Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Fat, The Skinny And The Ugly Tax

Mississippi May Ban Restaurant Sales to the Obese on food that might contribute to obesity. This is beginning to sound like a decent law. However, I think to make sure this legislation is fair to all people, it needs an amendment.

Skinny people are no longer allowed in salad bars. Yes, those skinny people need some fat to keep their bodies healthy in the event of a health scare. It only sounds fair to me! The skinny cannot expect us to let them eat health food all the time, they need to do their part too. This is America and here, do not like anybody to get a free pass.

This is my simple contribution to humanity.

P.S. While on the subject, I think less attractive people should be also banned from salad bars. They may lose the weight, some things might never change so grab a bucket of that KFC chicken and be happy. Do not allow these attractive people at the salad bar get to you--unlike you they do not have anyone to share a meal with.




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