Monday, June 27, 2011

Tough to Agree with Evangelists When They Really Hate Me

On many issues of social justice and morale matters on life and death and on compassionate, I fund myself often in agreement with the teaching of the evangelists. They do not get a good name out here in Washington, DC, but I find them sometimes making bold stands on many issues dear to me. They do not often care for what's popular and often get in hot water for supporting what's right from their vantage point. I respect that.

The flip side of the coin, these people hate me as a Muslim I find most spokespersons for the Evangelists never miss an opportunity to bash people of my kind, my religion and my ethnicity. I doubt that what the Lord had in mind when he thought of his followers building his kingdom on earth. I am not alone in this adversary, many of my conservative friends feel the same way. For example, Mormons see an eye to eye with many of the Evangelists principles, yet Mormons get no love from the Evangelists.

Not sure what the practice here, I do not think it's a smart business to insult people who agree with you. Christ reasoned with those who disagreed with him, but many leaders in the Evangelists faith seem to neglect that. Alienating people does not help just like appeasing does not. Hate does not carry people far. So in a nutshell, the Evangelists agenda might not get far in America becasue anyone who might disagree with it, but has a different lifestyle than the Evangelists do, is doomed.

If you are unable to bring supporter and adversaries together, you will need to do a lot more work--needless work. The message here is this, "if you are not Evangelist, you are doing it wrong" does not earn you any friend becasue it's urgent and frankly;y presumptuous.


Jeremy Palmer on July 3, 2011 at 7:15 AM said...

I choose to ignore those people, at least their religious interpretations. If they want to play golf or something, no problem.



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