Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Heat Makes You Go Banana

On May 31, 2011, I walked to work--it's a 33 minutes walk to work, a nice walk in pedestrian friendly DC. It was one of those extremely hot days, as you may have heard it's freaking heat wave in DC reaching 100 degrees, it was really warm and I have seen Dubai.

One that I had I had few items with me a half gallon milk container, a box of cereal and a banana for my snack. It was a green banana mind you and a brand new gallon of milk. I thought the milk will be good, it reads June 9th on the box, so I am ten days away from the expiration date.

The green banana on my bag was very yellow upon my arrive to the office, and and milk as I poured to serve myself some cereal--honey bunches of oats. It was SOUR! The brand new milk I bought gone bad ten days before it's expreation date....I have nothing to blame by the heat.

I was so upset about the milk and I was even more upset as I poured it all in the sink, then walked to the Trader's Joe to grab another container, because I will have my cereal!




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