air Marshall who has an Arab/Muslim Heritage?

If they really do have someone that meets the description, I would love to really meet this person and ask them this...

Do people believe you when you tell them you are the air Marshall on their flight?
What's the first reaction people give you when they know you are a US air Marshall?
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

If You Are Into Lost

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Mark Williams Insults Muslims and Aplogizes to the Hindus

The Crazy Tea Party leader who said Muslims worship Monkey God has finally apologized....but wait...he issued an apology to the Hindus not the Muslims....This is too funny....He made his remarks in Utah during a stop. A state that does not particularly known for Tea nor parties.

Moreover, Hanuman is worshiped as a symbol of perseverance, strength and devotion. He is known as a destroyer of evil and to inspire and liberate. Those are hardly the traits of whatever the Hell (literally) it is that terrorists worship and worthy of my respect and admiration not ridicule.
"So, again, to my Hindu friends, I offer my sincerest apologies for my horrible lapse and my insensitivity. It was unintentional, inexplicably ignorant and I am ashamed at my offense toward you."
Read here
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Soccer in Virginia

In Pentagon City of Arlington Virginia, there is a large number of green fields that people can be found playing soccer on. There are tennis courts and Basketball court. I was there yesterday and took part of a soccer game where under-appreciated Americas, Brazilians, Latinos, Arabs, Africans and Europeans all played on one field.

I have not played soccer in some time now, but it was good to be on the green field playing goalie, my favorite position. Most people hate it, but I found myself to be drawn to it and eventually I got good at it.

I found myself taking part of a number of college inter-murals where I played mostly goalie. I wants to give a shout out to American girls playing soccer, they are really good, a lot more skilled than average Americans guys--although in defense American guys do well.

I think this summer a lot of people are excited for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, driving many to engage in this truly global game. I am looking forward for a great soccer season and my eyes will be on Brazil, Argentina and the USA. By default I root for Algeria, but I am realistic about their chances.

If we must know, we ended up winning the game because we had a really good defense and great midfield. The other team had good forward, but they could not get a chance as our midfielders were always there to block them.

The trick for being a goalie is to always follow the ball, not the player. A good defense helps, but the goalie must not hide behind them. I found it helpful to me if I move away from the goal as the opposite team attacks. I have to reason with myself not to fear the player with a ball because, he have to go through me to get his goal...he can keep going , but I must stop the ball.

come play soccer every Wednesday 5:30 PM in the field next to the basketball court.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'

The story

A leader of the Tea Party just said something that will yet drive many people away from it...just when the Tea Party was becoming a legitimate rational voice (for the most part) comes this quote from a leader:
The animals of allah for whom any day is a great day for a massacre are drooling over the positive response that they are getting from New York City officials over a proposal to build a 13 story monument to the 9/11 Muslims who hijacked those 4 airliners.

The monument would consist of a Mosque for the worship of the terrorists' monkey-god and a "cultural center" to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult.

Clearly, this person does not seem to get that the word Allah is driven from the word for "God" is in Aramaic, Jesus' native language. But he is too bust drinking his booze. I am sure he will say, this is a free country...yes, it is! For now he seems to know a lot about monkeys...

BTW, I think he might be mistaking the Hindu deity (Hanuman) picture above with Allah

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Here, You Pay What You Want!

News story about a hybrid model of a Panera Bread company and a Not-For-Profit. The concept goes as this, you order what you like and pay your fair share. You do not hand the food to a cashier, but rather put the money in a donation box. No tax, just donate what you think your food cost...feel free to pay up or down.

The national bakery and restaurant chain launched a new nonprofit store here this week that has the same menu as its other 1,400 locations. But the prices are a little different — there aren't any. Customers are told to donate what they want for a meal, whether it's the full suggested price, a penny or $100.

The new store in the upscale St. Louis suburb of Clayton is the first of what will Panera hopes will be many around the country. Ronald Shaich, Panera's CEO until last week, was on hand at the new bakery Monday to explain the system to customers.

