Wednesday, March 31, 2010

English Words I Adore 2

In Palestine and Jordan I know they call is either "biqoom" or "Siqa'llah". I always wondered if they had a word for it in English, now I stumbled upon the word on a humor article about 20 homemade things that should not be.
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Glad I am Not That Guy!

This is a You tube clip about agencies protecting the's too funny to be missed, I have always wondered about that and it works in real life.
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Some Fresh Thinking

"Time for Spring Cleaning the USA; time to put out the right wing policy trash"
I came a cross an Article by a Leftist writer in which he says the following

Play Hardball with Right Wing Israelis and AIPAC. Netanyahu and his extremist, fundamentalist allies are aggressively attempting to influence US politics, trying to get US Jews to oppose the Obama administration's efforts to make peace happen. Pull the plug on funding unless they give us what we want. They are an independent country, yes. But we give them $3 billion a year. Cut it off unless they meet hard criteria that gives their right wing extremists apoplexy and which force the politics in Israel to re-align. Penalize Israelis for accommodating right wing extremism. Use the funding we provide to push the politics in Israel.

I also like the author's take on unemployment
End Unemployment. Give ten million unemployed people jobs. We've spent literally trillions on rescuing too big to fail banks. Put six or eight or ten million people to work. Pay them $20-30,000 a year based on past work history and education. Put them to work in a new conservation corps that conserves energy-- providing free or low cost energy efficiency assessments and upgrades to homes, working as subsidized employees in manufacturing industries where labor costs have made the US non-competitive. Income taxes will return some of the money. Consumer spending will return most of the money. Give some of it as food stamps, some as chits that can be spent so money goes further if used to purchase from small businesses instead of giant corporations-- so, say the chits are worth $200, they will buy $200 worth of goods at Walmart, but $240 worth of goods at Joe's hardware store. If ten million people are paid an average of $25,000 a year, that's $250 billion a year, plus about $50 billion a year for medicare for them-- a pittance compared to what was spent on banks, in money that won't come back to the economy.
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Anti-Defamation League Job Requirements

Anti-Defamation League Job Requirements
By Hanitizer

Things are looking less than optimal for voices defending the policies and strategies of the the current Israeli Prime Minister. It seems that there is a need for a lot more help to make Bibi’s case. Here is a typical job announcement for an organization that has a lot on its plate.

Anti-Defamation League Job Requirements
• Must excel at defaming anyone who criticizes Israel.
• Quick on your feet and creative in coming up with different ways to label Palestinians in a demeaning fashion.
• Can utter the world “anti-Semitic” in a sexy voice.
• Good dental work, as you will need to smile defending Israel adventures in the Middle East.
• On daily basis, tell the pansies at the State Department to beat it and stay the hell out of Israel’s way.
• Troll the internet and defend Israel on popular websites by adding links to obscure sources to back up your outlandish claims.
• Must have sexual stamina to be able to handle frequent blow jobs and endless ass-kissing given to you courtesy of many members of the American Congress.

• Have spent considerable time on another planet or time-space dimension where Abe Foxman is worshipped as a prophet.
• Firmly believe that Avatar is an Anti-Semitic movie.
• Able to urinate on the American public’s shoes, look them in the eye and convince them it’s raining.
• Have worked in the tobacco industry
• Able to throw any voice of reason within the community under a speeding bus.
• Master seeing things that no one else sees. For example speak of “Palestinians violence” when you cannot recall the last time Palestinians have committed an act of violence. Watching Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai doesn’t count.

Preferred skills and experiences:
• Have served in the Israeli army or at least wear an IDF t-shirt 24 hours a day.
• Can fake slick southern accent to appeal to our buddies in the Bible belt, or other American regional accents.
• An All-American name that is close to the hearts and ears of the audience.
• Belief that Abe Foxman is charming.
• A active membership in your local Tea Party group.
• Able to tell jokes about how silly the European Union when they criticize Israel.
• Have seen a “comedy” show by that Chicago based unfunny “Palestinian” man.

[Tarboush Tip: Will]
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

English Words I Adore

Every now and then I hear some words in English that I fall in love with, I will try to share those as much as I can. Here are the first two words on my lists of English words I adore.


From Urban Dictionary
buy tipsy mugs, T-shirts and magnets
The state when you are drinking alcohol in which you are past light headedness but before being drunk.
I'm tipsy on one and a half Budweiser... I love being a featherweight

2. Testy

From Urban Dictionary

A slang nickname for an individual who has more than 2 testicles
*shouting at balled individual* "Hey Testy, what you up to tonight?"
balls testicles testie testies testicle 3 balls nut nuts
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Taxes Paid!

That time of the year is back again and have you scrambling for your tax forms and deductibles forms you might have. On Sunday I stopped by my accountant, the same guy that has done my accounting since 2005 to do those suckers.

Most people do their taxes on their own or use a software to file their taxes. I do not and I made that decision back at BYU, where the volunteers at the business school Vita center screwed up my taxes for two years in a roll. I said you always get what you pay for.

So I headed to Silver Spring, Maryland where my accountant is (he is Indian, IT Indian) and I had dropped of my forms few weeks before and I simply did not find the time to go to sign the sheets he prepares. Here is the ting, most of his clients are immigrants. Indians, Hispanics, and Africans, I have not seen an all American person ever do his taxes their. Maybe those people use H&R Block or do it on their own. But why do not the new immigrants refuse to do their taxes on their own? I know many they just do not file and that works out just fine. But I make sure I file my taxes every year because it's good to be in the system.

