Friday, April 30, 2010

Babies in Heaven

If all babies come from Heaven, and in general people like all things heaven, then why would many religious folks argue against immigrant babies and wanting to deport them?

Also does in it say in some religious texts speaking of all those who arrive to this land "they have been lead by the hand of God?" If God lead them here why would you object?

While Arizona sorts out its immigration bill, I will be waiting for the rapture not far from there. I will leave my nice clothes at home.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

When Lawyers Sing "Fu*"K The Police

I was last night at a DAM concert, where the popular Palestinian Hip Hop band performed at Busboy and Poet restaurant on 14th St.

The concert was a hit and I was helping at the door. The band performed many of their popular hits and the crowd went CRAZY! I am not a big fan of Hip Hop, but it something that allows some to vent their frustration. Anyhow the event was sold out and many weren't able to get in. This band is extremely popular with young Arab, rappers, aspiring rappers and journalists with interest in the Middle East.

The audience had many lawyers attending the event, law seems to be a popular profession among Arabs who such at math and science. The band performed a number of songs in English, one of which received a warm reception "Fu*k The Police" to which the artists asked the attendance to sing along and utter the words "Fu*K The Police" I was kinda of surprised when I saw a number of attorneys in the crowd join the chant. I was not sure what to make of it....I mean I refuse to subscribe to that chant, but again I never had a car so I might have no interactions with law enforcement.

But a Lawyer insulting the law enforcement might not be a good way to keep your bar active.
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Thoughts on Israel's Policies in Palestine

the West Bank is kinda of this popular Palestinian night club, where the bouncer is an Israeli and Israeli club goers always have the right kind of shoes.

The West Bank is kinda of a Palestinians owned night club where the Israeli bouncers keeps changing the dress code when he likes.

If the West Bank was a Palestinian restaurant with Israeli staff, where you have to wait to be seated, the restaurant would go broke.

The Israeli army is kinda of a 911 operator that screens Palestinian callers and treat them the way you treat telemarketers and pranksters.
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Resume Guru!

Does your Resume need a makeover?

I am sure you are aware that the economy flat out sucks right now....I always like to have a current resume ready to go. You never know what can happen. I came across this seller on when it comes to resumes Jon knows what he is talking about, take this advice from someone who studies HR, you need the service of people like Jon who can help bring your resume up to speed and makes sure it stands out among the stacks of resumes a company gets. While Jon woun;t not get you a job (hey even President Obama cannot do that!) he will tell you how your resume stinks and then tells you how to fix it...for only five bucks. I can say it is the best five bucks I spent in a long time. Yes, I still love my current job, but you really should not have an outdated resume in all events. I am just passing the word.
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Muslim Do Gooder Capitalist

I found the Muslim who is trying to make a buck of the religion, this Muslim uses Craigslist to offer his services. Not sure if he/she charges for teaching the Koran and Islam to people but this person included his/her cellphone number. As you know I have found many offering religious services for pay, like the Orthodox Jewish guy who would put your prayers near the Wall in Jerusalem. Yes, Christian rock singers are still making new records and they still offer trip to the Holy Land with tour companies. I guess money is kinda of important and religion is crucial. You combine both and the jury is out.
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Bizzare World

Busted Polygamous Muslim Man Use the Mistress Card

So his wives--mistresses wear the strict Islamic dress code, but he was running around with mistresses? This is not cool brother.

A Muslim Frenchman at the center of a firestorm over polygamy said Monday that keeping mistresses is the French way of life.

The man's case came to light after his wife was fined for driving with a veil covering her face, and his comments are an ironic riposte to those in French President Nicolas Sarkozy's government who want to push immigrants to better integrate into French society.

"If we are stripped of nationality, for having mistresses," Lies Hebbadj told reporters in Nantes, then "there would be a lot of French people stripped of nationality. As far as I know, mistresses are not forbidden, neither in France, nor in Islam."

Israeli Holy Semen

The things guys would do to get what they want are limitless.....

Aharon, who was arrested last August, "over many years presented himself as a righteous man, as a saint with healing powers, who exploited the naivity of women and teenage girls, while carrying out appalling sexual acts and obtaining large sums of money by fraud," the Israeli Justice Ministry said in a statement.

He would claim to be a rabbi, and impersonate figures in authority who would then refer women and teenage girls to himself, the ministry said.

"He would give these people different explanations: among others, that a holy scent comes from him, and that his semen is a holy fluid, which by contact could heal body and soul," the statement said.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jury Duty and The Bad Economy

My co-worker had to miss work today as her presence was required for jury duty in Alexandria Virginia. Why does an employed person who has a job a job to do is being asked to miss their work and not report to their job because of jury duty?