Here is my concern
  1. Do they take credit cards/checks? Will people then use not having cash as an excuse not to pay for their food?
  2. Does they city where the store is have ordinance about squatting and homeless people? Not sure if Clayton has a problem with homeless people.
  3. You do not want the wrong people to take advantage of know how rich people like to feel like they are getting a deal
  4. How will that work cross-culturally? I know this will bring a lot of money if it was geared around Arabs....we like to show off when we make a donation (I guess most people do anyway, but Arabs/Mormons tend to eat in groups more often)
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Torture This! The Facts

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A Pizza that Explains Israel's Policy

Israel continue to grab Palestinian land in Jerusalem and elsewhere while leaving land control by Israel untouched reminds me of one of my roommates back in college.

This roommate used to order pizza, eat the cheese part and throw away the crust, but he still will make sure to get a side order of bread sticks to go with his pizza.

This analogy helps me think of the Israeli policy of unnecessary of land grab.
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A Pole Dancing Arab

So Miss USA is an Arab and now it has been revealed that she won a pole dancing contest back at college. I think it's funny to see some people are worked up about this, first there are those affirmative A#@ holes why cry a Muslim win as affirmative action. Then those who are criticizing the winner for taking part of a pole dancing contest. I have to admit that seeing an Arab woman take part of a pole dancing contest is kind of strange.... but I also think you can see more skin wearing those bikinis during the contest.
Western Message to Arab/Muslim women, "We Want You to be Loose, but not too loose"
Yes, I guess damned if they do damned if they don't!

Here is a good coverage of the story
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Monday, May 17, 2010

I hope He Sells Songs on iTunes

A Georgia rapper was shot and killed in Atlanta as he was making a music video. My thoughts and prayers to his family of course.

I do hope however he sells albums/songs as his death might give him enough badass credential to make 50 Cents jealous.

Others were also harmed in the attacks non of those harmed have a life threatening problem.
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You Can Never Look Too Arab

Delta Pilot Arrested For Carrying Concealed Weapon at Airport

'Cause You can never be too safe! Now pilots are packing heat. Good job TSA! I am sure he has a good story to explain to the officers....he might be on his way to a Tea Party....
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I don't Like This Either

Some Muslim group in New York is trying to build a mosque near the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City. Most people are either overjoyed or angry at this development. While I like mosques and places of worship, I do not see this as a good idea in particular. I know that Islam did not attack America on 9/11 terrorism did...still not too many people see that yet.

While I respect the people behind the initiative, I am sure they are all admirable people who want to work together with all people of New York.

  1. My fears are such, this mosque will be largely funded by Saudi Arabia, a country with a lot of unique complexities in terms of faith and nationality. If the American Muslims wanted to build such a center they should raise money and do it from the community and only from the community. We cannot afford to play politics with the religion of 1.5 billions.
  2. What's the point? We Muslims can pray anywhere clean, and where water is available. I am afraid that some segments of Muslims might see this as making a statement to support their radical agenda. "If it wasn't for 9/11, this mosque will never have happened" Those are a minority and they often do not speak for anybody but themselves. They are a real segment that will want to make a statement about Islam. Making a statement is not wrong, most religions do it, I just do not want radicals to be making statement on behalf of my religion.
  3. Building this huge complex is asking for trouble, if they wanted to build a mosque, that's might be just fine, but this will be a cultural center with theater, sport facilities...etc. I do not want people to hate Muslims but have to live with them because of some enforced political correctness. The first question that will come to those people's mind, "Saudi Arabia does not allow Churches in there, why should we allow mosques?" While the first half of the sentence is wrong and rest of the argument is flawed as Saudi Arabia is not a democracy and American is one. I do not want Muslims to defend Muslims regimes....
  4. New York and other progressive urban spots do not like religious institutions presences in their cities on prime real estate locations where those places do not have to pay taxes as regular business would. In other words, have a gigantic presence there gives the Liberals more reasons to preach the dangers of organized religion.
  5. I can see how some Americans see this as "in your face", while many Americans remain ignorant about Islam, the site of a huge Muslim complex will make some uncomfortable. I would rather live in a world where Islamophopes are able to express their views than have those opinions repressed. At least they are easier to spot that way. Here are some quotes:

    "This is the wrong neighborhood to put the mosque in," Scott Rachelson, 59, said as he went to his office. Rachelson, who works with people seeking compensation over 9/11 related damages, said his life changed forever the day that two hijacked airliners smashed into Manhattan.

    "I was here. For me, and everyone else who was here, we have post-traumatic stress disorder," he said. "It feels like yesterday."

    A woman living in the apartment building next to the proposed mosque said she couldn't accept the project.

    "I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a little nervous," said Jennifer Wood, 36, as she took her young son for a walk. "It seems a little in the face, a little too much too soon. I don't know why it has to be here -- this is a big city."

From Raw Story

It's one thing if Americans wanted to celebrate their constitution and launch such a project to show the diversity and the multicultural's quite another to let few religious hippie to prescribe a medicine that generates its own disease.

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Miss USA Second Thoughts

My knee jerk first reaction and thought on the win of Arab American as Miss America was joy and excitement. Now, it became known that Miss America show rating has been in decline, very few people watched it and it was considered as a lost cause even by its owner Donal Trump. I think an Arab American winning it, is great and I am sure Rima deserves it on her own merits. But this helps the Miss America organization in so many levels:
  1. More news outlet will report on it, this is sensational news when an Arab person wins a beauty pageant. Those news will help the rating of the show and spark discussion about it. Not many care if another average American girl won, I mean it would be good...but it's not going to make news on a global scale.
  2. The state of Michigan is in trouble financially and could use some good news, of course when Rima the native of Michigan won it, that might bring Michigan in the happy news segment.
  3. Liberals found themselves often critical of this show as some see is objectifying women and doing little to make their lives better. Now the organizers can say, we empower women, what better women to empower than the Muslim ones...this is popular with both the right and left.
  4. Most Arabic news outlets have been reporting on this and celebrating her win. Arabs do many things wrong, but when it comes to news, we really do it right.
  5. This will be like giving extremists groups the finger, when the see an Arab Muslim won Miss USA, they will be confused whether to resent that dazzling beauty or see America in different light.

On a final note, the fact that an Arab American won might have some people boycott the show
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Me Too

Why I am celebrating the first Arab American Miss USA

By Maytha

I would be lying if I said I didn’t get emotional with the news. I did. In fact, when I watched the last 15 minutes of the West Coast broadcast a couple of hours ago, already well aware of the result, I teared up. The image of a woman stereotypical in her phenotypical representation of Levantine beauty, sandwiched in by corn-fed Heidis from the hilltops of Oklahoma and other breadbasket states, and her win over these shoe-ins for belles of the nationally televised American ball, still registered as incomprehensible.

For as strong as the backlash has been to what some have already responded to as “misplaced celebrations” by our community, for lauding an achievement tied to the exploitation of the female body, tonight was, unequivocally historic.

Tonight’s Miss USA result might have been a statement about who is considered socially eligible for citizen, as many academics would speculate the latent significance driving the history of the pageant is. But, more so, it was a statement about what kind of beauty can be celebrated. The inclusion of an explicitly Arab woman, who did not try to white wash her name in order to “pass,” in that formula is huge. If you told the awkward 13 year old girl in a white dominant school who straightened her curls every night, shopped around for blue color contacts, wore clothes to hide her ass and hips, refused to wear gold jewelry because it would make her “look like a National Geographic photo-spread,” and cried every night she gazed in the mirror at herself that an Arab woman’s beauty could be celebrated in the USA, and furthermore REPRESENT the USA (in a Miss Universe pageant nonetheless!), she would have had a much different teenage experience. Where being Arab still carries a social stigma, Lebanese American, New York-born, Rima Fakih’s prominent profile in the Arab American community combined with her newly anointed public persona, makes her a scarcity in the realm of Arab American media and public figures who go under-cover about their cultural heritage (for examples, see people profiled in the “Closeted Arab” series. And sadly, the social stigma of being Arab does not escape everyday experiences. If I may share an anecdote that happened to me a few weeks back that relates back to this theme of the acceptability of Arabness in the US…