Could it be fear of being audited by the IRS that sends immigrants to the professional tax preparers? I do not know, but it might have also to do with their immigration status. I have heard attorneys use filing taxes to support their argument that their client is a good law-abiding citizen.

Anyhow it feels good to have paid my taxes go on get out your Turbo Tax and scratch your head.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Must See Fresh Video of Israeli Soldier

You can tell yourself, "they are ok, they are the most moral army there is" I found out about this video from the Palestinian reality TV I blogged about.
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Pirates or Consultants?

Here is a quote from a new extensive report that studied the economics of's very interesting model.
A basic piracy operation requires a minimum eight to twelve militia prepared to stay at sea for extended periods of time, in the hopes of hijacking a passing vessel. Each team requires a minimum of two attack skiffs, weapons, equipment, provisions, fuel and preferably a supply boat. The costs of the operation are usually borne by investors, some of whom may also be pirates.

To be eligible for employment as a pirate, a volunteer should already possess a firearm for use in the operation. For this ‘contribution’, he receives a ‘class A’ share of any profit. Pirates who provide a skiff or a heavier firearm, like an RPG or a general purpose machine gun, may be entitled to an additional A-share. The first pirate to board a vessel may also be entitled to an extra A-share.

At least 12 other volunteers are recruited as militiamen to provide protection on land of a ship is hijacked, In addition, each member of the pirate team may bring a partner or relative to be part of this land-based force. Militiamen must possess their own weapon, and receive a ‘class B’ share — usually a fixed amount equivalent to approximately US$15,000.

If a ship is successfully hijacked and brought to anchor, the pirates and the militiamen require food, drink, qaad, fresh clothes, cell phones, air time, etc. The captured crew must also be cared for. In most cases, these services are provided by one or more suppliers, who advance the costs in anticipation of reimbursement, with a significant margin of profit, when ransom is eventually paid.

When ransom is received, fixed costs are the first to be paid out. These are typically:

• Reimbursement of supplier(s)

• Financier(s) and/or investor(s): 30% of the ransom

• Local elders: 5 to 10 %of the ransom (anchoring rights)

• Class B shares (approx. $15,000 each): militiamen, interpreters etc.

The remaining sum — the profit — is divided between class-A shareholders.
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Some Primative Art Work For You

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Gaza Ho Hos

Something that I noticed has gotten popular in Gaza is Ho Hos cakes made by Hostess Cakes. Hostess has a planet that bakes or manufactures these addictive cakes in Egypt. It's the one thing that smugglers know that will see in Gaza. People in Gaza take these as gifts when they exchange visits. A box of Ho Hos sells for about 2.5 bucks and makes an awesome gift as the kids love it.

My sister Samah knew that I enjoyed these so she would make sure to offer me some when I visit her home. I have gotten known for these even with the little kids, I would always bring them some as I come to visit them. Tiger Tail, another Hostess Cake product is also popular with the kids in Gaza, I did not enjoy it much however. Something about the chocolate and the creme in a Ho Ho that makes me happy.

This is not a very good thing for the local Gaza food factories as they used to make similar cookies and cakes that Palestinians have consumed. The Egyptian made Ho Hos kill the local industries that employees tens of families. most of those factories have shut down or have limited production as they are no longer able to bring in the material to produce cookies in Gaza. The one thing they can do is fortified cookies, as Israel allows the material for those to come in--humanitarian goods have easier time making it to Gaza.

No, I have not tried to score some Ho Hos since I have gotten back to the Stated, I do not even desire them here, but I know they made my day in Gaza.
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Tim Tam Time

Over the weekend I had an opportunity to indulge some fine home made hot chocolate (the powder itself from from London) Kellee, my friend invited us over to drink one of my favorite hot beverages.

Kellee however suggested we drink hot chocolate with a twist that she picked in Australia, the land of the Tim Tam chocolate cookies. You bite the edge of the cookie diagonally, dunk in it in the chocolate and use is as a straw. Once the wamr chocolate sips through the cookie, you can eat it.

My first gut reaction, so that's what Californians up to nowadays, but once I bit the cookie it was cloud 9. Roa approves the taste and I think I helped myself to 3 of those Tim Tam cookies. I recommend it to you all and finally I have found something I like about Australia.
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How What Works?

The only book that I was too afraid to do Google image search on.

How Sex Works by Sharon Moalem
, is the book that I just finished reading. I bought this week few months ago because I read the author's previous book "Survival for the Sickest" a book that also Enjoyed about medical research.

The author has a great sense of humor and supports most of his claims by solid research, but yet as all things science he also brings out the apposing research. The author's book was good, pleasant to read and fairly quick to go through. I enjoyed his first book a lot more because it talked about many broader issues. How Sex Works was also good for the amount of research on cultural and medical practices related to the development and evolution of the human race.

While I was shy to be reading the book on the public transportation, I found myself blocking the title if someone say too close to me on the bus.

In this compelling follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Survival of the Sickest, Dr. Sharon Moalem takes us on a trip from prehistory to the forefront of cutting-edge medical research, and through a bedroom or two, to tell the story of how human sexuality has developed over time. How Sex Works challenges common perceptions about our bodies and provides astonishing discoveries from the frontiers of science as it traces the transformation of sex across species and through time to its current role in human societies.

Find out the answers to such provocative questions as:
*Why are women biologically driven to find Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome?
*Can more sex help ensure a safe pregnancy?
*What effect does pornography have on a man's fertility?

