Sunday, July 08, 2012

Nature and Trees Must Love My Tablet

I do not feel that I need to print anything anymore....all my emails, PDF, documents and data can go with me wherever I go. I do not seem to need a printer as most places now accept a smartphone or tablet picture, image of whatever document one needs to share.

I like the feeling that this little device saves so many trees. For example, when I work on a project and want to view a document....more people can view it with me, and thus the trees are not being butchered.

Needless to say, internet connections makes this all possible. Imagine having a tablet that does not connect to the internet! We would have to use a flash drive or sync it with another computer to update it. And if the trees do not keep you up at night, then you will love the savings it come with. You no longer have to shell big bucks for printing such papers.

I must thank Steve Job for making tablets popular and making them come alive--I do not like Apple. But he deserves the credit. I am using a Blackberry Playbook! I have read somewhere that by 2016, tablets will be taking over the notebook business by 2016. I think this is fair as certain things would be music easier on a laptop--typing and certain software won't work with certain tablets. Hello? I still cannot use Skype on my Playbook.

Tablets are a promising industry because such devices are getting cheaper and better. They can do wonders, keep you entertained, and informed. So people now can pay a 100 dollar and get a tablet that does the job of making printing irrelevant.




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