Do not they have enough unemployed people that can lend their sound judgment to the judiciary system? They should make a pool of all unemployed folks who are on worker's comp and ask them to report to jury duty. It would be good for them as the jury duty will help beef up their self worth in light of their unemployment. They might as well get a free lunch for the duration of the trial or hearing.

P.S. a lot of I know about juries came from the Runway Jury and 12 Angry Men.
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More On the Virginia Racist Truck Guy

He is not just talking trash about Islam, there are codes on his plate number...

Read the story here

His plate numbers has secret coded messages that also some see Nazi messages. I still think this person is not a big deal and the more people get upset with his work, the happier he will get.

A few hours later, the DMV agreed that the plate contains a coded message: The number 88 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet, H, doubled to signify "Heil Hitler," said CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper. "CV" stands for "Confederate veteran" -- the plate was a special model embossed with a Confederate flag, which Virginia makes available for a $10 fee to card-carrying members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And 14 is code for imprisoned white supremacist David Lane's 14-word motto: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
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11 Signs of an IDF Internet Troll

11 Signs of an IDF Internet Troll
By Hanitizer

Immediately after the Israeli assault on Gaza, the Israeli government made a decision to hire Israeli bloggers who speak in tongues. Those bloggers’ job is to log into different news sites and make comments to help improve Israel’s image. I have witness many of their tactic, the often use the same techniques and copy paste the same old crappy talking points memos that have not been updated in ages. Here are few of their lame tactics:

1. Posing as a fake Arab with a very traditional Arab name, then making the most racist and bizarre comments about Israel. A popular technique used is to pose as a self-hating Arab and use that persona to unload your racist and inferiority complex driven insults.

2. Logging in under your real name to reply to the faux Arab comments to make your lousy points and half-baked ideas look normal in light of the faux Arab comments that you doctored, essentially you are having an argument with yourself. Also leave 1,423,524,523,456,234,543 comments under different names so that it seems as if there’s widespread support for your bigoted point of view.

3. Spread pathological lies that only you and a few insane activists hold dear… like how the Arabs need to apologize for the holocaust. Sure, the Palestinians in Gaza can just teleport themselves to the West Bank.

4. Spike up your online comments with links to obscure subjects like how Palestinians do not believe in Santa while keeping Santa locked in your basement.

5. When you run out of lies and bogus arguments, you hijack the comment section by talking about outlandish topics that have no substance or relevance to the topic discussed. Favorite subjects to talk about include your fetish for hijab-wearing Muslim women.

6. Quote your favorite Arab commentators who prostitute themselves to make your point. Endorsing this person by saying this is an Arab I’d like to have for a neighbor. This is the equivalent of “I am not racist, I have a black friend.”

7. Treat the bible like a real estate document, while mocking it in private. Also, you speak of the Koran as if all Muslims have read it and interpret it the way you do.

8. Make up a bad ass virtual ID/name to compensate for your small circumcised dip stick.

9. Pretend that after the UN issued the partition plan of 1947 it went out of business. In other words, cherry pick your arguments.

10. Come up with labels for anyone you do not see things eye to eye with. Favorites: anti-Semite, Nazi, communist, fascist, appeaser, and terrorist.

11. You use fancy English to make up for unsound arguments. You use dirty words in Arabic, referring to contributors’ mothers in derogatory ways, as if the insult you levy against them is somehow harsher in their native tongue.


You justify the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank by calling attention to Palestinian “suicide bombings” — despite the fact that the occupation of those territories started in 1967, and the first bombing didn’t occur until 1993. (By the way, when was the last bombing?)

[Tarboush Tip: Programmer Buydatti]
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Jerusalem Assault Goes Rogue

The Israeli banana government have taken all the Arab land they can find in Jerusalem, and since they are out of things to they are going after anything that has the word Jerusalem in it...The Israeli settlers are now more gutsy, they showed up at this restaurant in Europe and asked the owner to evacuate. Next is the Old City Cafe restaurant in Columbia Heights.
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We Saw a DC Celeberity

Here is a quick word, last week I was in the Harris Teeter Store on 16th St. around 9 PM. We do not go to that store much, it is sort of pricey and for no great reason. It''s never too busy however, so that helps. Roa and I were standing in the Cake section mulling over which chocolate one to purchase, when a short lady asks us, are you guys from Turkey? I looked at her and then she added, I think I heard you guys speak Turkish....I said, no, we speak Arabic, we are Palestinians. She said OK and she walked away fast. As I was talking to this lady, I was thinking to myself, Gosh I know this lady....

When we went home I saw the picture to Roa and she confirmed that this is the lady we saw at the grocery store. Here is the lady we saw

Let's just say, I felt a lot safer when I saw her there.
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Back to Stand Up

Alright, did my first stand up routine tonight at a Mormon event, it was fun and I had a good feels good to be back with my original crowd. I opened,

"It's a good to be in a Tea free party...." wait for it, 5 seconds and people got it, it went well. My friend Jeff from Humor U had a good set too, great jokes about dating. Roa also enjoyed it and that was her first LDS event.

