Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Now You Are 30, What Now?

When you turn 30, you do not feel any different, but people around you know it. It’s when you talk to college aged people and they think what you have to say is no longer cool, but borderline sexual harassment and creepy. You see yourself as one of them, but they beg to differ.

30 is when you get your head together, but your body starts to fall apart
30 is when you start to understand things your parents did when you were a kid.
30 is when all these college kids start taking your advise seriously.

Lets all be gentlemen which means that we will always remember a woman-s birthday, but never remember her age.

At 30, your best friend becomes your second best friend, and Aleve takes over that spot. Seriously, do not leave home without it. And do not attempt to do any crazy stunts to show the 20 something that you still got really don't anymore.

Let’s leave on a positive: you can date 40 year-old-women and their 20-year-old daughters!

Happy Birthday Kat!




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