I, along with my friends, when to a salsa club in Los Angeles one night. Early into the night, a man approached me with an ever familiar holler tactic. Being the ethnic enigma that I am, he immediately pressed about my “nationality”-as many like to call that phenotypic marker that sets me apart from conceptions of American nationhood belonging. After going through my thoroughly rehearsed routine of asshole responses, “nationality? as in, where is my passport from?” “where am I from? Ohhhhh, now I get your question, I’m from Los Angeles.” “Oh you mean before that? My mother’s womb.”, I asked him to take three guesses. The first was Brazilian. No, I responded. The second, Puerto Rican. I guess he was feeling the whole “latina in a salsa club thang.” And again, ended with a selection of his geographic knowledge on Latin American countries. After his failed attempts, I finally, divulged, “My parents are from Syria, I’m Arab.” And his response? “Oh, I would have guessed that first, but I didn’t want to offend you.” Good job buddy, you just did.

If Rima’s victory tonight means a limitation in the ignorantly racist comments I hear all too frequently from strangers, then I’m celebrating.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Soldiers 'Not Equipped' To Deal With Gay Comrades

They are not equipped to deal with those who want to love them, but they are equipped to deal with those who hate them. Regardless of your stand on the issue, I think this quote if darn funny.

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy are stuck in a holding pattern as the Pentagon completes a study of a repeal's potential impact. Still, promises to repeal the policy have been repeatedly made by President Barack Obama, and the movement is buoyed significantly by the support of Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who considers the lifting of the policy to be a matter of "integrity."

On the other hand, Unfrozen Caveman Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) has some issues! Here's Inhofe, in an interview on the American Family Association radio show on Wednesday
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Illinois Couple Married At Taco Bell

I am sure this is very normal these days as people look for cost cutting techniques...what's a better way than to tie the knot at your favorite smelly fast food chain? Just do not use the restroom. This is a great way to think outside the bun, yeah hun

The bride wore a $15 hot pink dress and the entire wedding cost about $200. Several dozen guests looked on as the couple's friend, Ryan Green of Normal, administered the vows while wearing a T-shirt. He was ordained online.

Here is the story
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Miss Michigan, Arab American Rima Fakih

Current Miss Michigan Rima Fakih is a non-traditional titleholder. She’s an Arab American, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants. She’s maintained three jobs over the course of the last year on top of performing Miss Michigan duties, and she’s the farthest thing from a girly-girl.

Despite her unconventional background, this Sunday, Dearborn native Rima Fakih will have the chance to be the next face of Miss USA—possibly breaking the 17 year dry spell of Miss Michigan ascending to the highly coveted Miss USA spot. Arab Detroit caught up with the beauty queen just before she left for the preliminary competition in Las Vegas.


Michigan finally got her first Arab American pretty person....I have always thought they would have chosen one a long time ago, but I guess that's why Rima is special now. Looking forward to see if she makes it to Miss. USA....Best Wishes
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Toys That Suck

Yes, here is something an Arab or a Muslim can no longer buy without having to show ID. Thanks to the jerk of Time Square bomb who used those fireworks in his van. In Gaza, you can no longer buy these as they smuggle them from tunnels and they seem popular during the summer season weddings in particular and the month of Ramadan. Here is a confession, I used to sell these back in Gaza when I was a brings good profit.
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Driving, Courts, and Parking

Perhaps the beauty of not having a car is that you never have to worry about finding parking at the places where you are going. Having said that, it sucks when I have to help find a spot for a friend as parking signs do not seem to have been written in a language that anyone can understand.

