Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Finally: Google Wants Your Music Action

I am happy to let you guys on a little thing, I have been doing lately, it's called Google Music Beta . This thing could be the future of music as we know it. To me, the idea is basic. Google is everywhere and so your music will be once you have uploaded it to the Google Music. You can access it anywhere in the world, it travels with you. You can also add it to your phone device namely Android now.

I do not like iTunes, never have and now I am an early user of Google music, in its beta releases. As of now you have to be extended an invitation, and yes you can request one, it takes a day or two and then they will let you know. You can also purchase music, and best yet, you can share it with others who can listen to it once before they decide to buy it or not. This is really cool becasue in this time we are all alone together.

The media player plugin gives you an option of getting about 200 free songs, they are preloaded by your permission based on your genera of preference. Not sure if you guys have an opinion on this matter, but I thought to let you know about it.




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