From the composition and function of human sex organs to the fascinating biochemistry behind sexual attraction, How Sex Works presents captivating new ideas and surprising answers to questions about contraception, fertility, circumcision, menopause, STDs, homosexuality, orgasms, and more. This is an entertaining, comprehensive exploration of culture, biology, and history that takes us far beyond our common understanding of sex.

I look forward to reading Dr. Moalem's next book.

P.S. Doctor Moalem is a medical researcher, not a practicing doctor. His name has always made me wonder. He is Jewish so is his first name, but his last name is clearly Arabic for teacher, which makes me wonder if he has Arabic ancestor.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Cones Day!

I was asked why July 4th is America's independence day? All I think of was, this is the day Ben and Jerry's gave away free ice cream cones and since Americans love ice cream July 4th was chosen to be a day of celebration. May be we should make is March 23rd instead, that's when more Americans have more to smile about.
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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review On iMusical

The iMusical improve was fun, it last for an hour. I do not think it was completely improvised. One, I arrived early and the group was rehearsing, I was told so by the ticket box office. They even had a large man blocking the door. Two, they seemed to have a frame to which they push a narrative. For example, they picked up a note that says, a little Indian town at peach canning time. Sounds too random? They first two songs were sort of improvised, but then the show was pushed toward a new narrative...a big box taking over a small town. It was funny and had some original parts, it lasted for an hour. It made me thing "I can do this." Roa and I enjoyed our time and so did our friend Sterling.

On a serious note, I noticed that Americans might have a better imagination that Arabs. When I and Roa were told this actor will be playing an old man, we were thinking here is the actor that will be trying to be an old man. But Americans in the audience had no problem seeing the actor as an old man and thus they found his scene hilarious. I had to convenience myself that this is really an old man to enjoy the jokes and the humor.
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Cracking The List take on one of my lists! Submitted a list of them few weeks ago and they made into a graph. It's about payphones and how it has gotten down to only creepy or distressed people using them. Enjoy

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Honey, you can stop eating now, the Biggest Loser is on

The biggest loser is TV's way of telling starving kids in Africa to beat it. While you hungry kids are scraping for beans, rice, corn or whatever it's your home country staple is, we here are trying to find ways not to eat. We want to be just like you, so please do not feel bad if you cannot find food to sustain you, the fat ones on TV are competing to develop the kind of solid discipline you starving folks have. The biggest loser is the anti-America's Next Top Model, where ultra-skinny high- maintenance, two dimensional chicks flaunt it.

It's noted that many countries have this show or a version of it. It seems that this show only runs in affluent countries where they tend to make a lot of money or at least overeat. To further make my point, South Africa is the only nation in Africa that has its own version of this show. Both Israel and Arab TV have their own versions of the biggest loser-maybe we can have that peace after all.

TV exes figured since 26% of Americans are obese (according to CDC Data), that generates enough interest in the weight lost programs and earns good ratings to sell airtime for commercials. This also leaves fat people feeling included especially in light of the recent Howard Stern comments about actress Gabourey Sidibe weight. Southern States might enjoy the show since they give America most of its fat people--you have deep fried food to thank for that.

The biggest loser now has a line of fitness products that can be easily found at your local big box stores. Books, DVDs, kitchen appliances, scales, calendars, meal plans, powered portion. Do not forget the video games, and exercise equipments you can also purchase in your quest to shed some of those uninvited pounds. It's worthy to note that most of those products are endorsed by Jillian Michaels dubbed as TV's top trainer.

Another irony is how TV has been linked to people munching and overeating thus causing them to fat is also used as the medium of choice to air this show. It's the only show that fat people can count on no skinny people can audition for, this having their revenge. The show also changes the meaning of the world "loser" as a negative cultural reference. Being fat might get you in the show, but being a big loser will earn you the title.

You would figure this show might achieve its goal by eliminating obesity in America, but that's not the case as season 9 is now playing in the US is now on season 9 Alison Sweeney is the host with trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels and a number of "experts" to help this season's contestant to drop those pounds fast. Oh boy, I spelled my milk shake on my computer, gtg.
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It's Hard Out Here For a Priest

Are Catholic priests they only one having sex? This is insane...every day there is new allegation and new stories about abuse of little boys by some priests. The latest France now has new abuse cases!

I hope not too many child molesters consider becoming Catholic priests for the access. This is a serious story that will require some swift actions from the Holy Sea. It must be embarrassing to be Catholic nowadays. I am glad they are documenting all these cases of abuse against innocent children. But this should not be a celebration for the non-religion advocates. It's a shame and the truth is the more conservative a group is, the more spread child abuse is.

The holy sea need more than a PR campaign to fix this and frankly most of us are watching their next step to curb those abuses.
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iMusical @ Washington Improv Theater

Last Friday Night we went to the play about the Opera...this weekend we will be going to the Washington Improve Theater for a musical improve. A night of comedy, music all improvised. I am looking forward to this show and its twist on improve comedy by throwing in the music (piano) I am impressed by Roa and how she enjoys theater, movies and music. It's refreshing to have someone to talk about these things with honesty.

Using only their wits, voices, a piano, and a single audience suggestion, the cast and accompanist of iMusical instantly create and perform a "spot on" (Washington Post) musical that is guaranteed to have music, lyrics, characters and stories never been seen before and will never be seen again.

