Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fashion And Celebrities Cultural Precipitation Does Matter

Lebanese singer Myriam Faris goes to attend Paris Fashion week, and she leaves little to the imagination. She literary shows everything there's to see. And even people walking in the streets took notice of this notorious Lebanese pop star.  
At the same function where Myraim was putting on a show, another American celebrity was there, but this time the American celebrity dressed more Conservatively.

Kim Kardashian wore a long black dress that revealed little. No question, Kim can wear whatever she wants like she has always manged to shock people with her outfits. Now compare the two... Myriam feels the pressure, she comes from a culture where people think she might be conservative or she might not get style or she might want to cover what does she do?

Well, this Lebanese Arab girl wears that to tell people "I'm free", "I am bold" Naturally both Arab and Western people were shocked by the choice of wardrobe. Meanwhile Kim, comes form a culture where anything goes, so she does not have to represent her people or try to claim something she is not by trying to shock the system. for Kim to dress in a conservative dress is the shocker--maybe. As of what would Myriam Faris get I am still not sure.

 Many of her fans now are questioning her taste and her style. And those in the West, are shocked, but she is not showing them something new or something that they have not seen before. I do not think she will be giving a role or a new song by one of those international event goers. Just be yourself, will you?




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