Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yes, Caffeine Makes My Eye Lid Twitch!

I have been indulging in a bit of caffeine lately, due to some work obligations and entertaining guests which leaves me little time to sleep. I have started noticing that my eye all of sudden twitch few times a day. It first freaked me out. I was not sure what to do, as it kept coming back, I considered calling my eye doctor.

But then it was not a big deal, I have gotten used to it, so consulting the internet oracle, I have come to learn there are few reasons why my eye has been break dancing.

-Stress -
-Lack of sleep, check
-Prolonged staring or eye strain
-Caffeine, check.

It turn out that my new found habit might be contributing in the eye of my trouble. I long to a good night sleep where my eye lid will rest up and not lead me to consume some caffeine. The good news, this is temporary and goes away by itself without any treatment so I do not need to worry about a muscle spasm 
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Where Does The Middle Go?

In DC, the Arab and the Muslim scene in terms of organizations are either or. You are either white or black, you are either cool hip and down or traditionalist and secluded. What I am trying to get at here is the following, in DC there are two Arab groups or Muslim ones, the one that does drink, party and wear really short dresses. And there are those who are conservative, and thus identify with either conservative groups.

I find myself somewhere in the middle, I do not drink, but I do not like to be identified solely on my religion. Thus, an official Arab organization here in DC might have a dinner, and serve wine and other alcoholic drinks. I do not feel this is me. On the other hand, there are those who band together based on religious identity, those are usually fine if it wasn't for two reasons that tend to keep me away from them.
  1. They are heavily monitored and they tend to be under surveillance more so than any other groups, who needs to feel like a celerity surrounded by government paid paparazzi.
  2. One ideology seems to rule that group and you are assumed to be part of such ideology. Meaning, there's some older person who thinks they can make your decisions for you or judge if your head cover is too bright. Not always, but this has happened in the past.  
I am sure, members of other groups face similar challenge as they are in the middle road. I tend to call myself and others who feel the same way, cynically observant. To me, it means I believe, strongly in what I practice, but I am unwilling to get up in people's faces about what I believe. Further, this means I accept that there might be other people out there who have it right too.    
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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cairokee On Coloring Eggs and Jamming With Zap

Coloring Eggs is popular around Eastern, but in Egypt it is also popular around Spring Festivals--an ancient Pharaoh practice. So when you are literary the hottest rock band in Egypt and you want to throw a concert, you bring out the eggs.

The concert that's being promoted has been called off due to security concerns, but the video where the band has a jamming session with Thrwat Zap will be around for some time. This is a humor filled clip where the lead from the band talks about the virtues of eggs.

This is what they call creative advertising. It makes people want to share it and with tit the announcement for the event.

Cairokee vs. Beed Sham El-Nessim!
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Why Do You Hate Your Own Recorded Voice?

I have been recording my voice for a film about Syria. The editor wanted my help as he does not speak Arabic, so he asks me to voice some of the lines interviewee say. This helps him in the editing process. Too many takes and too many times, I had to listen to my own voice, and to be totally honest, I freaking hate it.

It really can drive you mad sometimes. This might be a ruthless way to torture people--I mean if we must torture anyone to begin with. No one ever likes to hear their own voice, not even seasoned singers. It's painful as you hear yourself utter words, you start telling yourself thing like:

  1. Gosh, do I sound like that?
  2. Who is this efer? And why does he sound like me--only weirder
  3. Is this is how many soul sound?
I have finally understood why artists are paid a large sum for their work, no one should be made listen or watch themselves recorded.
So, here's a tip for people who are in the torturing business, have people record their own voice, and play it over and over, then will lose their cool and ultimately lose their mind.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Food, I Just Cannot Get Used To

There are things that I have come to love about food in America, but there are things I really cannot imagine myself eating--I have tried them and found that no amount of acquired food taste can fix it. For example, many find Jerky meats weird, I do not. Also in Latin America, they think, Root Beer is medicine. I happen to enjoy root beer. Sweet and Sour tastes took m a while to accept and ultimately love. We are foreigners in this land, but Americans will be foreigners somewhere else.

