Monday, September 17, 2012

Old Dominion Speedway In Manassas, The Good And The Bad

Finally, I get my chance to see a real NASCAR race. Roa and I ended up going to the Old Dominion Speedway in Manassas, Virginia. A 45 minutes drive from Washington, DC. I wish to go back again, as we had to leave earlier due to the very cold night and us wearing short sleeves.

The Weird Vibe

  1. The website for the speedway is outdated and needs a complete redesign. It did not give me a good vice about this adventure.
  2. The seats are made out of good and they seem to be 60 years old--the year the track was originally founded. They are OK, but you cannot help but be a bit worried.  
  3. A local church had volunteers talking to people about "changing their lives" and "Jesus", they offered to give me a free book too.
  4. It's fun to see crashes and people being out in danger. 
  5. Really long lines at the food place and it seems to lack organization. Lines cross each other and
  6. Bathrooms do the job, but nothing fancy. Men stall are kind of a communal experiences--no individual stalls. 
  7. I wish the track was better at getting people to bring food to the seating area. I would pay a little bit more to avoid the line. This is an area that can bring extra cash.  

The Good Stuff
  1. There is plenty of parking, no worries there. We had good parking karma
  2. You will actually find tourists coming to enjoy this experience--Asians, Indians and few Muslims also attend this world famous sport. 
  3. It's very easy to get into the game and cheer for your favorite race. No need for complex rules and detailed scoring systems. 
  4. Food is cheap and there's plenty of it.
  5. Lots of smoking all around--I get that we are in Virginia
  6. Everyone is friendly and super nice. They actually smile.  
  7. Jeans is what everyone at the tracks wears. Nobody seems to try to outdo the other, simple look.
  8. Big families and lots of kids attending and providing free often lovable commentary.     




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