Friday, March 28, 2008

Amish, Chocolate, Rockey and Freedom Fries

Here are few pictures from my last trip. As i said I went with a number of my friends to Amish Country and it was a blast. We did go to Chocolate World, enjoyed Some freedom fries (I thought this was over)and posed like Rocky. Some Amish wisdom when asked if he votes "I do not, I am not registered to vote!" "Some folks out here do, but i am about eighty years old and never voted" then he adds, I heard we are going to have a women president! Nothing against the ladies, but I do not know about that! Not bad from a guy who made $50 in 30 minutes buggy ride!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Abu El Sa3eed

One of my great uncles (my dad's uncle) and the man who thought me a lot about people and Palestine has just passed away. He was 78 years old! Yousef Almadhoun "Abu El Saeed” he loved two things Arabic tobacco and tea, and nothing ever stopped him from his smoke. When I was growing up in Gaza in the 90s, he would come and hang out at our store to chill and have tea there. We used to play lots of pranks on him and joke with him. He had a great sense of humor and I remember talking to him more than a month ago when I called my sister (Some of my sisters are married to some of his sons) I sang one of his favorite songs. The song goes like this in Arabic "Rice and Yogurt do the body good, and if you do not believe me, then cook it up and give me a taste".

There are so many stories about Abu El Saeed that I cannot remember, but one thing I can remember that he was a big role in shaping my thinking about realism, and doing all that we can do, not all that we want to do.

The story goes that he got sick and he was in the intensive care unite in the local hospital for a week, and then the doctors needed to use the room for another patient so they sent him downstairs where he passed away two days later. One of his sons lost his cool and got a nervous breakdown; he wanted to do the doctor harm. Who’s to blame on worsening medical conditions in besieged Gaza? My dad says, it's his time.

His death is a tragedy to my family and to many folks in the area because he used to be a social icon. However, his live was full of adventures and stories.

May he rest in peace...

Here is an article with him was done more than a year ago, you can see his picture in there.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amish Country

In the course of last week, I have seen, the Chocolate World at Hershey's, Amish country, and eaten some good cheese steak sandwiches, and started a new job, this Monday. All this happened while I am feeling sick. can you imagine going to your first day of the new job and feeling as sick as a dog? More details and pictures to come!

Spoilers, I spoke to an 80 year old Amish buggy driver about Hillary Clinton, it was interesting what he has to say!

I am really sick as of now Tuesday, March 25th....taking some Meds

all the best
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Israelis and Apples; Arabs and Cigarettes

The other day, I was flipping through pages of the magazine "Popular Mechanic" and saw an interesting advertisement for some smoke brand. As a non-smoker, I often ignore these ads; however, the big disclaimer about the danger of the cigarettes caught my eyes. It made me think of the political situation back home and how both sides make their case. Here in the States, it feels to me that when an Israeli speaks about the conflict, it's as easy as selling apples, not one argues with you, the facts are on your side, and the job is already done for you. Just as the apple sellers, you only need to exhibit your apples, and they will be sold. Now on the other hand, for a Palestinian making the case for Palestine is like trying to sell tobacco. You are always expected to have a disclaimer of how dangerous your good are. In other words, Palestinians have to condemn themselves before they start promoting their goods (the tobacco.

It is unfortunate, because I know many Palestinians we are good people, and hard working people, we love our country, but also love other countries and serve them wherever we reside. No one ever understand this, when the few Palestinians kill an Israeli (every human loss is tragic), they look bad and they should. Israel on the other hand, can get away with anything; they can kill tens and hundreds, and yet somehow manage to look good!

I do like apples, my dad is a smoker, but tobacco is not a Palestinian invention... it's not an invention that anyone needs...
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Justice and Other Seven Letter Words

Here is a question, The Obama Pastor's comments are causing uproars in the American political landscape, and it is unfortunate what Pastor Wright had to say about race, inequality and injustice in America. Not to beat the man when he is down, I find that the fact that a Pastor said this is problematic. This could be worse however, if Obama was a Muslim (which he is not) and his spiritual adviser said this, things would be much different. If a Muslim spiritual leader said the same thing "God Damn America!" the imam probably would be loaded in a secret airplane, sent to Syria with no hopes of freedom for a while; they will even send him/her behind the sun.

