Monday, December 10, 2012

On A Scale Of 1 to 10 Middle Fingers

Ever since I started driving the quality of my day has been affected by the sheer number of middle fingers I bring upon myself from those impatient drivers. So, if you drove in the DC area for the past four months, and have given someone the middle finger more than once--chances are I have ran into you on the road.

When you do not give me a middle finger, how else can I tell if I did something wrong? Your middle finger is like a tip, on how not to do things. So when you are nice to me, I might make the same mistake again. So the quality of my day would be nice if the I keep the middle fingers per day ratio to under two.

Anything more than four middle fingers and my day is not going so well. However, as time passes by, I get better at this driving thing and naturally the middle fingers start coming from me--not yet though. 




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