I wanted to get Mormon guys to ask my female friend out, so I told them if they do not ask her out, I will find her a Jehovah Witness' husband who will convert it her. So they better ask her out to preserve the faith.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Stephanie Cutter Picked To Run White House Health Care Messaging

White House names yet another new skinny person to take charge of the administration health care messaging, honestly, I think they need to think of a better messenger, I am sure Stephanie Cutter is a nice lady and well qualified for the job. but if you are trying to get your message out to people who are living unhealthy life styles, the last thing you need is to have healthy and skinny person deliver the health messages, your target audience won't connect. Do not they already do this when they hire an Arab to talk to Arabs, a Jewish person to talk to the Jewish people, a gay person to talk to the gays. It's sort of common sense to have someone that people can relate to.

Another thing with Stephanie Cutter is the fact that she comes form Massachusetts, perhaps the healthiest state in the nation where an active lifestyle is almost enjoyed by everybody. I would like to see someone from the Bible Belt, or at least West Virginia where it has gotten a bad reputation for being the top unhealthy spot in America. Bring back the southern charm please.

Here is what I think a good place to look for a candidate for this position is the biggest loser past participants whom people already know and can say, "This person did it, so can I"
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Winter Soap Opera Dream?

Here is the thing, I try to watch at least 10 minutes of Spanish TV, I usually do that on my lunch break where I eat near our nice LCD TV. Often there is some Spanish language soap opera playing at my lunch time. I have one observation on this,

Why these soap operas never show Winter or cold? The actors and actresses are always dressed for a hot summer season which makes me think, do not they ever film in the winter? or does the Latin world does not are for winter?

I mean I know the more cleavage they show the higher their rating and who else wants to see people in heavy winter gear, I imagine it would be tough to act under such heavy gear!

I want to see a Spanish speaking Soap opera filmed in Alaska as much as I want to see an Egyptian soap opera tackle a subject other than drug abuse and polygamy.
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Fans would give up food, jobs for World Cup glory?


Fifty-one percent of respondents to the tongue-in-cheek survey of 20,000 people, who live in North America but hail from countries with teams in the June 11-July 11 World Cup, said they would starve themselves for a week if that would bring victory to their national squad.

There is no team or country playing in the World Cup 2010 that wound inspire me to starve myself to seem them win or even improve their chances. I am fan of soccer and follow the country teams pretty well, but I guess I am not that big of a dork like these fans who would starve themselves to see their home team win. Having said that I hope one of the Latin American countries win the World Cup. I feel closer association with Brazil, but if Argentina wins, I guess I have to put up with some of their smug attitude, but if they win be it. I defiantly do not want a European team to win this time around--it's Africa c'mon
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Where the Wild things Are

I finally was able to watch (Where the Wild things Are) the much anticipated movie of 2009. The movies has been on my list for few months now and it was worth the wait.

I must say that I enjoyed it a lot. While I do not know much about the history of the book. It's a story of a boy with big imagination whose mom is struggling with, ends up embarking in a journey to some fantasy land where odd shaped animals live there. the little boy ends up being their kind and getting things done as he wishes them to happen. Politics starts kicking in and the little boy has to fix everyone's problem and make them all love him in the process. It was a good story that has many metaphors to religion, leadership, good governance, faith, love and family. Great picture and a great story that makes you want to think about the things you take for granted and ultimately gives the viewer a lesson about politics.

If you have not seen the movie I really recommend it.
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Mergers and Acquisitions in Not-For-Profit

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) is a popular practice in the business world, where usually larger company buys a smaller one to get access to its clients/customers of competing technology. it's a way for companies to grow and expand, however I do not see it happening much in the Not-for-profit section, I have never heard of a group in the charity world reaches out to another where they completely merge as one body. Not sure why that is. Look there are many fine charities and there are a lot of charities that duplicate the works of others, sometimes they even undermine each other which beats the purpose.

I like to see more (M&A) in a sector that I have worked in for few years now. I do not want to name names, but those mega groups need to get their act together. Clearly the leadership does not want to lose control, perks,advantages...etc. There is not buyout and there is definitely no stock options to make an (M&A) look appealing. But for the good of those received help from those mega groups, groups need to consider this option.