Here is the link for the site
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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Watch "The Pacifist" Video

Aron Kader, the Palestinian Mormon Stand-up comic has a new video out. It's a fake movie trailer. "The Pacifist" is the title of the parody video and I must say it's quite funny and Aron has came up with a video that will give you laughs and show his acting chops. Last time I saw Aron perform was during "Arabs Gone Wild" comedy tour where they stopped by George Washington University and performed to a sold out crowd. I hope more people can see this video as I tend to like Aron and I think he is both original and creative.

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See How To Handles Protesters! Reality Shows

A good reality show from Jerusalem and Gaza, the star is caught in the midst of a riot in Jerusalem as the Palestinian youth take on the Israeli army for 1)launching a new Jewish Temple on the Arab side of the city. 2)Building new settlement blocks in the Arab side of the city. I am a fan of this show and it is in English...the cast are all female mostly reporters chronicling their stories. I am guessing this is the Palestinians response to MTV reality shows. I think this is the first Palestinian show of its kind, it does bring in a new take on life in Palestine.

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Males @ My Gaza Engagement

An event that happened during my engagement party in Gaza, kept returning to me and gave me a laugh.

It's traditional during the women portion of the party (where they dance and all look pretty) the male relatives of the bride and the groom come in during the party and share their best wishes. Sometimes they would give the bride gifts of gold. When this happens, the females of the other family cover up so the males do not see them without their cover. So in one minute, you have ladies dressed in colors, flaunting all what they got. all that turns around as they run for cover right before they announce the entrance of the male of the other family. The female relatives of of the males who are coming in will look at their best as those males are their relatives.

At our engagement party, both my siblings and father as well as Roa's father and siblings came in together, so you can see all the females ran for cover. My sisters and Roa's female relatives too. My mom and Roa's mom covered up, but they still danced. the problem was when the DJ (a male who has his own room where he cannot see the women dance) made the announcement he said that Roa's male relatives will come in first. but then some women were caught of guard as males form both familes showed up together. Anyhow fun times...
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bad English is Still Funny

You know I made more than my fair share of mistakes in English, but here is one that I stumbled upon and liked

In Palestine I wasn’t able to choose my dressing freely because I’ll face a lot of criticism

You mean to tell me they do not give you a choice of Ranch, Italian or Oil and Vinegar? These Palestinians in Gaza can be cruel! Let this person choose his dressing already.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Shhhh! A Golden Find

Have you ever wanted to edit a picture with a Photoshop? Have you ever wondered if someone can clean, brush your picture to make you look awesome? Have you ever wanted to have your name displayed in Time Square? Have you ever wanted a post card mailed to you from Thailand? Do you need help with edits? Have legal or tax questions? Ever wanted a story or a song written about you?

If I told you that now you can get these things done for the modest price of 5 dollars would you believe me?

Many unemployed and internet loving people are now offering their services to you for only five dollars. This is a real site that makes sure you do not get a scam...and makes sure you are happy with the service.

Say it with me Fiverr
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Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine

Break the stress away, and you can use a vending Machine for that.
Here you can learn about it here
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Benjamin Netanyahu Vs. The World

Yes, Israel's PM is taking on the entire world, read here

Fareed Zakaria from Newsweek Says it best

He is also coming to Washington this week for an AIPAC conference, the guy does not really seem to care that much. For now he seems to be outfoxing his critics and his appointees, but too bad he is doing Israel a deservice. The US, the UN, Russia and the EU have all been critical of his actions.
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A Gaza Barber Vs. A Fusion Cartridge

One of the strange things I encountered in Gaza last summer is the issue of shaving. my facial hair. I took my Gillette Razor with me, thinking my trip would be short, I only took two cartridges. Needless to say when the stopped working after two months of shaving in Gaza. When I headed to the local pharmacy to see if they had the new Fusion razors I was glad to learn that they had them in stock. I was sad however to see that it would cost me 8 US dollars to buy on cartridge. Here you can get them for about 3 dollars each. The ones they had in Gaza are smuggled from Egypt and I was not able to verify where they were manufactured. Here is the thing, to get a professional barber to shave your facial hair in Gaza it costs about a dollar. Say you shave once a week, this would be 4.5 dollars a month. Still cheaper than the average tunnel smuggled cartridge. Had you wanted to find a barber in the States to shave your facial hair for you, it would be upward of 10 dollars. I am afraid finding a barber that would do such a task in America would be a hard mission as people in the States have many fears when it comes to blood.

This is how funny the siege is, contradictions all around. No wonder why less men Gaza kids shave nowadays. I am glad to report that the people that gave me the most trouble about not shaving where my own mother and my mother in law, my sisters are runners up.
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Crazy Ethinc Ladies Strike Again

On my morning run near the White House today, there was a huge rally near the White House and there seemed to be thousands of people. My first instinct was this must be a rally against health care for for pro-life activists. I was wrong. This was a really for illegal immigrants asking for immigration reform. It was almost exclusively Latin people and all their singes were in English. "I am a registered Nurse...", "Friends Keep promises..."

The fun part was the many Mexican and Latino mascots people where dressed in to make the point of their nationality. But I had a laugh when I saw those mascots where worn by what clearly is a white person. I was an uneasy look at the face of the young Latin lady walking next to the mascot. I mean the Hispanic protesters knew the game, they dressed in jeans, American flags, and all signs in English to communicate a message to those who will see the rally.