Not driving also has another perk, you never get ticketed...I learned this is a very important thing when i file all sorts of immigration papers...they ask for criminal records and such. They often ask for traffic violations as an indicator. I remember few years ago, the paralegal at the attorney's office called me to make sure I am not lying on my application, "You never have had a ticket?" with confidence I always say, "No!"

On the downside however, most people and entitiy ask me for a driving license as an ID, when I tell them I do not have one, they act like I am a moron like what happened this morning when I went to the court to pick up a from (BTW, why is the marriage office is located next to the mental office in the DC court on the fourth floor?) So when I give them my permanent Residence card, they act like it does not count. To put them at ease, I tell them "the US Government issued me this card", I think they are a credible source.
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Arabic Music Videos Early Summer Roundup

Arabic Music Videos Early Summer Roundup

Mostafa Ammar, the Egyptian pop singer is back with a new album titled “Hya” translated to “She is”, or “it’s her” I reviewed the album of 13 songs, I found two I really like, and the rest if largely forgettable. “Hya” and “Ya Nihar Abyad” are those songs I like. In “Hya“, Mostafa flirts with an Arab girl where he counts her attributes, the eyes, the skin color, the smile and then he is trying to figure from which Arabic country she hails….she ends up telling him I am an Arab girl. I think it is catch song and has the potential to be a hit as similar songs that count individuals Arab countries have had a lot of success. Glad to see Mostafa who is dubbing himself as the King of Arab Pop is taking a break from making movies and soap operas to come back to his first craft.

Nawal Zogbi, the Lebanese singer is gearing up for what promises to be a good summer for her and her brand. Releasing a number of singles that were all well-received, she is about to release her new album. This album comes to be Nawal’s first post divorce album where she has parted from her long time husband and music producer. Here is a clip from her song “Fouq JrouHy”, a sad song that she head to defend when journalists painted it as a cry of helpless woman. I am more excited about her other new song “Amana” or as it was also called “Salhouny Aleeh

Rola Saad is one heck of an entertainer. Rola does not really have that much of a distinct voice or talent, other than sharing the stage with legendary Lebanese diva she has not been able to add anything to her career. I think Rola was going for sexy in her song “Shyfak Odamy“, in away venturing into is an Elissa and Carol Smaha territory. Not sure if people will embrace this song, and I am not in high school anymore. Rola did performed in some World Cup concert in South Africa, but it seems that Nancy Ajram is the official Arab singer in the World Cup as Nancy released a world cup song few days ago.

Speaking of Nancy Ajram, you know she is not going down without a fight, early January she released a single song with her new production company “Salimoly Aleeh“, it was a good song and a safe choice for Nancy who is recording a new album to be released soon. She has been busy with many concerts across the Arab world, Cairo and Lebanon to name few. In the meantime, Nancy and her brilliant manager still doing a heck of a job marketing herself and endorsing various products. But somehow I feel that the Arab world is no longer obsessed with her and her stardom, it might be because ADD is on the rise or it could be that her marriage and baby took away from her fan base.

Kathim Alsahir, the Iraqi musician has been a big name for decades now, while not making brilliant music, he is too busy fending off attacks from other Arab stars who love to hate in him–especially the ones from the Gulf. But to his credit, he never get in pissing matches with them, he just outsmart them and make a better album and sell a gazillion record leaving those hating stars to pick their noses. Here is a song for newspapers where love is the news. Aljareedah is a new subject that Kathim treats in such a fascinating way. Yes, some of the graphics are out of place, but the music video and the model are pleasant experience.

Fady Andraws, the Lebanese singer that makes the Arabic news once in a blue moon has released a new music video that seems to be made for Western (European) audience. “Itla’ey Miny” translating closer to the exorcist where he i=s asking his lover to leave his body and mind. Cool music video with awesome footage, I am sure sport fans would enjoy this treat.

