Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Day, The Married Guy's Manual

You may want to call Valentine Day a day of extortion. But suck it up, when you get your own day you can stop whining. since that won't be happening anytime soon. Here's what you do.

Significant Other: "Honey, You Forget! Today is....(something happy)!"

You: "Ops!, My bad!"

Stock up on gifts. I always make sure I have at least two presents to give to Roa at any given moment. So if any occasion has slipped your mind, do not worry, you already have the present ready to go.

Make sure to hide the present in a place she would not normally look--maybe in your man cave. Do not make it easy to find. Because if she has found it, you have to explain to her that you are not having an affair. To safeguard against that, make sure to label your gifts with your spouse's name.

Unless your spouse likes all things aged, Do not store chocolate or any food items, certainly not chocolate--it does expire. And the last thing you need another side argument.

So here's the tip bling! necklaces, earning, rings and if you must some nice watch. Make sure they are sterling silver at least. that means she can wear them all the time and not worry about having to remove them when she showers. Sterling silver is like you, she is stuck with both of you.

I know, sets work best for Roa. Sure, you can stock up on perfume, but unless you plan on using them withing 12 months, do not bother, they really lose scent after a while--like a good bear they end up flat. So, here you have it, she will never ambush you again with some occasion that you have to have a gift ready for her! You are one step ahead of the curve.

The upside of that, you are always ready! And if some of your antics upset her, you are ready to surprise her and win her over--please do not go on cheating and think you can fix that with presents.

You are welcome!




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