Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mom With Benefits vs. Friends With Benefits

You have heard the term friends with benefits before, they even have a movie with that title. This morning, I was at the gym thinking about some of the posts I have written about dating and marriage in the Arab/Muslim communities and realized many of those guys are always on a search for a girl to take home. Most--not all Arab men are good boys, they love their mothers and often times get spoiled by them.

It's only natural for them to look for what they know, someone like their own mother. I know ladies hate this idea, of guys shopping around for a mother they can have a different relationship with. It's not twisted or anything, and it's not limited to an ethnicity. Many guys love a woman that can cook, keeps the house tidy and is a fun person. And down the road to rare their child. On their mind, their own mothers come to mind. Hence, comes the term mom with benefit.

Feel free to disagree with me, but many of us realize that soon but only come to admit it later in life. You may not marry your friend with benefits  but you certainly will snag the mom with benefit on the earliest opportunisty you have. After-all  she cooked you dinner for a reason.   




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