Walid Tawfic, his name reminds me of everything old, but that’s not a bad thing. For more than five years Walid has been trying to make a comeback under which he can be cool again. His fans including myself were discreetly asking him to call it a quit and stop re-packaging his old songs. Walid released a really amazing music video with lyrics that make resonate with many Arab generations about life, friendship, politics, change and cynicism. I am glad to say that Walid proves he is only Alpha male that has finally found his groove.

Lian, a young Palestinians singer answers a question I have heard for years, can Palestinians rock? Lian said “YES”. Watch this video from a concert in Ramallah last month, Lian sings for the Kaffyah and struggle in nice doses of historical soundbites. Just like the tales of your grandparents, people in Ramallah enjoyed her gig.

Wael Jassar, one of the few Arab singers who avoid giving interviews, Wael also avoids making the news by spreading rumors and fights with other singers, all around he is just a nice guy who makes worthy music. While most of his songs are about love and romance, he did well as his fan base is rather large for a Lebanese singer who is not too big name when it comes to concerts. Wael Jassar wanted to sing about something else other than love and romance, so what do you sing about in Arabic? He made an entire album with religious themes about the profit and the history of Islam and its early days. Guess what? He sold more albums in Egypt and Lebanon than anyone else. He admitted his reluctance to make such an album but he said the words he sang were not insulting to anyone. For me the best success of the album is how Weal combined Shiite figures with Sunni ones in such a beautiful manner. You can bet that this upcoming month of Ramdan you will be hearing more of this album.

Summer is also the season for Big budget Arabic movies, there are few big movies that will be released in days, luckily, the movie trailer is not a mainstream practice in the Arab world. instead they release a new song with shots from the upcoming movie. Ahmad Al Saqqa, the Egyptian actor who might as well be the Arab World’s biggest and most popular male star who does awesome action movies, solid drama movies and yes he also made romantic movies will be staring in “The dealer” here is the song from this movie that I will be watching. Yes he is a bankable star, think Will Smith.

Tamer Hosny the hairiest and best selling Egyptian singer and actor. What do you get every summer in Arabia? A romantic comedy stared by Tamer where he plays the cool, jealous dude who beat up ten guys using his left hand while giving you a back message with his right. Not a single movie made by this guy can be made without having scene where he assaults or harasses a woman. To his credit, he is a huge star that writes his own stuff (music, lyrics, scripts) For that he will be receiving a big award in New York in the middle of this month.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Facebook Free

As a proud Facebook holdout, I was thrilled to hear about the privacy meltdown at this popular social networking website. the same freinds who have been telling me, "Dude, you need to be on Facebook" are still telling me to do just that, but in a quite voice as they themselves have been worried about their privacy.

I was reading this great list put together by Gizmodo that gives you 10 reasons to abandon this site. This list is not the only one telling you to leave this popular site, but it is the most solid list one of them all as those guys seem to know what they are talking about where they have done some research of the downsides of the network. you can read it here

4. Facebook is not technically competent enough to be trusted

Even if we weren't talking about ethical issues here, I can't trust Facebook's technical competence to make sure my data isn't hijacked. For example, their recent introduction of their "Like" button makes it rather easy for spammers to gain access to my feed and spam my social network. Or how about this gem for harvesting profile data? These are just the latest of a series of Keystone Kops mistakes, such as accidentally making users' profiles completely public, or the cross-site scripting hole that took them over two weeks to fix. They either don't care too much about your privacy or don't really have very good engineers, or perhaps both.

I know you love your Facebook, there are many good things that come out of it....I do not deny that. There is also the fact that you are unable to take your network with you. But as someone who has never got into the Facebook business, I am glad to keep it that way. I also read that potential employers can pay to get your Facebook profile to see what kind of goof you are.