I believe that these remarks are even made worse by the media because it was an advisor to Obama; if this pastor was an advisor to McCain, this would not be a huge issue. Although, I resent those who say "God damn America" for its bad actions, I applauded those who say "God Bless America" for its good deeds.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

One Peace To Rule Them All

Israelis always complain about how the two states solution is hard to implement on the ground because of the complex nature of the geography and dynamic demographics in the area between Palestinians and Israelis. There is some truth to that since the Israelis countries to build Israelis cities on Palestinian farm land. Palestinian do protest and has been protesting for quite some time now, many of us Palestinians now realize that Israel for one reason or another is not serious about peace with the Palestinians. More and more Palestinians now see that the two-state solution is nothing but a favor to Israel. Israel wants the two state solutions more than the Palestinians want it; it is the Israelis who do not want to live next door to a Palestinian, not the other way around. It is the Israelis who want an exclusive state, not the Palestinians; Israel till this day does not have any international borders.

In a long discussion with my friends Jehad and Yousef, we talked about how the Palestinians could turn the table on the Israelis. I think the Palestinians should dissolve the Palestinians Authority, and it is all dysfunctional arms, be police force, or ministry of justice…all this should go away. The Palestinians should fly the Israeli flag over all these building, and only the Israeli flag; demand civil rights; one mane one vote and yes pay taxes. I would even take it one step further, all these fiery Palestinian men (Israel’s nightmare), should enlist in the Israeli army. Let the demographics take care of itself.

Now bear with me, now Israel will not likely accept any of this because they only want Jews in Israel, but this would be a massive blow to the Israeli PR machine, “We want to live together” who can fight that? Anyone who would object to that will not survive, they will be called bigots and racists (excuse me! Did not the German refuse to live with the Jewish people?). Happy neighbors do not kill each other.

I am serious about this, the Israelis will not welcome this with open arms, but here is what they get:
1. Palestinians no longer want to fight them
2. Young Palestinians will be busy giving out towels on Tel Aviv beaches, instead of blowing them up
3. The Arabs will normalize relationship with Israel and do business.
4. Tourism will increase especially Arab tourists who want to see the holy land.
5. Many Human Rights organizations will go out of business.
6. Israeli defense budget will decrease substantially because of the peace.
7. Still Israelis can opt out for optional segregation, as opposed to forced segregation.
8. Israel will save millions of the PR money they are spending to improve their image.
9. Israeli consumer will benefit from cheaper goods made in the Gaza Strip.
10. Israeli producers will benefit for the cheap Palestinian labor.
11. Endorsements of the major Hollywood celebrities.
However, if this does not happen, Israeli will continue to struggle from within, as the population of Palestinians who are Israeli citizens continues to grow. Israel has to come in peace with itself first and with the Palestinians second. And please stop, stop asking the Palestinians to forget the past, the past was the good part, the good old days with all the bitterness and death, the gore and violence, it was good. At this rate, the future however, does not look any better. So next time you ask someone to forget the past, hold back and ask yourself “Can I guarantee them a better future?” I do not know can you?
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Animals Strike in GaZa

Some group in Gaza did a protest, this time without the people, they rallies the animals to get out and protest the siege in course you can see the sighs attached to the animals...some in English. I give those who organized the event some credit for being creative, however, i think they failed to publicize it a bit more.

You can see some donkeys, horses, and sheep. Things continue to be bad in Gaza and worse in other parts of Palestine. I hope things will improve, even though hope is outdated for the region, along with prayers, it is still all what we have.

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Some Intersting Advertisting

These are some fun and interesting Ads, I think they might be doctored, but still they are funny...and to tell you the truth, I can use some humor now with all the bad news and worse news that yet to come form the Middle East. Hope you find them interesting...

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Everyone Goes That Road

It is interesting how everyone those days blames the media when things do not go their way. Hillary blames the media for being too sexist, Conservatives doom the media to be too liberal, Liberals label the media as evil corporate, the South blames the media is part of the North establishment, Israelis see the media as pro-Arab, and the Palestinians swear that Israel runs the entire world media.

Everyone is mad at the media for one reason or another...It is interesting however that if you are wining, you kind of never blame the media, it is only when you are down...I guess the media does not have an agenda, the only thing that drives them is rating and their quest to provide you with the news that might interest you without depressing you...that's why it is more sensational to report on Britney Spears meltdown than to report on a starving baby in the horn of Africa...just an observation...