Here is the thing, After reading the history of the Mexican-American war and Mexican control over California, Texas, Arizona and Utah, I see the immigration issue differently maybe as some in the Mexican side see it. But here is the thing, if more than 10 percent of Americans already here unemployed, and the economy is struggling, Germany is looking a lot better.
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Back To Running

After overworking my ankle early January, I took a break from running. I took a month of no running, just using bike in the gym to allow for my ankle to rest. Late February I started running on the Treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes once a week just to test my ankle and not to put pressure on it. Slowly things started to look good for ankle and I felt confident about going outdoors for a short run (4.5 to 5 miles) Last Sunday Roa joined me on my run and it was cut short as the mud in Rock Creek Park was intense. Last Wednesday, I ran for an hour and felt fine. Today on Sunday I had to try if I can get back to my old route and push it a bit further. I was especially motivated because I saw a number of people on the DC metro who have just finished a Run DC half Marathon and Marathon. I was like, "I need to get back to this" Roa noticed my jealousy from other runners. The sweet weather in DC of course helped me as I knew other runners will also be hitting the asphalt. Thus Roa was cool about my run this morning, I told her I will try not to work too hard. Anyhow, it ended being an hour and 27 minutes. I estimate a close to 10 mile run. Which might be the longest run I had taken since my return from Gaza. I do not plan to do that very often, but it really felt good to know you still have the stamina. I still have to find a knew doctor who can tell me what is the matter with my knee!
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The Saudis Paid Me To Go To The Opera!

A funny thing happened to me the other day, I told Kellee, a friend of mine who happens to enjoy the Opera that I hate the Opera. I felt bad for using that strong language to describe how much I do not understand Opera. I realize I am not alone in my lack of understanding or even appreciation for this fine art. But the thing is, I never connected with this form of art. Anyhow, ten days after my conversation with Kellee, an old friend of mine calls me, I have not spoken to this person in more than two years. Out of the blue he offers me four tickets for the Opera, a show at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. Those are fifty dollars each. Since Roa was at my office, she approved the idea and my freind came by to drop of the tickets.

This friend of mine happens to be an Italian American working for a DC based group that works on trade issues relevant to the Arab countries. He got his tickets from ARAMCO, the Saudi Energy company that has a global presence. It was ironic that the Saudis out of all people would be sending me to watch my first opera.

I went to the who and enjoyed it a lot. But her is the thing, it was not an opera, it was a play about Opera, the backstage of an opera what happens with the actors, their egos, politics, jealousies, insecurities, the writers, the art and the business of it all. Comedy, Drama and there was opera, but it was in the background.

"Terrence McNally's Nights at the Opera: Golden Age"
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Cairo Opens A new Cafe

Cafe are a dime a dozen in Egypt, and they come and go. Not this one though...A new cafe just opened up in Cairo staffed by midgets. "The Island of Midgets" is the name of the cafe. the Arabic word is little person is Aqqzam.

The tables are the cafe are shorter to help the servers as they bring out your order. The owner of the cafe is a former tour guide who only hires individuals under the height of 85 centimeters. But the great thing the cafe has an 8 person staff--two of whom are females which is really cool. Let's hope the cafe is never short on hot chocolate.

Here is the story in Arabic
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flying While Vicious

What do both Richard Reid and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab have in common?

None of them will be getting the frequent flayer miles on their flights which incidentally is the only thing about them that's up in the air.

Do you think fruit of the loom might think Umar would be interested in endorsing their tagless product line?

You know Richard Reid won't be holding his breath on a Nike endorsement deal either.
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Our Family' Wedding Review

Just got back from the movies, we saw "Our Family's Wedding" a comedy about an interracial marriage between a Latin Girl and a Black man. It was an average comedy with some laughs, but you would laugh a lot if you were a member of those two groups. I thought they had funny material and a great cast. The subject of the movie however is new and I think it was both a worthy and a timely subjects that has yet to be addressed. Brown and Black relation in LA has always been interesting to watch for me. There are parts where you think you are watching the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" with the family planning and the grandma part. I saw the film in Silver Spring, one of the areas that have a large Latin Community and a huge African American presence, the audience was a mix of both groups. Some parts where funny to the Latin couple next to use and most of the film was hilarious to the three African American ladies seated next to us. I thought the Latin group enjoyed the grandpa's role, the Spanish and both I and them liked Carlos Mencia Trying to act as oppose to stealing jokes. Aside from that, there were few grown up themes that movie tackles like old couples who no longer have the spark, or the non-committal man.

The only white people in the film were on dimensional and they were superficial, uptight or just pathetic (the bartender and DJ) I mean for a change a movie not about white people is good to see. But a movie that tackles issues of race should not minimize the others.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Some Lessons From Today's Lecture

Some Take away from a ;lecture at the Palestine Center Today

About letting Hamas get into the Palestinian government:

“We let the Bull in the china house and told the bull, you own the store now, we are watching you”

On Israel and Negotiation:

“Israel wants to negotiate on the pizza while eating it; they negotiations are on what is left of the pizza.”

Israel wants to Tell Palestinians that Guns do not help their cause:
“The Israelis want the Palestinians to submit into peace, they are telling the Palestinians gun will do you no good, while pointing a gun at the their heads” To proof this lesson true, the Palestinians have to win, but the truth is Israel always wins with guns.

Those might not be the exact quotes but this is what I took away form today's lecture at the Center.
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A History Book You May Like

Just finished a great book by professor Roland Takaki. I have been working on for a while, I started reading this book few months ago, but sort of went on to read another book and another one. Until last week where I was determined to finish this book. This is a history book, a history about the little guy. America's history through the eyes and struggles of different minority groups. The Indians, the slaves, the Irish, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Hispanics, and the Jews. The author is a Japanese American professor who seems to be a history buff in terms of finding a lot of great journals and writing of each of those groups to describe. The book was in good in terms of telling the history of this country through the eyes of the little guy and their struggle to make it in here.