When I first heard about Facebook I think it was 2005/2006 back at BYU, when my friends where asking me if I am on it, I said no and that was a normal answer back then, not too many people had an account there. But then few people I particularity liked wanted me to join, I almost did in Summer of 2007, but then the Shiz hit the fan in Gaza and the takeover of Gaza preoccupied me. All of a sudden the people I loved and almost got me into Facebook are no longer my friends so I was like, "it would have been awkward"

I do not have anything to hide, but I do not feel like let me guard down and I do not like people snooping around into my private life. Yes, I do have this blog, but this is the Hantizer blog.

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Movies This Weekend

Iron Man was not that good of a movie, it's still entertaining, but I was disappointed as the first one was a great movie all around, this time around the follow up was sub-par. It took too long to get to the movie storyline and I was like, "this is not what I thought it would be." I was glad to have some popcorn with me to enjoy my time. The probelm of this movie was to want to make it into more than one movie story, too many characters that does not get an air time. Too many back stories that do not necessarily enrich the movie. You can wait for the DVD, if you must see it. C+

Kick Ass is a movie I liked and have enjoyed watching. It was witty, action packed, fast, comical and has heart. At times, it was a bit violent, crude, but it all made the movie a better experience. I am sure there will be follow ups to this fun movie, I will by watching them as well. It was a well-made film with great cast and awesome cinematography even a non comic book fan like me can enjoy. A-
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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Senator Gets the Slip

Senator Bob Bennett, the Utah Senator in the United State Senate that personalty apologized to me once in 2004, he just lost his Party's nomination for the Republican party in Utah. Here is the story of how one of the Senate's most conservative Senators was ousted by activists who were angry with him for votes to bail out Wall Street. Now, I know why Senator Specter defected to the Democratic party more than a year ago.
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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hate Vs. Reason

How do you expect me to love anybody when all you want me to do is hate myself. Most Anti-Muslims talking heads want the Muslims to hate themselves, but once the Muslims hate themselves, do you think they will be able to love anybody else?

Some people are helpless case and it does not matter whether you reason with them or not, they still want to do others harm. But some media outlets have being pushing Muslims into a corner by painting them as terrorist, God knows there are plenty o those among us. But do not get me wrong, the guys like the Time Square Bomber is also our enemy. Civilians are where the line is drawn between cold blooded murderers and everybody else. This guy like many of his peers do not care whom their bombs kill. Also many of NY street vendors are Muslim Egyptians, many street hat vendors are from Senegal, a Muslim country, Yemenis run many great restaurants in Time Square, dozens of Muslims tourists also visit Time you think this guy cares?

Even Roa, fresh out of Gaza is already calling this guy names, we really do not have to know what went through his head, but I think there are plenty the authorities can learn from him and how he has been privileged to live in this country to have him turn around and try to stab it in the back like that.

Many Pakistanis are now saying they are Indian to get out of discrimination, you know the past they would never, never say they are Indians. It only takes one person like this bastard to make life more difficult for many other Muslims who want nothing more than a chance to be alive.

Here is another thing that makes me feel good...a Muslim from Senegal was the person who called in when he saw the suspicious, you won't find that in many mainstream media outlets
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Friday, May 07, 2010

Professor Sheep

It's funny to me when I see Arab leaders talking about how they hare the nukes, and how they wish to see them eliminated from the region...Israel is loving it as the Arab leaders are trying to get Iran to commit to no nukes...while Israel gets a free pass.

In that manner those leaders are like the sheep preaching the benefits of vegetarianism, the wolf however still holds a different opinion. You can see how the sheep's effort is useless.
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Please Send Him to Washington Already

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Not Your Average Pizza

Try this,

Roa likes baking and I do top, we often find ourselves in a grocery store and the one thing we always buy is dough. You know the kind they sell in tubes or sometimes in plastic bags. We like to top them with different things....cheese, tomato, Zaatar, eggs, and now we do spinach too. It's a great idea to have something great to eat or munch on in 20 minutes. Yesterday Roa chopped up some spinich, saute it in olive oil, add chili pepper, lemon juice, sprinkle salt add minced onions (we prefer the frozen ones). then take that top it on your dough and bake it away.