If you want your story reported, buy the newspaper, the radio station, the TV doing so, you make sure that your message is out there...and no one can second guess you then. in the meantime, if you are spending too much time following the news, you are less likely to be making enough money to buy such medium.

In the meantime, I will turn on my TV to Fox News to hear about the Israeli citizen who had a panic attack, and NOT hear about the Palestinian children who lost their heads.
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I was ashamed when I heard of the killing in the Seminary School in Jerusalem...

I was saddened to see more Israeli families go through a circle of sorrow again...

I am glad to say that some of my friends believe that the killing of 8 people in an Israeli school is tragic...

I was ashamed to learn that the same friends do not see the death of 8 Israelis as tragic as the death of 200 Palestinians.

Like if you are a mother and lose your child to such attacks, it feels less painful to know that 200 others were murdered as well...

I was insulted when reports came out that some Palestinians were dancing in the streets celebrating the death of the Israelis...

The same people dancing in the streets celebrating carnage have mourned the death of Palestinians...but fail to see the "others" as humans as they are...

Even in Islam, we are told not to belittle the death of others...but such actions of few have made the teachings of Islam irrelevant...

What are they dancing for? The most concentrated area in the world? The poverty stricken quarters? The highest unemployment rate in the world? The violent internal rivalry between various political factions? The demolished homes? The ruined schools? The failing health care system? The death of more than 200 people in a week, a third of who are children and infants? None of those give a reason for celebration...

And for those who celebrated victory in Gaza, I ask them not to insult us by saying that they are victorious...because if the government is the people, the people had it rough, the government will have it rough...If their celebration of victory means that their leaders have somehow survived, and then they are not about the people...

I know that we Palestinians have a just cause, but it is such actions that put us back a hundred year....

We Palestinians cannot ask others to be compassionate to us, when we are showing none of the common courtesy...Dancing and celebrating death turns our friends (they are few) against us, and gives our enemies (and they are many) ammunition

Need to remember that if it is wrong for one party to kill me, it is as wrong for me to kill that party...we all have justifications, but none of us have sound judgment, or so it seems!
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A Funny Story From a friend

One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book.
Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the woman and says,

"Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?"
"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?")
"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.
"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading."
"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."
"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman.
"But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden.
"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment."
"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.
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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Other Candidate

I was in the State of New Jersey over the weekend for an event with ADC New Jersey chapter. It was a wonderful event, the two US Senators for NJ were present, the popular governor of the State was present, and one of Ralph Nader was the keynote speaker. I enjoyed sharing the table with Mr. Nader and hearing some of his wisdom, he is a likable guy and not as crazy as the media shows him sometimes. We talked about, US politics, Gaza and the situation there, the food and I even asked him if he exercise because he does! He is in a good shape. He said he walked a lot everywhere. I have heard that he has never owned a car, so I got to asked him if that was true. He smiled and said the last car I owned was a 1949. He even talked with passion about his trip to speak at the BYU graduation, the alternative commencement (If you recall, Dick Cheney was the keynote speaker in April 2007 graduation-the time I graduated) Nader was excited that I knew of that. He spoke about his books and his family and how they brought him up, and that Arabs would be proud of their parents and their hard work. His speech barely touched on politics, but there was a brief moment where he took jabs at the Bush administration (who wouldn't)

Nader also spoke about the minority that likes to wave flags in people faces, and use patriotism to define what America is. He talked about his father who owned and operated a diner, he used to tell him Patriotism is deeds and people should spend more time proving their patriotism, and less time talking about it.

It was a great event, and what made is even better, the food was wonderful and tasty...Chicken with Eggplant and Some sort of awesome fish! Nader was not sure that what he was about to eat was eggplant...I drove there with my colleagues Abed and Nabil, the trip on the road was about 4 and half hours.

Of course for an Arab to go to Paterson is an honor, because there are so many Arabic grocery stores, markets and restaurants. I spent about 200 dollars on food, but it is worth it and money well spent. I also had the joy of meeting many young professional, charismatic Arab Americans, which was a treat to talk with people that only can make you proud to relate to.

I do not understand though why some many Arabs live in that part of the world…why not beautiful places like Utah, Washington, Oregon. I told my friends in the way back that, if I had a choice to live in Gaza or Newark, New Jersey, I will most likely start packing my bags to go to Gaza.

