Monday, May 23, 2011

Israel: "Oh...but you killed my cat"

So, the current Israel government and their allies in the republican party have officially gone off the reservation. They are ushering a new phase of peace negotiations with the Palestinians, which is the following, "Shut up Palestine, you do not exist and you will never do" That's what I am hearing from these guys. While the Palestinian leadership has been working hard to establish recognition from the world community, distancing themselves form violent and turning in any Palestinians who engaged in violence, Israel counties to steal more land from the people of Palestine and target/kill anyone who feel like killing.

So when Obama said the borders of 1967, these clowns in the Israeli government and those Republicans (and some democrats too) who put Israel first before American, no one dare to question their motives. Not just that as Israel continues to deft the wishes of the US let alone everyone other player in the world community as well, the US still wants to give them more money in aid and few dare to call them bluff.

Not sure what this Israel government is thinking, comes September then this is will be the real rapture day for them when the state of Palestine against statehood from the UN--sure the US will try to block it, in fact they will. And this act alone will bring an end of the PA. Then a new phase will be upon us, the one man one vote operation. One state solution, no more Jewish state crap just like no more white South Africa junk in the 90s.

I do not think the government of Israel has any plan for that moment--other than restoring to violence of course. Cannot wait to see September 2011-the deadline the Obama administration put forward for establishing a Palestinian state.

In all honesty, I am beginning to draw an analogy here. In America when you live under someone's roof, you abide by their rules, even if those people given you shelter are your parents--you sign away your right to have it your way when you move in. Israel has taken over the basement and the US is asking them to abide by no rules, but rather common decency, they say no! Why stop there, now the person in the basement is making up new rules and expecting you the home owner to abide by them. And if you so much and think about kicking them out--the blackmail you and tell you "Oh, but you killed my cat"

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