Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anti Islam Film "Innocence of Muslims" Kills People

For starter, I wish we Muslims do not get worked up as much about things that are offensive to us. This rage can be used against us and it certainly can be used to harm others among us. If we get upset every time a moron makes a vile movie about Islam, draws a cartoon of the prophet, or says dumb things, we are in trouble. Because certain people will use that to get us to react in a certain way to show others that we are not civilized. But this is what we have to deal with. We should not kill people even if we do not like them, this should be our attitude.

The teaser movie "Innocence of Muslims", depicts Muhammad as a fraud and a womanizer. that has been making the rounds on the internet had 54 actors in and and close to 50 people behind the camera it cost 5 million dollars to make. We are also being told that it was financed by a 100 Jewish funders. The director of the film is an Israeli who lives in California and now is in hiding. He made this movie despite the facts he knows what will happen. He now has blood on his hands. Why did he release the movie now?

Now this is where my opinion kicks in, Obama is trying to get elected and he is having to answer a lot of questions. Now he has to explain to the American people about the death of American diplomats in Libya and trouble in Egypt. It will not make things easier for him. If anything many ultraconservative Israelis seem not like him and are more interested in seeing him gone. The preview was also released on the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

It seems the director wants to see this get worse, he is adding gasoline to the fire....with statements like "Islam is a cancer" and 100 Jewish people funded my project. I think most Jewish people are smart enough not to put a dime for such a project. And then this is this annoying Coptic activists lawyer who has been attached to the film. He is a disgrace to his people and he is making his life much worse for his peers. He is not helping them. For this reason, more than a 130 Coptic group have spoken out against this film and the activist.

The movie goes out of its way to insult Islam and the prophet. The film has nothing to say about Islam and rather an assortment of ill informed and vile interpretations of events that taken place 1500 years ago. The crew had the right to make a movie about this, I also have the right to scream fire in a packed movie theater or tell the bus people there's a bomb. This is all free speech, but we all self censor our speech for the betterment of everyone. Aside from the obvious white washing where the cast is largely made out of white actors, this movie has a bad taste and no artistic integrity.

I have said before, the West should not fear weak Muslims nor strong ones, they should only fear those who feel disrespected. It's then when people feel vulnerable and their acts do not always make sense. I hope the film crew are feeling extra American today as they watch their country men murdered by angry mob upset with a movie they made to advance their lunatic agenda.

On a personal note, a cousin of mine was murdered (and his body was disrespected) by a mob in June 2007 in Gaza. I am not the one to approve of mob justice.  

Update: The American patriots should think abut how one Israeli filmmaker is making the world is more dangerous place for Americans. It only takes on idiot to rally up the easily offended religious mobs. Why did he chose America, not Israel as a place to make his vile movie?

Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman on US Embassy protests


Anonymous said...

With respects, to you and your religion; you must understand that people who have the right of free speech have the fredom to write stories, draw pictures or make films about whatever they wish. I was greatly offended when some of our film makers created obscenities against President Bush, or even a writer who wrote a story about assassinating him, but we don't kill innocent people over that, that is the difference between civilized humans and barbarians.

Hanitizer on September 12, 2012 at 10:51 AM said...

I agree with you, we are on the same page. But this is an act of a mob. I remember the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith was killed by a mob of a people who think of themselves as good Christians.

Anonymous said...

True but that was over one hundred years ago Will we never learn or more to the point must we relearn how to be kind, forgiving and fair over each new generation mem

Anonymous said...

it is absurd to say blood is not on the hands of the people that made this movie!! Blood is on the hands of the people that protested and took lives stop trying to take responsibility away from a group that has done wrong. People will say stuff all the time that can upset feelings that is no reason to join a mob give me a break. from what i see Islam is not doing itself justice by these things seems to me we need to start banning religions

Anonymous said...

Blood is on the hands of the people that killed these innocent americans because of a crappy movie nobody wanted to watch anyway. Its rediculas to think I have defended muslims from blind hate stemming from the 911 attacks then they turn to animals whenever they feel somebody has done something they dont approve of. I guess you could never understand freedom of speech when you dont have freedom. This definatly stains all muslims and its now up to them to denounce there extremist religion and realize that religion is just a choice that humans invented to soothe the anxiety of dying and not having answers as to why were here.
Its terrible, I feel sick knowing that any minuet muslims will shoot or blow up mass people whenever they are mad. Its time to start thinking of a solution, and that solution may be as harsh as segragation, genocide or war, but I honestly think peace is not capable and applicable of the musilm mind. Sad that I have actually said these things but I have no faith, forever more, I will watch my back and be cautious whenver the word Islam presents itself verbaly or physicaly.



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