A quote that Nader used in his speech, he attributed it to the European sources "Without people change is impossible, and without institutions’ nothing lasts." I thought this is a meaningful one
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Friday, March 07, 2008

Good Essay be Ramzy

Ramzy is a good friend from Gaza, he still lives there, we studied English together and even went on a trip to Norway with a student exchange program. He has a good heart and he is light of the insanity of the killing in the seminary school, he wrote this essay....

By: Ramzy Hassouna

It is always like this… violence here triggers violence there. It is an endless chain of tit for tat and the civilians are the ones who always pay the lion's share of loss and grief. I just read a very heartrending story of a two-month-old little baby girl, Amira, who was shot dead, Tuesday, in her mom's arms at the house's door step after the Israeli forces ordered through loud speakers the residents of the house to evacuate. Many other kids were killed in a more or less similar vicious way during the Israeli army several incursions in different parts of Gaza strip in the past few days. We must realize that we are dealing with an army that knows no mercy and that is trained to kill indiscriminately the young and the old. An army equipped with the most advanced devastating and deadly weapons in the world. We are not like Hezbullah. we don't have effective weapons to stand up to this army and Gaza strip is a plain area, any target can be easily spotted by the Israeli war planes hovering 24/24 over Gaza. It is suicide what the fighters are doing here. Why don't we spare the lives of the hundreds if not thousands of the innocent civilian Palestinians who have been killed and will be killed in a battle we already know we are losing!!

If I dare to say this !!! Some of the deceived by the parades of fake victories that the resistance claims every time there is an Israeli incursion in Gaza Strip, though usually one or two of the Israeli soldiers would be killed or injured in such incursions sometimes non, while tens of Palestinians ,mostly civilians, would perish.

If I dare to say this, some of those young guys who are happy maybe with the rifles given to them by some Palestinian faction or with being called "heroes" and who for them joining a Palestinian faction is the best way and shortest rout to support himself and his family even after he gets killed in an Israeli attack or incursion … the outside-funded faction would take care of every thing and would hail him an unprecedented hero in his funeral ( who would dare to say something other than that even if He didn’t actually shoot one bullet) what other option does a young poor guy like this have, this seems to be the best option in a country ravaged by war and without any future or opportunities even if he got some education… the chance to find a job or work is very slim because thousands of other graduates would be fighting for and with the Palestinian interior a complete mess.. there is no state hiring any more also because of the siege there is no hiring elsewhere.

Also if I dare to say this, one of the big-belly and big "head" seniors of the Palestinian "Islamic" factions who usually features on T.V political shows or newscasts magnifying and praising the Palestinian feeble poorly equipped and trained fighters as if they are an army equal in power to the Israeli army and claiming that they have achieved the balance of terror on the Israeli part by home-made rockets usually fall in the Israeli open field and have caused a few causalities in the Israeli side ever since they were used while on the Palestinian side the scale of destruction, causalities and deaths sustained in the Israeli attacks and invasions into Gaza allegedly in response to the Palestinian rockets ,which are more or less like fireworks but of course magnified by the Israeli media to Scud or even tomahawk rockets, is beyond belief. Nevertheless he would call upon the Palestinian helpless who can barely afford bread to their hungry children to give more sacrifice, to lose their homes, children, property and land for nothing in return but more suffering… But of course he is getting a lot in return from the country that hired him and his tongue to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people and to serve not the Palestinian people of course but that country's best interest in the region. It is dirty business stained with the blood of thousands of innocent Palestinians. The times when the Palestinian freedom fighters would fight only for Palestine not for another country or for a faction has unfortunately gone. And now is the time of the blood traders who play the Palestinian people's future and fates as if they are puppets. I am sure, for those sadists the Palestinian blood means nothing, the more is spelt the better !!! Ever since, the Palestinian cause has been minimized from an Arab-Israeli cause to a Palestinian – Israeli one… the Palestinian cause has been sold in a public auction for any one who can pay.

If I dare to say this… I would be called a traitor, a supporter of Israel or at best a defeatist. When all I want is for my people and myself to live in peace and stability and to build up a model state in the small portion of land we have now be it Gaza Strip to prove to the world that we are worthy of our land and worthy of our greater land Palestine. But it seems for many here, self-homicide is the easier more lucrative option .. building a state is a hard job.
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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Some Exchange

Here is a balanced story on the bbc about an Israeli woman and a Palestinians woman writing to each other about how miserable life is where they reside. The Israeli lady, she lives in Sedrot, the Israeli town that receives the great majority of the Homemade rockets. the Palestinian women lives in Gaza where she describes the situation...on so many level, this is a tragedy...i hope you find the time to read the article
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A Solution Looking for a Problem

In one of my Human Resource class, we were told of a legal case in Utah, where an employee of Gold's Gym was asked in many occasions by her superiors to show more skin and cleavage in order to attract male gym patrons. Good for her! I think she did the right thing.

