Monday, May 09, 2011

Groceries Are Expensive

So, if you have not noticed, prices of food are increasing at a rapid rate. Some place gas prices--it has to do with the increased prices. And other factors too, but the very main factor behind the increased prices of food around the globe is simple, India and China. I know food is getting a lot more expensive everywhere now even at home.

As the Chinese and the Indians see prosperity, they demand more food, when they demand more food, the cost of bringing you your food soars. The amount of food production is limited, so the Americans are no bidding against the Chinese and the Indians to secure food supplies.

So in other words, that Chinese sweater you bought might be 10 dollars less than the other one made in a different country, you are happy about saving the 10 bucks, but what you do not realize is that 10 bucks you saved you will have to put back some of it into your grocery bill as the Chinese manufacture can afford better food now.

Maybe we all can eat Chinese and Indian food now, the more we consume of those two foods, the mroe the Chinese and the Indians have to pay for their own naan and noodles. I mean this is the unavoidable, if it was not the Chinese ordering food, it could be the French or the Egyptians.

I know I feel super when I buy American, I really do and have always felt happy when I buy somthing made here.




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