Here are few things I do not like, I just cannot
  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Corn Bread
  3. Zucchini Bread
  4. Pudding
  5. Oatmeal
  6. Pasta and Broccoli (It took years not to hate it)
  7. Fruit Jello (I am bring told this is just a Utah thing)
  8. Cool Aid
  9. Pinto Beans
  10. Corn Dog (I know many Americans eat them when they are too poor, I certainly had my days)
  11. Reese's Peanut Butter cups (I know I will enrage many of you)
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adidas Sponsors Occupation! Boycott Adidas Please!

Boycott Adidas Please!

The world famous sport apparel company was a prime sponsor for an all Israeli marathon held in Occupied Jerusalem. This is just stupid because most countries and most business know that the future of Jerusalem has not been determined. This is not politics, this is a universally accepted truth. Worse, the marathon took part of East Jerusalem, where the vast majority of the city residence live. So Adidas is actually dragging their countryy and with it the entire brand.

So when this company sponsors a marathon in an occupied territory, forgive me if I conclude that they support a morally wrong act. The Arab sport committees working through the Arab League have moved forward with boycotting this company and its products. During their last conference in Saudi Arabia, the decision was passed. (details here)

This is a boycott on a moral ground not a political one. This is a company choosing to sponsorship a sport event that clearly stares, Israeli Jerusalem on its promotional materials. So Adidas took a side, I did not chose this fight. While its true the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem only run when they are chased by Israeli soldiers, its still no excuse to make this political decision.

So, I know I will not be buying a new pair of Adidas Supernova. Adidas Sponsors Boycott Adidas Please! We did not make this political, by choosing to sponsor this marathon, Adidas is no longer just a shoe company. Therefore, we are all free to throw the proverbial shoe.
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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament For Gaza

My sister in law and her husband are coming to visit us here in the States this month. They are fleeing the siege and no power, little water and weapons everywhere to be with us for three weeks. We are really thrilled about their visit to us. But since life is so hard in Gaza right now--and many places too, I want to take them to an activity that will make them feel better about life in Gaza.

So it took me some time, but I have finally figured it out, I will be taking them to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. Think about it....everyone at the show is scary looking and looks like they can really hurt you.

Little food, everyone is armed, there's no power, just candles. No fuel or cars to people use horses--also common in Gaza. They do not bathe back then as often. And yes wars, and diseases are everywhere around you. I think being part of this show will allow them to see the good things about Gaza. What do you think?
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

They Made Fun Of His Engrish, He Killed Them

Plus he was crazy....

When the story of the shootings in California, and reports of the murder of 7 people has surfaced, I was saddened like many. A former nursing student was charged with murder and attempted murder on Wednesday in a shooting rampage that killed seven people and wounded three others this week at a small, Christian college he once attended in California. Nothing bets a nurse who wants to do some damage to otherwise healthy individuals.

The suspect in the shootings at Oakland's Oikos University, 43-year-old One Goh, described by some at the school as an outsider.

But aside from his mental issues, the shooter was sick of people mocking his English as this tiny college. His classmates where from India, Nepal and other places. He lost his mind and went on a shooting spree.

This is madness, how was he able to get a gun? Can anyone in America get one? Even those who are not citizens? What the rules? Maybe he stole it. Not sure yet.

But now, I am reminded by how many times people made fun of accent, and my English, sure it was fun for them, but it was no joy ride for me. I thought after a while it was rude...but at first I thought it was cute. Most people who mock others people accents have not really spent time with people with accents. More often than not, you are the first non native, they come across. When you tell them to stop...they will stop and apologize for their lingual bullying.

I do not ask them to stop, I do not shoot them either. I do ask them to try to say the same thing in my language--only then they will feel stupid.
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