Tuesday, May 03, 2011

One Less Bad Rotten Apple

So the number one guy on the terrorist watch list is now no longer with us. He is gone and I am pleased to see him gone. The many who is affiliated with death destruction terrors and mayhem is no longer with us...that's the good news.

What I do not get is all the festivities celebrating his death...people like Glen Beck gave out cookies and brought out a marching band, he is just an example. I get it, he was an evil guy. But does not dancing over his dead body make you a different person than you thought you were?

Sure if your family has seen death because of this guy, I can understand the sense of comfort and relief this will mean to you. But this is not what I am talking about, there are people are all giddy about this guy's death. Those are often the same people that said, "Palestinians gave away candy on 9/11 in celebration, what's wrong with them"--we still do not know if that has really happened.

I see the same faces now partying like it's their prom night. Osama Bin Laden's death is a milestone in the war of terror, it should never be downplayed or marginalized, he is the big cheese. But there is really no need to be all festive about this death. He is still a soul and has family. Screw him really, no one cares about his face, but what I worry about is people getting too much into hate.

For me this was the same feeling when Sharon, the former Israeli Prime Minster and murderer was in comma and whenever people wanted to mock his medical condition, I did not feel right. I know I am not alone in this because the same Islam that those terrists use to justify their killing has also told me, "La Shamata Fil Moot", "You Don't rejoice others' death"

my take...


Anonymous said...

It's hubris.



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