When there is no profit in a not for profit M&A is does not seem like a good idea. When you introduce profit (incentives), more groups might consider it.
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Interesting Poster

I saw this picture comparing a protest by the Left during the Bush administration and another one for the right protesting the Obama administration. At first it looks honest and simple and I want to agree with it as many Tea Party supporters are kinda of insane. but then I thought about abortion, the right wants to save lives there, the left has other ideas which is freedom of a woman to choose what goes with her body. But simplified you see the left in a way advocating the loss of life and the right standing for it. I mean everyone has an agenda, health care is a scary thing, but I am sure it will save lives of many people who do not have access to health care otherwise, with that comes other problems too. War is sometimes necessary, but you cannot be cheering for it, you should not be asking for it on a pulse.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Cat is out of the Bag

You order a lot more food and drinks and leave sooner, that's the secret to running a noisy restaurant. New discovery reveals that in a noisy restaurant you order more drinks and also leave once your food gets eaten. Here is the story

In the mid-1980s, researchers at Fairfield University demonstrated that people increased their rate of chewing by almost a third when listening to faster, louder music, accelerating from 3.83 bites a minute to 4.4 bites a minute. Stoked with data of this nature, chain restaurants, such as Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grill, developed computerized sound systems that were preset to raise the tempo and volume of music at hours of the day when corporate wanted to turn tables.

And a study completed in the summer of 2008 in France found that when music was played at 72 decibels, men consumed an average of 2.6 drinks at a rate of one drink per 14.51 minutes. When the sound level was cranked up to 88 decibels, the numbers spiked to an average of 3.4 drinks, with one consumed every 11.47 minutes. Reasons for this acceleration may include an increase in ambient energy, and a consequent increase of difficulty in talking, which makes it easier to just signal the bartender for a refill than to engage in conversation. It may also be explained by actual changes in brain chemistry.
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Elie Wiesel is a Dirt Bag

I never got the hype about this guy, he cares for everybody in the world and wants to make life better, when it comes to Palestinians however he is indifferent. You really cannot cherry pick human rights, you are for all of it, and not just a part you like.

MJ Rosenberg, one of my favorite Jewish commentators who says its as it is rips Elie a new one

For instance, in 1982, while hundreds of thousands of Israelis were in the streets demonstrating against the government's horrific conduct of the Lebanon war, Wiesel said: "I support Israel -- period. I identify with Israel -- period. I never attack, never criticize Israel when I am not in Israel."

Here again
A German who is outraged by US racism but unaffected by the Holocaust is an obvious hypocrite. And so is a Jew who is moved by the plight of Tibetans, Darfurians, native Brazilians but goes along with the occupation. And so are Palestinians who are moved by their own suffering but indifferent to Jewish victims of Palestinian terror.

Americans are too often like Wiesel. We built a Holocaust museum in Washington to point out what the Germans did in Europe but not a museum about slavery. Maybe that one will be built in Berlin, along side a museum about the slaughter of the American Indian.

Also by doing this I think Mr. Wiesel gives an excuse for many Muslims or Arabs who only care for Palestine and do not think much of Darfur and the ongoing conflict.

A guilty confession, I was sort of indifferent when I learned that Bernie Madoff scammed him.

Here is the article
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sometimes I think Roa is on the payroll of Gillette as she is always reminding me to shave and gets on my case about it. Five clock shadow is truly a thing of the past. At least now I know why they always show women in razor ads...they ad is for them not for lazy guys like myself.
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It Was...

Ice Tea with plenty of slices of lemons.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guessing Game

Roa and I took the Metro this morning and there was a older African American lady seated next to us, she was carrying a rather large see through water gallon. In that gallon she has some liquid topped with sliced lemons, lots of them. I know what's in the gallon, but I wanted to see if Roa can guess. She looked at the gallon and what is inside it, then she told me "pickles", she has pickles or pickled lemons, "that's what it looks like" Now can you guess what was inside the gallon with the lady?
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For a Freind...Stand Up Gig

Hey friends,

I'm doing Stand-up this Saturday at the talent show and I'd love to have you come, if you aren't already. I don't know when in the line-up I'll be performing yet, but if you want to come to just part, I can let you know later if you'd like.

No pressure, just want to let you know I'm performing. Here's the info from our Ward's email:

NOVA combined Talent/No Talent Variety Show and Desert Bake-Off
Date: Saturday April 24th, 2010
Time: 7pm-9pm
Place: Annandale Stake Center 3900 Howard Street
Annandale, VA 22003-1762 (needs to be confirmed)

Acts of amazingness and awesomeness along with the best tasting desserts this side of the Mississippi. Each Ward/Branch will be participating including our very own, death defying Michael Hawkins. If there is still someone out there that has a special act to perform or sugary sweet something to compete in the back off, please contact MJ Henshaw or Cobb Condie. Prizes will go out to the winners. Come one. Come all. This night will not be one to disappoint.
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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Do Not See Anything Wrong With This Picture

so what some redneck thinks Islam is a terrorist religion? it's not that bad, I mean I do not care what some people think of my religion or my culture, some people are irrelevant in my life. I am not offended by this picture that has been making the rounds on the internet. I bet that gives the truck owner a way to vent his hate and his perhaps ignorance, it does not make me uncomfortable not a bit. He can say what he or she wants to say about me...this is why this country is great...I do not think people like this truck driver have to be told not to say what they believe. I think repressing people is far more dangerous that having them say what they take it easy and only sweat the important stuff.