To reflect that such practice, asking women to reveal more, and dress in a revealing matter, creates unfair pressure on females. So in order for a business to bolster (usually men owned), attracting more men to a business, necessitate women to show more. I know this is a practice for business in third world countries, I have seen in some Arab countries where they hire and only hire good looking females as sale order to lure men to buy things or consume things they might not buy otherwise; Sort of using the Hooters strategy. I have to say though that the women clothing stores and boutiques that tend to do well back home are usually owned and operated by a good looking, young, charismatic man.

That leaders me to say that the more traditional an area is, the more women are expected to bear with. This is something both developed and underdeveloped nations have in common, treating females differently. Even in the States women still get paid less for same work performed by men.

Also back home, a great deal women with higher education tend to get higher dowries...I guess because they are viewed as cash cows. I have a problem with that, accept that Islam told us not to interfere in the dowry, nor sit a limit. Women can ask for as much dowry as they see suitable. However, you still can negotiate a dowry, my dad would go with friends of his to negotiate dowries for their sons and make a deal.

I hope things will change for better
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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some Woman! And More of Them

So after extensive research, I found some pictures recent ones from a concert with Nicole Saba, a Lebanese singer and actress in which you can see men at the concert snapping pictures of this multi-talented performer. These two pictures were taking from the same concert. You can see some lady presence in the concert. So there are women in Arab concerts and not just dirty old overweight fellas (you still can spot many with cool gadgets). Still though for every woman there are about 10 guys not that matters. But I would be curious to find a concert with a popular male artist and see how many women are jumping to take pictures.

I guess my point is that due to the absence of many women in the entertainment industry, man has caused the moral code to deteriorate. It is not uncommon for female Arab performers to dress in low cuts and sexually revealing and appealing manners. I honestly believe that if there were more jobs for women in the entertainment sector in the Arab world, we would not have half naked performers.

Guys do not mind if women dress lower skirts and lower cuts, they do not mind, it takes a women to call another women out if lines were crossed and tell her "Hey, watch it!" Men on the other hand, will take anything because they do not mind the bonus show and tell! Do not get me wrong, I would never tell a woman what to dress and how to dress, not even my sisters. What I do think is true that women are responsive to other women and there is also the jealously element!

However, it is the traditional ones back home who want to have it both ways, they want women to stay at home and also want the entertainment industry to be cleaner! I think we cannot have it both is about tradeoffs and women tend to give up the ship much later than men (figuratively speaking).
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Catering to Voters

It is amazing what candidates say on the campaign I watched them make promise, I stand and see what Hillary, McCain, Obama say to court the Jewish votes and what they say to court that Arab/Muslim vote.

The three cadidates agree that the US is best buddy with Israel and this special relation needs to be stronger and it is not great already. Saying this gets them the Jewish votes usually.

However if a candidate decides to speak to Arab American or Muslim American voters, such voters are out of luck, to hear promises of better relationships with their home countries...since the US has either invaded, or maintains a military presence in these counties. So for the Jewish voter, they always get "We are best friends with your second home Israel" The best promise an Arab or Muslim voter in this country can get is a promise from the candidate to carefully read the intelligence reports on that country before bombing that country. So Arab votes do not even get a promise not to be bombed at home...I find that interesting double standards!
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Some Observations

As I was taking the metro this morning, I see people read the news and since the metro is crammed, you get to read big titles of news. Today the majority of the news papers had one major news item "Israel withdraws from Gaza", "Israel Leaves Gaza" or some other title along the lines....That's fine, but the thing is none of those newspaper reported that Israel went into the Gaza Strip. The ct of leaving Gaza is a good news for Israel and thus it can be reported, but God forbids any news that might be negative to Israel is buried somewhere near the obituaries. also when Abbas got fed up with the Israelis, and came under lots of pressure to suspend the meetings with the Israelis, he did do just that. On the same day he suspended the meeting, more than 70 Palestinians were massacred, the news came out "Abbas suspends talks"". Just an observation...