Another thing I liked how the author was unafraid to show a different side for the Founding Fathers and their early attitude about minorities and slaves. He digs deep into the matter of Indian land and how the US government handled the Indian territory problems. This was a history of the United States since day one ending with the LA riots of 1992, you can imagine there is a lot of history in there.

If you have the time to read 500 pages and you are interested in this subject matter, please check this book out. I loved how he describes the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows of each group. I like how from what he wrote it seems that WWII is a turning post for American history where everybody had to pitch in to proof themselves as worthy citizens of this nation. I loved how the author talked about the inter immigrant politics, the black attitudes toward the Irish (at the start the Irish were sympathizing with Blacks, later that changed that)

I especially took interest in the special relation between the the African American and Jewish groups an leaders working hand in hand toward civil rights. The first turning point was in the 1967 war when some voices in the African American community condemns Israel's war and grabbing Arab land. Only then when some Jewish leaders started abandoning civil, rights. Another turning point in the relationship was when the civil rights moved from political rights into social and economic justice, some Jewish voices started to give their involvement a second thought. He goes to great length to describe the great work done by Jewish groups and individuals to advance the civil rights movement.

I would have liked to talk about other little known immigrant groups, he has never mentioned Muslim or Arab immigrant. But I imagine this was not a "major" factor in American history. Maybe he is planing on writing a book about the post 9/11 immigration policies.
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Herding Gaza Cats

OK, so what dogs have been domesticated in the middle East?

One June 30, 2009, My brother told me to take the two cuts cats they had at home to vaccinate them. He did not want the kids to get any infection when they play with the cute cats they were delivered at our home. I thought this was really awesome as the stories of the people of Gaza and their suffering never stop, but here, they are also willing to take care of the cats. they also feed the cats and the kids love to play with them. Here is a story in the Time about raising cats in Gaza.

We ended up taking those cats to the local vet (he usually treats farm animals) when he saw the cats he said, "they are too young", "bring them back in a week", he added, "they might die if I vaccinate them now" We took them back at our home. But many in the family found it funny that a full grown man like myself with take car and actually go to the vet to treat those cute cats. I remember in 2005 Gaza had shortage in cats, as the poison they were using to kill rats was also killing the Gaza cats. since cats are important in the fight against rats, the local government started paying people 100 dollar for each cat they bring in. Somehow, in 2009, there were way too many cats, and they were the aggressive kind. For example, if you eat outdoors they would come from the middle of nowhere asking to be fed. In Roa's home there was a team of three cats they always will share the meal with us, when the cats get freaky, my father in law will send them away.

That was not a big deal, here is a video of the struggle we had to go through to herd the cats. We wanted to put them in a box so we can take them on the car with us to see the vet. Little Hani, nickname foxy is helping, but he is having too much fun with it.

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Here is the Answer

We Arabs tend to call those who do not like, resent or really hate, dogs or sons of dogs. I am sure other cultures use the term too, but I doubt if they use it as often as we do. We really like using this word, we even call our leaders that too, yes we still fear dogs and some people figured that out and used them against Muslims prisoners.

Now I know why, a new research now confirmed that dogs have actually been domesticated in the Middle east and not Asia as previously thought.

The findings, published in the online edition of the scientific journal Nature, support an archaeological record that closely links the domestication of dogs in the Middle East with the rise of human civilization there, scientists said.

"It's significant because this is where civilization developed, and dogs were part of that," said Robert Wayne, professor of evolutionary biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, and a senior author of the study.

Here is the entire story
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Inside of Birds' Stomach

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Blame it on the Pill

In a Vanity Fair article on who and what caused the economic mess.

100 to Blame: Congress, Viagra, and More

97. Viagra.
Because it gave middle-aged financial executives a reason to keep earning money and fostered the belief that if the market went soft, there was always some magic formula that could keep things up, indefinitely.

I would add since Viagra boosts man' s confidence thus enabling them to and make bolder moves and take bigger risks. This bad news for financial giants as the work of Viagra left them exposed. Next time you want to give a confidence boost to somebody, make sure to choose the right person to boast his/her confidence.
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Fit Man Dies While Couch Potato Lives

This is really sad, now lazy and couch potato can use this as an example, "See, I never exercise, I might have been this guy!" It's not like the plan would have landed on him watching TV. My hears goes to the young man's family.

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, S.C. – The kit-built single-engine plane was gliding quietly as it came down for an emergency landing on a beach. Pharmaceutical salesman Robert Gary Jones, listening to his iPod while jogging, likely never saw or heard it before the aircraft hit him from behind Monday evening and killed him.

"There's no noise," said aviation expert Mary Schiavo, a former inspector general for the National Transportation Safety Board. "So the jogger, with his ear buds in, and the plane without an engine, you're basically a stealth aircraft. Who would expect to look up?"

The 38-year-old Jones, whose mother said he was serious about nutrition and exercise, especially jogging, was on a business trip to Hilton Head for GlaxoSmithKline. He was looking forward to getting home to the northern Atlanta suburb of Woodstock, Ga., for his daughter's third birthday Wednesday, Pauline Jones said.