on another note, I read that this particular truck has been recalled by the manufacturer, but somehow this truck managed to be around. Let's hope it is not a problem with their brakes.
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Bad News for Arabs: Well-done meat doubles bladder cancer risk

We really like our meat overcooked, we always say well-done, it is hard to find an Arab who will ask for medium done or rare cooked meat, we like to smoke the heck out of our meat, maybe because do not like the site of blood on our food. when I first came to the States, I have always asked my burgers or steaks to well done, I just did not think there is another way around it. But three years ago, a friend of mind convinced me to give medium done it a try and I did. But this report from BBC confirms that well done is not that good for your health.
In a study, people whose diets included well-done meats were over twice as likely to develop bladder cancer than those who preferred meats rare.

The research findings, based on over 1,700, people were presented at a US cancer research conference.
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British Airways seeks compensation for ash chaos

BBC reports British Airways is seeking to be compensated for the trouble with the ashes from the Iceland volcano. In other words, they are expecting us to pay for the chaos since the government gets its money for its citizens, citizens would be paying for it. However, I think we need to remind the airline companies to use their own rule whereas if the delay is a cause of nature, they are under no obligation to compensate the passenger, in other words, airlines do not have to give you a room in a hotel or a food voucher. It seems only fair that they take their own rule and use it, instead of asking for a handout--the government did not cause this volcano.
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Fast Food, Tobacco Brought to You by Your Health Care Provider

has an interesting story out talking about how some insurance companies also own parts of fast food companies and tobacco, this is really bizarre as the conflict of interest is written all over it. But when it comes to money, the only way that matter is how much you can make not how you make it. Maybe your health insurance provider is trying to make the food healthier, hard to see that being true in light of the Recent KFC double down.
According to Harvard Medical School researchers, 11 large companies that offer life, disability, or health insurance owned about $1.9 billion in stock in the five largest fast-food companies as of June 2009.

The fast-food companies included McDonald's, Burger King, and Yum! Brands (the parent company of KFC and Taco Bell). Companies from both North America and Europe were among the insurers, including the U.S.-based Massachusetts Mutual, Northwestern Mutual, and Prudential Financial.
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Need a Girlfriend?

Try this person for five bucks, she will be your girlfriend for a week, of course she will only be your Facebook girlfriend. find her here Not sure, but can she be a girlfriend of more than one person on Facebook? the things people do for five dollars...I visit this website as I am working on a small animation project and often look for people who can help me with it.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Obvious

Driving in a car with Roa and my friend Kellee, somewhere near the borders of Maryland on the outskirts of Washington DC. We ran into this store that clearly is asking for it...Money Laundering for anyone to see in daylight. This is a real store that you can go and check out for yourself.
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Never Too Early

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Friday, April 16, 2010

When Being Friendly Goes Wrong

Today Roa and I headed to a Sudanese owned grocery store here on 18th St. in DC. The owner met Roa and when I told him "she is from Gaza," "and that's her first visit to an Arabic grocery store in the States" The owner got excited and look at Roa..."you from Gaza?", "No, you are not from Gaza", you do not like the ones always on TV. I mean Roa was dressed nice in a jeans and a blue jersey, nothing too fancy. But still the owner insisted that his image of a Gazan is not like that of Roa. Finally he came around and realized that she is really from Gaza but after unknowingly insulting both of our families and friends in Gaza.

We keep walking and head to the Marshall's in our area at Columbia Heights and as we check out, the lady at the store she looks at Roa and asks, "Hey, where you from?", "Palestine" Roa said. She sales associate repeated Pakistan? Roa said no Palestine. The sales associate said "like near Jordan?" We were relieved that she knew the neighborhood, so we said YES! The sales associate said, yeah you look like you from Jordan. I jokes, "You mean she does not look like a Puerto Rican?" She said "No, she does not like Hispanic at all". Then she volunteered, "You know you look like whom?" We said whom? the sales associate said, you know the movies about Jesus? We said yes! Then she said that Roa might as well come from one of those movies. You look like a Mary! I was laughing at this awkward conversation and tried to end it "Yes and she is that old too".

I love when people try to be friendly of give a compliment but end up making it harder for themselves. I am guilty of that sometimes, but I have gotten used to that during my time in college when unassuming people ask me basic questions that were not so basic as I thought.
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Your Way Is Not Yours

I do not know what married guys always talk about not having their way; they always complain that they are vetoed by their spouses on decisions they make.I do not know what they are talking about as I always get to do what I want and get away with whatever it is I want to do, as long as the day I chose to have it my way is my birthday.

