Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Why Facebook Really And Truly Sucks?

I think Facebook is a great tool to connect with people you do not see often or people who have moved away or live away from where you live. I do not deny that is brings people together and helps people keep tabs on their friends-and their foes.

But in general, I do not like Facebook, for one reason. It's a place where people share happy news, and exciting things in their lives. A trip they took, a party they had, a picture of something nice they have spotted. Such collection makes viewers thing, that life is all happy and everyone's life is so much more fun that our own. When in reality, we might have a one good day in the week where we smile and look happy, but the six other days, no one would be able to tell how hard life really is.

For example, few people would post a picture of themselves at work--if they do they might get fired. They cannot badmouth their office because someone is watching and bad news travels fast. Plus Facebook is not a place to broadcast all the things going wrong with your life. No body wants to find out about your tumor, or about your liver and kidney failure. You would not share that. And you certainly, would not tell your virtual friends, that your mom just passed away.  I am sorry it just does not seem sincere nor proper to use Facebook as a for to commiserate when others are posting pictures of them at some concert or their seaside BBQ.

So in that sense, Facebook gives you a false indicator about other people's life. It makes you think your life really stinks and everyone is cooler than you. Some of course go invite a cool life for themselves and start making up stuff to keep up with their virtual friends. This makes Facebook a place where people try to outdo one another in having the most time to waste.

To sum, Facebook is like that party you go to, everyone seems to be happy with the usual awkward few. I might be different or see it from a different vantage point, but I know life is never as exciting as Facebook makes it seem to be. Even though I consider myself to have a perfect life, I know things are not as shiny as they may look form the outside. 


Anonymous said...

I can say now that I totally hate FACEBOOK. IT used not to be that way.
I spent 2 yrs on Faceplant conforming to Hackerburg and Suckerberg's whims. But then one fine day last year I got hacked severely. Since then I held FB in major CONTEMPT! Facebook sucks. Hackerberg is just that a HACKER and his gang of comp sci people who think they are doing the world a service by coming up with this are doing EVERYONE a disservice and hacking into our accounts, stealing ALL of our information. I never gave anything but my name, and my email and NOTHING more! Yet they stole from me my private chats and conversations. FACEPLANT should be banned and Hackerberg should be in jail . Wake up people ! If you have 5000 friends, on here, then guess what??!! you have NO friends!!! These virtual friends don't care. They just go ahh , uhuh, yeah, uhuh but they don't care.. Get some real friends, get off FACEBOOK now before it is way too late!
DOWN WITH FACEBOOK and ZUCKERBERG and his media thieves!!



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