"I was never so shocked in all my life," she said of learning the news, her voice shaking. "They say that God only gives you what you can handle. I said, 'You know what, I've reached my max.'"

the story is here

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Quote for the Day

Wake up and read, speaking of Israel's violence on Gaza during the 2009 Gaza war, David Bromwich writes:

1385 Palestinians dead, 762 of them civilians. 13 Israelis, ten of them soldiers, four by "friendly fire." The Israeli authorities would like America and the world to think these numbers a natural by-product of asymmetrical warfare. In Boston, on March 5, 1770, a crowd of Americans threw rocks at British soldiers and were answered by disorderly gunfire. Five Americans were killed, and we call it the Boston Massacre. What was Gaza? Look again at the numbers.
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A Note For A Blog

Here is a note about a story I wrote few weeks ago, it is now being featured on their main page (sorta)


Your story is being featured on the front page of Neighborhood & World at DivineCaroline.

Ten Things Using a Payphone Says About You

By Hanitizer

Payphones have seen better days; they have become extinct. The year 1889 gave us the first coin operated payphone. In the good old days, you...

Here is the link to the post

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 Sure Things You Find in the AARP Magazine

At my work gym, I needed something to read as I exercise on the bike. Since I have forgotten to bring a book with me, I did what every reasonable man would do, look in the trash pin, and there it was the AARP magazine with Michael Douglas gracing its cover. I gave it a read and I was surprised by its quality, here are few sure things you can bet that will be included in every AARP publication.

  1. A truck load of medication advertisements, many pills, tablets and prescriptions to ask your doctor about. I get it, you need your knees and your brains functioning, but why do old people need weight loss medications? Doesn’t age make you lose weight? And doesn’t being poor mean you eat less?
  2. The Writers love to talk crap about young people, belittle them every chance the magazine editors can find. They are distracted, disrespectful, neglectful, arrogant. Yes, many of those jabs are warranted, but no need to make others feel like a turd, in order to uplift your own spirit. The young people are only a snapshot of yourself as a younger age. No need to invoking the good old days helps you recount your tales.
  3. Some reference to Clint Eastwood and his awesome movies. Yes, I suppose he is a good role model for older folks to say “I want to be like him when I grow up”. But aren't there other alpha senior citizens? Or is he the exception that proofs the rule. Clint, please do not make the under accomplished senior citizens feel bad about their wasted lives.
  4. Discounts on dental work and dentures. I know that 9.7% of seniors officially live in poverty, but that’s won’t stop grandpa from smiling at the thanksgiving dinner table. Remember, getting dental work done is not too hard, but figuring out how Medicare can pay for it, is an uphill battle
  5. A colorful advertisement for some easy to use phone—big keys and not too many complicated keys and functions. The same goes for devices to use in the event of a medical emergency. Oh, the lengths some old people go to bring back the good old days.
  6. Some BS comprehensive bogus study and ranking for best states with Home-Based care let me guess Florida wins again. Studies about supermarket money-saving strategies to further stretch that poor dollar
  7. A Bank that promises grandpa an income protection for retirement. There is nothing will get grandpa to use his easy to use phone like an ad for a bank. Because let's face it, you know the social security has many insecurities of its own. BTW, what is the difference between IRA and Roth IRA? I can wait when it is too late to find out.
  8. Cheap vacations, great hikes and the national parks. Monthly Travel tips this month is to take the bus in your next trip, it's a lot cheaper than flaying. Sure I agree, but make sure you sit in the back of the bus--the bladder is a funny business. Also let’s face it you hate to be stuck in a lane behind grandpa.
  9. 81 reasons why Roddy Murphy is on an 81 mg aspirin regiment. BORING

Are you thinking what I am thinking, yep here is the phone number (they have a website!) to get your AARP magazine subscription (

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Monday, March 15, 2010

UN Agency: Tiger on verge of extinction

Maybe the real ones are endangered, but the one that likes to play sports might be able to comeback. The tiger that live in the wood is almost gone, even the UN knows it now But I think Tiger will bring back his groove.
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Manhattan Cheaper than Gaza?

If I was to say that shopping and food are cheaper in Manhattan than under siege Gaza, would you believe me?

If I told you that a pair of nice imported shoes in downtown Manhattan are a lot cheaper than the same pair in Gaza, would you think I am crazy?

If I told you that hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, soda and dining out are a lot more expensive in Gaza, would you just dismiss this post?

A slice of pizza in Gaza is about 10 shekels (2.7 Dollars), in Manhattan it is so easy to buy a .99 slice of pizza. A can of soda (Coke) or a water bottle also goes for 75 cents in Manhattan, in Gaza you expect to pay 1.25 for the same can.

A Polo like shirt I spotted is sold in at least three Manhattan stores (one street vendor) for 3 dollars. A similar shirt in Gaza can easily go for 10 dollars. (Joey's Store on 34 St.)

The same stores sells denim jeans for male and females, costing 10 dollars each. My nephew asked me to go tot he store with him to pick him a denim, I could not buy a pair in Gaza for 20 dollars. Both made in either China or Malaysia. Joey's also have shoes that are a lot cheaper than the ones in Gaza.

Fancy leather shoes, the tall kind that women enjoy, we picked one from (Lindo Shoe Store at 38 St.) for 39.99, in fact all of their shoes are priced at $39.99. All their merchandise imported from either Italy or Spain. Gaza has only Chinese manufactured shoes, if you can find the similar shoes in Gaza for 60 dollars you are lucky.

