Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FedEx Pickup Is As Stressful As Speed Dating

there's a real reason why UPS is number 1 in package and logistics supply in North America, they are not FedEx, that's all you have to be.

first you have to find the number to call to schedule a pickup. Then you have to answer a number of stupid questions that are only meant to waste your time and make the Representative feel like they are doing something with that life of theirs.

Dude, I have a prepaid label, it has all the info they need, but no, they still wanted to ask me questions like where should we come and what time should we come? Then they would ask me where the package will be? It felt like a spped dating, where we have to cram as many impersonal questions in 4 minutes as one can muster.

And then after all that 10 minutes of irritating useless questions, they tell you a FedEx person will come by to pick it up. Here's the story, the FedEx delivery person saw the package but did not want to pick it up. It has all the right labels, he thought, "Not My Problem", a UPS person would be all over that and pock it up, no questions asked.

But that's number one shipper, not number 2 that is sworn to give you one heck of a number two experience. I know I never have anything nice to say about FedEx, even on their pickup and the way they do business. their billing is also strange. Maybe they should hire some consultants to help them figure things like not wasting people's time out.

If they had a way to just punch in few numbers, they should have all that info they needed without having to ask me questions, what's your name? But this is for my place of work...

Nobody loves UPS, but thanks to FedEx antics, you cannot help but say, those are the good old days.




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