Here is one thing we like to do and I also found somone who enjoys baking them in a similar fashion.

Olive oil, zaatar and minced garlic pizza sauce

I’ve been dying to try a Middle East themed pizza. My idea? Mixing dried zaatar (a regional spice spelled numerous ways in translation) with olive oil and minced garlic to brush on the fresh crust. I used to buy hot flatbreads in Kuwait all the time with a similar concoction brushed on. So I’m confident it would work well on pizza. If you feel like going fresh with it however, I found this recipe for zaatar pesto from GreenProphet.Com sounds amazing. It’s made with fresh versions of all the herbs found in traditional zaatar powder.

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Clowns R ScarY

Shin Bet deports Spain's most famous clown upon arrival in Israel

It takes an Israeli security to make an obvious statement about those creeps! Not only is he a clown, he is a clown from Spain!
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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Urban Doctors Vs. Suburban Ones

Who has the better technology?

Here is something I notice quite a lot, try to keep this in mind as you as you visit your doctor next time. Physicans whose clinics are located in the suburbs tend to have the top notch technologies available at their disposal. Doctors with urban offices and clinics tend to wait on the technology. In fact many physicians working in the city do not rush to upgrade their equipments and devices as suburban doctors do. Here is what I am thinking, the doctor in the city has a lot of patients, perhaps too many. In other word he/she does not need to appeal to them by bringing in the latest technology when Suburban doctors feel they need to lure new patients with their sophisticated devices. The city doctors also has to worry about high rent for is clinic whereas the suburban doctor pays less rent. It could be that patients who have a city based doctor do not really have much time to try out new technologies--those patients are usually on a short break from their city based work, that's why their city doctor is a convenience thing.

I might not be totally right, but I feel this is consistent observation.
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Early Morning Run

Early Morning Run

1. Homeless people sleeping near a bench, not on it. Not sure why, but maybe they woke up in the middle of the night and said, this bench is too hard, I’m gonna try the concrete.

2. Latinos at the local Seven-Eleven choosing their coffee and sugar dose for the day as they get on with their jobs.

3. White people at the Starbucks reading a newspaper or working on a laptop pretending like they have something important to write about. There are few non-whites there, but mostly white folks—ones who can spare 4 bucks on a gourmet latte of course.

4. African-Americans at the local McDonald’s. They beat me to it, this place has a really awesome breakfast menu with low prices—if you do not mind the calories it’s a wonderful place to get your pancakes on the go as well as a good cup of Joe (minus the talkative barista)

5. Assortments of minorities standing by, waiting for the next bus to take them to their job or maybe to school. For some reason, white folks just do not take the bus too often.

6. White girls running in really short shorts, usually accompanied by a dog. That scares the heck out of me. Not to mention their cool iPods.

7. Truck drivers delivering fresh food to various stores, cafés, and restaurants. I don’t mind them doing their work until they block the streets, sidewalks and alleys, forcing me to cross the street or leap over their truck (if they are under 8 feet high).

8. Security guards getting on with their jobs or coming home from a late shift from a government building or an upscale condo in the Metro area. For a second, I think they’re the cops and run a bit faster.

9. Muslims heading to the local mosque for their morning prayer, after which they head to the Denny’s for the pork-less Grand (I)Slam breakfast.

10. Some random construction worker urinating in public on an SUV that gives him cover from onlookers and street cameras. Is he fighting the power through a symbolic, resistant act, or just needing to pee badly right then?

11. Various government agencies keeping an eye on the Muslims to make sure they are there for prayer and not a planning party. They glance at me, but since most Arabs don’t jog, they figure I don’t fit the profile.

12. All my attempts to spot
an Asian person has failed so far, I will let you know once I spot one.

[Tarboush Tip: Peter, Yousef]

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