Friday, November 02, 2012

How Do You Sum America In A Hundred Question

I have read that the test for becoming an American citizen has 100 question which each applicants has to study. The questions are in both US history and government, all applicants have to study up--those who are 65 or older can be exempted.

In the interview you are only to be asked 10 questions out of those one hundred. You would need to get at least six correct in order to move to the next round in the citizenship journey. The questions are pretty basic and most people would pass them, but the disturbing thing is when I read some American born do not know the answers to such questions.

But my biggest concern is with the complexity of America and its history. A 100 question barely scratch the surface of anything. And yes some figures and events are a topic of debate and discussion. White Americans and other Americans agree on certain events, but when opinions and perceptions are sometimes mistaken for facts. This is not to say, there is no consensus among Americans, it does exit and there are things are shape the unique American story. Many are proud to be Americans, but they may disagree on what that term means, hence you have two major parties with two different mindsets.

I do not know, but I sure would like to find out this Tuesday what Americans value the most.




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