However if you really want to get away with doing what you like (within reason) here is a tip. I figured purchasing a nice handbag that she approves of for your souse can buy you some good well and give you some millage to do things your way
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Farmers Market Guzzler

I spotted this car this week on the Foggy Bottom area here in Washington DC, does this offend any of the Farmers Market spectators? I thought most of these guys care about the environment and there consuming less gas. I was not sure if I am alone. Speaking of that Bison meat is really good, it is like eating beef without the guilt. No one seems to mind it though.
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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Go To Auditor

Here is a thought,

It's April 15th and everyone is scrambling to get their taxes done...I am not one of them, but while we are on the subject. If you are an organization and know that books are not all good--your records are not up to date, some shady activities...etc. If you are shopping for an auditor. You might want to look for the one with a lot of health problems, like the one his doctor told him/her they won't live for long. This auditors does not care much, she/he knows he is kicking the bucket soon. In other words he has nothing to fear and they IRS got nothing on them.

I on the other hand hire an ex Israeli solider to do my taxes, he just does not care and basically can get away with any thing. If the IRS wants to investigate him he will just call them Anti-Smites and get away with it.
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Retarded Photography

At the end of the day It turn out that celebrities are not the only ones among us who feel like punching photographers, I get that feeling too often and I am not a violent person by any mean. Here few times when I get those feelings as I see tourist attempting to do one of the following

1. Taking pictures of articles at museums, it’s a silly world, every time I go to the Smithsonian here in Washington DC; I want to throw up at the first sight of something taking a picture of an article through the glass window. Most museums have virtual museums so why do you need a crappy picture of an item that you can easily find on the internet? It beats me.

2. We get it, you have a 500 gigabyte external hard drive that you got for Christmas so you feel like it’s not worth it sitting there empty, but that’s no excuse to take silly pictures. Why do you need to take a picture by the Department of Commerce Sign? I mean we already know you are broke intellectually and artistically. And do not even thing about making a gesture with your figure, it is not 2001 anymore. Go back to Wisconsin and preserve your dignity.

3. The White House? You can almost get no good shot of this place without giving the Secret Services a reason to examine your camera and your mental stability. Think about how the President feels, he does not take pictures of your home, why do you feel like he owes you a picture?

4. The Capitol building, really? I mean everyone knows that we hate these people who occupy this building and wish they all on both sides of the aisle vanish. Why do you want to torture yourself by looking at the place where you are constantly robbed you of your hard earned money to build that bridge to nowhere. Do not give the secret service any reason to detain you for taking pictures in sensitive areas

5. Dark places, you know the flash sucks, and if the flash on your awesome camera does not suck, your eyes will end up being red. There is a big chance of random creepy guy playing a cameo role in your picture. Remember, the zits on your face cannot be hidden by the dark.

6. Street signs, other than placing your life of risk of being run over and delaying pedestrians, you may not have heard of the internet. Allow me to remind you that the internet has all these pictures, hell, that’s why the internet was invented for all I care. So next time you have the urge to pull your camera to take a road sign picture, think about it. Just enjoy the vacation, do not worry about documenting it.

7. Stay classy; do not try to make it look if the tall edifice such as, Eiffel Tower, Washington Monument or the Empire States appear as if they are part of your penis…we all know that your dilemma with what you are stuck with. And also you are not holding the leaning tower of Pizza from falling down, how would you like to do that for the rest of your life?

Historical places, history is boring and it will never make you look hot, no one cares anymore about historical sites. In fact the only ones who might care about history are the same ones who do not own a digital camera or a computer. Just enjoy the place and allow others to enjoy.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Takes a German

Inmate kills his girlfriend during their conjugal visit. These really sucks for the other inmates and for the young woman. This happened in lax Germany...that's what a rapist and a murder say thank you to loved one.
A broken steak knife, a fillet knife and a nut wrench were found by the woman's side. Prisoners' visitors are allowed to bring bags into the "love cell." Those bags are not routinely checked, police said.
What are these things doing in a jail cell?
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Smart Car Has Its Day

This morning as on my walk to I was run over a smart car, but not to worry the driver is and the car are OK. She was a bit bruised hit be a pedestrian and get to feel the damage. I am fine, but I asked her to go to the emergency room to check herself.
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Brand New Shoes

I have read few months ago an economic study arguing that African Americans and Latinos buy a lot more "visible goods" clothing, shoes and such. From my personal observations I have rarely seen an African American male not wearing a pair of shoes that I envy. That makes me think that minorities need to think of a better phrase than "Try and Walk a Mile in My Shoes" Literary it does not work in light of the economic study and my own conclusion. someone might just take them up on it.
Other observations most females adore shoes, white males love gadgets any gadgets as long as Apple makes it. I am also beginning to think the iPhone makes people take the bus as they cannot resist using it while they drive. The bus saves the day!