Novelties and electronic goods are a lot cheaper in Manhattan than Gaza. A personal Chinese -made trimmer in Gaza is roughly 20 dollars, you can pick the same one at Ross, TJ Max, Marshall's for 9.99. China plates are 3 dollars each, yes similar ones you can pick for 99 cents at your favorite dollar store.

A Manhattan cheese cake is 3 bucks, Gaza Manhattan cheese 5 bucks.

Street Vendors are all over the streets for New York, A China made sunglasses are 5 bucks (3 for ten dollars if you are good) The same pair from the same factory sells for 6-7 dollars in Gaza downtown. Gaza gets a lot more sunlight than New York (at least the skyscrapers do not block it in Gaza)

To be fair Gaza has cheaper fruits, but they are not fresh and usually inferior quality (they have weird things on the crust) rent is also cheaper in Gaza. Movie theater do not function in Gaza, but movie popcorn is definitely cheaper in Gaza. But still, the people of Gaza do not make nearly as much as the people of Manhattan do. A Homeless person in downtown Manhattan might make a lot more money than a Gazan does.
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buy It Here

Your Bacon wallet, amazon is selling these
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Friday, March 12, 2010

Macy's Couches R' From Heaven (Thanks Jermey)

I love Macy's, you know why?

Their best idea is to place a really nice and cozy couch inside their stories particular near the woman department's fitting room. As your significant other spends her time looking, comparing and can give them an hour of your undivided attention, but after that most men lose it and I am no different.

I looked around until I made the great discovery and boy, was I happy to have found a cozy place to chill while Roa shopped? I even told the lady there that the couch in their story is their best idea yet. She said, "Just the Couch?" I said "Yes"

If you are wondering, yes, we now have the Macy's, I do not use it for any personal purchases, but Roa seems to love it so far. It's great since Roa came from Gaza, placed under siege which limited the goods coming in.

Nevermind, I still love the couch.
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The 80 Bus Wants My Help

On the Kennedy Center 80 bus this morning, toward the end of the route, I am usually the lone passenger on the bus heading to work in that area. I often read a book or a magazine to keep myself entertained or informed. This morning I did not have my earphones on my ears so i was able to hear the bus announcer say, "If you see a suspicious bag or suspicious person, say something" I was the only person on the bus and I also has the only bag on the bus. I thought it was rather funny that this (recorded) announcer choose the right time to ask me to report suspicious bags, nothing starts your day like a laugh.
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Just Cannot Make That Up

Man Complains About Cellphone Talker At Movie Theater, Gets Stabbed In Neck With Meat Thermometer

She Just Lied, simple as that

An Atheist Jew goes undercover in Evangelist Church

Their initial reaction was shock, of course. They were understandably wounded. I hadn't known this, but they thought something terrible had happened to me. So to find out that not only was I doing just fine, but also that I'd had this agency, that I'd done something to them, that I'd been secretly recording the events of their lives and that I'd stolen them for use in this book -- I think that was deeply disturbing news. Worse, not only had I lied about being a Christian, but I was an atheist, someone who -- from their perspective -- had no moral center at all. I've tried to understand what it must have felt like to assimilate that news, but it's something I'll never fully be able to imagine.

Read her story

Save the Whales, a typical activist quote:

During the October restaurant visit, animal rights activist Crystal Galbraith, 27, and a friend who spoke fluent Japanese racked up a bill of $600, feasting on increasingly exotic dishes to gain the confidence of the waiters and chef.

"It was heartbreaking to eat an endangered animal, but I knew that I was doing it to save" the whales, said Galbraith, a vegan. "We were there eating for four hours. I felt so full and sick."

the story

A Kennedy that gives a speech like an Arab leader would, watch

Sad, but I think I agree with his take on the media and how it's all about sensations and scandals and not where the bodies are buried.

Violence Begets Violence, here is a story about war zone cops who served in Iraq and Afghanistan...they are more prone to using violence than the copes who have not gone to War. Read It sure sucks to be an Iraqi

"In Iraq, if a bad buy gets away, he could come back and blow you up or blow up someone who works with you," Williamson told the AP. "You do everything you can to make sure the bad guy doesn't get away. ... I can't absolve myself of Iraq. How deeply it affected me, I don't know ... I'm not the same person who left."
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Social Media Can Suck It

Buy This shirt Here
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Israeli Settlements & American Foreclosures

Israel wants to build 1600 new settlements in East Jerusalem, they made the announcement as Vice President Biden was paying them a visit--to further embarrass the States and its role in the already dead peace process. Here is the story as reported today

The Arab leaders won't do anything, they will condemn and yell and then quickly forget about it. The Palestinian president does not have much leverage and he has to smile look at his script and say about those settlements "will harm the peace process" acting as if there is a peace process, only fooling himself and only himself.

The current Israel government is not much different than the previous ones, they are only bolder. as all Israeli governments do the same thing grab further Palestinian land. This government however, brags about it, the others would do it quietly.

Can we dissolve the Palestinian Authority already? It's not helping anybody and it is only giving the Israeli government a legitimacy. Yes, many people will lost their salaries and the boraz will hit the fan. I am frankly tired of this Israeli government and their practices.

Also, if the Israelis are hurting for homes and they must build homes...I know in many US towns would love to sell them homes for less. In Detroit for example, you can buy a home for 50 thousand dollars. Plus, most of those settlers are American citizens anyway.

What else does Israel want for the Palestinians? While Israelis continue to assassinate Palestinians violence is non existence, no one if doing Israel harm, no one is blowing up buses or pizzerias anymore.

What do we get for that?The shaft
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