Also, it seems to me that the only time Muslims casualties are reported and commented on if these causalities happened either protesting some invasion or protecting the prophet cartoons. Most people can tell you that 11 people died in Pakistan as a result of violence in protecting the cartoons of the prophet. But most will fail to give you a number of the victims of the wedding in Afghanistan the US military wrongfully bombed...another observation!

There were Israelis that were killed as a result of the Israeli attacks and the Palestinian homemade rockets. The numbers is one Israeli causality to at least 130 Palestinian causalities 1:130. But obviously the death of one Israel justify killing 130 Palestinians. Some Rational! And the shocking thing is there are people who still believe that the Arabs want to push Israel to the sea, so it is OK to punish people for what they say. But when it comes to pushing people for what they do (Israel actually pushing the Palestinians to see) they turn a blind eye! As my good friend Jehad said "If Israel was putting Palestinian children in meat grinders in Gaza, no one would give a damn" I find that to be equally true and disturbing.

It is sad how many Arab and Muslims nations are passive when it comes to helping the people of Gaza and Palestine. it takes the death of tens of Palestinians, the harming of hundreds, and destructions of countless homes to get the attention of the Arab and Muslim leaders to send their aid (mainly food and medication) and support. The Arab and Muslim people are always supportive, no matter what, but it takes a carnage to get their attention.
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Monday, March 03, 2008

Watch Frame 3:14

This is the final part a new Arabic song, sort of "We Are the World" it is touching, and brings me to tears each time I look at...the footage is real there is no editing...the song chronicles the last 10 years in the Arab World, it has more than 100 Arab artists and singers....but the moment that touches me the most is at 3:14 of the clip you see...Keep in mind that this is 45 minutes long brings tears in the eyes of those who speak Arabic, and it is sad because neither Americans safe, not Arabs are fond of The way the US conducts business...

The reason that shot of the kid is the most touching and closer to my heart is that the kid keeps his composer until he realizes that he has lost someone (not sure if it is father, mother brother, sister) and that this death is real. See the tears in his eyes...I swear he looks like every good kid I have seen in the Streets of Gaza and the West Bank. I do not know what happened to this kid, but sure hope he is better off than before.

There are other real stories cough on videos through out the entire song...there is also the girls on the beach of Gaza who just witnessed her entire family get killed as they were resting on the beach by none other than Democratic Israeli forces that was unlucky to have a BBC reporter document the powerful moment!

I know you might think will these videos do not show Israelijavascript:void(0)
Publish Post causalities, it is true, they do not…they do show American causalities. The thing is if five people die in a car accident, this might get reported on the news all over the networks…but if the five people were in a car accident on a busy news day like 9/11, we are less likely to hear about it…it is all about proportion and context!
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When A Man Sees a Woman...

these are some pictures I received via email from my friend Ihab, I thought they were funny, yet typical of arguments and opinions I heard about women...anyhow I think they are entertaining, a good way to start a week...
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Uphill...Downhill...What the Hill?

The Financial Times had a great article by Christopher Caldwellit is ironic that a British paper would have one of the best articles about American elections; here are few of his observations summarized:

-Obama wants to bring people together by working together with those who hold the same political views and those who do not "Let's All work Together" I think he will need to work with all there is to work with

-Hillary only wants to work with those who agree with here political views since the guys who do not agree with her views, despise here. She offers "I will do your work for you"

Hillary further gives the Americans who are not on her side the impression that she feeds on their enmity. This includes all and each last Republican and a good chunk of independents. Her game plan to winning is to unleash her comrades to bury the opposition. That is why she sneaks in the word “passion” or “passionate” into almost every televised performance.

-Obama will build a wider coalition with moderate Republicans, independents, and greens. Hillary can only work with Democrats only, since even Republicans and great deal of women hate her gut!

-Hillary always says, "I am a fighter" unless she is accustomed to fighting with friends, fighting only happens with foes! Are we all foes that need someone to fight for us? Or fight us?

-Hillary views voters as friends or foes (reminder me of with us or against us Doctrine) Obama appeals to all, cross the board!

-I hope this thing is over by Tuesday once the good folks of Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Texas cast their votes and either give us all a break or just prolong our suffering with this dazzling race!

-Obama owes much of his success to the same the Regan appeal, the charm, the charisma, and the personality that kept the votes coming!

-Joke of the day, I heard it on Comedy Central "The last thing you need is another black guy begging for change" "No, Mr. Obama I m keeping my quarters" I thought it was funny!
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