Thursday, June 28, 2012

On Culture, Conservatives And Liberals Differ

This is true in most cultures, I find this particularly true in most Arab/Muslim states as well as here in the United states.

Conservatives: ever proud of their own culture, wary or indifferent of other cultures.
Liberals: critical/cynical of their own culture, open to other cultures.

Where I am coming from: the liberal Arabs, tend to speak foreign languages and shame those who don't as uneducated and "do not understand how the world works" This is true in Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and the Gulf states. I do not think you can get one single resident in Beirut to speak a full phrase in Arabic without using a French or English word. You go to New York and people actual go to watch movies in foreign languages and embrace anything new.

In America, you got New York City/Hollywood where anything goes and all world's cultures intersect. And you have the South, where see nothing wrong in America and point fingers at those who speak in other tongues or embrace things that are un-american. Such voices refuse the teaching of other cultures just like Arizona did when they banned ethnic studies.

Most people are somewhere in between




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