Saturday, November 10, 2012

The GOP and The OMG Moment

So the Republican party is not having a great time at the moment, they are as toxic as they come. I honestly think much of the blame goes to the vocal firebrand politicians from the Tea Party. I do not think the new Americans are a lock for the DNC, they are not and they can move if they feel like it. It's just they have not been pandered to.

These folks had to call themselves patriots upfront. But what they say or do have little to do with patriotism. At first they scared the black voters and got them rallied up to bring them down. They called Hispanics name and wanted to dance on their graves. They insulted every and each Muslim and Arab and immigrants in this country and expected them to vote for them.

While there is a great majority of the Republican party who really make sense and appeal to the mainstream  those ones have gone into hiding due to the 2010 election results. The crazy ones would now come out of the dark and spread their poison. There's no reason why Senator Bob Bennett is not back in the US Senate, but they buried the poor guy.

And yes one more thing, the crazy wing of the party scared the hell out of each women on this country and made is sound like being raped as something to look forward to. Call this gross does not quite cut it anymore. And worse, the reasonable voices of the party were shy from criticizing those voices. So one insult after another, everyone who had an issue with the Tea Party stood in lines to help bring them down and they did.

Part of the Romney's strategy was the following, some people will not go to vote--not as excited about Obama this time around. He was right, but they were voting against the GOP and its crazy sounding politicians. Those voters, do not want stuff, they wan freedom, they came here for this freedom. While the tea party talks about freedom, the immigrants value it most--they know what it feels like to be denied it.

I do not think white people are a minority, they are not, but the crazy ones are so. While, America is changing, the white voters are still the bread and butter of every politician out there. The challenge for the GOP was not to scare people. On one front the GOP was not attracting new voters, and on the other hey were shedding so many of them so fast--young people and women combined with the minorities helped push the Obama ticket all the way to the top.

Romney had a lot of mistakes on his operation, but it's not that he was a weak candidate, he could have won, but those extremist GOP voices have undermined his chances. I have said this before even before this election, It's not that I do not agree with the Republican party--because I do on many issues, but it's that they do not make me feel welcome. So yes, I am glad to see the ten Tea Party congress members and senators out the door. Maybe they would help empower the voices of reason withing the Grand Old Party.

Myself and a lot of immigrants care about issues the GOP once led on, but giving that they just have lost the foreign policy argument, it's hard to see them owning the next White House. I know the GOP does not have to compromise its values, but if they do not figure out a way--they will soon be unable to win an national election. Many immigrants do not like abortion and they may not approve of gay marriage. But they also remember having to leave such places where others pushed their beliefs on them. To me, America is about both Freedom and Justice. Not one and not the other.  




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