Monday, March 04, 2013

Smell This! Dead Bodies, Feces, Raw Sewage

I am reading an interview with a smell guru working with a company with the name Scent Air, a company that develops smells for big companies  Not the kind you sell, but rather the kind the company pumps through their system to communicate their message to your nose. Some retailers even use the trick to get potential buyers to feel happy. This is about branding and making the customer feel something. I have heard about this before, but when he spoke about one of his clients, I had special interest: He was asked about his clients whom have also included entertainment and the military. What are some examples?
For training our troops, the government would ask for smells of things like dead bodies, burnt bodies, feces, raw sewage, gunpowder, cordite. They’d use these to in a way desensitize the troops, so if they walk into a war zone and they see these things, the training helped them to be better soldiers. We've also developed scents for flight simulators. Depending on the smell, the pilot knows it’s burning wires, or fuel. “Oh, I smell fuel: I have to do these things to keep myself alive.”
I think this is an interesting take on scents, using them to train people for combat, and unpleasant surrounding  Surprises suck and no one likes them, I am glad someone had the foresight to develop such stench. I think the use for pilots and the burning wires is something no one wants to live through.    




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