Friday, September 26, 2008


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Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Friday, September 05, 2008

Wine va. sWine

I just thought about something that I've heared more and more about. The fact that many Muslims living in the West are more likely to consume alcohol and less likely to consum pork. notice both the consumption of Alcohol and pork are forbidden in Islam. But yet, some Muslims do not mind consuming alcohol, but they will hold strong against consuming pork. This hardly a new phenomena, I think John Stewart Mill Talked about it as he was discussing the Utilitarian principle.

[To avoid offending too many Christians, Mill frequently used Islam to illustrate his arguments, citing the theoretical example of a predominantly Islamic nation banning pork as an indefensible infringement of liberty. Even if eating pork is "disgusting" to the majority, it does not harm them and, Mill insisted, "with the personal tastes and self-regarding concerns of individuals the public has no business to interfere".]

He further argues that consume alcohol has more "utility" in breaking the code than consuming pork.

This might be true, but I also look at it in the social context. I have lived in the States for some time now, but the truth, not once that I found myself pressured to eat pork products. No one ever invited me to a pork roast as the main and the only choice of food where people would think that I am passing judgment on them by not consuming this delicacy! There are plenty of good people who are not religious, but still choose not to consume pork. Often, people do not seek an explanation for your behavior.

On the other hand, not consuming alcohol has a social stigma. Granted no one cares if you drink or don't, but often people have be defensive of their attitude toward liquor. Maybe it is an insecurity issues for those who consume or those who refrain form consuming alcohol. I can tell you that there is a peer pressure for not drinking and people do not want to feel outside a group. Thus, now it makes sense why some chose to drink beer, but not enjoy pork ribs. just a thought...
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