Thursday, April 07, 2011

8 Arabs Who Have a hard Time Finding a Mate

There are many awesome and fine Arab people to marry, but unfortunately, like other people some Arabs are tough sells when it comes to dating and marriage. sometimes it’s their fault, sometimes they are disadvantaged.
  1. Journalists - It might sound cool, you get to hand out with cool people, but it’s painful to get a paycheck. There are way too many of you in each town and there are only so many Al Jazeera can hire.
  2. College Students – Go back to school kid, read few more books by Noam Chomsky or Zizek. Whatever hell you read to sound pretentious.
  3. The Artist (exception if they are publicly recognized or do their art as a side project)- I know you have been working on this documentary for three years now. Your grandma cannot be bailing you out for much longer.
  4. Divorcee’s with kids- Yes this happens. Unless he knows what he wants in life and can show some funds, then this guy can be written off. Buy some Celine Dion records. Some say it helps, others say the wounds only deepen.
  5. 5. Divorcee with no kids – That says you cannot have any and since Arabs love a good bargain, you my friend are not one. Do not worry though, stem cell research is making ways so that your ovaries can do their godly duty.
  6. 6. Anyone with a strong Syrian (EGYPTIAN) mother - You only want to marry one person. And not their mother too.
  7. Anyone you met on an online dating website - Things are changing, but go ahead and explain to your relatives how you met. They will think you are some kind of whore who brought shame upon the family. Or worse
  8. Anyone with a Arabic last name that translates to an insect, reptile or rodents, like Sarsour, Jarada, and Al Far – While you hope you can trap those creatures in real life, you run away from them.
  9. Arab men (every Arab woman I know married to an Arab advises never to marry an Arab) – either they are lying or they want to keep you out of the exclusive club.




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