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kanye's Biggest Regret

Kanye West once said, "My biggest regret in life is not being able to watch himself perform live" I am not surprised of what he said, you know he has one gigantic ego going on crazy. I thought to his quote, "Wow, Kanye, like you my biggest regret in life is not being able to watch myself fall asleep live on camera" I am sure only you will know what that means. Gosh, I hope you let me finish.
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The Latest in Arabic Music, Spring Update

Many Arabic songs have been released the past few months, it is not the summer yet, as most Arab stars are holding out on releasing their albums and much anticipated songs. Here is an update on the latest hits and misses.

A number of Arab singers make a song for Palestine, اوبريت في طريقك يافلسطين - ملايين translated on the way to Palestine, I like a number of the singers in this large production, but to me it seems that the song tells the Palestinians to go get themselves killed while the stars of this song party it up safely in their home countries. Thank you guys for this song, but it takes more than a song.

Popular Arabic show "Star Academy" season 7 is out and there are a number of promising stars from different Arabic countries, when the star are not making the news in manufactured scandals, some make good songs. Many contestants now do songs in English, like Arabis is not good enough anymore. Here is one contetant that has what it takes voice wise.

Want to know why Egypt is awesome? Here is a powerful song by Loai, Egyptian star, the song played in a popular movie about an Egyptian soccer star who makes it big and helps bring cheers to the common man and woman in Egypt. I really like this song, it makes me think of home.

Ever wondered if there is an Arabic Lady Gaga, the search is over we found her. Carol Saqer, Lebanese singer that makes serious songs with mature music themes and she has all the stage enrgey that can rival Lady Gaga--no she won't show you as much skin. But here is Carol, the Arabian Lady Gaga.

Who did what? Not sure what to make of this guy, but he seems like he is from LA, but I think he is from Morocco, there are lot of babes in his music video, I have no idea what he is singing about.

Meet Abu Leef, Egypt's newest sensation singing about King Kong, Facebook, breakups, kids, passports, and other obscure subjects. He is the number 1 selling singer in Egypt now. I am not sure but I like his King Kong song where he is telling his girl he is not a metro man as he thinks he is King Kong and he can play Ping Pon with his hands tied to his back.

Rajaa sings about mothers and she managed to make an awesome comeback as she has been getting less songs and less publicity, it's a actually a good songs that came to celebrate motherhood. March 21, is the day most Arab countries celebrate mother's day.

Remember the 90s? then you would know Pascal Mashalani, the Lebanese beauty and former Miss Lebanon is trying to organize a come back, she has failed to resurrect her appeal for a decade now, she is still popular in North Africa, maybe her new song will succeed in giving her some air time?

A Tunisian star that does an Album in the Gulf accent and pull it of? Here is Latifa's latest song Kol Wahed in the Khaliji accent. Look I like Latifa and I like how outspoken she is about her support for Palestine and Iraq, but not sure if I am ready to see her doing Khaliji yet.

The saddest Arabic song by the happiest guy Joseph Attieh, the young Lebanses singer releases an album in that album he has Mahmoum (Preoccupied) among other songs. People celebrate his song and the music video serves the song.

I like Carol Samaha and no surprise that I also enjoy her latest music video, Carols and her team knows to create an experience for each and every song she makes. It's good to know that she is the busiest Arabic singer at this moment as her concerts are on demand in the Gulf, Morocco, Egypt, and her home country Lebanon. Carol also is doing a lot of charity work

OK, a new Egyptian singer that has some fans, I am not too sure if he can stand out in the crowd, but for now he seems to be doing fine. Here is Haitham Nabil

Rashid Al Faris gives us the most romantic Arab song in a long time, maybe it's the always energized and Hijab wraing UAE born female director that stood behind the scenes and made sure to capture the spirit of the song instead of making the song a sidekick to a mediocre music video. I showed this clip to an all-American female freind of mine and she said, "Why do they always make the white girl look like a jerk?" I thought that was not the impression I was looking for. I enjoy both the song and mellow music video. Rashid reminds of of Keane

Yara, the Lebanese singer released her much anticipated music video that everybody literary has been waiting for. The music of the 30s have never been hotter, I do not thing any Arab singer has been able to use that sort of music and put out a good show, no not since Fairouz. Yara insists that she is the best female Arabic singer who respects her fans and her profession. She is the ultimate good girl as she has never used her skin to get ahead....she only uses her voice and her natural charisma and beauty.

