Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zipcar Offered Me Neither Flexibility Nor Convenience

Please Note this is my true story with Zipcar and it has been documented with Zipcar on July 22, 2012 1:30 PM to 2:20

Zipcar, is a care rental company that allows people to rent card by the hour anywhere in the city. Thus, it seemed like a good idea that works, so I singed up for their services. I joined the company because, they have so many places near my Washington DC home. Anyhow, I made a reservation and was ready to go get my car.....

I went few minutes early and did not spot the car, I waited few minutes till the time, but no car was on sight. So I called the company who confirmed the car should be there. I told them there is no Nissan in the Zipcar parking space. They tried to get a hold of the guy who had the car last, they were unable to reach him.

The agent told me I should go get different car, five blocks away. I said ok! I went to pick up the car and once I called back Zipcar, they told me sorry, the car can be only driven for 40 minutes, as someone will have to pick it up. I reserved a car that wasn't there....and then when they tell me of a replacement car, it's no good for me.

They agent asked me to go back to the original location, as they car would be there for me to use. Again, I go back to the parking space and the care is not there. Keep on mind I am observing the fast of month of Ramadan. So, my car which I was supposed to pick up at 1:30, wasn't there. The company could not locate it and they wanted one of their local partners to go try to locate it for them. The guy who had it before me, told Zipcar, I had parked it only three spots away from where he has pick it up. But Myself, my wife and another Zipcar member were looking for the same car, we walked a block searching for the blue colored luck

I am sure Zipcar is a great company that works for a lot of people by giving something they really need. But the third agent ended up canceling the reservation (she said, we won't charge you late fees!) I thought thaw was patronizing. I hope Zipcar manged to track that elusive Nissan that I had to book.

It might be that I am all new to this Zipcar business and that what happened to me is just a regular things or business as usual, if it is then this is might be a bad karma. In fairness, Zipcar offered to give me driving credit to makeup for wasting my time and for not knowing where their car is. It's really nice, but if today's ordeal was a standard, I do not think I would need them

But I still had no car, and by the way that was my first experience reserving a car with Zipcar. I do not know what I am going to do next...may I have to move out of the city now.

Update: Zipcar DC manger has called me and explained to me that what has happened to me is an extremely rare incident, where one member does not lock the car, and another member take the wrong car. They have explained to me what has happened and apologized. 




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