Wednesday, June 24, 2009

14th Annual Dearborn Arab International Festival (Updated)

14th Annual Dearborn Arab International Festival
is on its way. KABOBfest Bloggers on the scene of the annual Dearborn Arab InternationalAACC-Fest08 (2) Festival where all the action is. It's a typical Arab gathering: food, kids, and business. Of course, It's not an Arab gathering until recruiters from the F BI, CIA, Army, and National Guard make an appearance. A Mosaic of Arab and non-Arab vendors grace the festival. Small Hookah shops, local favorite eateries, small and large charities as well as Sam's Club and Comcast all have presence in the festival. Cultural performances by local talents were ongoing thoughout the festival, Debkeh baby!, Syrian Jams. The Festival started late Friday and goes on till Sunday 21st of June 2009. In addition to the tasty food, the hip t-shirts, exotic jeweleries, good looking people, there were politicians pandering to our people. Kids also have their own tents where they can get all sorts of painting on their faces and all sorts of fun rides. And since this is Dearborn, there are tables for a group promoting Christ. Not to be outdone, no shortage of good hearted Muslim capitalists making a buck of the religion. Not Sold Yet? How about 99 cent falafel Sandwiches? Here are few raw videos taken for the festival and its patrons.

Random Hookah Guy
Iraqi Singer Does Dearborn Festival
Iraqi Singer Does Dearborn Festival...Again
The Speeches @ Arab American Festival 2009 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Food and Foodies
Hardely Arab Business....
Born Again Shouts His Heart Out @ Festival




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