Sameera Saed, the Moroccan star and hit maker has been making hits since the 80s still got it...she is sort of our Madona, here watch her on stage as she performs her latest hit. I cannot wait to listen to Sameera's latest album due this summer. I bow in the presence of relentless musicians who give the young stars a good run for their money.
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Monday, April 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

Former Governor mike Huckabee had a quote today in the news and I was impressed by its logic as I think he speaks about some people even straigh couples who treat kids as so.
"Children are not puppies," he said. "This is not a time to see if we can experiment and find out, how does this work?"
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Jerusalem Wishes

Here, you can finally get your wish
This person will write your wish and put it in the Western Wall in Jerusalem for the modest price of $5. I think the only people who have already used this services are the Palestinians living in the same town as they are not allowed to come anywhere near that wall. Everybody else probably can get a permit to go there, not if you are like me. I am wondering if this person has any limitations on wishes he/she will place on the wall. Like if your wish does not agree this him/her, will they then place it in the wall?
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A Very Palestinian Song

Watch this concert in Ramallah few days ago, this female singer is a local favorite, the style of the music is very Palestinian and many in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq enjoy a similar taste. I imagine not too many Egyptians would enjoy that kind of music.
She is singing about the old days, the land and the lemon tree. In the past they used to dress in traditional clothes as they sang these songs, she is however dressed in Denim. It's ok if you do not like the music, you are still fine. Notice the audience participation.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Made in Gaza Kids

People in Gaza have way too many kids, and they do not care, they just want babies. Most families have upward of five kids. All his life in Gaza my friend Hassan has been told by his doctors he is sterile, not sure what that means as he has two kids so far. I wonder if he was fertile, how many will he have?
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Want a Prayer?

Here pay five bucks and this person will pray for you every Sunday for a month....

I wonder if this person would be willing to pray for me on Friday or for my friend Ari on Saturday?

If too many people call this person for a prayer, this person might run out of services to pray for all of us. It seems that she is a girl in Guam, other services she is offering to send you a post card, stickers, or a small surprise from Guam.

I wonder how does God feel about this, I am sure she is not the first one to try to make a buck of him "I am not making that kind of money young lady"
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Friday, April 09, 2010

My Gap is Smaller than Yours

The gender gap in Math in most Muslim countries is small. This means that either Muslim women are better at math or that Muslim males are not that good at math.

Moving to cross-country comparisons, we find earlier results linking the gender gap in math to measures of gender equality are sensitive to the inclusion of Muslim countries, where, in spite of women’s low status, there is little or no gender gap in math.

read here
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Not For Profit: You were Frugal With Your Money, So We don't Have to Be!

I was reading a news reports about ministries and churches that own and operate their own private jets which the leaders or the elders use in their travel. the article goes to explain how those who operate private jets seek to keep them on the downlow as they do not want bad PR.

In 2007, Sen. Charles Grassley, the top Republican on the finance committee, opened an inquiry into several tax-exempt ministries [9], questioning whether charitable donations had paid for mansions, Rolls Royces and private jets.

Televangelist Copeland [10] and his Eagle Mountain International Church [11] in Newark, Texas, were questioned about layovers of church aircraft in Maui, Fiji and Honolulu. The church told Grassley the Fiji trip was for preaching and the others so the pilots could rest. The ministry’s Web site says the planes are used for humanitarian missions and to spread the word of God around the world.

The church has five planes on the blocked list, including a $17 million Cessna Citation X. Also blocked is a 1953 North American T-28B Trojan, a vintage warplane registered to Copeland.

Here is the entire article

I mean God is everywhere, it takes a private Jet to catch up to him
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USAID Serves illy Coffee

Just got back from an event at the USAID Agency in their offices in the Regan Building near the Federal Triangle metro stop. I was asked to attend the event and it seemed like a great idea as I have been meaning to get into the development club in particular the groups that has offices in Gaza. I go there and guess what coffee they serve? illy which is perhaps one of the more gourmet coffee, they also had gourmet muffins and for participants who should be working helping the poor. Maybe I am not sued to being treated nicely or pampered, but one those are tax money at work, two this is a development agency, not a Starbucks.

I know my friend Mega might get upset with me as she used to work for this agency, ok, I enjoyed the muffins, but I was not sure if all that was necessary. I know illy says they have been perfecting Italian Espersso since 1933, isn't time development agencies do that same with their work?
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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two Cents on Beards

From personal observations I made in Gaza and elsewhere, I have came to conclude that the size of a Muslim man's beard is an indicator of two things:

-The longer his beard, the better his cooking skills are. It's also true that men with beards in Gaza tend to appreciate food a lot more non bearded men. Some are even overweight. Something tell me that religious people might be prone to being fatter than non religious people. Think about out it, many non religious people have many forms to vent and channel their energy (drinking,partying), the religious not as much. It's true for Gaza and also true for Utah and the Bible belt where obesity is a problem.
-Men with long beards more often than not tend to be married to more than one woman.
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